• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! DIY highlights is something that basically is never done correctly. The woman that I chose for todays hairdresser reacts highlight that fact. You're welcome.
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  Month ago +4128

    Hi beautiful! Thanks for watching tehehe

    • Ally Vlogs
      Ally Vlogs 2 days ago

      Ik ur gonna get mad at me for saying this but my mom has never been to hair dressing or cosmetically school but I’m getting her to do my highlights cuz bish don’t got at least 100 to get my hair down every 2 months

    • LayBaby
      LayBaby 5 days ago

      Paola Cales ugh day umy tI ugh turn ut

    • LayBaby
      LayBaby 5 days ago

      Renee Ortiz ugh

    • Skylar Green
      Skylar Green 12 days ago

      jerry baker lol yes anything

    • jerry baker
      jerry baker 12 days ago

      Skylar Green I'm a girl too! LOL!! I would like to be his car I guess or maybe his laptop!!😏😬😂

  • Hailey Windsor
    Hailey Windsor 41 minute ago

    Bri my mom bought high light box dye one time or accident instead of regular dye anxd she left it in for 45 min instead of 30 min and her hair turned orange

  • Grace Konzelman
    Grace Konzelman 6 hours ago

    My sister had come with me when I got highlights at salon. Loved that experience. 8 months later. My sister comes over with box highlights and does my hair... she did amazing! My sister definitely used same techniques from my hairdresser. ❤️

  • chanelsgoblin
    chanelsgoblin 9 hours ago

    i watch all ur vids like i didn't literally bleach my hair from dark red-brown to bright blonde at home lmfao

  • Shannon Jade
    Shannon Jade 9 hours ago

    I really like that jacket ❤️

  • Fourth Planet
    Fourth Planet 17 hours ago

    That Guy Fieri entrance killed me. Thank you.

  • Derogation
    Derogation 21 hour ago

    we have reached critical thotism when our kids calling us thots

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick Day ago

    You're like...trolling a little right?

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick Day ago

    *"it was time for Brando to leave, for he. Had seen it all."í

  • sandramorrison99

    PLEASE tell me we get fry- a - lytes!

  • Takeofoxsama
    Takeofoxsama Day ago

    When I was about 10 my stepmom used to do a home highlights with a highlighting cap. I would be the one sitting there and pull her hair through the little holes for her to dye.

  • Imo García
    Imo García Day ago

    ‘I think I have bad eyesight’
    No, no it’s terrible

  • Marissa Angelica

    if she had done french braids and followed this same technique it might have actually came out pretty okay...

  • Morgan Nelson
    Morgan Nelson Day ago

    I doubt you'll see this but I find that when i'm watching you react to things the volume of the video you react to are always really low, not a huge problem but I always have to wear headphones which is kinda annoying. Love ur videos tho! keep it up! (maybe just keep ur volume up too lol)

  • Gretchen Trumper
    Gretchen Trumper Day ago +1

    I am LIVING for the level of sass in this video!!! As a professional, I concur 100% with everything you're saying! 😂😂😂

  • Shianne Hodges
    Shianne Hodges Day ago

    Is anybody else eating a salad during this video?😀👍🏻

  • Beth Black
    Beth Black Day ago

    * video stars *
    *brad immediately mumbles " thats a damb mess" * 😇😂

  • Nicole Ruth
    Nicole Ruth Day ago +9

    Ruining your hair is lowkey the most therapeutic thing especially for women during emotional breakdowns.

  • Kamya Chawla
    Kamya Chawla 2 days ago

    Do that SLOWLIER

  • Phoebus Frank
    Phoebus Frank 2 days ago

    Brad, you give me life 😂

  • Shana McCord
    Shana McCord 2 days ago +1

    You look like a beautiful Ken Doll and I AM LIVING FOR IT! You are my favorite RUclipr! Thank you for being so amazing!

