[ENG HARD SUB] GD Entertainment Weekly cut

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Автор Very important Incle #VINCLE ( назад)
Honestly he can still pass off as a 24yr old

Автор Ji Peaceminusone ( назад)
He's so cute T___T

Автор jagahag jaja ( назад)
hes so shy hsgdjshdjd

Автор Purple Wow ( назад)
the last part killed me AHHAHAA XD he was shy when he said ''a solved problem'' X'D

Автор lihanam 786 ( назад)
I want that shirt! And those eyes!

Автор Liyana H. ( назад)
gd is always good with words. such a sweet talker lol

Автор nikita aira ( назад)
gd's too perfect

Автор Flimsy ( назад)
I love at the end how he watches her laugh but then he looks away cause he's so shy!!! AHH i screamed for like 5 mins straight oml

Автор Rizal Tiyan ( назад)

Автор Scarlet rose ( назад)
He's voice is really sexy here..never realized that before..

Автор Tero Heikkinen ( назад)
Appreciate the effort of subtitling, but WHO can ever read all of it live without pausing? Just type what they say. That's enough.

Автор ir sur ( назад)
oh .my... gd. why u so cute....

Автор miron kmui ( назад)
M6 bb so cute n young

Автор Shuverthee Monjur ( назад)
sexy!!!! sexy!!! i am dead!!!😵😵

Автор BIGBANG FOREVER ( назад)
omg...I loveeeee his smile sooo much ...he gives me relief with his smile..love him <3

Автор Alexander Hnz ( назад)
i wish gd never grows older , he is too perfect to be forgotten ;(

Автор Alexander Hnz ( назад)
wait is it gonna be a BIGBANG album or a G DRAGON album?

Автор MsErikaOh ( назад)
It makes me laugh that he's so shy and awkward with the interviewer. I can feel it. Lol.

Автор Jay _xx_ ( назад)
is gd turning 27 or 28 this year?

Автор aimy tbh ( назад)
His voice and his eyes I can't breathe help

Автор vip gd ( назад)
올해 앨범낸다♥

Автор caelanca ( назад)
His speaking voice is just so WHAM!

Автор Yoonjoo Lee ( назад)
너무 이뻐!!

Автор khadija ( назад)
Omg I can't deal with him >.< Look at this little shit trying to act all shy. aghhh damn you GD

Автор Haneen Asim ( назад)
my baby 😍😍😍😍😍

Автор 양현송 ( назад)
지디 잘생겼다

Автор viparmy 88 ( назад)
What a man

Автор peterpanneherself ( назад)
I dont know about being smart, but GD gives the best and coolest answers to questions. lol.

Автор Anon Imoos ( назад)
He sounds so manly here <33

Автор ayten ( назад)
look how shy and humble he is. thank you for subbing this great interview .

Автор KingOfTheYouth ( назад)
I am a fanboy but I've been shy smiling with GD for the entire video lol

Автор Fatin Hazirah ( назад)
His voice is so manly. I love it.

Автор Priscilla Jones ( назад)
I'll forever love his eyes.

Автор Dorothy Taylor ( назад)
A D O R A B L E ! ♡

Автор Marissa-sue Rattansingh ( назад)
0:10 - 0:14
When Kwon JiYong exits and GD comes out to play! Such a magnificent human being <3 <3 <3

Автор Marissa-sue Rattansingh ( назад)
This Kwon JiYong is always a treasure <3 <3
Still so shy, sweet, humble, and just loveable. GD is really a darling <3 <3

Автор Jessica Ocampo ( назад)
Even for his age ,he's so adorable!!! <3

Автор Eunra JI ( назад)
so reason why GD act so cute its because the reporter was female ? oh my GD 😂

Автор Yanxuan Tan ( назад)
gd... no u r forever young.. u r not growing older..

Автор Upie Barliana ( назад)
thank you jadexxgd, you made my day! love yeah!

Автор Jascha Bismonte ( назад)
I posted this on twitter~ i'm @jiyongstan~ I've seen this via @bigbangph hehe i'll put credit on you ^^

Автор Evelyn Gracelina ( назад)
he is glowing ✨ jiyongie ❤

Автор Siti Mini ( назад)
so cute 😘😘❤❤❤❤

Автор Ji Noona ( назад)

Автор fanisa tria ( назад)
A solved problem, lol.

Автор Lauramiep ( назад)
Aigo he's so cute^^ When he had so say somethin to his mom aigoo my heart:D That was so fucking cute:3

Автор Pearl asdf ( назад)
Jiyong was so cute in this. <3 He was so puzzled why he was promoting and it's so adorable in a way that I just can't explain. xD Thank you so much for translating it. xD Laughing at the fact that prior to this all his interviewers were guys. But if I remember those interviews they were much more fun than the girl... so boy interviewers for the win! xD Anyway, hwaiting Jadexxgd! looking forward to your future translations. :)

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