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BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started

1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan

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Автор Madhumita Kotoky ( назад)
Somebody please bring him to India.

Автор Madhumita Kotoky ( назад)
Somebody please bring him to India.

Автор Belen Cupis ( назад)
This is sad because it's so true....smh🤦‍♂️

Автор Gavin Hughes ( назад)
love this dude

Автор Ayazhan Salmenova ( назад)
If my principal spoke English, I would totally show her this video.

Автор Miss Madness ( назад)
As an adult who has had great teachers and did try my hardest in school, I can confirm that the school, the education system, and so on has failed not only myself but so many others. Not everyone may be geniuses but I will be damned if most people can't excel when given the right support, attention, and a decent education. But getting the "right" education can be expensive not to mention the lack of quality attention many children suffer and support in pursuing what they like and are good at. It's pitiful.

Автор I don't hate so please don't bring it here ( назад)
phones weren't around a hundred and fifty years ago

Автор Green dude Studios ( назад)
Amazing, well said, I applaud you. Keep making these king of vids 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿

Автор Caris Romine ( назад)
boyinaband copied u

Автор Sh/n ( назад)
get this to 20 likes and I'll email this to my principal

Автор M&M NotTheCandy ( назад)
When I see the photo of the classroom I think well he is kind of right we have advanced but not very much. I saw this on a video that my teacher showed me and it is where they use touch screens as tables to learn and they get to interact and tryout math and use and visually the color wheel. They still wrote but on like a touch screen table

Автор Jasmine Smith ( назад)
Finally someone said it!!

Автор TheLuckyDucky ( назад)
4,141 members of the government found this video. 358,920 students/teachers found this video. Like if you think this is true!

Автор Ayomide Fakunle ( назад)
this very nice and cool can't stop playing this over and over, he should be president lol

Автор WrestleMania Monkey ( назад)
I showed this vid to my teacher and she took my phone all I have is my 3DS now aka she still has it

Автор Jessie Ramos ( назад)
power full message POWER FULL

Автор Jessie Ramos ( назад)
them bars though ☺😞

Автор Jessie Ramos ( назад)
man this mad me REALLY think about school 😞😟 wow Prince ea for President

Автор Blane Parker ( назад)
my teacher is a very good teacher and is one of the most inspratinol person i know

Автор FlamingFires ( назад)
I agree so much

Автор Donatella Galvani ( назад)
THIS IS IT!! SPREAD THIS VIDEO LIKE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Ikhlaaq Naeem ( назад)

Автор ThE coBra x sLayer 112 ( назад)
those 4K dislikes are leafy fan boys

Автор Leonor Pires ( назад)
this is so emotional, so true, so genuine

Автор Leonor Pires ( назад)
i'm crying

Автор Alexis Valvo ( назад)
I showed this to my 8th grade teacher and he siad that it's true that this video will make us think about what we can do.The schools are all the same to teach us something we aren't going to need in the future.I'm in middle school and you can see that the kids sit in nice neat seats,but if u stay in my class you will here us talk about school systems and we are only 13.If you listen you'll here us argue both sides and we are both right.My 8th grade teacher will tell you that we are the future and they should not be learning the same thing our parents learn.So I agree with him

Автор Ayla Syed ( назад)
I have a range of emotions for this because I agree that from a young age children start education in Uk it's at 3 sometimes! However, for someone that did start at 3, it did prepare me for the stress I go through now as a 14-year-old. i am the type of student that enjoys homework because i see myself being more independent through life as i do this because i am taking initiative to try and improve my brain.
Schools teach us all subjects to give us a wider view of what our future could be. No baby is born knowing exactly what they want to be, no child finishes primary school knowing exactly what they want to be as I have through my life changed my ambitions many times because school has let me see what different subjects I can learn and pursue.
I love Prince Ea because he shows us these shocking videos that some may not even realise because it is daily life now, but the main question we should be asking ourselves is how we can solve it, not make it easier, how we can actually solve this issue. there is a vast difference between stating the problem and solving the problem.

