Heated ARGUMENT Over Trump's WIRETAPPING Claims

On CNN Tonight show with Don Lemon, Political Commentators Kirsten Powers, Jack Kingston and Andre Bauer got into heater argument over President Trump's lack of proof over his President Obama's wiretapping allegations. Trump claims that Former President Obama wiretapped him at Trump's Tower during the Presidential election campaigns but there has not been any evidence to support his claims.

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Автор Frank Grant ( назад)
Yeah Yeah,OBAMA DID IT, He did it ALL!!!Let's forget that millions of people who had NO HEALTHCARE and suffering are covered now.Meanwhile money is being spent to investigate a blatent LIE.Just discouraging that DJT is such a RACIST that he would deny the TRUTH to save face.What a SPINELESS JELLYBACK BITCH.

Автор Rab Sirrell ( назад)
hahahahaha trump caught out again lol the guy has no credibility left at all...he is now trying to change his version once again blaming the fake ;media for saying iy lol lol that will be the same fake media that he says rights lies all the time hahahahahaha the donald is a pure idiot and the world is watching and laughing at him and america......trump is a proven liar lol lol wont last the year out thank god

Автор Kevin Smith ( назад)
Lemon is the worst news reporter there is.

Автор Zachary Starks ( назад)
people defend it because they're idiots, plain and simple,. i was raised not to believe something, unless there is evidence,. and in this case we have no evidence,.. so i dont believe it at all,. yall should do the same,..

Автор Ann Garnsey ( назад)
Why does Sean Spicer bother to have a press conference when all he does is read press releases from other media sources, at the same time calling the media "fake"news?! The level of this man's hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Автор Alessandra3 Roels ( назад)
I know he is a popular liar, in The world .Donald Trump is not a political don't have any coin of diplomacy,
Andropausic,and demential old men, his problem is that que don't belong to this times, and everybody know's that if he is
Presidente of United States is because he was own money.

Автор Christy Krohne ( назад)
I dont believe the Groper in Chief's tweet was just a "mistake." Trump is a vile individual who lies for fun. Trump hates Obama like so many white Americans. Trump started out with the birther claim. To Trump and many of his base, Obama was a black guy with a funny name who in their mind had No right to run for POTUS let alone winning it. To Trump and some of his base, the White House/Oval Office is a whites only privilege. Other than that I cant see why Trump and his followers hate Obama so much.

Автор Pasquale Di Lorenzo ( назад)
Obama is showing all class not to get involved. He wouldn't waste his time

Автор K D ( назад)
Trump and this awful administration has made our lives like Twilight Zone! This is all just too unreal. Our president is a LIAR! We shouldn't just accept this as the new normal.

Автор Susan * ( назад)
don lemon has no credibility. he gets his feelings hurt as well as his ego. #notajournalist

Автор Anti Trump ( назад)

Автор mr hollands opus ( назад)
chump will never apologize, because he views his being stubborn as strength. People do not understand what this man is doing. While they are taking the time to investigate trump's allegation, trump is slowly destroying America. trump puts these things out to buy time, while he and putin are plotting. I am wondering about the investigators intelligence. They don't seem capable of doing more than one thing. trump is not going anywhere. he put all that money, legality, followers, and ass kissers to protect himself. Meanwhile these idiots are chasing something that doesn't even matter.

Автор usssanjacinto1 ( назад)
Combative Media defends Media's False Trump/Russia ties.

Автор usssanjacinto1 ( назад)
Obama was already caught wiretapping Angela Merkel of Germany. So its highly likely that Obama wiretapped on Trump.

Автор usssanjacinto1 ( назад)
Its interesting the media says theres no evidence for wiretapping claims, but then there is no evidence for the media's Trump/Russian collusion claims as well.

Автор daroe23 ( назад)
Jack Kingston is a whore.

Автор tom mac ( назад)
more fake news from the failing Clinton News Network...lol....I enjoy the Blue teams pain...and will for the next 8 years!

Автор Kevin Lam ( назад)
CNN is news? What more so you need to know.

Автор Sock That Cuck ( назад)
Do peeple really believe that the Obama/Clinton campaign was above such corruption? If you do you need to listen to outlets other than CNN.
Where is the scrutiny of the Russia claims? CNN is morally bankrupt

Автор Frank Paul Lomas ( назад)
OMG, is this guy Don Lemon seriously a reporter?