  • Stephler
    Stephler 2 days ago +1

    I look like shit

  • 指Satän
    指Satän 2 days ago

    17:12 on 0.5 playback speed, he sounds so drunk lmao

  • l e e
    l e e 2 days ago

    i want to slap some of these people they're so dumb

  • Karla F
    Karla F 3 days ago

    I went through the same thing as the first women and I had to dye my whole head brown. Then the lady gave me a light brown when I wanted dark and cried for a month. Then I died my hair a dark brown then It started fading and I’m crying again😂😭

  • Dani Films
    Dani Films 3 days ago

    Brad : hello beautiful, you look amazing
    Me : * slouching , drinking Pepsi and eating hot Cheetos at 10 in the morning*
    Also me: * look down at my self ,
    well . Uh , Thank you Brad * :)

  • sso sso
    sso sso 3 days ago

    Love your videos! but i think it's time you found a way to balance out the audio

  • Debbie's Therapy
    Debbie's Therapy 4 days ago +2

    Slowlier..... Perhaps from the same dictionary as "bigly"

  • Natasha Kaye
    Natasha Kaye 4 days ago

    Echo effect. Natural where? Dead. Love u brad.

  • I stan Tyler Joseph
    I stan Tyler Joseph 4 days ago

    I know I’m not the only one who said that when he said she looked like a chia pet

  • Tanna Sherrill
    Tanna Sherrill 4 days ago

    OMG the cap! I definitely had a silicone one from Sally's once upon a time and used box color instead of bleach. It was the best teenage mess.

  • Shmoopsy moop
    Shmoopsy moop 4 days ago

    Brad: "What's up beautiful. You look **amazing**
    Me:*has a nasty looking face mask* yes. Yes I look **stunning***

  • Account 3
    Account 3 4 days ago

    8:19 “mm-mm, I don’t like it”
    meee every single day of my life

  • kelsey G
    kelsey G 5 days ago

    That laught 11:14😂💀💀💀

  • Harley Fletcher
    Harley Fletcher 5 days ago


  • Taylor Humenick
    Taylor Humenick 5 days ago

    Oh god I have PTSD from childhood wtfffffffff G I R L

  • Raven The Death Goddess

    Pretty features. You look like folks I drew back in the day.

  • Maria schlienger
    Maria schlienger 6 days ago


  • Todomo
    Todomo 6 days ago +3

    that first one i was trying to figure out who was the daughter i thought they were sisters she looks soooooo young

  • KennaKatie
    KennaKatie 6 days ago

    Highlight caps are the worst!! My mom (licensed cosmetologist) would use these when I was younger and holy shit that tool would stab the fuck out of my head! I was so excited when she said, “You have too much hair so I’m just going to weave you!” BLESS!

  • honk honk
    honk honk 6 days ago

    why is this so funny to me LOL

  • naisaShip
    naisaShip 6 days ago

    11:14 when your crush makes a joke

  • Joda
    Joda 6 days ago +4

    I haven’t seen cap highlights in almost 30 years.

  • Louise J
    Louise J 6 days ago

    Love the jacket!

  • Nikki0228
    Nikki0228 7 days ago +1

    Me: **watching Brad react to people ruining their hair in various ways, having a good time**
    Also me with hair that was supposed to be brown but is black: I should probably stop ruining my hair with box dye before I somehow end up on one of these episodes 😅

  • Brittany Shuler
    Brittany Shuler 7 days ago

    “I don’t like it 👏 “ omg lol 😂

  • Maya AlQasmi
    Maya AlQasmi 7 days ago

    the third girl looks like twaimz😌

  • FushiaPinkGal
    FushiaPinkGal 7 days ago +1

    Piss yellow blonde ..cracking description

  • 101Tali Wenne
    101Tali Wenne 7 days ago +2

    You Are so rude😂😂😂Love that !
    Im a hairdresser , and these videos a pure karma

  • Joshima M
    Joshima M 7 days ago

    Well loreal bleach burned a hole in my neck 10 minutes into a session soooo

  • Vengalyte _
    Vengalyte _ 7 days ago

    That jacket is eepic

  • Chloe Senior
    Chloe Senior 8 days ago +1

    I F*cking 😍 LOVE YOU!!

  • Jesse Leigh Middleton

    I do everything at home cause i cant afford to get it done but i dont think id do highlights at home

  • JimBearOne
    JimBearOne 8 days ago +4

    Home highlights CAN be done beautifully if you are careful and use the right techniques.

  • MandaD123c
    MandaD123c 8 days ago

    Liked at 30 seconds 😂

  • Tiffany Brown
    Tiffany Brown 8 days ago


  • Bailey Carrell
    Bailey Carrell 8 days ago

    My mom asked me to highlight her hair recently. It was my first time and I did it WAY too close to the root... She now has tiger stripes on her head that I have to fix.

