• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! DIY highlights is something that basically is never done correctly. The woman that I chose for todays hairdresser reacts highlight that fact. You're welcome.
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  7 months ago +6318

    Hi beautiful! Thanks for watching tehehe

    • Betty Jett
      Betty Jett Day ago

      *shakely holds up banana like a gun* Tell me where you got the fire jacket and nobody gets hurt!

    • T. Thomas
      T. Thomas 10 days ago

      Slowlier.....thats my new ring tones. I want it on my phone for a long, periodically time....

    • Ruby Wilson
      Ruby Wilson 15 days ago

      Brad Mondo I ❤️ you bro so much. I don't know you but you have a big beam of light coming from you. I know we all have difficulties with life but I want to thank you for putting on a great face despite of what you're feeling. Your anonymous friend Queen Ruby

    • Royal Tee
      Royal Tee 16 days ago

      Brad Mondo You should totally react to this her RUclip channel is Tay Pancakes and she’s really funny and there’s a video of her bleaching her hair and I think you would enjoy watching it. The link is

    • Una Ryan
      Una Ryan 24 days ago

      Brad Mondo I have been in bed all day with a flu binge watching your channel. So love it 😹. You make me laugh.

  • Kuma
    Kuma 4 hours ago

    I've been binge watching Brad's videos for the past few days without subscribing. When he compared that girl to a chia pet, you best believe I subscribed.

  • Cherelle Edson
    Cherelle Edson 11 hours ago

    I have spent every day for a week watching all these videos..I'm bleaching my hair tomorrow..pray for me😂

  • Quinn Alexxis
    Quinn Alexxis 13 hours ago

    Lmaoooo this was definitely a good laugh😂😂😂 she said slowlyer

  • SS- Vega
    SS- Vega Day ago

    Okay lol I had one of those however my hair strand was so thick strands that I couldn’t get my hair through the cap so my sister free handed it was a bit chunky.

  • Mimi
    Mimi Day ago

    Back in the day I had my hairdresser friend highlight my hair. She used a cap. My whole head was white. Frivolous Fawn became my friend for a year and a half. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Ivana Castaneda
    Ivana Castaneda 2 days ago

    I actually want skunk-y hair :(((( !

  • mrsfreddybdj
    mrsfreddybdj 2 days ago

    The First Lady wanted to get rid of the grey streaks and put in sliver streaks. Those colors are in the same family. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Alexandria Bell
    Alexandria Bell 2 days ago +1

    Wow, am I glad that I have natural dirty blonde/blonde highlights in my brown hair. People always ask me if I bleached/put highlights in my hair but I don't/haven't. I don't think I would want to ruin my hair more by doing that, since I already have dead/split ends. 😂

  • Haley Resch
    Haley Resch 3 days ago

    the amount of hair that came out of the first girls head is less than how much i lose in one shower

  • Sara Strohschein
    Sara Strohschein 3 days ago

    I know this video is an older one, and ive seen it (when it first came out) but im binging ur vids, once again. My depression is so bad once again, i actually get sad when he say "hii beautiful" cuz im so ugly and gross these days. Literally have not showered or done anything since xmas lol... ugh. I wish i lived in ny (and/or had money lol) so i could go get my hair done by u brad. I think being "pretty" would do alot for my self confidence and depression

  • matilda phillips
    matilda phillips 3 days ago

    do people not realise that there is way easier techniques and all you need is a comb and foil and very thin peices of hair LMAO

  • Central Elegance
    Central Elegance 3 days ago

    *sees her use a fork for her hair*
    Me: *flashback to my ariel days*

  • Fiona Basilton
    Fiona Basilton 4 days ago

    Brad: Hey beautiful!

    Me: * Sitting in my bed in pjs eating ice cream * Awww hi

  • Trin Murray
    Trin Murray 4 days ago

    Yeeeessss! I have so much fun ruining my hair. Oh Brad if you could see my hair now....You would croak... like a 🐸

  • Hannah Hipolito
    Hannah Hipolito 5 days ago

    8:24 "iT LoOk'S vERy NaTurAL" 🤣

  • Taylor Aldridge
    Taylor Aldridge 5 days ago

    I remember when chunky highlights were the thing, everyone wanted them and I sadly had some. 🤣 I look back on pictures and think what the fuck?!? How did we think that even look good! 😂

  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis 5 days ago +1

    I did this in middle school. My whole head ended up banana yellow and I was like but I only pulled out some hair!!!! Lol it was awful

  • Bullfrogerwytsch
    Bullfrogerwytsch 5 days ago

    Who ever edits these videos... You make the audio of the videos he's reacting to, waaaaaay to low in comparison to brads audio... its annoying as to have to turn the sound up to hear the video and then turn it down when brad talks or makes noises.

  • Kiley Terrien
    Kiley Terrien 5 days ago

    Am I the only one that just got an ad he was in at the begging of his video?

  • Stephanie Frantzen
    Stephanie Frantzen 6 days ago

    I want Brad to touch my hair :c

  • Esther Schulz
    Esther Schulz 6 days ago

    I binge watch your videos literally everyday, and it’s the sweetest thing to have me I look amazing every dang day I love you😭❤️

  • Michael Lambert
    Michael Lambert 6 days ago

    “Slowlier?!” Im dying here!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Humayra Tuba
    Humayra Tuba 6 days ago

    brad you cute and humble.

