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    BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started
    1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
    2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
    3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
    4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan
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  • Prince Ea
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    • Zafeer Lambe
      Zafeer Lambe 3 дня назад

      Prince Ea respec G

    • Loltroll
      Loltroll 4 дня назад

      You are the best.you help people with just your words you make them belive in their selves.I love that please continue making these videos❤️

      HOLYLAND UMUDE 7 дней назад +1

      Prince Ea
      Would like to receive daily inspiration from you.

    • Sapphire Star
      Sapphire Star 9 дней назад

      I support you your right

    • faze gaming
      faze gaming 11 дней назад

      Artillery ikr it's so good I think we can like this as much as I want

  • SonicGreninja
    SonicGreninja 42 минуты назад

    Damn. I want to learn in Finland. Also, being 14 I have my own dreams. My dream cannot be taught in school. Because bullshit happens in this country.

  • Meme Beam 70
    Meme Beam 70 Час назад

    2018 and nothing happended. you tried

  • Malachi Thies
    Malachi Thies 2 часа назад

    The price to finding each student's strengths would be too much. Paying teachers more would require heavier taxes.

  • AtGmailDotCom
    AtGmailDotCom 3 часа назад

    Ths video made everyone I showed it to sad, including me.

  • Sam Lola
    Sam Lola 4 часа назад


  • Timcala Jones
    Timcala Jones 5 часов назад

    just another wineer. Boo-hoo my child did poorly in school.

  • Deena Dressel
    Deena Dressel 7 часов назад

    i never really thought about it that way . But you're right . Very few schools boost children's creativity . Your grades do not define your intelligence

  • Jc First
    Jc First 8 часов назад

    Fuck school

  • Crazy Doll
    Crazy Doll 9 часов назад

    I've dropped grades,when i relized that school is useless anyways,what will i do when i study the area of triangle?,will i use it everyday?,nah.

  • ATL L3gends
    ATL L3gends 10 часов назад

    So true

  • Itz_Roo
    Itz_Roo 10 часов назад

    I 100% agree with all of this, I hate school because I’m there and I’m like what is the point of this. Sat in a classroom for 6 hours learning about shit that I’ll never need ( standard form, factorising etc... ) I asked my mum if she knew what factorising is and she said what the fuck is factorising. Instead of learning shit we don’t need, let’s learn about what interest is and how to pay off debt. I know teachers aren’t the best for financial advice but they can at least tell us what interest means etc. In my first years of school, I didn’t learn much literally wrote down Aa, Bb, Cc and went and played, but now in my secondary school years I’m realising that life is shit and became depressed and got anxiety.


  • Arkady
    Arkady 11 часов назад

    Current school system is trash. One way to improve school is to divide classes into students' skills.

  • Sly White Wolf
    Sly White Wolf 11 часов назад

    And with this I went to each state education emails and sent this link with these words “things need to change”

  • Random11YearOld
    Random11YearOld 12 часов назад

    This is very true and I think that school should teach us actually important things

  • Harpooned Tamara
    Harpooned Tamara 13 часов назад

    Its amazing!!! I love i love it i LOVE IT! School has gotten me way too stressed out and has put me into depression making my grades go to an F and ive been trying to get it back up to an A

  • Adam Knight
    Adam Knight 13 часов назад

    It’s such a shame, I am a student and for a year I’ve been writing books and school have never once supported me with this, my parents have on multiple occasions banned me from it because they think it takes up too much of my time, if I can work like everybody else I get compliments but whenever I try to be creative and do something new I’ve never had the slightest support

