7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • A look back at some of the angriest, scream-filled reveals in ‘Catfish’ history.
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  • MTV
    MTV  Month ago +210

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    • ceezraugustolara
      ceezraugustolara 8 days ago

      Fake and faker than fake and scripted and upsetting because it feels like being duped wasting my time wanting to see something real not something scripted..

    • Freaky Stories
      Freaky Stories 11 days ago

      total I am so glad that I am not them, it would suck big time for me if I did.

    • Zorian
      Zorian 13 days ago

      Can you explain # 2 because I didn't quite understand the conflict. Did she think she was texting with a guy the whole time or what?

    • Michael Tramontana
      Michael Tramontana 18 days ago

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  • Beth Duffy
    Beth Duffy Day ago

    #3 !!! Which kid ??? Cause you know she's ghetto trash that has 6 kids with 5 different daddies !!! Lol love the trash. Oh yeah and these are the type of blacks that don't tip either. Giving their culture a bad rap.

  • Kevin flynn
    Kevin flynn Day ago

    #4 gets busted and immediately plays the oppressed victim card... I don't know who;s more pathetic, her or the current culture that created her. Victim-hood, the new currency

  • Tamir Hardaway
    Tamir Hardaway Day ago

    #5 was fuckin killin meeee skskssksksskjjdkdssdjdkdsk

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller Day ago

    Let's go get some Fiji water I died.🤣🤣🤣 So specific

  • Dnekar
    Dnekar Day ago

    I'd expose cheaters too. I like number 5.

  • Chan Del
    Chan Del Day ago

    #3 was heartbreaking

  • Braxton Mclaren
    Braxton Mclaren Day ago

    #4 is mgk man like deadass that’s fuckin machine gun kelly

  • Jesse Guerrero
    Jesse Guerrero Day ago

    whats Joanna's @ tho 30:20 she gorgeous

    SALEM Day ago

    wtf is charlamaine doing there lmaooo

  • Matthew Canning
    Matthew Canning Day ago

    MGK on Catfished? What an idiot xD Lmao

  • abbigail Baum
    abbigail Baum Day ago

    JoJo playing three guys and got a whole BM and son

  • LuvLadyZehn
    LuvLadyZehn Day ago

    I know people are gonna wanna do the online dating thing & social media but if you gonna do all of that instead of going out or meeting someone naturally, you need to take in account that someone may turn out to be who they not portraying themselves as. The internet & smartphones leave a lot of room for fantasy & make believe. And there's alotta fucked up people that are gonna play wit your time & emotions all cause they got nothing better to do or they know you wouldn't be interested in them if ya'll were out in the real world together. Sad that this has become an everyday reality. I make it a point not f.w anybody idk online. Ain't gonna Catfish me 💯💯💯😂😂😂

  • Benny Urq
    Benny Urq Day ago

    #5 I think is either fake orrrr the females boyfriend

  • Silent_taz01 Baby

    #1 “you’re dismiss” 😂( but we not going talk about how thick #2 was🤤)

  • Benny Urq
    Benny Urq Day ago

    00:52 lmfaoooo

  • phoenix the beauty

    This is what happens when females bored at home.

  • P J
    P J Day ago +1

    Can someone explain #1 to me? I’m confused af. 🤨

  • kiki cole
    kiki cole Day ago

    That sucks to be treated like an after thought

  • J. Dino.Supreme
    J. Dino.Supreme Day ago +2

    20:09 "How you gonna name yourself after a damn gun, when. You have a man-bun"
    - Eminem just catfished you!

  • Maryann Hemphill

    dumbmest shit ever. people actually watch this

  • Nina-Belle
    Nina-Belle Day ago

    “You can still be my chocolate kiss” and now I’m cackling in public.

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear Day ago


  • ryk
    ryk Day ago

    tf mgk doing here..

  • S k
    S k Day ago


  • A C
    A C Day ago

    Bruh #5 💀💀💀

  • Katreen D
    Katreen D Day ago

    Guy claps...catfish review

  • That One Boi
    That One Boi Day ago

    13:25 is for episode 5 just putting it for when I come back

  • Sonja Teal
    Sonja Teal Day ago

    I feel like I drank a gallon of vodka straight after watching this...
    People are truly psychotic.

