J.R. Smith's NBA Finals blunder deserves a deep rewind | Warriors vs Cavaliers 2018

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • The Cavaliers and Warriors battled in the NBA Finals four consecutive years. LeBron James versus Steph Curry and the Warriors just became an expected matchup to end the season. But the last Finals series between these two teams wasn't quite as close as we had come to expect and it left a sour taste in the mouths of Cavs fans. It all started with a Game one slugfest, ending in one of the many mistakes made by wild card two guard, J.R. Smith.
    Written and produced by Mike Imhoff
    Directed by Ryan Simmons
    Edited by Joe Ali and Ryan Simmons
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Comments • 2 191

  • Alex Skluzacek
    Alex Skluzacek Day ago

    Love the retro look to this video

  • wopjohn
    wopjohn Day ago +1

    Maybe wait til lebron actually wins something to call him king?

  • Taylor Maxwell
    Taylor Maxwell Day ago +1

    “Everyone thought he was super cool” 😂😂

  • Liam Mahoney
    Liam Mahoney 2 days ago

    A lot of unnecessary info in this vid I'm five minutes in and no points have been made

  • T R I G G E R E D shrek

    Look at Draymond's left foot

  • Devlin Wideman
    Devlin Wideman 3 days ago

    The type of people to move out their house when their is a leak

  • BloodLad 25
    BloodLad 25 3 days ago +10

    This just proves that JR is the heaviest load LeBron had to carry

  • 11wills S
    11wills S 4 days ago

    2:03 hurts as a thunder fan

  • Infern0 Blaze!
    Infern0 Blaze! 5 days ago

    why does J.R Smith remind me of Flightreacts

  • choco chiplet
    choco chiplet 5 days ago

    We just gonna ignore draymond greens’ lane violation on the free throw

  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! 6 days ago +2

    Let's not lie here... Lebron was ALSO unaware that they had a timeout. He is just as much at fault.

    • ThatFoxGuy
      ThatFoxGuy 4 days ago

      He’s definitely not as much at fault as JR. Jr could have easily just put it back up seeing as how he was right at the rim.....he could have potentially won the game right then and there....instead he ran towards mid court. That is way more of a blunder than not knowing you had a timeout.

  • arogthegriot
    arogthegriot 6 days ago

    Cmon man, can we stop taking my FATHERS name in vain while dropping f bombs, if u don't believe in GOD that's your choice, yet lots of us do, would u disrespect Muhammad, Buddha etc. like that and offend those followers, no then why offend us as Christians, be who want and let me as well, I don't go around judges atheist or disrespecting their beliefs so stop disrespecting mine

  • Andy Tran
    Andy Tran 6 days ago +3

    “Where they participated in the playoffs” 💀💀💀

  • AidenT06
    AidenT06 6 days ago

    Where can I get the image from 10:03

  • 1000 subscribers with No videos

    Anybody seeing this when Raptors might choke a 3-1 lead now 😂😂

  • m jefferson
    m jefferson 8 days ago +3

    Great video! J.R. Smith is a Pot head 1st
    a Professional basketball player 2nd
    why can't people notice that?

  • Tony Almeida
    Tony Almeida 8 days ago +2

    I have no dog in this fight but I am still eternally grateful to JR Smith. The world is a much more entertaining place thanks to the presence of clueless people like him.

  • Shammu Meyyappan
    Shammu Meyyappan 9 days ago +2

    you guys acting like this series was going to be close - no one believed the Cavs (now without Kyrie) could take more than 1 game off the Warriors (with Durant)

  • Ray Louis
    Ray Louis 9 days ago +1

    Why is this overgrown potato making a while video just to monologue about JR, saying things he know he wouldn't say to him irl, this man looks like the Internet Troll from South Park, with his fat ass looking like his hands full of Cheetos.

  • Guillaume Laverdiere
    Guillaume Laverdiere 10 days ago

    do kawhi

  • Sean Roudnitsky
    Sean Roudnitsky 10 days ago +1

    People talk about how JR choked but no one talks about George hill missing the free throw 🤔🤔

    • John Philip Tan
      John Philip Tan 7 days ago

      That was pressure. He's a kid like the vid stated.
      JR's blunder was stupidity

  • SloppeyJoe 6D9
    SloppeyJoe 6D9 10 days ago

    How retarded you gotta be.