  • 0Lottee0
    0Lottee0 8 days ago

    When I was 16/17ish my mom got one of those at home highlights kits for me, the kind with like a little wand with holes in the comb and shit. So all goes well until i go to was it out and the entire crown of my head is like a snow cap on a mountain.
    Idk if the dye bled from where my mom brushed it down through my hair or if when I flipped my hair over to rinse it out it just smeared around but HOO BOY it was bad.
    The next day my mom took me to a salon to fix it so like at least she took pity on me.

  • Raquel Anderson
    Raquel Anderson 8 days ago

    Omg that cap highlight thing! My ex boyfriends mom had me help her with that once hahaha and I was so confused when she came to me with the cap on and explained what she needed me to do bcuz I had never seen it before 😂😂😂 I was like wtffffff is this hahahaha but I successfully pulled all the little pieces through the holes for her. She put the color on so luckily I didn’t have to do that part. She was blond and was doing lighter blond highlights so it wasn’t a drastic scary difference and she had been doing it for years so it looked normal on her.

  • Jemma Ward
    Jemma Ward 8 days ago +1

    If she wanted to stop the demarcation she could have tried using a cap and putting tiny highlights throughout her head maybe

  • Its Jordyn
    Its Jordyn 8 days ago

    My mom uses box hair dye but hers comes out pretty decent btw LOVE YOU BRAD 💖💖💖💖✌✌✌🤗🤗

  • Georgina Paul
    Georgina Paul 8 days ago

    When me & the baby go to my mom's I find random forks everywhere 😅🙁

  • Seneca Schwenning
    Seneca Schwenning 8 days ago +1

    Ahh!! That outfit is literally FIRE! I love it.

  • Jaysen Simms
    Jaysen Simms 8 days ago

    Haha I cut and dyed my own hair today, if only I had filmed it for Brad.... In any case, I have kpop hair

  • Private Noneofyourbusiness

    Please don't make the sign of the devil with your hand. For the rest you seem like a nice guy.

  • Kym Reid
    Kym Reid 9 days ago

    You genuinely feel like you're the only person brad is talking too when he does his intro 😍

  • Tayah Bubulka
    Tayah Bubulka 9 days ago +1

    Brad: hi beautiful, hello gorgeous

  • Karly Robinson
    Karly Robinson 9 days ago

    The last one brought back bad memories for me 😫 I let my ex color my hair black and red using a cap kit. He did it wet so it was absolute agony pulling the hair through and turned out so bad that I refused to go to school for a whole week while trying to fix it. It was just huge blunt patches of little mermaid red, most of the back was just red and no color at all near the roots. I was living with my sister at the time and she was furious with me 😂 We tried to bleach it out but it went bright orange. The bleaching process burned my head so bad that I got blisters all around my hair line, literal blisters. Tried to cover the orange and it just went a weird copper color and was really dry. Spent a small fortune trying to fix it and ended up just dying it jet black because that’s the only color that would work 😭😭 truly one of my worst experiences of my life 😂

  • Zebra Warrior
    Zebra Warrior 9 days ago +3

    Brad: “you look amazing”
    Me: “thanks, I’m just hanging in bed with a kidney infection looking like I’ve been dragged backwards through a bush 3 times”
    Love you Brad!!!

  • Heichou Ackerman
    Heichou Ackerman 9 days ago

    Hey Brad! You should do a hair styling tutorial! We have the same cut and i LOVE the way you style yours in your vids.
    Ps, love you 😘

  • AngelDRose
    AngelDRose 9 days ago +1

    Just wanted to say you saved me from making a bad decision. I really want to do my hair a funky color. But I didn’t have enough saved up for a professional yet. The other day I ended up in the box dye section of my grocery store. I stood there for a good 10-15 min debating whether or not I wanted to buy the $8 bleach and color kit. Then I thought “that’s a good way to get in one of Brad Mondo’s videos” and decided to pass. I recently won some money on a scratch and win so I have enough to go to the salon. Thanks Brad Mondo for helping us all make better hair decisions ❤️😉😂😊

    • AngelDRose
      AngelDRose 4 days ago

      Update.: I talked to my coworkers’ girlfriend today who’s a professional hairstylist. She’s gonna color my hair on Monday. No box dye for this guy!

