Full Fight | Raymond Daniels - Bellator Birmingham

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Check out the full fight of Raymond "The Real Deal" Daniels vs Wilker Barros at Bellator Birmingham
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Comments • 3 126

  • BellatorMMA
    BellatorMMA  7 months ago +1151

    "The Replay Button" 5:59

    • Muh Tahir
      Muh Tahir Month ago

      @YOU'RE A CASUAL dan

    • Robert Abell
      Robert Abell 2 months ago

      BellatorMMA get er done all day long Raymond. That’s my middle name.

    • Sávio xxx
      Sávio xxx 3 months ago

      Look so fake. I think this is a fixed fight.

    • Don Ramon
      Don Ramon 3 months ago


    • Waylon Mercy
      Waylon Mercy 4 months ago

      I don't know why they don't pair him up with a national champion grappler

  • Jerri
    Jerri 23 hours ago

    When its a true full contact karate master(rare) they have skills no thai fighter can match

  • Chris DaSilva
    Chris DaSilva Day ago


  • Francisco Celio Carvalho

    Douglas lima e o melhor da categoria...

  • Supaflyy Owen
    Supaflyy Owen 3 days ago

    1:02 “guys run in with their head down and their chin in the air” 😂🤨 *how?*

    SEBASTIAN BLIX 4 days ago

    Jeezus what a finish. As others have said, best KO of 2019.

  • Pak To
    Pak To 6 days ago

    iki la juara sejati menag kalah dadi sedolor

  • Lang Hoa
    Lang Hoa 8 days ago +1

    That was quite the knockout

  • PiscoSower
    PiscoSower 8 days ago

    Have this dude fight mvp. Now that would be an interesting fight 🌃

  • J. Nico
    J. Nico 10 days ago

    Sickest finish that I'VE EVER SEEN!

  • Daddy Dinkleberg
    Daddy Dinkleberg 11 days ago

    Seemed fixed fr.

  • Daddy Dinkleberg
    Daddy Dinkleberg 11 days ago

    Raymond vs Mvp.
    Page needs to get knocked out again lol

    • Paul Archibald
      Paul Archibald 11 days ago +1

      @Daddy Dinkleberg Well It really depends on who's game they're playing which is a strikers game vs a submissions game and it one prevents the other from playing their game and stick to their own then that fighter striker or submission specialists would win..

    • Daddy Dinkleberg
      Daddy Dinkleberg 11 days ago

      Paul Archibald Wasn’t Daniels big In kickboxing? I feel like the striking is great but in a real fight with a BJJ practitioner I feel like it would be futile

    • Paul Archibald
      Paul Archibald 11 days ago

      @Daddy Dinkleberg lol just saying... MVP was the top 2 Point Fighter on the planet... the reason why? Well.. It was because of the guy in the video lol

    • Daddy Dinkleberg
      Daddy Dinkleberg 11 days ago

      Paul Archibald I should’ve done my research lol

    • Paul Archibald
      Paul Archibald 11 days ago

      It already happened..

  • Daniel 045
    Daniel 045 12 days ago

    Daniels is talented however when he meets up someone he can't mentally break prior to the fight then it's going to get interesting. Good luck.

  • едрен батон иванов


  • Rxverb
    Rxverb 13 days ago

    Dang is he dead?

  • Rxverb
    Rxverb 13 days ago

    Take Raymond down...why stand with him.

  • Luca YT
    Luca YT 14 days ago

    Wonderboy would destroy Reymond Daniels.

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien 15 days ago

    Nice movements

  • himoong
    himoong 16 days ago

    That was nuts

  • Алберуни Ойбекивич

    Кросавчик дай Аллах тебя здоровия и успеха.

  • DeJohnne Lacy
    DeJohnne Lacy 17 days ago

    All Raymond did was run 🏃 the whole fight

  • ajanit bora
    ajanit bora 18 days ago

    i guess he's learnt tkd

  • Bobbyjesus
    Bobbyjesus 19 days ago

    Sad that we probably wont see Raymond Daniels vs Wonderboy... :(

  • Binge Planet
    Binge Planet 20 days ago

    thats the first punch k.o that I actually here all the way from the ring.

  • Vermemme asdf
    Vermemme asdf 23 days ago +1

    niggas literally just flopping on the ground lmfao. ive never been knocked out but sure damn looks funny as hell watching someone be knocked out.

  • Adapted Captive
    Adapted Captive 24 days ago


  • Lee Foreman
    Lee Foreman 27 days ago

    Awesome fighter, this guy is amazing to watch..

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 28 days ago

    He threw a fake 540 roundhouse to lead (right) hook. I really hate how MMA announcers have little to no knowledge on the strikes or techniques used, like go back to the morning show and let fighters talk fighting.

