The History of my Hair

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never have a coconut haircut
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Comments • 58 690

  • Isaac Luallin
    Isaac Luallin 18 minutes ago

    I have

  • Isaac Luallin
    Isaac Luallin 20 minutes ago

    Yep i have had a red mohawk

  • Emo Susan
    Emo Susan 21 minute ago

    Thicc hair is not fun. And I would 100% recommend an undercut for dummy thicc hair

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 40 minutes ago

    The Internet, 80% introverts.

  • Locitobotito Boi
    Locitobotito Boi 41 minute ago

    This video is technically 90% of my life because my mom is also a hairdresser sooo yeah

  • Pira Starborn
    Pira Starborn Hour ago

    Yo, this is my exact life. My mom cut my hair to short and every one at my school started calling me Dora. When I first dyed my hair I did 1 purple stripe, the second time I did 1 purple and blue stripe, third time I did pink tips, and last time I did it all Mahogany. Its still Mahogany and the last time I dyed it was 4 years ago. Also, same thing about the hair falling out. It gets my dad mad, Lol.

  • marcelaglz4032
    marcelaglz4032 Hour ago

    was that a Kill la Kill reference in the thumbnail

  • Pezzottaite66 :3
    Pezzottaite66 :3 Hour ago

    Hey jaiden! Question: did you ever do an Undertale voiceover for the bunny lady and her wittle cinnamon bunnn! :33
    Cause I freaked when I saw you did it

  • Flashfire Phoenix

    you alchemist fan I love that show toooooooooooo

  • Sofia Santos
    Sofia Santos Hour ago

    I too have been pierced by a strand of hair from my mom while watching TV.
    (No I actually had the exact same experience)

  • Nico
    Nico Hour ago

    5:35 is that a snom i see

  • Chefrboy D
    Chefrboy D 2 hours ago

    OMG SAAAAME!! My hair is monster thick, everyone wants it. I HATE IT! And I don't care if it's messy.

  • That Della
    That Della 2 hours ago

    I also have very thick fluff hair, which is why I cut it short whenever I can, I hate having long, thick, fluff hair, too much shampoo gets used my mom complains-

  • Emily S
    Emily S 2 hours ago

    All the struggles you mentioned in the video is exactly why I keep my hair short, even though that means I literally can’t do anything to style it.

  • KatyGail10
    KatyGail10 3 hours ago

    Yeah, having died hair sucks. Mine was supposed to be teal, but my hair is dark enough to make it green.

  • Galaxy Crescent wolf
    Galaxy Crescent wolf 3 hours ago

    I have thick hair and it just sheds like nuts

  • Stephanie Randolph
    Stephanie Randolph 3 hours ago

    Meh it happened to me

  • Gabplaz47
    Gabplaz47 3 hours ago

    i have been pierced and my hair is short so you cant get it out and it hurts:(

  • Canny Weng
    Canny Weng 4 hours ago

    5:21 Don't stop me...


  • KnowingWeecandy
    KnowingWeecandy 4 hours ago

    4:31 that's what happened to my brother hair when he died it red

  • Reinelle Santana
    Reinelle Santana 4 hours ago

    she was watching snom baby

  • Nixon's Fun with Toys and Games

    Oh and by the way his name is Snom

  • Nixon's Fun with Toys and Games

    The cartoon that you put is a Pokémon from generation eight

  • Just Peachy
    Just Peachy 4 hours ago

    0:07 are gonna act like that’s not meant to be Aoyama?

  • Manuel Enriquez
    Manuel Enriquez 4 hours ago

    My hair pierced my arm and I pulled it out🙂

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy 4 hours ago

    Wait a min pokemon snom shows up!? 5:34

  • Francisco Gesswein
    Francisco Gesswein 5 hours ago

    4:15 I have colored hair

  • Colin Matthew Bishop
    Colin Matthew Bishop 5 hours ago

    Fun fact the thing on tv is a new Pokémon snom

  • Katelyn's Place
    Katelyn's Place 5 hours ago

    For most of my life I basically had bangs but when I was 12 I decided to get rid of the bangs. Because I was going to start middle school that year and i wanted to get a 'hair makeover.'