Автор Nicolas K ( назад)
Incredibly great and amazing video! Keep on the awesome work bro!

Автор Katarina Viljakainen ( назад)
Suomi mainittu toril tavataa

Автор Fatayy ( назад)
one of the notes in this song sounds like my doorbell and it kept playing

Автор JOHN DYRING ( назад)
School was created before the first factory was even thought about but every thing else I totally agree with

Автор Clock † ( назад)
this should have subtitles wow

Автор Letty Lunasical ( назад)
The government don't want schools to change because they want people to grow up ignorant and stupid. It makes the population easier to control and trick.

It's why most teachers in the UK either go to another country after qualifying or quit after 5 years.

Автор Dark Dragon ( назад)
Best video ever

Автор soberhangover 92 ( назад)
I don't understand where he's going with this this dude has good points in the video but over all this is flawed

Автор Footoz -football ( назад)

Автор fathima.r anwar ( назад)
im good at art but i suck at EVERYTHING ELSE someone help ;-;

Автор fathima.r anwar ( назад)
they force us to believe in things but we have no idea why.

Автор Jeffrey Blood ( назад)
Teachers are paid so little, because they're paid in part by taxpayers

Автор student1367 ( назад)
why i love this video so much?

Автор mellydian t.a ( назад)
Come to Indonesia...when you can get easily stressed in school.Too much studying,homework,project and some useless subject.

Автор Adque ( назад)
The Finish system is interesting but guys, if you want this to work, it's going to require a very serious and difficult change. Why don't teachers get paid as well as doctors? Supply vs demand and the stringent requirements are a large part of it. As Prince Ea suggests, we often make the children compete for grades and admission. In Finland, it's very hard to become a teacher and they get very well respected. They, the teachers, compete for the decent life and respect the job provides as well as for admissions, whereas the kids are all admitted. Teachers, rather than students, are required to get very high academic grades and only the very few make it (similar to stats to entrance in Med School). Not only that, but even primary school teachers are required to have at least a master's degree in the appropriate field! This is a major reason why being a teacher is a real profession there.

So the reason why this is so difficult is because most western countries realize that teachers groups (of all kinds) have their own interests and it would be cruel to just throw them on the street jobless. But if we want this to work, we have to stop being so inhumane and cruel to students (it ruins their lives) and at the same time we have to start being more rigorous in the way we select teachers. Of course, this is not the whole picture, but it's a key factor!

Автор Francis Legaspo ( назад)
Any sources providing evidence on how the school system was made to produce factory workers?

Автор Tariq Khan ( назад)
Ironic how this applies to working in retail also, I cannot wait to get out, I made it all the way to retail management, i am 23 years old and a little behind in college. But retail is slowly killing me inside, just like he talks about killing creativity, retail is killing my creativity, my soul, my passion.

Автор Giraffay ( назад)
Teachers are overpaid

Автор Amelia Jung ( назад)

Автор lilpixie4u ( назад)
When will ALL: schools put our children FIRST? Look what they've forced this family to do in order to keep their child safe. https://www.gofundme.com/funds-for-the-fourniers

Автор Nwonk Un ( назад)
Knowledge is necessary. BUT it NEEDS to come in different ways. Yes everyone should know math, they should all know most of their geography, but arts need to be in there as much as a language class does. People learn differently and the school system needs to acknowledge this. We do need a certain standard as to what should be the norm to survive and succeed... but we need other things as well to let us explore what we can achieve. I AGREE. LOVE EVERY HUMAN, DO GOOD, AND BE HAPPY.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
I'm waiting for the day that someone hacks a school and broadcasts this.

Автор Pumpkin King321 ( назад)
Me and my friend just had and argument about this

Автор Elizabeth Anne ( назад)
School is supposed to prepare you for your future, but because of school I no longer see a future for myself.

