What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • If you happened to wander into the Nevada desert and stumbled upon the secret U.S. military base, Area 51, you'd quickly be arrested, killed, or maybe even abducted by aliens. But what if you happened to organize one million other people through social media to storm Area 51? They can't stop us all right? Or can they? And if you did manage to get into the base, what would you see?
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  • What If
    What If  2 months ago +9575

    The only way you probably get to see aliens is if they come to us: ruclip.com/video/jpaHRQl6wG0/video.html

    • Master of the YEET
      Master of the YEET 21 hour ago

      Stfu we already raid it

    • Maliktevin Comrie
      Maliktevin Comrie 22 hours ago

      Look at my comment

    • Kiwi YT
      Kiwi YT 2 days ago


    • Scriggs Mcnilla
      Scriggs Mcnilla 6 days ago +1

      There are no aliens in area 51. Where does everybody think shit like the SR-71 stealth jet and the B-52 bomber came from... thin air?? Common open your eyes people, its where the military/govermnet conduct secret operations ranging from intelligence all the way to secret weapon and vehicle manufacturing. That doesnt mean big scary death lasers that just means military technology that they dont want us or anyone else knowing about, if we can find out so can are enemies. So having some false pretence about there being aliens is a perfect cover story. Also explains all of the so called "UFO" sightings. Its not aliens.

    • Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln 9 days ago

      What If yeah my as

  • Jem Amorin
    Jem Amorin 31 minute ago

    I already stormed area 51 in gta San Andreas!! And no aliens there.

  • MK-Sulai.007
    MK-Sulai.007 52 minutes ago


  • Arpit GAMER
    Arpit GAMER Hour ago +3

    Anyone here after september 20, and nothing happened

  • blooe14
    blooe14 Hour ago

    vatican archives you better run

  • ComplicatedCocaine.
    ComplicatedCocaine. 2 hours ago +1

    Yeah sure.

  • Noob Master69
    Noob Master69 2 hours ago +2

    Next year baby Next year

    Area 51 will fall

  • Cameron Lowery
    Cameron Lowery 3 hours ago

    Lets sneak into the Bermuda triangle. It can't stop us all.

  • DatSav_Kendall
    DatSav_Kendall 3 hours ago +1

    *n a t u r a l s e l e c t i o n*

  • Nicole Alvarado
    Nicole Alvarado 4 hours ago

    6six9nine: I’ll tell you what’s in Area 51

    JCR G4MING 4 hours ago

    More like 150 😂 pathetic

  • PRANAV edits
    PRANAV edits 4 hours ago

    So raiding area 51 began from here?

  • XX_Yaretcy_XX ——
    XX_Yaretcy_XX —— 5 hours ago

    Yeah a secret

  • ankit R
    ankit R 5 hours ago

    Yeah 100 people came. It looked more like an anime convention!

  • K C
    K C 6 hours ago +1

    I think i'm here bacause of the man who run like Naruto!

  • SHashwat
    SHashwat 6 hours ago +3

    Guys ! Area 51 raid failed 😔

  • maria M.
    maria M. 7 hours ago +1

    And it happens now 💀💀☠☠😂😂🔥🔥💥

  • VoidxCrypticx
    VoidxCrypticx 8 hours ago

    this was made by the government to try and stop us

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann 8 hours ago +2

    What If: They storm Area 51.

    *Shows random people "'me and the boys raiding area 51" meme*

  • - The Day Dreamer -
    - The Day Dreamer - 8 hours ago

    Expectations: 1 million people will storm Area 51
    Reality: 100 people show up


  • Craig Boi 69
    Craig Boi 69 8 hours ago +4

    Only 70 people showed up 👁👄👁

  • Lozzers
    Lozzers 8 hours ago +1

    What an absolute failure.....

