Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.
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  • Farrah White
    Farrah White 4 hours ago

    She still can sang....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • George Carroll
    George Carroll 5 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong--I LOVES me some Celine--but is it just me or is she starting to look like the Wicked Witch from "Wizard of Oz"? It gets hot as Hell in Vegas and she's wearing a wool suit...WTF?

  • Pablo Jan Marc Filio
    Pablo Jan Marc Filio 5 hours ago

    It is so funny...

  • Trevor wright
    Trevor wright 7 hours ago

    Oh man she's so fucking funny and hilarious. I had a good laugh like a hundreds of laugh 😂😂 How the hell James can continue driving while Celine is doing all those facial reaction (It's all coming back to me). If that's me we will end up in a ditch 😂😂

  • Јован Талијанов

    Ouh man, when he didn't took shoes from Céline Dion, that day that poor guy sure stamped his fate with that word "I'm fine".
    I can just imagine a scene at home:
    - My dear wife, apple of my eye, lets snuggle abit..
    same second her sight becomes red, fire around her, saying:
    - I'm fine!!!!!

  • Carlos Henrique Penna
    Carlos Henrique Penna 13 hours ago

    It was absolutely incredible 🤤❤

  • La pulga Vargas
    La pulga Vargas 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. That was Amazing 😉

  • Jeida Martin
    Jeida Martin 13 hours ago

    He has to do a carpool karaoke with cher

  • Rani J77
    Rani J77 15 hours ago

    This is first I see cline dion like that that’s so much fun 😂👌

  • Rani J77
    Rani J77 15 hours ago

    OMG you got old cline

  • Tanzil Rachman
    Tanzil Rachman 16 hours ago

    Amazing i fun to watching this video

  • mja music switzerland
    mja music switzerland 18 hours ago


  • Moongoddessmystica Nikki Restrepo

    No one gonna talk about how he kept getting the lyrics wrong

  • James Del Rosario
    James Del Rosario 22 hours ago

    Can we return the old show of Celine A New Day.. the one with dancers giant LED screen

  • Heng Yan
    Heng Yan 22 hours ago

    Celine is old on the out side but young on the inside

  • Meggie Laka
    Meggie Laka Day ago

    Ohh God this was so fun. That last bit on the Titanic made my day and the dropping of the necklace

  • Gerson GP
    Gerson GP Day ago

    That was amazing the end!!!

  • Stephanie Tanciano

    celine dion sooo awesome no matter what ages...and aged so beautifully..

  • Rose Katts
    Rose Katts Day ago

    Hahahaha I’m suffering seeing Celine Dione giving away her shoes 😂😂


    the miracle


    they passed my store

  • Teofanes Culajao III

    The best carpool I ever seen 😍😍

  • A Tal Preta
    A Tal Preta Day ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 lindaaaa

  • Luis Luis
    Luis Luis Day ago

    What about all by myself

    RCW WRESTLING Day ago +2

    You can see hes living his best life when she kisses him... I mean I would me too....Just sayin

  • Ok Bye
    Ok Bye Day ago

    That’s called demonic possession

  • Nina Bean
    Nina Bean Day ago

    Surely I’m not the only one who was dying to untwist Celine’s seatbelt? It got on my nerves for the whole video. Smh

  • Sharlyne JADYS Kico

    Pure classe
    On t’aime Céline notre sœur

  • olivia
    olivia Day ago +1

    Love Celine even more after watching this.😅 She's so funny, what a character😅

  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran Day ago

    Im from vietnamese but i love her so much, a greatest soul person

  • ayam jago
    ayam jago Day ago

    This is Why i love celine

  • Tumelo stuga
    Tumelo stuga Day ago

    I like her she is crazy yohh LOLOLOL

  • Tumelo stuga
    Tumelo stuga Day ago

    I will alwys love Celine Dion. Lol myb she might sing, I will alwys love you by the legend Whitney Hudson

  • cholo miguel
    cholo miguel Day ago

    she's high

  • Martins Heldinho
    Martins Heldinho Day ago +1

    Anyone: A
    Celine: "A A A A STAYING ALIVE 🎶🎶

  • dani-ela einhorn

    das letzte war das aller beste

  • Andrew Vajda
    Andrew Vajda Day ago

    When you think ugly I see Celine

  • MoonChild
    MoonChild Day ago +1

    And those SHOES🙀

  • MoonChild
    MoonChild Day ago +1

    I love her style❤️

  • MoonChild
    MoonChild Day ago +1

    I’m also that person that has a song for everything ha ha she’s also fucking crazy I love it😂

  • Rahul Jhaver
    Rahul Jhaver 2 days ago

    Big fan

  • Daya Hollish
    Daya Hollish 2 days ago

    Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke

  • Bad Kitty
    Bad Kitty 2 days ago +3

    She is such a lovely woman

  • Regiani Rocha Avelino

    Celine 🥰🥰🥰❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Bong Tloxlo
    Bong Tloxlo 2 days ago

    its seem like ariana grande when geeting older

  • Anca Voicu
    Anca Voicu 2 days ago

    OMG I just frickin love her!

  • OfficialBlazy
    OfficialBlazy 2 days ago

    Free shoes is the same way i gave away free games :D

  • bugsan
    bugsan 2 days ago

    forced is the word.

  • Амадей Моцарт


  • Butera_thankunext1993

    "gimme a kiss" 3:49-3:51

  • LEWI K
    LEWI K 2 days ago


  • Pondering Pleb
    Pondering Pleb 2 days ago

    Time has a way of lifting the (thin) veil... exposing the Drag ACT!
    # Celinununu

  • modyf fine
    modyf fine 2 days ago


  • •StrxwberryMilk•
    •StrxwberryMilk• 2 days ago +1

    2:26 I’m wheeeezing i can’t breathe 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • Oshyn rich
    Oshyn rich 3 days ago

    Im so done with James😂

  • Alvamez 19
    Alvamez 19 3 days ago +5

    Wow Celine is so nice, more then much famous that believe they are better then other, but Celine is humble and funny.💜💙💚❤️.

  • dancerette
    dancerette 3 days ago

    That was one of the best things I’ve ever seen

  • Starr Hewitt
    Starr Hewitt 3 days ago


  • Maxwell Vitkow
    Maxwell Vitkow 3 days ago


  • Speedfreak
    Speedfreak 3 days ago +3

    Imagine you walk around Las Vegas and suddenly Celine Dion sings to you out of a car window