Автор Olivia Laws ( назад)

Автор Thelife parabolas ( назад)
alguma alma penada coloca tradução nesse video

Автор Madison Cadena ( назад)
my dad threatend to take music away cuz im bad at math music and writing is one of the only things im good at now my step mom wants me to go into the medical field .-. this is why we need to honor everything the arts of all things need to be recognized but dont force them i was told a little boy loved conducting he was so good people like his parents realized they could make money from him as he got older he grew depressed and overwhelmed

Автор GamingGuy ( назад)
Best video ever.

Автор GamingGuy ( назад)
This made me cry.

Автор Harveen Banga ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Varghese ( назад)
I have a standardized test tomorrow lmao

Автор Crystal Brown ( назад)
They need to upgrade the school system for real

Автор Lazi boi1 ( назад)
He makes a good point and didn't lie about anything

Автор Lucie Lydie Peterová ( назад)
Thank you for saying that loud. It's so incredible. I love it so much! I don't like we have to say what teachers wanna hear to give us A and not to say what we really think.. It is an amazing video

Автор monika heath ( назад)
Can i plz share your videos

Автор toming ( назад)
I'm Japanese, our country's education system is opposite from what he said.
Especially our school, I can't dye my hair, have my hair cut the way I want to.
Everyone is same face, studying studying doing homework doing homework. One of them think that studying is greater than anything, n entering famous university is greater than anything. I can't stand such a fuckin Japanese education system.
I don't deny studying, but just studying.
Sorry for poor English.

Автор 黑子哲也 ( назад)
Hello everyone
Im a 14 years old student from HK
Im so agree about you Prince Ea
In my school,theres some teacher know that what Im good at and they wont tell me too much while Im not listening to the class because THEY KNIW THAT I CAN FOLLOW UP
But mostly teacher only tell me to be forus on the class.
If one day someone lets me change one thing in the world,I must change the education nowadays.It is impossible to see that the teachers shut my ability off. I just wanna say:I am not gonna to become your slaves to help you earn your FUCKING PAYDAY,TEACHERS. DONT SHUT MY ABILITY OFF.IT ONLY MAKES ME BECOME A DUMB ASS.

Автор Krishna Veni Miriyala ( назад)
who are the 4k idiots unliked

Автор LPS CLOVER ( назад)
im always forced to learn i dont wanna get forced to learn it makes me tired exhausted dead alone nothing

Автор Ethyan V ( назад)
I hate how our school system teaches us all the same way, like were all the same people. No we aren't, we are not the same. We all learn differently. Take this quote for example "if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will forever live its life thinking it's stupid"-Albert Einstein. If you make everyone learn the same way some might excel but others will fail because it is not the way the understand things. They will fail because the are not the same as others. They think, act, do thing differently so if you try the same method for everyone it will not work. I have gone to school for 6 years now. In 3rd grade my iq was 126 that's high for a 9 year old, But in 4th grade i dropped 8 iq points. Those points were dropped because they did not teach in a way that is understandable to everyone it that class. The loss of those points made me feel stupid and bad about my self. It made me feel like a failure. Do we really want kids to feel like failures (NO). They should tweak or completely replace our school system. Add some classes for certain interests and wanna have careers. Not one small room with 20+ kids teaching the same way and same thing to everyone. If we want this to be fixed we must pull more attention to this subject. Get more people on board with this idea.#FIXTHESCHOOLSYSTEM

Автор Vanna Rocha ( назад)
Interesing, but how change education system ?

Автор Mr. XrayDude ( назад)
Most schools force you to learn useless information that you will never use in your life. I wish we could choose what we learn during grade school. I honestly doubt I need to learn the surface area of a cylinder or what heroes fought in the Trojan war.

Автор Mr. XrayDude ( назад)
I want to move to Finland.

