10 Most Insane Houses In The World

  • Опубликовано: 2 дек 2017
  • 10 Most Insane Houses In The World
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    Have you ever wanted to own a million-dollar home? How about a home that’s worth a whopping quarter of a billion dollars? Yes, we said BILLION! So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we take a look at 10 Most Insane Houses in The World.
    10. Incredible modern house villa, Beverly Hills - This 5-bedroom 10-bathroom modern architectural wonder is built right off the Sunset Strip in Beverly Hills, California. This home is filled with glass everywhere inside and out. It has a zero edge pool and a cozy cabana.
    9. luxury house in Limassol, Cyprus - This home was designed with 5 different levels each with its own facilities, and has everything you can possibly imagine including indoor swimming pool, hydro massage, aquarium, full wet bars, solarium, steam room, Finnish sauna room, snow cabin, mud bath room, massage beauty room, and gym.
    8. Bachly Constructions - Elegant, Contemporary Luxury Home - This custom built home has a hydraulic garage car lift, a movie theater, custom gymnasium, custom pool, and a custom wine cellar. It also includes a gym, media room, wet bar, a separate glass encased wine room apart from the wine cellar, and a spa with a sauna and steam shower.
    7. Luxury Estate Home, Greenwood Road, West Vancouver - This modern contemporary home is an 8-bedroom, 8-bathroom residence with large entertainment size formal living and dining rooms with a built in temperature controlled glass wine room.
    6. Fallingwater, house over waterfall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright - Fallingwater is a house designed in 1935 by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and owned by wealthy department store owner Edgar J. Kaufmann.
    5. Mega-House from Chalon Road, Bel Air CA - This modern masterpiece has a 5,600 square feet master suite including a spa, and 12 bedroom suites with 23 baths. There’s no going thirsty with 5 fully stocked bars. Entertainment comes in the form of a two lane bowling alley, full theater, wine cellar, and game room.
    4. Inside a $165 Million Florida Mansion - Manalapan - When it comes to mega-mansions, this 33-bedroom Florida compound on a private barrier island is pretty hard to beat. The 16-acre estate, named Gemini and isn’t just a mansion, it’s an entire island.
    3. 250,000,000$ Modern Villa, California USA - This is one of the most expensive multi-million dollar homes in the USA. It has 17 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, a billiards room with foosball tables, giant candy dispensers with anything you want, and a wine cellar that would make any connoisseur blush. Got a helicopter?
    2. Estate with POOL AND WATERFALL - Close to the beaches in San Diego, this multi-million-dollar home was Designed by architect, Rob Quigley, the home is basically built like a private resort with indoor waterfall.
    1. HIGH-TECH MANSION- If you’re looking for your dream home, this could be it. This home is loaded with crystal lights, glass, and chrome. All the bedrooms have their own full bathrooms and showers and walking room wardrobes.

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    If people don't want the "hassle" I totally understand, just buy one of these homes, but to me that's just wasting good money. Even if you're a billionaire doesn't mean you'll be misusing your money.

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