  • autumn s
    autumn s 9 days ago

    "hey beautiful"
    yeah absolutely fucking not lmao

  • Emily Lukowski
    Emily Lukowski 9 days ago

    This video made me laugh so much!

  • Angela Dennis
    Angela Dennis 9 days ago

    The last video gave me a flashback to my mom doing this in the late 90s and early 2000s. Ahhhhhh good times...🤣

  • Alec Williamson
    Alec Williamson 9 days ago

    Lmao slowleerrrr

  • Miss M
    Miss M 9 days ago +20

    Girl- "It's not skunky"
    Brad- "It's very skunky "

  • Wolf Artist1224
    Wolf Artist1224 9 days ago +1

    "You look amazing!"
    He says as I'm in the middle of yawning

  • Rebecca Grace W-B
    Rebecca Grace W-B 9 days ago

    Piss yellow blonde hahahahahaha!!!

  • Jacqueline Duvall
    Jacqueline Duvall 9 days ago

    Lol I do not look amazing right now... I am so hungover

  • Bobbie Murphy
    Bobbie Murphy 9 days ago

    Knowing that girls native language isn't English, i feel SO BAD for laughing so hard when ur roasting her for saying 'slowlier' BUT HOLY SH I AM DYING

  • dahlia noir
    dahlia noir 10 days ago +1

    If I'm doing one color I'll do it myself but there's no way I'd attempt foils or streaks myself lol

  • Kiwi Parodie
    Kiwi Parodie 10 days ago

    Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo ♥️♥️♥️
    Brad Mondo
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  • Savannahled
    Savannahled 10 days ago

    Tonal lightener if you think about it is pointless . When doing a retouch highlight, the lightener is eating through the color. So in a tonal lightener the lightener is just eating through the color then lifting the hair

  • Cassidy Rogers
    Cassidy Rogers 10 days ago

    Legit liked it at the beginning bc I love you lmao and ur hilarious

  • elizabeth eley
    elizabeth eley 10 days ago

    Man this was a throwback with the cap lol I remember watching my mom use the cap on my older brother out in the backyard when I was little. Frosted tips to match your shirt shirt 😂😂

  • Bailey Phillips
    Bailey Phillips 10 days ago


  • Foreverdreamingcorpse
    Foreverdreamingcorpse 10 days ago

    Love the jacket 👌🏻🔥

  • Kate G
    Kate G 10 days ago

    what if the hair dresser gives you skunky highlights lol

  • Shawna Aitkin
    Shawna Aitkin 11 days ago

    Guy Fiehairy

  • SavannahsJustOkay
    SavannahsJustOkay 11 days ago +1

    Brad: "you look amazing"
    Me, with puffy eyes and a stuffed nose from crying: 😭

  • Marina Chavez
    Marina Chavez 11 days ago

    I love his honesty😂 This is the type of people you need in your life!!👏🏻💯

  • lilyrose mitchell
    lilyrose mitchell 11 days ago +1

    I'm just going to take a minute to appreciate that woman's amazing skin 😘😍👏🏽💖

  • Skylar Yates
    Skylar Yates 11 days ago

    Slowlier is the best thing I’ve ever heard

  • Ashley
    Ashley 11 days ago +1


  • Jenna Rejman
    Jenna Rejman 11 days ago

    Wouldn’t she look great with Nina dobrevs shorter hair look! (The last girl)

  • Jenna Rejman
    Jenna Rejman 11 days ago +4

    I have nightmares from getting my hair highlighted with these caps on. This one lady literally dug the hook into my scalp and god it hurt.

    • Janine Lee
      Janine Lee 9 days ago

      I helped my mom with this cap one time when I was 12. She has high pain tolerance, but I remember her saying “ouch!” about a million times. 😅 Sorry Mom!

  • Ashley
    Ashley 11 days ago +1

    Lmao the 1st chick with the fork reminds me of Ariel 😂

  • Sylvia Crafts
    Sylvia Crafts 11 days ago

    When you start a video with "I went to Wal-Mart"...

  • Sylvia Crafts
    Sylvia Crafts 11 days ago +1

    She said "slowlier" 😂 if that's not a red flag not to follow that tutorial...