Автор Frank Paul Lomas ( назад)
The media is obsessed with Donald Trump.

Автор Lynn Mack ( назад)
The media has become so false and disrespectful to President Trump, it's no wonder the American citizens have no respect for your news outlet. You have ignored all of Obama's lawlessness and pick apart Trump for every little move. The Trump administration will again WIN!!!!!!

Автор Lynn Mack ( назад)
Trump is RIGHT and has the evidence!!!!! He is usually always right after all your criticism. I hope you report it right after he proves you wrong!!!!!

Автор DeeAnn Ratcliff ( назад)
CNN seriously needs to stop lying and the people that go on believing the hate and disrespect our media spews about our president, it's truly disgusting and un American! They can make false claims against our President all day and sadly some people aren't using their brains and aren't searching out facts! What Obama has done and continues to do to America is deeply disturbing but I believe all the lies coming from the left and all these leaks will be found and maybe we can move on to allowing our President to the job we put him there to do

Автор Mary Ann Nicholls ( назад)
Don lemon is a hack! A temper tantrum 2 yr old. CNN has made the "national enquirer"reputable

Автор Timothy Hannahan ( назад)
Fake news

Автор ARMED SNOWFLAKE ( назад)
The SCROTUS (So Called Ruler Of the United States) shows clear signs of malignant narcissism:

Someone who is “infinitely entitled and grateful to no one.”When telling the story of his life, he “leaves out any trace of his own significant misdeeds and failures.”Someone who “never hesitates to lie for the purpose of self-aggrandizement.”Someone who “blames others for his own errors and failures.”Someone who “is erratic, thin-skinned, belligerent, and constantly engaged in attacking and belittling perceived enemies.”And in the case of malignant narcissistic leaders of cults and political movements, he persuades followers to see their lives before joining his group as wretched, and he claims exclusive possession of the power to transform followers’ lives in miraculous ways.
The malignant narcissist may seem off-kilter or off-the-mark, but in their worst form, these people can be abusive partners and dangerous leaders.
Malignant narcissists, people out of touch with reality, who exhibit more and more extreme behaviors as the pressures of living up to their delusion of perfection mount, and as they inevitably become exposed to scrutiny and criticism. All too often, enraged by challenges to their fantasy of omnipotence, they lead their followers on to acts of violence, against others or even against themselves. In cults, we have the examples of this horrific violence in the Manson Family, Heaven’s Gate, Jim Jones, and many, many others.
When it comes to political leaders, the history of the 20th century, the extreme nationalistic narcissism that proclaims the exclusive validity of one nation and the right to deny life and freedom to members of another; the mass murders perpetrated by its dictators—this horrific, tragic history is still being written, and still being perpetrated.
People often laugh at the outrageous behavior and comments of a narcissist, but what you are actually seeing may be the unraveling of an unstable personality. As a
narcissist further unravels, they can become more and more destructive, to
themselves and to others.
When a narcissist moves along a path of potential self-destruction, they have no problem destroying anyone and everyone on that path with them.

Автор Connie Crabtree ( назад)
A preponderance of smugness and a lot of over-talking when someone with a differing opinion was making valid points.

Автор Xiaoyuan Xu ( назад)
fake news on cnn again

Автор Paul Ferris ( назад)

Автор Luna 333 ( назад)
crappy audio

Автор Phil Lanager ( назад)
Trump is mentally ill. Compulsive liar, narcissist, egomaniac, bigot, sex abuser, megalomaniac, take your pick.... he is a real sicko.

Автор o-ptimus prime ( назад)
"he should have said surveillance"
there has to be proof about it too!!!!! no proof, no case!!!! why is this so hard to understand?

Автор Tim Osman ( назад)
Why doesn't lemon head have The Judge on and ask him about his sources? He claimed to have 3 sources in British intelligence.

Автор God Father ( назад)
Haw Haw Haw , you Guys and gals shoot yourselves in the foot, while trying to shoot president Trump, then blame him for your folly. HAW HAW HAW to funny. I love it.