  • pey t
    pey t Day ago

    Y is machine gun Kelly in this lmao

  • Landry Saul
    Landry Saul Day ago

    wtfffff number five?????

  • Alondra Cervantes

    Plot twist dejay n malik together now 💀

  • The KLUWN
    The KLUWN Day ago +1

    Holy shit. CTG was a cameraman for this show at one point.

  • meh m
    meh m Day ago

    at 13:45 im thinking ed sheeran tht u 0.o

  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You Day ago

    MGK was so freakin' PISSED..When he ran after that chicks car, I understood his level of anger...I was HEATED at how THAT bitch did what she did!

  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You Day ago

    Dude hauled ass to that vehicle and sat in there, peeping in disbelief, I'm WEAK as hell😂😂😂😂

  • faze kid 20
    faze kid 20 Day ago

    19:49 is that mgk

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish Day ago +3

    This has both the essential MTV qualities.
    It's both fake AND gay at the same time.

  • Lafeshia Rhoden
    Lafeshia Rhoden Day ago

    #5....man this is crazy...,,man can I fight him,...gime one a dem cameras leme get at him

  • Elie Thompson
    Elie Thompson Day ago

    That girl I work for the state 😭! Yet you still got tricked 🤣 it.don’t.matter.

  • Rebz The Guru
    Rebz The Guru Day ago

    the white boy in #5 is a joke lmao tool ass bitch!

  • Chyenne Leone
    Chyenne Leone Day ago

    #5 so fake

  • Nehemia !
    Nehemia ! Day ago

    dude #5 was funny as shit “you could still be my chocolate kiss” 😭😭😭

  • j hORn
    j hORn Day ago

    "is this making you look good?" ....ummm not exactly honey. Wishful thinkin'

  • kensie b
    kensie b Day ago

    #1, in the blue shirt. cracks me tf uppppp

  • Tiffany Mcdaniels

    ugh Charlamange!!

  • R Sahota
    R Sahota Day ago

    5 was 5 star

  • Rosa Thomas
    Rosa Thomas Day ago

    Josiah, you were done before you got started.

  • Mallory Evans
    Mallory Evans Day ago

    "Don't you follow no angry black man into that house!" Haha what

  • frigidchick
    frigidchick Day ago +1

    The levels of stupidity from these people are phenomenal. Can we use it as a source of energy?

  • scorpio king
    scorpio king Day ago

    I'm in love with who ? My 👶 daddy!!! Laaawd🏃🏃🏃🏃😂

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson Day ago

    15:27 This is Just HILARIOUS

  • Christian DeLozier

    When MGK showed up, it's proof that this show is all scripted.

  • The lost Legend
    The lost Legend Day ago

    Lets go get some Fiji water 😂😂

  • Israel Orona
    Israel Orona Day ago

    Jesus Christ saves

    JOSE LOPEZ Day ago

    #5 came through like hes a wrestler doing a promo lmaoooooo

  • CheRock Holmes
    CheRock Holmes Day ago

    #5 need his medication?

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Day ago

    She smacked the shit outta her

  • Ansah Terry
    Ansah Terry Day ago +1

    Clout chasers...... 😔

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Day ago

    Machine gun kelly you are fine

  • Nycto
    Nycto Day ago


  • Kathryn Mills
    Kathryn Mills Day ago

    The Fiji water though 😂😂😂

  • killzone 45
    killzone 45 Day ago

    Hands down #5 is my favorite

  • kokichi babby
    kokichi babby Day ago

    5 was a straight fucking psycho

  • Eurotrash4367
    Eurotrash4367 Day ago

    Gays are weird.

  • Peter Brooks
    Peter Brooks Day ago

    #3 was the best I hope she is crushed and fucked for Life.

  • Tata 940
    Tata 940 Day ago +1

    Is that ctg in da first video

  • Aqh2007
    Aqh2007 Day ago

    Don’t nobody gaf about you been gay mf .. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️... who’s girl is this?