  • Crystalkeeper10
    Crystalkeeper10 9 hours ago +1

    Reality was disappointing

  • Robert Kevin Sieras
    Robert Kevin Sieras 9 hours ago +1

    Who's here after that failed event? 😅

  • Darux
    Darux 9 hours ago +2

    Harry Potter would easy sneak in Area 51 he has Invisibility Cloak

  • Hank Bridges
    Hank Bridges 10 hours ago +2

    WE CAN DO IT! 👽

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG 10 hours ago +1

    They would be shot down plain and simple

  • Joey Central
    Joey Central 10 hours ago +1

    When I leave Area 51, I'll be leaving in a Banshee from the Halo series.

  • Fantasy Bee
    Fantasy Bee 11 hours ago +1

    lmao like 5 people raided it

  • Mashfi khan
    Mashfi khan 11 hours ago +2

    Only like 50 people came

  • Icy Mocha
    Icy Mocha 11 hours ago +1

    I'm kinda disappointed from yesterday ngl

  • Javes Hernandez Cervantes
    Javes Hernandez Cervantes 11 hours ago +1

    Why am I watching this after the raid?

  • Samantha Castro
    Samantha Castro 12 hours ago

    if aliens are real then why cant astronauts find them?

  • Protato 589
    Protato 589 12 hours ago +3

    It was a huge diss appointment

    • Bobby Fuller 4
      Bobby Fuller 4 9 hours ago

      Protato 589 I thought millions of people were gonna go but only few came 😔

  • Q Qin
    Q Qin 12 hours ago +1

    The worst case, If that happened, they might turn that one million lives into zombies, then using forces, even nuke to wiped them out!!! Just like the Hollywood movie World War Z in 2013...

  • Mr. Fruit Snacks
    Mr. Fruit Snacks 12 hours ago +1

    They legit just took pictures and talked with the guards

  • andrea zambrano
    andrea zambrano 13 hours ago +2

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m watching this a day after “the Area 51 raid” lol

  • Melanie Barron
    Melanie Barron 13 hours ago

    Well looks like we won’t find out

  • Melanie Barron
    Melanie Barron 13 hours ago +1


  • srishti
    srishti 13 hours ago

    guards said take the L kids

  • SugaWithCoffee
    SugaWithCoffee 13 hours ago

    the fact that you actually put immigrants running in the thumbnail

  • Ari Baddie
    Ari Baddie 13 hours ago +1

    We would make history

  • Elite Eli18
    Elite Eli18 14 hours ago +1

    Lol only 75 people

  • yaboi dj
    yaboi dj 14 hours ago

    Nah I'm just gonna watch live

  • playboi des
    playboi des 14 hours ago +1

    I’m watching this the day after the raid. 😂

  • Soham Jasuja
    Soham Jasuja 15 hours ago +3

    2 million signed
    200 apearred
    2 arrested
    No aliens

  • Seth B
    Seth B 15 hours ago

    Area 51 raiders: Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

  • Eat more cookies
    Eat more cookies 15 hours ago

    Obviously aliens exist cause why would the world have so many galaxys just to have us dumb shits

  • Joy xbl
    Joy xbl 15 hours ago

    "What would you see?"

    Your life flash before your eyes

  • Steroid Jenkins
    Steroid Jenkins 15 hours ago

    What if??? But it happened 🤭

  • Parallel Bourne
    Parallel Bourne 16 hours ago +1

    Our population would be 1 million people short

  • Briana Banana
    Briana Banana 16 hours ago +1

    Just work for the government lmaoo

  • Just Ryley
    Just Ryley 16 hours ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 16 hours ago

    So much for Raiding Area 51!

  • whats gucci Styles
    whats gucci Styles 16 hours ago


  • cattails
    cattails 16 hours ago


  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette 17 hours ago

    They already “stormed” Area 51.... underwhelming is an understatement

  • The Extraordinary
    The Extraordinary 17 hours ago

    And we're here! This is the time

  • Roydzy
    Roydzy 17 hours ago

    I've heard that metal Godzilla is in there

  • Mikuzi
    Mikuzi 17 hours ago +1

    Nobody came to raid area 51