Автор o-ptimus prime ( назад)
is god punishing 'america" with donald trump?

Автор God Father ( назад)
CNN and company, reminds me of the 40 year old who is still performing like a spoiled 17 year old adolescent, who is so angry at his father, but can't remember why, and runs from person to person looking for validation. It's embarrassing to watch so called grownups do this. Oh my God !!!!

Автор God Father ( назад)
No intelligent person in America is interested in what CNN has to say about anything. You people talk about nothing important but your own vomit. President Trump whips the whole works of you single handedly. The more you try to hurt him, the more foolish you look, and the greater he looks.Dry your tears, sit up and listen to your daddy.

Автор greg romero ( назад)
the justice dept has been hijacked. time to take america back americans. consider yourself warned!

Автор RigginVeggies ( назад)
What is this?

Автор Sonja Dupree ( назад)

Автор jessylove 18 ( назад)
this shit is getting old, when is trump saying the new shit this taking heads will shit on for weeks

Автор Jack Kenway ( назад)
Obama didn't wiretap him! Hah what else is new?! Like anyone would believe that!

Автор Kengin ( назад)
I guess only sick guys joke about campaigns. That makes all politicians except "trump". The only non politician, who is for the people; with no political background or experience. "He will drain the swampy dirt talking attitude of the all the bad, sick guys". And bring in the new twitting gentle man (who of course ain't...no boy!)?
L....or...d! lol..
What have you voting folks got yourselves into? The wackiest messiah, the world has ever seen.
Breaking it down, the more intelligent folks defend trump in their statements, the dumper they sound.
Cant baby trump at least care about those who sound stupid defending him? Have they not suffered enough?
Or, wait the baby couldn't care less but keep crying till his parents fetch him that present they cannot afford.
It is all going to be expensive: ryan care; bans; hell, even tweets cost a fortune for internet traffic. All about what? An old man just cannot shut up.
Trump will make the most grouchy old guy in any ferry tail.

Автор Juan Gonzalez ( назад)
This Administration is to concern about BULL SHIT..
They all need to get the boot outta of the White house..

Автор Jerome Savary ( назад)
esactly he who alleges MUST prove

Автор gary gibbs ( назад)
You liberal communist Marxist MSM Agents are nothing but lying degenerate pedophile Zionist ! Some are zionist faux Jews and the others are Jesuits !
I really don't understand you people with your false flags
and lies!!
You filthy lying degenerates especially Don Lemon. An absolute disgrace!!
Report the real news not your propaganda bullshit!
I really despise Don Lemon !!!
An agent for lucifer !

Автор William Bradford ( назад)
UGH, unfortunately he could be right: there may NOT be any traceable connection between the Trump campaign and Russia coming out of the investigation.  It COULD, however, lead to revelations about Trump's foreign business ties that may prove compromising...

Автор William Bradford ( назад)
This guy says it's Spicer's job: and yes so far his job IS to lie for the sake of the President.  But if it's PROVEN to be lying I think the only way to save your future career is to CONFESS, resign, and hope that action finds you another job with the newly earned credibility...

Автор Rp McCrorey ( назад)
Anybody that doesn't like Obama are only showing me that you rather die than to see someone from another race do a better job than.........

Автор randle guill ( назад)
You have always been a more welcome, trusted , and likable face in the party of no.
Dont throw it away on this loser, Trump.
He is a habitual liar.

Автор Devi Bacchus ( назад)
worst TV channel to watch only fight fight fight and one thing over and over

Автор BruceWayne760 ( назад)
Don Lemon looks like Tom from the Boondocks.  Lmao

Автор Doug Leschak ( назад)
What a load of cow dung from the "Trump Supporter" on the panel. I hope he got everything right that Bannon told him to stress. This administration is just an embarrassing joke of a government. Full of clowns and idiots.

Автор AM H ( назад)
So do trump supporters still believe him even though he is failing to provide any evidence?? Im curious.

Автор andrea hartwell ( назад)
Jack Kingston is a doofs

Автор earthlingification ( назад)
yes, it might be funny if it weren't real.

Автор dave rogers ( назад)
you have to be a complete idiot to be a liberal

Автор curtis grissom ( назад)
The educated is now the new stupid.