  • Suhaila El Refaei
    Suhaila El Refaei 13 часов назад

    I totally agree, I am a student in 7th grade and I know what it feels like, but I thought about this for a while and I looked back to my school, each system has a strength and a weakness, for example: the IG system makes students memorize the books given to them and take multiple exams and don't teach much about the outside world, but they do teach students that everything in life needs facts and not only opinions and they teach students so many things that they are used to saying facts in all their sentences. I changed schools from the IG system to the IB system and I realized that this system encourages creativity but still teaches important facts in a fun way, but teachers give students so much hw becuase they don't have much time to finish everything they want to give to the students in such a small time because they make students make projects and incorporate their ideas, unlike the IG systems. But students are always exhausted at the end of the day and definitely can't have more school hours, but they need all the education they can get. In my opinion their should be a system that incorporates both systems pros and ignore the cons. To be honest I couldnt be able to write this with proper grammar or vocab or spelling without the IG school, but I wouldnt have the courage or the creativity to also write this without the IB school. Tests are important but there shouldn't be a test every day, and hw is usually given in the vacations, but only does this stress students out, it also makes them miss out on family time and sports which actually helps students in a physical and mental way. It won't be easy making a new system that has all these pros and without any con, it is actually impossible to have a school without any cons, but there could be a school that has just a little less cons than before. Let's not forget that the only way we were able to improve cars and phones is my schools, so there must be something write with the system. But that wouldn't have happened without teachers. I asked my dad once why teachers in college get more money that teaches in normal school, he told me that students learn more things in college and work because of college, not becuase of normal schools. I disagreed becuase teachers no matter what school they are in help students know more about life, in fact teachers in college barely teach these days, they depend on the internet and students knowledge from before....... I rest my case

  • Masibulele Sobo
    Masibulele Sobo 13 часов назад

    now i am more convinced that school is not so important to our future as teenagers like education is along process which makes some of us to die before we even express our ideas

    • Masibulele Sobo
      Masibulele Sobo 13 часов назад

      since from the begining of this year as i am a first year student at varsity. I decided to do a research about the inventors like Isaac newtons charles darwin. what i found mostly common is that they followd this routine of school but at a certain period they decided to stop and combine their views about life and that peace they have learnt at school.then boom they came out with new things that they are more usefull to us in nower days if we can stand up as teenagers of this generation and work against of this education we can have a good future for us

  • Drew Philips
    Drew Philips 13 часов назад

    Honestly, this video is really dumb and all it does is just pander to teenager's hatred of school. The purpose of the United States' education system is to teach students about basic foundational subjects such as Math, English, History, Biology, etc. so that they will have the opportunity to pursue any career field in the future. It's ridiculous to say that school makes "robots" because what it actually does is provide students with knowledge about various subjects and leads to the creation of professionals in every career field. That's why school hasn't changed, because it works. How do you think our society has advanced so significantly in the last one hundred years? From education that created engineers and doctors and architects and computer analysts. Seriously, people are really out here upset over homework and tests. The utopia where everyone is happy and there is no struggle simply doesn't exist. You have to work hard and put in a lot of effort to succeed in school and in life, that's just the reality. I understand that school isn't for everyone and you can certainly be successful without dedication to school or obtaining a higher level of education but I don't think there's any reason to change our school system.

  • b gaming
    b gaming 16 часов назад

    We really need to make this change happen

  • Nina Pecquery
    Nina Pecquery 17 часов назад

    youare so smart

  • Zavier Whyte
    Zavier Whyte 18 часов назад +1

    Fuck school 🖕🖕

    VISHWAJEET KUMAR 18 часов назад

    I am from India where Maths, science arts n commerce are the core subjects.you have to choose either of these.if u choose dance, music etc u will be screwed by society. Parents in order to get respect fron society forces their kids to be either an engineer /doctor/professional but not singer or dancer etc. Cocurricular activities are just a part of routine where you try to imcrease ur creativity but unfortunately it is only for 45mins.. After school hours kids have to go to coaching classes for better understanding of the subjects. This is education system in India. Some how it has changed from above stated but still most parts of country has the same teaching method.

  • reshman mani
    reshman mani 21 час назад

    You are great

  • Tyler Crayne
    Tyler Crayne 21 час назад

    This idea isn't new, people have been saying these things for a long time, this guy just found a way to profit off of it without offering any real solution. Cool vid.