Автор Wing Y ( назад)
I think you've missed the point that the method of schooling sort of reflects the community's 'needs' as well. The numbers and grades on a certificate are the easiest thing to first judge on when you hire someone, that's why schools are still encouraged to stay the same all these years.

Автор Donald Flunk ( назад)
Come on 5 million views we need to get this video to 7 billion views so everyone globally could see this and finally change the stupid school system

Автор Unowrnorchid988 ( назад)

Автор Luke Massengill ( назад)
I thought America was a FREE country,why force us to wake up every morning and learn shit we are not going to use...but there is some things we need to learn...but we don't need to know about the past we need to be ready for the future not the past...

Автор Elsie Holmes ( назад)
The best video I think I've ever watched

Автор Tw ix ( назад)

Автор Rossjay2005 Willis ( назад)

Автор Adi Barbut ( назад)

Автор Angel Bahr ( назад)
Please come to each school in Chicago Please this is so inspirational Please tell this to every principal in every school ever mad even online ones and homeschooling please visit every school and say this.Please.

Автор Carlin Salisbury ( назад)
I'm a public school teacher. I definitely agree with all of this video. And I also want to note that many teachers, and their students, are conspiring right now on a revolution from inside the belly of the beast. Between test prep and fact drilling, we sneak in problem-solving and exploration. Some students in some classrooms are still falling through the cracks... but in other classrooms, amazing things are happening, too.

Автор Money 1217 ( назад)
That fish quote in the beginning is one I can't understand. Why would the fish believe it is stupid if it can't climb a tree?

Автор Stpehanie Alvizo ( назад)
Preach boy....my teacher showed me this I cried for some reason😂

Автор smile all day ( назад)
this gives me chills every time I watch it

Автор Alro ( назад)
Most of the time im chill im school. Teachers telling me im going to be nothing in life, Im just sitting there and laughing at them. They are the ones that are nothing in life, going to work everyday doing the same stuff 24/7... I just know that education is not going to find me a job. Money is a simple concept and money is easy to earn, if you have a brain you can make money.

Автор Jordan Andreallo ( назад)
eliminate grades.

Автор Blue Green ( назад)
But, in other videos. You said technology is ruining us, and then you said, that we should improve school, but doing that, we will probaly have to improve technology, so can you explain why you are using technology improving as an argument, when you say you are against that.

Автор Fox Atlas ( назад)
"Because while students are 20% of the population...
They are 100% of our future"

Автор h4lth ( назад)
if u hate school why do u even go to school?
why dont u just do what u want, follow your passion and prove that ure a genius insteas of bitching around on the internet?

Автор isabella giraldo ( назад)

Автор metalminercat io ( назад)

Автор EllaBear 204 ( назад)
I love this guy

Автор Ivory ( назад)
I've hated school for years.. purely because they say you can elect 3 subjects you would like to study through high school.. you do that but if theres less then 10 people that have elected it then you are forced to pick another one.. so i prefer photography over history i was forced to do history instead of what i elected. Its fucked.

Автор Dr.Porra 2.0 ( назад)
I really admire my teachers way of teaching he doesn't grade us for homework or class work we just have assessments in the end of the lesson and if we get a bad grade he puts us in different groups the ones who are ready to move one the ones that kinda know what to do and the ones who are confused and he lets you re take the test

Автор Jack Nguyen ( назад)
XD I just realised at the beginning of the video when he was comparing modern day things to 150 years ago...how could the people at the back see

Sorry I'm one of those people who only look at the bad stuff hehe

Автор haslin nazam ( назад)
well said!

Автор Xavier Wood ( назад)
aye.......u telling the truth homie ........keep it up

Автор CIKLOPAS ( назад)
I really hope this will be true someday.

Автор Fadel Faour ( назад)
There are so many successful students thats their grades don't say that , if u know what I mean !!

Автор AspireEdits ( назад)
I've always felt this way about school but I didn't think anybody else did

Автор Super Cake Eater ( назад)
School is Child abuse

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