Top 10 Comedy Anime [2011-2017]

Top ten list of ten best comedy anime of this decade. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your list below. For more Top 10's and anime related videos subscribe!

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Автор Deadpool Stewie ( назад)
Hit like if you're a true ass man.

Автор Sande George ( назад)
nice list man

Автор keawn Bowman ( назад)
what were the names of them

Автор Tiani carr ( назад)
this mademe laugh really hard

Автор Francis Effedua ( назад)
wats the thumbnail

Автор Elucidator Gt ( назад)
wheres seitokai yakuindomo?!?!

Автор lPHl XinXio164 ( назад)
Gintama should be illegal cause it murdered me xD

Автор eric meyer ( назад)
Thumbnail anime?

Автор Vishal S.Sen ( назад)
c'mon man Baka and test needs to be on here!!

Автор Part Timer ( назад)
yall clearly sleeping on seitako

Автор 1Reaper666 ( назад)
the gintama one was brilliant i got me so bad i wasnt expecting that one the slip with the bucket right on the demons head and right into the wall XDDDDDDDDDDD

Автор Son Gohan ( назад)
5:16 man that scene was gold xD

Автор Francis Baird ( назад)
number 5 is the one hahaha😂😂😂😂

Автор Insani Yellow ( назад)
i have watched that all, and i think gintama is number 1 because they gag are different but i dont know what the different *confusing* (and where SKET dan? , gintama and sket its same)

Автор Original TheD ( назад)
The greatest Comedy Anime is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Автор NVALSC -Society ( назад)
you make spoiler guyss😁😁😂

Автор Phanathos ( назад)
Oh shit =))))))))))

Автор DrawingDa Drawling ( назад)
The devils a part timer is also on Netflix

Автор Simo Akdim ( назад)
For me : 1 Prison School 2 Daily lives 3 Gintama

Автор Kevin Hardtbeng ( назад)
hajime no ippo?

Автор Henri Laitinen ( назад)
What is the first anime called?

Автор Dino Gnar ( назад)
on the first one i wonder how big of a fool that guy would look like if the thing wasn't there and he just randomly did that with his hands and everyone is watching

Автор Jay-r Dalida ( назад)
Sakamoto desu ga will make you laugh every episode. Just finished it earlier and I was like LMAO! Watch it, you'll love this! It only has 12 episodes.

Автор meow ( назад)
Clicked like when saw nozaki kun 😍

Автор Jiz Adi ( назад)
Hidenori from daily lives and Gintoki shares the same voice actor. That's funny.

Автор FroggyBubbles12 ( назад)
Oh my fuck..the 4th one

Автор UnturnedGamingG ( назад)
lov the vid

Автор CalvinChinnery ( назад)
Yall are retarded Baka To Test to is the funniest anime of all time.

Автор Mona Sharma ( назад)

Автор The Fairy Tail Fanatic ( назад)
Gintama. the classiest of anime.

Автор unknown lol ( назад)
nichijou is my always #1 😊❤

Автор Super Corn ( назад)
Fuhh... I laugh xD

Автор 猫饅頭-neko・manju- TV ( назад)

Автор Blue Hawk ( назад)
Where is KonoSuba?

Автор Marco Rayo ( назад)
Where is Bokura wa minna Kawaisou? :(

Автор Nyanko Sensei ( назад)
If you want to know gintama well, go watch from 1st season.. no regret..

Автор Juan Koeraus ( назад)
If you make a top 10 funny anime moments, Gintama will take all 10 places...

Автор metalraptor ( назад)
Nice selection, Amagi Brilliant Park is another series that had some great skits, particularly the job interview episode.

Автор Kleiton Monteiro ( назад)
Great video, and I know that Baka to Test isn't on the list because the first anime is from 2010, but at least NouCome (2013) and Mangaka-san (2014) should be.

Автор harimau selatan ( назад)
keroro gunsou

Автор xXOTECHXx Plays ( назад)
Really well made list!
keep up the good work :)

Автор Suman Sekhar Dash ( назад)
5:43 what anime is it??

Автор Not Genuine ( назад)
baka to test ?

Автор Anime Manga ( назад)
😱😱😱😱i never can watch Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto in dubbed😵😵😵😵😵😵WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Thomas Duthu ( назад)
lol ses une blague se classement konosuba et number 1 et loin et prison school plus drole que konosuba il faut arrêter

Автор DemonicCupcake ( назад)
i agree with this list hands down. but i was wondering why osomatsu-san (considering the humor and the amazing voice actors' behind it) and sket dance (it's got humor, drama, and feels rolled into one random show about helping people) wasnt included

Автор RaikeN 汚い娼婦 ( назад)
For me the number one is Prison School

Автор Bouke Sikkema ( назад)
what is the first anime?