  • Will Hicks
    Will Hicks 11 days ago

    There should be a game show where we put JR Smith headlines and you have to figure out if it’s real or not

  • knuxkid
    knuxkid 12 days ago

    As someone living in Cleveland, I've accepted that 2016 was the one professional championship win my city will see in my lifetime. The cost? Every other rare occasion we go deep into the playoffs (in any sport) ends like this

  • Dandre	 Butts
    Dandre Butts 13 days ago

    If you look hard enough you can see when lebron decides to leave

  • Rayne Ozier
    Rayne Ozier 13 days ago +2

    We can clown J.R all day about not knowing the score or how much time was left, but ANYBODY could have called a timeout for the Cavs. The coach, another player, anyone could have called timeout, so it wasn't 1000% J.Rs fault.

    • Rayne Ozier
      Rayne Ozier 7 days ago

      @John Lloyd Reyes any of the 5 players on the court or the coach can call a timeout

    • John Lloyd Reyes
      John Lloyd Reyes 7 days ago +1

      Only the player holding the ball, aside from the coach, has the power to call for a timeout

  • marcus813
    marcus813 13 days ago

    J.R. needs to get off that Hen!

  • j4dub11
    j4dub11 13 days ago

    Dude u forgot the biggest part of the Cavs win was all the controversy with it and how that series on most records has a astrix with it. No matter which side I land on with that it’s what sets up what happens for the next few years.

  • Mario Jossue
    Mario Jossue 13 days ago +2

    So we gon act like tye lue couldn’t call timeout ?

  • Chuck Lathan
    Chuck Lathan 14 days ago

    LeBron's face!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I remember watching that game and laughing heartedly.
    He's better than me, though. I would have slapped the taste out of JR Smith's mouth right there on the court.

  • Nickolas Jackson
    Nickolas Jackson 14 days ago +1

    But before we can analyze this play, let’s rewind to game 1 announcer Jeff Van Gundy’s 4 year old dog

  • Reliablethreat
    Reliablethreat 15 days ago

    JR Smith is retarded lol!

  • harrybrown261
    harrybrown261 15 days ago

    One of the dumbest players in the history of the game

  • theog big chungus
    theog big chungus 16 days ago

    9:38 this means j.r shot 4/20 on 2's coincidence

  • rejects5525
    rejects5525 16 days ago +5

    Please do Sidney Crosby's OT sudden death goal against USA for the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Great and huge single moment for hockey definitely needs a rewind.

  • Chimera1591
    Chimera1591 17 days ago

    Why did you guys change your background music? It was great.

  • Dan Schneider
    Dan Schneider 17 days ago

    It’s been a whole year already?

  • Fayd vL
    Fayd vL 17 days ago

    Without that 3 pointer made by Kyrie, LeBron would only have 2 rings and 4 losses to GS.

  • Al Anzola
    Al Anzola 17 days ago

    Oh man, this is such a badly done Rewind. A video about JR Smith’s bad finals shot was even mentioned until the last 10 seconds and uh for some reason there was an entire section about George Hill going to a small school to be closer to family...?

  • Yo a
    Yo a 17 days ago +1

    11:10 if this would be from today, i'd get you banned from RUclip. He chokes

  • Craig Foster
    Craig Foster 17 days ago

    Its tied 106-106 and then j.r smith happens

  • Craig Foster
    Craig Foster 17 days ago

    When j.r smith goes cold he's not cold HE'S FROZEN

  • puddles puddles
    puddles puddles 18 days ago +6

    JR Smith is the true definition of a clown both on and off the court. I legit think he was dropped on his head (numerous times/has FAS) that is the only explanation.

  • Mattblaze1477
    Mattblaze1477 19 days ago

    Dumbest player in NBA history

  • Mezzanine Crepuscular
    Mezzanine Crepuscular 19 days ago

    Thanks for the meme

  • Letz Talk
    Letz Talk 19 days ago +1

    He thought Kyrie was there....
    But then he remembered.