  • ThePlayfulOnes
    ThePlayfulOnes 7 days ago


  • Lily Besson
    Lily Besson 7 days ago +1

    First Lady: scratches her head with a fork
    Me: hun are you tryna be Ariel?

  • Theturtleowl
    Theturtleowl 7 days ago

    These videos are the conformation that I need to put the box of hairdye down in the drugstore.

  • brittk2007
    brittk2007 10 days ago

    “What is that?!
    Why is it skunkkyyyyy?!
    Mmmm mmmmmm 😭
    I 👏🏼don’t 👏🏼 like 👏🏼iiiiiiit👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼”

  • Casperina
    Casperina 10 days ago +1

    Hi everybody, question. I have medium brown hair that is naturally lighter at the bottom. It's semi wavy and thankfully not dry (can actually be quite oily at times). I have a similar skin tone to Brad. What color do you think I should dye my hair?

  • Angelic Sensualli
    Angelic Sensualli 10 days ago

    I call ppl Bianca.

  • Angelic Sensualli
    Angelic Sensualli 10 days ago

    Honestly I think every girl secretly wants to be a colorista inside! 😻

  • Angelic Sensualli
    Angelic Sensualli 10 days ago

    Ahahahaha! Actually I look like 💩 today but thanks! Thank u for starting your videos with such sweet compliments... ur amazing! If everyone was this nice to each other in real life...

  • Iris Leedy
    Iris Leedy 11 days ago +1

    “I 👏🏻 DON’T 👏🏻 LIKE 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻”

  • TammyBear
    TammyBear 11 days ago +1

    My brother wants YOUR hair 💕

  • Aubrey Corbin
    Aubrey Corbin 11 days ago +1

    When he was laughing at her saying slowlier I fuckin lost it lmfao I’m too high for this

  • JessicaNicole
    JessicaNicole 11 days ago

    I remember doing the cap on my cousin's hair and let me tell you it was a mess with her texture 😂😂😂

  • Tasty Tac0s
    Tasty Tac0s 12 days ago

    U look more like a backstreet boy than guy 😩

  • Bailey
    Bailey 12 days ago

    I love him and he’s so genuine. 💖

    DASHA COHAN 12 days ago +1

    Brad giving a compliment ::
    “I don’t think this looks horrible “ 😂

  • Jodie Corrigan
    Jodie Corrigan 12 days ago

    11:15 did she just say slowlier??
    Brad : haHAAA

  • Meghan Seg
    Meghan Seg 12 days ago


  • Wendy G.
    Wendy G. 12 days ago +1

    The only time that I had ever gotten highlights was at a salon that used the "cap" method, and the whole experience was something that I never want to go through again! It took FOREVER for the stylist to pull all the strands through the cap and it was SO painful! The highlights looked fine, but it was not worth all the time and effort (3 hours btw!).

  • Lol iz me
    Lol iz me 13 days ago

    Little mermaid who...

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L 13 days ago


  • Someone
    Someone 14 days ago

    You look like the girl from “funny girl “ the same eyes and the mouth also she is really funny like you

  • nicole
    nicole 16 days ago

    i think the first woman wanted more of a claire saffitz look but uh... didn’t work well

  • Paula West
    Paula West 17 days ago

    Carella deveil

  • Annette G-B
    Annette G-B 17 days ago

    I want Highlights but I have never colored my hair I do not trust my hair dresser and once I cut my hair short and everybody at school did not like it 🙁to be honest it didn't look that good.😅But my hair is getting boring.

  • TacoTORNADO 789
    TacoTORNADO 789 17 days ago

    I am being homeschooled about hair and my teacher is brad mondo. 😂

  • Michelle Potter
    Michelle Potter 17 days ago

    I have one client who prefers a cap.. I'm hoping to change her mind soon, almost there lol..
    Foils are my thang

  • Brittany Arce
    Brittany Arce 18 days ago


  • Jack Byrnes
    Jack Byrnes 19 days ago +1

    I feel like i want brad to roast how i do my own highlights. i have level 6ish hair (which makes it super easy to lighten) shoulder-length hair, and i basically just paint (more balayage technique) with 30 volume developer from the ends and just flick them up at different levels. ive done a lot of research beforehand though, but mine always turns out natural-looking, blended and real good.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 19 days ago

    Omg this is like nightly comedy for me!🤣❤️

  • Shayleigh Marie
    Shayleigh Marie 19 days ago

    his reaction to her hair following out 🤣 IM WEAK

  • Le'ah K
    Le'ah K 19 days ago

    "Did she just say slowlier?" *looses it* Damnnn Brad... I love you 🤣❤️ Beautiful human beeing ❤️

  • Baka - Kun
    Baka - Kun 19 days ago

    I haven’t seen those cap highlights in years! My mom used to have one and always used it on herself and my siblings when we dyed our hair. I think she got tired of using it cause she just does the foil technique now lol

  • MsTammi125
    MsTammi125 20 days ago

    If you know what you're doing frost n glow by revlon is the best deal ever

  • Itz Grace
    Itz Grace 20 days ago +1

    You think I look amazing...? Thank you! ( ◠‿◠ )

  • Gardening 4Me
    Gardening 4Me 20 days ago

    I love it when her kid smiles so big when her dissing Mom has a huge big white blob on top of her head Mahahaha wa wa

  • Allison Andrew
    Allison Andrew 21 day ago +8

    8:19 I want a button on my phone that makes this noise anytime I disapprove of something