  • France Fries
    France Fries 23 часа назад

    I bet all the people who disliked are teachers and teachers pets

  • TheDonutMan StrikesBack
    TheDonutMan StrikesBack 23 часа назад

    Now this is what people think wrong. Tell me what 27/9 is, 3 right? Now what why don’t you spell some words, you can spell them right? If people would stop talking about things that school does wrong people will maybe get a better education. You can so many friends in your school years and you can find your passion. When I was in high school I played football and I cooked in one of my classes. It brought out a whole bunch of creativity making food and doing a sport I loved. I ended up being a engineer and I know how to do math and science and all the stuff I needed from school. If we didn’t have school we would all be working at McDonald’s with almost no friends right now.

  • pomegranate_ life
    pomegranate_ life День назад

    I love this so true

  • Falcon Wing
    Falcon Wing День назад

    I cried during this I wish I could move to Finland I still have to go to school and everyday I feel like killing myself because I hate it so much I literally can feel the emotional pain in my heart when I'm there

  • Charipi
    Charipi День назад

    I completely agree with what you said, but I’d like to here a solution instead of just problems

  • Fox ghost
    Fox ghost День назад

    I really hope you could change the situation, you have to be the new President of the United States, GOOD LUCK

  • Agribio ayiti
    Agribio ayiti День назад

    Thank you

  • Adam Foster
    Adam Foster День назад

    I sit from 8:30 - 4:00 every day staring at a whiteboard being told about things which have no relation to anything in the real world, and which I have not the slightest interest in.
    It just feels like such a waste of youth, if only we could choose the subjects we study.

  • kamel sarrar
    kamel sarrar День назад

    My last year off school was a battlefield same stuff every year my brain stop working I went on autopilot to get my white paper a paper that in really life say that I’m not best for the job went back to school for a year to get more stuff on my resume to get a job still that was not enough they want people with experience min 3 years I get it it made me insecure still fighting with the past I was depressed for 3 years living like zombie asking my self what I did wrong grade we’re a 9/10 that A I was with top off my class but the real world I need to be fabric work nothing wrong with that but I didn’t wanne be that my resume say different things it’s like last year off school brain off and autopilot I want my life to be different I’m from Belguim btw sorry for my English teach it my self

  • Oksha
    Oksha День назад

    everybody hates everybody...thats why we dont change anything

  • Rob Katz
    Rob Katz День назад

    even if weed is only legal for medical use, it does have a place in society.

  • Saosaq Ii
    Saosaq Ii День назад

    Sounds like a rap but it’s not a rap ;(

  • Thewaggingone Please
    Thewaggingone Please День назад


    Beautiful, all true. I’m glad I can show this around. U have done an amazing job opening eyes!

  • Malik Ayyan
    Malik Ayyan День назад


  • Sarah Glover
    Sarah Glover День назад

    I almost cried after watching this video. It's so true, I'm still in school.

  • • Bugasaurus •
    • Bugasaurus • День назад

    yet nothing changes :D

  • shifty the lycanroc
    shifty the lycanroc День назад

    *claps* i think the same way all the students except my friends are under the control of school

  • Aiden Emanuel 23
    Aiden Emanuel 23 День назад

    Good job!!

  • Multiple Stacks of words
    Multiple Stacks of words День назад

    My school has a system where you have group of people and your class rotated between very small amount of lessons for art dance drama and music

  • Sarpei1234
    Sarpei1234 День назад


  • Mason Ross
    Mason Ross День назад

    so true

  • Cecelia’s Squishys
    Cecelia’s Squishys День назад

    PREACH! 👏

  • suchana Kumari
    suchana Kumari День назад +1

    Education is for learning to how to live life and for trained our mind but nowadays people take it as only for earning to secure their future.... so called security.......😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Madelyne Rodriguez
    Madelyne Rodriguez День назад

    I wish more people would think like you. 💙🙏🏽

  • nixon ok
    nixon ok День назад

    So true

  • Cat ._.
    Cat ._. День назад


  • Abdul Gani
    Abdul Gani День назад

    You speak form the heart... I Found someone whom i can understand... at a different level.... Price EA ❤❤ Peace ❤

  • Kyle Brady
    Kyle Brady День назад

    This is truly amazing and it should be shown to jury, school systems have major flaws and you’ve picked them all apart and shown solutions for them in six minutes

  • Kane J
    Kane J 2 дня назад

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen in my entire 11 years of being on this earth

  • Wierd Potato
    Wierd Potato 2 дня назад

    Your videos are beautiful and I subscribed. Stay strong everyone!!