  • VnuReo
    VnuReo Month ago

    what a dab in the end

  • hanspeter
    hanspeter Month ago

    He reminds me of Anderson Silva.

  • John Stover
    John Stover Month ago

    Bellator is so much more fan friendly except for DAZN. There is always all the fights that happened on RUclip. Ufc only allows those fights to be seen a week or 2 before the fight then they delete it.

  • Tim Tremblay
    Tim Tremblay Month ago

    That boy be FAST and will likely win win win.

  • teen samp
    teen samp Month ago +1

    Bro is the truth!! Dana white sign this man, he is gunna be snatching belts!!! On me

  • Cut Cali
    Cut Cali Month ago

    Let's take another look as he covers up and waits for the kick wait for wait for it .Shit I think I missed it

  • Corey Harris
    Corey Harris Month ago

    Just luck nothing else

  • Old Man Boxing
    Old Man Boxing Month ago

    I'm new to MMA and I will be talking about you guys but YO as the commentator is saying look where he's at now about 15 secs later 4:45 I call it the sequence of DEATH !!!

  • Andrei 'Hamster' Shatalov

    He killed the opponent with a right hook that broke his temple bone. Such fraction is deadly. Further, you watch some post-mortem convulsions. Most of people never saw real death. That is a kind of unique video where you see one's fatal end with perfect resolution.

  • Michał Kozlik
    Michał Kozlik Month ago

    📲*00212645752301* *Whatapps*📲
    ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كـثـيـر مــن الــشــبــاب يـبـحـثـون عــن طــريــقــة فــعــالــة✅ لــتــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب
    وأنــا أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حـصـلـت عـلـى الــطــريــقــة الأصـح👍 والـمـنـاسـبـة👍 وهــتــشــكــرنــي بــعــديــهــا
    تــواصــل مـعـي وأنــا بـشـرح لـك سـر الـوصـفـة الـواتـس اب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  • Njabuloseh
    Njabuloseh Month ago


  • Yanna Yannahu
    Yanna Yannahu Month ago

    Best of the world smart

  • ISRO 17
    ISRO 17 Month ago

    Seperti pencak silat

  • Gerard Saint Louis
    Gerard Saint Louis Month ago

    My goodness you are GOOD!!! You simply MUST fight M.V.P. or "WONDERBOY"! Why? You are the best pure Karate practitioners-all striking, no takedowns- in the sport! "Real Deal", do you have ANY IDEA how much top fighters get PAID? Ten times what you got for this fight, and usually with a much less-okay, always with a much less spectacular finish. I have officially joined your fan club, champ, and will now follow you!!!

  • Gerard Saint Louis
    Gerard Saint Louis Month ago

    I have been watching M.M.A. since before U.F.C. 1. But I never heard of you, Raymond "Real Deal" Daniels, or saw you fight until today. You are a very special talent. You should go to Bellator and fight Michael "Venom" Page (MVP!), or go to the U.F.C. and fight Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson. Either would be a huge, HUGE payday for you! And if you won? One more fight and you would be set for life! Good luck to you, champ!

  • Darin Cooper
    Darin Cooper Month ago

    What the actual fk? I would get dizzy if I fought like that.

  • Lowkey
    Lowkey Month ago

    Great KO. This and MVPs flying knee my favorites

  • Jay Cutler
    Jay Cutler Month ago

    That was a deadly blow.

  • Kharonn Taylor
    Kharonn Taylor Month ago

    He doing all that kicking when he got knocked out he should’ve been kicking in the fight 😂😂

  • Danny Tan
    Danny Tan Month ago

    not really that good....he is trying for lucky punch or kick never really engage in mma

  • Sir Allan
    Sir Allan 2 months ago

    This guy is awesome with his tactics 👏👏👏👏

  • snorgisborg2
    snorgisborg2 2 months ago

    Brain damage

  • Xavi Barrios
    Xavi Barrios 2 months ago +1


    SVÄNÄRi X 2 months ago +2

    Make him fight MVP in London at November!!!

  • keith weedt
    keith weedt 2 months ago

    Pussy fighter

  • Abdallah Brini
    Abdallah Brini 2 months ago

    That's illegal

  • Brian Paquin
    Brian Paquin 2 months ago

    Wow 😀

  • Chef Kelly
    Chef Kelly 2 months ago

    WOW... that was some serious spinning

  • Jerry Howard
    Jerry Howard 2 months ago


  • Hamed Rah
    Hamed Rah 2 months ago

    Raymond Daniels is Good Taekwondo player ❤ we proud of you man . H R from Birmingham, 👏👏❤

  • Eva Nurhayati
    Eva Nurhayati 2 months ago