  • Jordan Schlick
    Jordan Schlick 20 days ago +1

    Kawhi’s second round buzzer beater deserves a deep rewind

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo Beddoe 20 days ago

    10:21 why is this not considered turning point? why is Smith ONLY to blame? I don't get it......

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo Beddoe 20 days ago

    I will never understand how JR smith gets blamed for this. You have James or whoever it was making the foul to allow the Warriors to get the lead, then the guy here who misses the FT to GIVE the lead gets zero blame.

  • Kayla Cannoy
    Kayla Cannoy 20 days ago +2

    Cavaliers got a stimulus package and had a ring handed to them #bumsquad

  • Shaun
    Shaun 20 days ago

    You can tell this guy is a huge Bronsexual. Salty much!? 😏

  • Chachi's Adventures
    Chachi's Adventures 20 days ago +5

    Kevin Durant joined the best team in NBA history and everyone thought he was super cool for doing so 😂😂

  • nosaj azrem
    nosaj azrem 21 day ago

    george hill curls his arm around klay's and flops to send himself to the free throw line and blows the free throw...BALL DON'T LIE

  • Playamadejayy 901
    Playamadejayy 901 21 day ago +4

    If only lebron would’ve saw korver in the corner 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤧🤧

  • Green Street Music
    Green Street Music 21 day ago

    WTF I am a bit mad your video is way too long the scene I wanted to see is in the last 30 seconds and then the video just stops, I thought you would talk about the scene but instead I heard a history lesson ab two the Cav and Warrior wtf is going on

    • John Smith
      John Smith 21 day ago

      You clearly haven't watch most of these videos then. Edit Nice MF profile pic tho

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK 22 days ago +1

    Such an idiot.
    I hope LeBron did not forgive him and is still not cool with him after that BS.

  • Phillip Etergino
    Phillip Etergino 22 days ago +2

    SB N, you should do the Malcolm Butler int in Super Bowl 49

  • lawrevin Malong
    lawrevin Malong 22 days ago +5

    God that last statement Jr smith best basketball player of all time

  • sonnlich
    sonnlich 22 days ago +44

    Game 2: JR Smith gets MVP chants at Oracle.

  • W. R.
    W. R. 23 days ago +4

    “And everyone thought he was super cool for doing so” 😂😂😂

  • PsytripZ !
    PsytripZ ! 24 days ago

    welcome to the video about the incident that essentially analyzes everything but the actual incident

  • Logan Rasch
    Logan Rasch 24 days ago

    Can you guys do Magic's "Baby Skyhook" for a Rewinder?

  • Gui MV
    Gui MV 24 days ago


  • thetramp123
    thetramp123 25 days ago +25

    Oh, god. Don't remind me of his shoelace shenanigans.

  • Temporal Soliton
    Temporal Soliton 25 days ago

    Speaking of low IQ like JR. There is this video where 60% of the items brought up have little to no bearing on the subject. What a waste of time hoping that the long introduction was somehow paid off in the concluding thesis.

  • Cosmic Stalin
    Cosmic Stalin 26 days ago

    Super cool lol everyone thought he was a snake but with him he has no loyalty so in his mind he thinks if he can't beat him join him

    • sonnlich
      sonnlich 22 days ago


  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone 26 days ago

    He was gonna put it back up but then he got high.

  • Zeno
    Zeno 26 days ago

    Hill missed the free throw that could’ve put them up by 1, but he never gets blamed. Also, J.R. Smith grabbing the offensive rebound prevented the Warriors from having a chance to win in regulation. What he did afterwards was dumb, but the play itself (including the rebound) was one that helped the Cavs in that situation.

  • kg21mack
    kg21mack 26 days ago +2

    Kudos for the effort put into this!

  • Jett Tinlin
    Jett Tinlin 27 days ago

    2:57 still gives me chills

  • freewillobjector
    freewillobjector 27 days ago

    Further proof that God hates Lebron.... People punch out his friends, and a teammate bangs his momma... Now this...

  • njestyle
    njestyle 27 days ago

    If you guys wanna show some Aussie love and give NRL some worthy attention.. i reckon you should do a Deep Rewind on the 2015 NRL Grand Fina between the Cowboys and Broncos.

  • Rinoa Heartilly
    Rinoa Heartilly 28 days ago

    Is there a rule preventing the coaxh from calling a time out? If no then he is no worse than the greatest basketball player who ever lived.

