Street Food in Kyoto JAPAN - 6 different types of Street Food

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
  • Street Food near Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine in Kyoto, Japan - Timestamp: 0:01 Imagawayaki 1:53 Yakitori 2:46 Dango 3:34 Takoyaki 4:02 Wagyu Beef Skewer 5:33 Okonomiyaki (street food version)

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  • overthehills_faraway
    overthehills_faraway 6 hours ago

    Only a Samurai could do that.

  • Sandi Mulyadi
    Sandi Mulyadi Day ago

    Japanese food is destination too 🤩🤩🤩

  • Baiku Mio
    Baiku Mio 2 days ago


  • Mario Araujo
    Mario Araujo 2 days ago

    Very good manners.

  • Anne Lee
    Anne Lee 2 days ago

    Wow what an interesting giant vege noodle omelette

  • luminatuz gaming
    luminatuz gaming 3 days ago

    i heared a filipina and filipino voice..😉

  • Favorite Focus
    Favorite Focus 3 days ago

    Eggs says 'nahi rehna tere bajoo nahi rehna' 😜😜😜

  • Margarita Nikiticheva

    Кто решится на капустный омлет в тесте?

  • hillmanant
    hillmanant 4 days ago +1

    Them cabbage omelette things look amazing! Can anyone explain the recipe for a Westerner?

  • Slap Boogz
    Slap Boogz 4 days ago

    No idea what it is. I wanna eat it

  • Julie Ann
    Julie Ann 4 days ago

    Di ako sigurdo pero parang may narinig akong 500 daw papaluto

  • Pijush Basumatary
    Pijush Basumatary 5 days ago

    Subtitles please

  • Edelyn Membrere
    Edelyn Membrere 5 days ago +5

    When you hear someone's talking in Tagalog in the background, haha!🤣🤣🤣

  • Eliete  Gurgel
    Eliete Gurgel 5 days ago

    São cupcakes?

  • Irene Venkatesh
    Irene Venkatesh 5 days ago

    Me here at 12:30am eating corn while watching this street foods I can never taste!!!

  • 햄새선덧
    햄새선덧 5 days ago


  • Joanne Bernadine Garde

  • Elijah Whitehead
    Elijah Whitehead 6 days ago

    It's 1:42am and I'm suppose to sleep but here i am on the weird side of RUclip. Smh

  • KPop channel
    KPop channel 6 days ago

    Tae ang dami ko narinig na tagalog language hahahaha

  • Bluepark Bluepark
    Bluepark Bluepark 6 days ago

    That 1st girl in white she's so beautiful ❤️😍❣️

  • lami gyud
    lami gyud 6 days ago

    May nagtatagalog sa background 🤣

  • Zach Abler
    Zach Abler 6 days ago +1

    Did i just heared a filipino women speaking? 😂 hahaha

  • SANSKAR Kedia
    SANSKAR Kedia 7 days ago

    This reminds me of JAV HD

  • Cha Chie
    Cha Chie 7 days ago

    3:00 is dat dango ?

  • Saeki Yuya
    Saeki Yuya 7 days ago

    サムネ見た外国人「うおおおお!山盛りのチーズ!チーズ!チィィィィィズ!!」 本編見た外国人「キャ…ベ……ツ………?」

  • Queen Arifah
    Queen Arifah 7 days ago


  • Hobi Sunshine
    Hobi Sunshine 7 days ago +2

    I heard someone speak tagalog

    • Doppel09 Walker
      Doppel09 Walker 5 days ago

      I think its in 6:29 , she said: "Ayun si Doktora"

  • Christine Snowdon
    Christine Snowdon 7 days ago


  • Vin Vinvin
    Vin Vinvin 8 days ago

    Bakit may nagsasalita ng Tagalog? 05:00 😂

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev 8 days ago

    I am wondering how so much of those tasty food is left on the stow! it should've been finished up! 🤤🤑

  • 21thehelper
    21thehelper 8 days ago +16

    America: We make the best salads
    Japan: Hold my ginger sauce

  • This Mystic
    This Mystic 8 days ago

    Oh well, this popcorn will have to do...!