Автор IP Freely ( назад)
Hillary should be locked up for running such a horrible campaign this is all her fault

Автор Loathe Democrats ( назад)
It's funny how Lemon surrounds himself with five Democrats that can back up his story and never interrupts, then, he always has one Republican on and interrupts constantly because it doesn't follow his agenda for bashing Trump. It's no wonder that he was voted the worst journalist in America!!!!!!!

Автор QUINT Sharky ( назад)
Bottom Line: Trump and the Republic Party lied. The evidence is now out that the CIA, NSA, and FBI did not tap any phones. There were no FISA warrants. And now, the British version of the NSA, the GCHQ, reported officially... and from the podium, which is rarely done (but they're so furious about the Trump lie), that they brought in the US Ambassador and dressed him down. The WH now was forced to admit that FOXNEWS had lied, and Sean Spicer repeated a lie. The Republic Party is in turmoil. Turmp lied, and has zero outs. THERE ARE NO MORE FOLKS TO PIVOT TO AND BLAME OR CITE. Trump and the Trump Administration's credibility is at ––– ZERO. And worse, Trump and the Republic Party refuse to apologize. Ha!

Автор Gilbert G ( назад)
Feel sorry for Spicer taking a lot of pressure to defend the lies is his boss the president

Автор Theodore Nicklas ( назад)
in this cabinet...the batshit doesn't fall far from the cave....

Автор Sasquatch ( назад)
Don Lemon is struggling to form sentences anymore.

Автор Rebecca Charles ( назад)
Trump actually made a genius move with his tweet. The news organizations that reported on Trump's surveillance in January, either have to admit that it was fake news, or that it was true, and he really was being "wiretapped".

Автор Sean Cash ( назад)
No collusion!!... Go Trump!!

Автор Qween K ( назад)
Trump is an Idiot.

Автор Carnell Douglas ( назад)
this is on big distraction from what's really going on I can't say this anuff** o and I dnt give a fck about the English language I spell shyt how I want fck you mean byytches

Автор Angeliquelovely ( назад)
and guess what Meals on Wheels will be history if the trump Administration have their wayyyyyyy!!!! million of elderly people who live alone will have to fend for themselves! take a minute to think about that, your elderly family members who rely on meals on wheels will suffer

Автор Sanna Hayes ( назад)
President to the best of his ability ?? 😂😭

Автор Angeliquelovely ( назад)
President Obama should Sue Donald Trump for defamation!!!!!!!! If he don't apologize for attacking his character.

Автор Jason C ( назад)
How can you the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, send out you're press secretary to quote the same media you say lie all the time, why would you do that, it makes you a clown show, Trump has denigrated the Presidency.

Автор Marcos Miranda ( назад)
This is the perfect president, when have you seen someone distract so many people and news at once for so long

Автор Kadar Abdullahi ( назад)
Years from now when historians wonder how America became a third world country, this moment will be used as a teaching material by teachers world wide!

Автор MUSTANGKW ( назад)
The President should not post FAKE NEWS , its only ok for the MEDIA to do that !!

Автор Sonja Dupree ( назад)
The media has a serious obligation to keep facts front and center in the exchange of communication. We can not let Trump behavior and attacks be considered normal but must demand accountabilty and consequences unless we will wake up to a foreign America that no longer has a president but a dictator who twist our thinking that forces his altered universe into our collective "reality" as projected by the "dictator".

Автор leo Flores ( назад)
Defending Trump is defending the lies, fake news, is defending rascism, defending the discrimination against all Muslims and minorities. Defending Trump is collaborate in all his acts against the laws, the Constitution, against human rights

Автор M Umo ( назад)
The president's tweet about Obama had nothing to do with Russia.

Автор Spencer Williams ( назад)
Why does the audio always sound like you were watching this on a hot tin roof?

Автор Lesley Allinson ( назад)
why should Obama say anything the man who's now president is a lier full stop and Obama doesn't need to dirty his hand with trumps lies

Автор Lesley Allinson ( назад)
he won't retract because he can't win and that's all he likes to talk about is what he wins what's going to happen this weekend who or what is he going to attack in his tweets by the way what credibility he has none after only 2 months in office all he's done is lieing

Автор Orlando Watson ( назад)

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