  • lvn4x
    lvn4x 28 days ago +2

    What causes the effect in the still pics of in-game action where only the players in focus have light on them and the rest of the stadium looks pitch black?

    • sonnlich
      sonnlich 20 days ago

      @lvn4x Pretty sure the players just have to get used to it. It's been part of the NBA for at least the last thirty-odd years.

    • lvn4x
      lvn4x 22 days ago

      Wow, I haven’t watched hardly any basketball in quite some time (my Mavs have been pretty bad), so I’ve never noticed.
      Must be pretty awesome technology to not be noticeable enough to be a distraction to the players.

    • sonnlich
      sonnlich 22 days ago

      There's flashguns over the baskets. If you pay attention you can see the bright flashes during the broadcast. This lets cameras take shots with very high shutter speed to get perfect focus with no motion blur, but the relative light levels make the rest of the stadium look dark by contrast in those images.

  • Austin Ryan
    Austin Ryan 28 days ago

    Everyone knew right after that LeBron was leaving again!

  • dope underground
    dope underground 28 days ago

    Damn so much hate on Jr

  • 0168196250
    0168196250 28 days ago

    Damn I miss lebron’s greatest in the east..... east games are barely watcherble since he left. No bucks and raptor will be able to stop warriors train

  • curious pug
    curious pug 28 days ago +1

    i guess mike rooting for cavs in that finals
    you can hear the pain in his voice while explaining what happened in this video

  • Print dabeast
    Print dabeast 28 days ago

    Still don’t realize yaw had a OVERTIME BUT COULDNT CAPTALIZE

  • Nabil The K
    Nabil The K 28 days ago

    Too much bs

  • Vaughn Pedroso
    Vaughn Pedroso 28 days ago

    he just can't drop the henny

  • Zach
    Zach 29 days ago

    It’s just proof that you don't need a brain to play basketball; talent is enough.

  • Caleb
    Caleb 29 days ago +1

    Why didnt someone else call a timeout when he got the rebound?

  • Ray
    Ray 29 days ago

    JR is the type of guy to drink weed and smoke hennessy

  • Victor Castillo
    Victor Castillo 29 days ago +1

    Wow😂 the time Jr had to hold the ball, he shot it. The time JR had to shoot the ball, he held it.

  • Marz_00 •
    Marz_00 • 29 days ago

    Jesus this hurts just watching this 😔

  • johgus96
    johgus96 29 days ago

    That rewind was soooooo unnecessary...

  • 420FISHERMAN 420
    420FISHERMAN 420 29 days ago

    Cavs should have won the first year the warriors won. They got lucky we lost love and Kyrie and still took it to a game 6 with our 2nd and 3rd best players being maybe delevadova and timofay mosgov

  • Troy Stephens
    Troy Stephens 29 days ago

    Hahahaha the look on LBJ face is priceless, but yea J.r has always been dimwitted

  • All For One
    All For One 29 days ago

    To me if steph won in 2016 he's career would be solid great and would own the greatest season ever

  • Moises Rosario
    Moises Rosario 29 days ago

    wow i didnt know that one vs indiana

  • Happy Dragonling
    Happy Dragonling 29 days ago

    This video sux...this is supposed to be a JR blunder but hell..they only showed the blunder for less than a minute on a 12 min video with so many unnecessary explaining of shits...

  • Andrew Sundberg
    Andrew Sundberg Month ago

    The warriors are one of the greatest tragedies in sports history...... they’ve legitimately ruined a great league and a fun sport to watch..... they’ve completely ruined it, the nba is unwatchable

  • Big Dee
    Big Dee Month ago

    jr is gsw mvp

  • slyfy
    slyfy Month ago

    He has 4 arms??? 9:19


    It wouldn't never happen if he didnt miss the free threw

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Month ago +5

    Everyone just kinda forgot George hill missed that free throw 😂

  • Birds Gaming with friends

    Do Kwahi Leanord's Game 7 Buzzer Beater vs the sixers

  • DR SaltÝ
    DR SaltÝ Month ago

    Hey watch ur language

  • hy hy
    hy hy Month ago

    Why the creepy music