Автор Gagan Kumar ( назад)
Whats the ending tune at 12:49

Автор Humorous Gameplays ( назад)
I Like how her YouTube name is vinni tube and sounds like Winnie the pooh or Winnie the tube 0_0

Автор Bhapapath Visutvatanasak ( назад)
ouran host club!! you forgot it man!

Автор - Nadrax - ( назад)
anime de la miniatura?

Автор animé HD ( назад)
will y'all plz check my channel and watch my anime meme, spare some couple of minutes and u may find it funny

Автор Trewix CZ ( назад)
I also like Angel beats!

Автор Kokoh Dwiko ( назад)
no saiki kun? I think saiki kun is better than konosuba or sakamoto

Автор Pablo P ( назад)
Kono suba, #5?

Thumbs down.

Автор AMV Forever ( назад)

Автор Bilbo Lannister ( назад)
Where is Saiki Kusou and D-Frag?

Автор Sara Prime ( назад)
0:18 he sounds like Ayato Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers

Автор Cunt -sama ( назад)
Saiki kusuo? Baka and test?

Автор predi888 ( назад)
Where is D-frag, MM, Gabriel DropOut, Jitsu wa Watashi wa, Kill la Kill, Sabagebu! ?

Автор ff frox ( назад)
do you like japan???

Автор TiffayPlayzGames ( назад)
The 2nd anime reminds me of osana najimi

Автор Tim youtube ( назад)
Very Nice :D

Автор geo geo ( назад)
Prison school is the best.

Автор Gelson Duarte ( назад)
9:30 Gintoki voice '-'. OH MY.

Автор hizkia antonius ( назад)
agree.... also gabriel dropout and ansatsu kyoushitsu ^^ try that animes guys

Автор Haikal Razzan ( назад)
anime 1 genius

Автор Anime Connoisseur ( назад)
Dubbed is better.

Автор Mj ( назад)

Автор Jor Lop ( назад)
soy la única que habla español 😲

Автор Nonbruh ( назад)
I'm at episode 5 of gintama and i find it boring, should I keep watching or...

Автор Tyler Chiappone ( назад)

Автор Chuelamezi ( назад)

Автор Yuliani Montenegro ( назад)
Sakamoto desu ga

Автор Genos ジェノス ( назад)

Автор Marcelo Santos ( назад)
Gintama 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор めぐみん Explosion ( назад)
Konosuba is the best one!!!

Автор John Taroy ( назад)
the last part,,,,super funny :D :D :D

Автор xGrandArcher ( назад)
That was totally bullshit list. Where is Detroit Metal City, Where is Fumoffu Panic ? This video total fail.

Автор Yu1 KO ( назад)

Автор Toby Ang ( назад)
The high school boys one sounds like gintoki, sougo and...anpan guy. Are they the same VA's?

Автор Sultan Fazri ( назад)
beelzebub and gintama 😂 the best lah

Автор The Name ( назад)
i thought no one watch beelzebub now

Автор Galore ( назад)
Prison school is probably my favorite comedy anime since it's so nsfw

Автор PHL. ParodY ( назад)
My Favorite Anime Is Always Number 1 In Comedy.

Автор Lelouch vi Britannia ( назад)
Gintama is the best comedy anime. In fact, in my opinion, it is the best anime, period.

Автор Slicer Shepherd ( назад)
Nichijou is the best!!!!!!

Автор fikri wijaya ( назад)
No sket dance ?

Автор Junior Shifz ( назад)
The picture at end, is it from an anime? If not can link me to the pic pls?

Автор BenTheeban ( назад)
Unfortunately there is No real comedy here

Автор Shoyo Sensei ( назад)
when i saw this list i automatically knew gintama was at the top

Автор You've lost something? ( назад)
My Top 3:

1.Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
2.Angel Beats!

Автор Nikola Dedic ( назад)
No Sket Dance?

Автор Kiriyama Kazuki ( назад)
Why Top Gintama Fights and Top Bleach Fights removed?

Автор Syntax Error ( назад)
My top 3 best comedy anime is...

Daily lives of Highschool boys.

Автор Hao sama ( назад)
konosuba. high school boys and Gintama is the best

Автор CODE SPREADER ( назад)
Gintama is a masterpiece.

Автор SuperPandas ( назад)
For me just missing monster musume :)

Автор I live under your bed ( назад)

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