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Most of us love or used to love films and cartoons about superheroes. Probably you wanted to have the super abilities of Spiderman, or to be as strong as Hulk, or become Human Torch or Mr. Fantastic; unfortunately we are all common people: we go to school, we go to work, and our life is boring and monotonous. Nevertheless there are people on earth with real superpowers that will surprise you. So, here are 10 real people with superpowers. Let's get it on! caught on tape top 10 caught on camera

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Автор Ripelys man ( назад)
I have a power its speed but I now that no bodys going to believe me like if u believe me

Автор Emmanuel Damour ( назад)
it really worked foreal try it yourself.

Автор GamingWithArda Arda ( назад)
I have a superpower i can say JOHN THE PEPE FROG IS A JACKYDOG YUGGY
I CAN SAY THAT x900 fast
And i have one more power i made you read all of this XD

Автор Kat Everly ( назад)
I have the magnetic thing

Автор Blademaster Nix ( назад)
I have a superpower

I can make girls statuses from online to online seconds ago just by sending them a PM

Автор Varazdat Grigoryan ( назад)

Автор Ashi Adhi ( назад)
I have superpower to eat pizza all day long laying on a sofa✌💖

Автор Antonio PB ( назад)
What's that movie with jim carrey at the beggining..?

Автор joshua Porpayas ( назад)

Автор Wolfie_Beast PlaysRobloxYT ( назад)
I have the ice man superpower

Автор cup of jo ( назад)
a lot of these guys are marvel villains

Автор Navdeep Singh ( назад)
I liked and subscribed

Автор mb43050 ( назад)
is this real?😮

Автор SimplyKitty ( назад)
this is not fair :( its always the boys with super strength and they say girls are too weak to handle stuff. :/

Автор channels S R ( назад)
watt thumbnail?

Автор Gad Lowell Ebreo ( назад)
The rubberboy man make me think of Luffy in One Piece lol

Автор WOF Rocks ( назад)
Dah spoon don't work on meh...

Автор TFC The Flying Creeper ( назад)
Why did you change your name from Tec Zone

Автор Love heart909 ( назад)
Yay another forest Gump XD

Автор Sander Bijl ( назад)
Whats the name of the film ad 1:13??

Автор godsson711 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure somebody has already captured them and harness their DNA to create the perfect Soldier

Автор Mo Speckleblitz ( назад)
Used to love??? Who are these people?

Автор Simon Zawistowski ( назад)
I love the show

Автор aidan horsfall ( назад)
danial smith works with stan lee

Автор aidan horsfall ( назад)
electro man my uncle

Автор sportpoint ( назад)
Excellent, good emotions!

Автор Raptor Gaming And Pokemon ( назад)
I have a superpower,

To believe it's not butter

Автор Kulwant Singh ( назад)
The second man who is current resistant is not the first person......Infact quite long time before him a similar man was spotted in Punjab, India in early 70s....but media was not much effective in those days....

Автор Bo Miller ( назад)

Автор Khristian Angeles ( назад)
The samurai man is the real rurouni kenshin battosai hahaha!

Автор Headphoneblow ( назад)
I have the magnetic thing

Автор AlienKiller7 ( назад)
Plot twist, the Stamina Man is Forrest Gump's Son

Автор Crazy Cute Narwal Makayla ( назад)
Nobody will believe me but when I dream, way later on I see the place! I know you won't thinks it's true,but it is!!!

Автор ZionismIsEvil ( назад)
My superpower is eating without feeling full.
I think there is a black hole in my stomach.

Автор shadylurker52 fnaf pro forever ( назад)

Автор Christopher Salankey ( назад)
I also have a super power, and go by my super hero name on occasion. You can call me Mr. Average. I am about normal in nearly every aspect...that's good right?

Автор Paphawarinty ( назад)

Автор pig gamming Mckechine ( назад)
so fack

Автор ZoXer ツ ( назад)
Zamora the torture king he doesnt god superpower thats diceace :P ...

Автор Lord Chibihalo ( назад)
So if we ever need a team of superheroes to save the earth, we would turn to: An old guy who is a magnet, another old guy who can power electrical objects with his body, a very edgy samurai, a goth (idk) with really stretchable skin, a frost resistant hiker, a performer who could can bend in many different ways, a boxer (and artist) whose head is practically indestructible and can break most things, a runner who never runs out of energy (pun) and a magician who does not feel pain...

We're f*cked...

Автор Jay697141 ( назад)

Автор cool968585 Bashford ( назад)

Автор Adam Walker ( назад)

Автор GravityMoon DJ-Vibes ( назад)

Автор Sofia Mish ( назад)
y there no women on this list?