  • Panda 23
    Panda 23 8 days ago


  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap 8 days ago


    OPPAKENTtv 8 days ago

    May nagtatagalog

  • Allynn Pratt
    Allynn Pratt 9 days ago

    Why are there no flies in Japan👀

  • SkullBuster_YGOPH
    SkullBuster_YGOPH 10 days ago

    4:05 peenoise detected

  • olvin martinez
    olvin martinez 11 days ago

    Japanese are one of the healthiest people, I can eat this all day

  • Fede Pizzo
    Fede Pizzo 11 days ago


  • Phoemilla
    Phoemilla 11 days ago +8

    at 4:17 i heard a filipino guy talking 😂

  • Sarah Faith
    Sarah Faith 11 days ago

    this is my favorite video on the internet.

  • Sarah Faith
    Sarah Faith 11 days ago

    lol i have no idea what the fuck any of this food even is. i want to go to japan so bad.

  • Strawberry Pumpkin
    Strawberry Pumpkin 12 days ago +11

    Damn i wish i was born and raised in Japan 😅

  • pepilloseptiembre
    pepilloseptiembre 12 days ago

    no se que es esa mierda pero no la probaría...

  • protuberanetz 67
    protuberanetz 67 12 days ago

    3:23 - "А это для вас!"

  • Rhuth K
    Rhuth K 12 days ago

    FOOOODDD PORNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhuth K
    Rhuth K 12 days ago


  • Rhes Bars
    Rhes Bars 13 days ago

    May nagtatagalog 😂

  • Star J Serrano
    Star J Serrano 13 days ago

    omg im so hungry now lol

  • Ebony Smith
    Ebony Smith 14 days ago

    Well that was interesting

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds 14 days ago +2

    Therapeutic to watch but this is a health inspectors nightmare lol

  • GrumpiNEZ!
    GrumpiNEZ! 14 days ago +2

    that okonomiyaki is awesome! i'm trying it at home. wish me luck. 😅

  • たけこ
    たけこ 14 days ago


    DARK QUEENZEL 14 days ago

    me dió mucha hambre al ver el último.

  • malawma bawitlung
    malawma bawitlung 14 days ago +2

    That All The Food Were Gonna Become stool....

  • Kagamine Len
    Kagamine Len 15 days ago +10

    Who else was counting while he was pouring the batter? 😅 10 in each row

  • dead silence
    dead silence 15 days ago +7

    I can't even imagine wht that taste like and that pisses me off

  • EDD CB
    EDD CB 15 days ago

    Escucho español en 03:05 😍

  • Aleff Coelho
    Aleff Coelho 15 days ago

    Como pode acabei de jantar e a fome só aumentou ao ver isso.

  • Максим Павлов

    Эт вам не чебуреки из кисоидов

  • jodidoiluminado
    jodidoiluminado 15 days ago +1

    I need this food now!!!

  • Crazy Asian Things
    Crazy Asian Things 15 days ago +1

    It looks so fun to see the chef make the food!

  • Pinyin Fan
    Pinyin Fan 16 days ago

    I don't understand much but wow

  • thiago alexandre
    thiago alexandre 16 days ago +1


    • Beonoc
      Beonoc 14 days ago

      nossa mano, achei que só eu tava com nojo.... MEEEU AMIGO... QUE NOJEIRA DA PORRA

  • Zéguinho Music
    Zéguinho Music 16 days ago


  • Ezra Fabianna
    Ezra Fabianna 16 days ago

    wow food looks good inno👀

  • Ezra Fabianna
    Ezra Fabianna 16 days ago

    8:15 I think wat he making look s good cheese woww

  • 乗り今はフェアレディZ

    The food that Yakuza has made is the image of Kyoto down👎👎👎
    from japan

  • Mark Wise
    Mark Wise 18 days ago +2

    I didn't know dango could be grilled. I want to try it!