  • David O Donovan
    David O Donovan 6 hours ago

    Cutting your own hair, with a hairdresser style razor is easy, if your a guy like me that's OK with giving himself the same length cut all over. Plus, apparently I look good in a short beard, so self grooming is super easy.
    I got into the growing your hair long because I was into metal phase when I was 23, (I'm now 32) and then discovered that I have fuzzy thick hair, like the ginger lesbian on Orange is the New Black and the original American Pie. So I know somewhat of the struggle of maintaining long hair more the half an hour after a shower...and how important conditioners are that I basically ignored until then and ever since I cut my hair short again.

  • Pizza Baker
    Pizza Baker 6 hours ago

    Get short hair then, you don’t need to brush it and it looks nice-

  • David O Donovan
    David O Donovan 6 hours ago

    $50 US, for a of things that I love about being a costs me around €12 over here in Ireland, and that's when I don't just decided to cut it myself, with a hairdresser style razor that you can buy for probably like €15-€50, depending on the brand, easy.

  • Xavi Flores
    Xavi Flores 6 hours ago

    My hare is really long but not that long

  • XxT0x1cYT
    XxT0x1cYT 6 hours ago

    5:34 that's snom from sword and shield

  • daria daria
    daria daria 6 hours ago

    hay do you know your bal- YES THANK YOU

  • 100k subs with no videos

    Hm... I wonder how Area 51 is reacting to your hair...

  • nimrayah
    nimrayah 6 hours ago

    3:18 pansy parkinson hair in like the 3rd movie

  • Skye H
    Skye H 6 hours ago

    I’ve been pierced by either my mom’s or my sister’s hair before. It was an odd experience

  • Adrianciyo RB
    Adrianciyo RB 6 hours ago

    Just realized that in 5:34 our lord and saviour snom makes a cameo. God bless snom😂

  • Katie Stephens
    Katie Stephens 6 hours ago +1

    When I started to watch the video a hair feel on my tablet

  • Heather Downing
    Heather Downing 6 hours ago

    ⒽⒺⓁⓁⓄ! :𝔻

  • Adeena Tarique
    Adeena Tarique 6 hours ago

    I never got pierced by by a piece of hair

  • Lovely Laura
    Lovely Laura 7 hours ago

    *Turns Tv on*Snom:*floats*

  • ·Gacha Gal·
    ·Gacha Gal· 7 hours ago +1

    Actually why dont people just use "safe for colored hair" products?

  • Foxy Play Gamer345
    Foxy Play Gamer345 7 hours ago

    IT'S SNOB-

  • Marlee McGinnis
    Marlee McGinnis 10 hours ago

    Ok so I’m not the only one who has a hair stab through my skin??? My mom thought I was crazy bc I had a hair through my arm once

  • Piplup Gamer333
    Piplup Gamer333 10 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that she put snom on the TV

  • silvialoarte
    silvialoarte 10 hours ago

    I liked the pink and purple

  • Shumi Rahman
    Shumi Rahman 11 hours ago


  • MsKeydiddy
    MsKeydiddy 11 hours ago

    I hate my hair

  • Cyberduck2000
    Cyberduck2000 11 hours ago +2

    Jaiden the ninja: undercut: im so sneaky

  • Scarlett M
    Scarlett M 11 hours ago

    Ari: mother, your thin feathers are getting in my seed..

    jaiden: you can talk?

    ari: tell no one..

    -finger guns-

  • nightwing games
    nightwing games 12 hours ago

    Jaiden is shadow the hedgehog

  • Aubs Jackson
    Aubs Jackson 12 hours ago

    My hair is so thick annoying

  • Gioskull 305YT
    Gioskull 305YT 12 hours ago

    Yeah my hair some times go's in my arm

  • Joshua yew
    Joshua yew 12 hours ago

    Me also pierced by hair many times before

  • Aniko
    Aniko 12 hours ago

    *Refs fma, me:YES.*

  • Lucy Froelich
    Lucy Froelich 13 hours ago

    Why just not have hair but meh I like hair

  • Darren Wallis
    Darren Wallis 13 hours ago

    I have............ but it was a pencil and it bled

  • Katharine Elliot
    Katharine Elliot 14 hours ago

    There was a snom on theTV in the part where there was some hair through her leg