Автор Rishik Roy ( назад)
Please Subscribe! Only 2 subs needed for 300! Please!!

Автор LightningCEOKing ( назад)
Where the black people lol

Автор be4udie03 ( назад)
no sleep isn't a power, it's a disease. I knew a kid that had it but died at 15 because his brain couldn't recover. The only reason this guy is alive is because his brain was developed before he lost the ability to sleep

Автор Asmar Hussain (Official) ( назад)
Marvel where are you?

Автор 김씨 ( назад)
lots of final fantasy 15 places

Автор giveagoodsong ( назад)
I wonder if Electroman could survive the electric chair which is between 7-12 amps

if he can withstand 10 amps it's a possibility

Iceman looks like he may have had parents from the Nazi experimental labs they tested jews on how cold they can survive the cold putting them into freezing temperatures

Автор super thomas 111 ( назад)
0:29 (°_°)

Автор Dan Fish ( назад)
Is the Iceman from siberia and does he have a pet polar bear?

Автор dedly killer ( назад)

Автор LucidNightmare 134 ( назад)
now that I'm wa5ching this a lot of these people were on that show

Автор LucidNightmare 134 ( назад)
the samurai didn't cut a bullet i saw that episode of Stan Lee's super human's he cut a bee bee

Автор Smox ( назад)
There is another metallic guy and he is fake when u put baby powder on him it doesn't stick.

Автор Ted Hatesyou ( назад)
I wanted to be mewtwo

Автор Pamela Eaton ( назад)
I have super speed

Автор Leila Panocha ( назад)

Автор Diamond Son Swag Robolx XD ( назад)
I hate the picture of this video it gave me gossebumps

Автор Bailey Lees ( назад)
im the ice man but not the one on the vido

Автор Sandy Beared ( назад)
I have a superpower

Автор Moonlight Boo ( назад)
don't u wanna add Mariah Carey in the video?

Автор Nathan CHOI ( назад)

Автор Batman ( назад)
Came here for the thumbnail.. was disappointed

Автор Stewie Griffin ( назад)
I don't believe it

Автор Andres Calderon ( назад)

Автор Alvin Fink ( назад)
Thumbs up

Автор zachary kirk gonzalez ( назад)
I have a super power!!!!


Автор sandytw ( назад)
the first one needs to take a bath

Автор Filiberto Flored ( назад)
his skin is AMAZING!

Автор Snazztato ( назад)

Автор Jay Bruce ( назад)
I would kill to have that insomnia power

Автор Luis Miguel Taguines ( назад)
i have magnet powers

Автор Omg I got the ray gun 15 ( назад)
im stamina man i had stamin up

Автор Bruno awesome ( назад)
I have a superpower I can poop.

Автор CcpupAWSOME ( назад)
The Rubberyboy is on a tv show xD

Автор Frank Gundersen ( назад)
Damn. I'm fucking magnetic too. Cool. Is this normal?

Автор Hasibul Alam ( назад)
fruit ninja

Автор Jacoby Quinn ( назад)
your awesome

Автор Marcus Ivey ( назад)

Автор Shawn Toner ( назад)
I WISH I had magnetism
Im have no powers :(

Автор Karsten Capuno ( назад)
Maybe the old guy has that because maybe he has a magnet in his tummy

Автор Squeaker RULES ( назад)
I think I might have the cold resistant power I NEVER get cold

Автор samantha young ( назад)
Wow a cringe attack

Автор Benjamin Cavazos ( назад)
every time I dream I can see the future

Автор White Eagle ( назад)
I bet the samurai guy holds the all-time highscore in fruit ninja

Автор Mr Cookies ( назад)
I wonder how hammer head found out his power lol

Автор Maz Gaming_24 ( назад)
I hope you subscribe back

Автор Ernest Tiongco ( назад)
I can make my leg and foot go clock ways and spell 6 with my arm at the same time

Автор Infused Pup ( назад)
Hammerhead is like captain man

Автор Imtiyaz Islam ( назад)

Автор SSJBZ10000RNIV ( назад)
Fruit Ninja?

Автор MLG4Dood ( назад)
Okay, I might have the same power as Insomnia Man. Well... the longest I've stayed awake for wasn't 43 years, but I once stayed awake for 3 days.

Автор Sarah Boswell ( назад)
OMG :( I'm so sad for the electro man

Автор RYFIB ( назад)
1:59 IS THAT A PRO GENJI ??????

Автор NightLight Gaming ( назад)
Guys dont believe this its edited Jesus only have the power

Автор Craig Gray ( назад)
Your mom's a hoe

Автор RadonNebula ( назад)
Why do you have to use the worst thumbnails! Plz its looks creepy ;-;

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