  • Cee Irv86
    Cee Irv86 Day ago

    #5 should be a damn actor!😂

  • ahaoyes
    ahaoyes Day ago +1

    lmfao at nr 5

  • Mr. Teen Executive

    Charlemagne is a cameraman now? 😂

  • Trust No One
    Trust No One Day ago

    #5 is even more funny 😁 😂😂😂😂

  • Trust No One
    Trust No One Day ago

    #7 is funny as hell 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Honey Dew
    Honey Dew Day ago


  • ShortNLovely
    ShortNLovely Day ago

    .....did they go to Jerry Springer to find dude from #5? *YoU cAn StIlL bE mY cHoCoLaTe KiSs ToO BAY-BEH* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevo and Uncle Salmon

    So this is what is on MUSIC television these days huh? SMH

  • Armetrice Henry
    Armetrice Henry Day ago

    Wait....1st girl gets a text saying stay away from my man and then a That was my Ex message and just ignores that red flag?? How ya Ex have your phone to write that is what I would ask. Pretty faces make people do dumb shit.

  • HistoryHunter
    HistoryHunter Day ago

    Mtv....makebelieve television

  • Sadie Foxx
    Sadie Foxx Day ago

    #2 with the slap of the day!

  • jose #1
    jose #1 Day ago

    #3 You know dang well black girls cant stay still in no fucken car

  • Danyell Osborne
    Danyell Osborne Day ago

    “Is that a fishnet” 😂😂

  • Stoney B
    Stoney B Day ago

    Nev is a gangster

  • Bella Shawol
    Bella Shawol Day ago

    #5 is off his meds or something wtf is wrong with him, he got the crazy eyes I get when I’m off my quetiapine lmao.

  • MyCatInABox
    MyCatInABox Day ago

    What's with the so-called names of these folk?
    ...and that dude "HandClapJustin" is a straight up Dahmer.
    What a weird freak ....

  • Ms. Dark Honey
    Ms. Dark Honey 2 days ago

    I didn't know charlemagne the God was in here holding the camera lol...this show is a great way to fish out the fakes...what is so hard for ppl to be real on any social media...damn shame these ppl play on others feelings until they get busted...I would be pissed off too

  • Pauly F.
    Pauly F. 2 days ago

    Enough Fake Reality Amatuer Productions... Please!?

  • Pauly F.
    Pauly F. 2 days ago

    Pussy Power... ZZZZzzzz... It's a Great alternative to Gagging On Small Dicks Though, Right?!

  • Pauly F.
    Pauly F. 2 days ago

    Dumb Arses Galore - So Obvious Sad Sack Online Manipulators Clowning MTV Producers Etc!!

  • Doni Shawn
    Doni Shawn 2 days ago

    Why yall bring my baby mama man😃😃😃😃 damnit Trez

  • Jessica Stanfill
    Jessica Stanfill 2 days ago

    Anyone know the song at 30:08?

  • Doni Shawn
    Doni Shawn 2 days ago

    They not more lit than me.

  • Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris 2 days ago

    The world don't give a flying fuk about what your sexuality is. Selfishness is disgusting

  • luna hunter
    luna hunter 2 days ago

    Was 4 machine gun kelly?

  • KushKidCloud9
    KushKidCloud9 2 days ago

    3:25. Got popped and ran inside like a hurt puppy

  • Bethany Prahst
    Bethany Prahst 2 days ago

    #6 "im in an on and off relationship" bitch you sound flaming dont even

  • KushKidCloud9
    KushKidCloud9 2 days ago +1

    #5 exposes the hell out this show. What type of BETAs let a white boy like that just roll up on them clapping

  • William Ondrovich
    William Ondrovich 2 days ago

    That justin guy is fucking awesome lmfao he is just fucking awesome

  • KushKidCloud9
    KushKidCloud9 2 days ago +1

    Charlamange being apart of this show is cringeworthy

  • Jennifer E
    Jennifer E 2 days ago

    #7 uncle Charla: Nev don’t you follow no angry black man into their house! Lol

  • TheSarahbee23
    TheSarahbee23 2 days ago

    I swear to Christ #5 has to be fake. It has to be. Like, this seems literally ridiculous. He's all wild eyed and it seems so incredibly played up with him walking up smacking his fucking hands and acting so manic. This seems like someone said to an actor who's not very good " hey, have a mental illness and act like a 'crazy' person ok? " I swear to God, I'm about to look this up lmao this cANNOT be reeeaaaal lmfao oh my GOOOOD