  • pahala pahala
    pahala pahala 18 days ago

    meatball can

  • Hirak Choudhary
    Hirak Choudhary 18 days ago


  • Hirak Choudhary
    Hirak Choudhary 18 days ago

    3:50 AM

  • Akkanne
    Akkanne 18 days ago +1

    I R A S H A I

  • davi drekys
    davi drekys 18 days ago


  • davi drekys
    davi drekys 18 days ago


  • Docfirefox Reggie
    Docfirefox Reggie 19 days ago

    Filipino tourist on the background talking hahaha!

  • leng marquez
    leng marquez 19 days ago

    4:25 may mga pinoy 😂

  • flaminggo
    flaminggo 19 days ago +1


  • Nguyễn Minh Hiếu Miku Hatsune

    Wow so many Lot Food Japan Market in Festival Big Show

  • Kafe Of haiti
    Kafe Of haiti 21 day ago +32

    It's interesting how there are literally no flies around their food. Everything there looks delicious though.

    • Hutetu
      Hutetu 2 days ago

      Probably because flies thrives in heat..And by looking around it seems like it has just been raining, not an attractive weather for flies.

  • prince tegginamani
    prince tegginamani 21 day ago


  • Алексей Веденеев


  • Vanilla
    Vanilla 22 days ago +7

    from Saudi arabia watching this i hope in somehow i could visit Japan maybe by some magic i could go there :( i wanna try eating everything with respect

    • Natsu Dragneel Z
      Natsu Dragneel Z 18 days ago

      me your brother form ALGERIA and as a anime lover i AGREE WITH YOU

  • Depong Anggraeni
    Depong Anggraeni 22 days ago

    Looks very yummi 😋

  • V blaze
    V blaze 22 days ago +19

    Why can't we have street food like this in FL ? Ppl have food trucks and can't turn out stuff that looks or tastes half as good

    • dead silence
      dead silence 15 days ago

      Bcuz Japanese treat everything as a art Great people

  • V blaze
    V blaze 22 days ago +4

    I wanna go to Japan now that first 1 and the beef kabobs looks so yummy all of it looks delicious 😋

  • Ube Bar
    Ube Bar 23 days ago

    ˢᴵᴸᴬ ᴬᵞ ᴾᴵᴸᴵᴾᴵᴺᴼ, ᵞᴱᴬᴴ~

  • Demon Lord
    Demon Lord 23 days ago +3

    I forget about food when I see a girl at 1:04

  • Brian Riquelme
    Brian Riquelme 23 days ago

    3:20 what is this?

    TURBOFLUFFY Farrah 23 days ago

    Food poisoning yum

  • Jean-Pierre Coffe
    Jean-Pierre Coffe 23 days ago +1

    Now i'm hungry.

  • a a
    a a 23 days ago +2

    "Buwisit na 'to pag-aanuhin mo pa'ko"

    MOHAMED ALI 23 days ago

    عايز فساتين اطفال شفون

  • Jiji Liketoeatdorayaki

    I got distracted by 1:01

  • Hello khan
    Hello khan 24 days ago

    You got 100% water in your mouth after watching Indian street food.

  • Caitlyn B0t
    Caitlyn B0t 24 days ago +14

    I can smell the tastyness throught the video

    LEIRD 25 days ago

    4:13 papaluto?

  • victor manuel gonzalez


  • Denis Profit
    Denis Profit 25 days ago +1


  • Big Black Rock
    Big Black Rock 25 days ago +37

    On a diet
    Watches one food video
    sEnD hELp!

    • christen dsouza
      christen dsouza 4 days ago

      +Big Black Rock now that's slightly racist. cease and desist for defecation!!!

    • Big Black Rock
      Big Black Rock 8 days ago

      +Lonchi Leaina you betcha ass I read that with an Indian accent haha

    • Lonchi Leaina
      Lonchi Leaina 8 days ago

      Firstly, its because of the youtube algorithm.

      ADISA BRENDA 16 days ago

      Mee too i am on a diet. i am only eating fruits and vegetables ,and this is driving me insane