  • The Flores Girls
    The Flores Girls 2 дня назад

    Wow..I almost cried this is so true

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen 2 дня назад +2

    Finally someone understands 😶

  • Alexa chirinos
    Alexa chirinos 2 дня назад

    the video that touch me was "sorry" that video is deep

  • Allison Hayley
    Allison Hayley 2 дня назад +1

    p r e a c h baby💛

  • EM MA
    EM MA 2 дня назад

    You are more than *amazing*

  • 11 Dramsters
    11 Dramsters 2 дня назад

    If I can't convince you today's school is bad this will

  • Kitty Boy
    Kitty Boy 2 дня назад

    So so so so true love this video. I have never wanted to move to Finland 🇫🇮 so bad.😍

  • Shawntah
    Shawntah 2 дня назад

    I think teachers should be paid a lot more and maybe we wouldnt have to cram 30 to 40 kids in one room.

  • Seth Wright
    Seth Wright 2 дня назад

    This is really good but it doesn't need a clickbait title

  • zhengkai Yu
    zhengkai Yu 2 дня назад

    It’s critical thinking

  • •BraydenVlogs•
    •BraydenVlogs• 2 дня назад +2

    Im a 5th grader and not only is the education system jacked up but my teachers lie to us. They say that global warming is proven real and any smart kid would know that it hasnt. Just yesterday my teacher lost my paper with 2 essays on it and said it was my fault that SHE lost it. I cant understand what the teachers are trying to say because i learn in a specific way. In math we will learn somthing for an hour and then quiz on it. I still get As on math and on the test as well because i have to go home and do my homework that i know nothing about. I then have to go and learn it just so my math grade dosent drop and i get in trouble. We need a new way.. Let us unlock our own skills instead of making us learn somthing more than the other. Who knows there could be a new michael jackson sitting next to me but he doubts himself because he doesnt understand this stupid way of education and he never gets to pursue his dream.. We are not robots that just do whatever someone says. I am going to go farther than working in a factory by repeating things hundreds of times a day. I am smart enough to know that this educational system is throwing kids lives away. What are we going to do when we dont know what to do because we dont know anything. Like if you agree

  • Captain Dusk
    Captain Dusk 2 дня назад +1

    I hate about school that I'm as a math guy have to spend hours a day to study sociology, psychology,philosophy and other shit I will never need in my life.
    Hours and hours of my life wasted.

  • TheAfrothunderr
    TheAfrothunderr 2 дня назад

    Those aren't real crimes. Yeah I felt stupid in school but that's life. Not everyone is going to be smart.

  • Games and Information tc
    Games and Information tc 2 дня назад

    Goosebumps in the end😥

  • Jeffy Paul
    Jeffy Paul 2 дня назад

    In a classroom they always say this will help you later in life but will it really

  • Franklin NJ
    Franklin NJ 2 дня назад +1

    Prince Ea: We should have a Local Court or Prosecutor call for the freezing of assets from the NRA executives, they are criminals complicit with the Florida School shooter and we have criminals in Congress, the Senate and in the White House whom we should send to jail and freeze their Bank Accounts for crimes against Humanity and school children. Do this and watch how fast they will pass new laws to stop this insanity of mass shootings and selling Automatic Rifles.

  • Hurry Before it's deleted
    Hurry Before it's deleted 2 дня назад +1


  • Robo-Dash _
    Robo-Dash _ 2 дня назад

    I hate the school system but I'm forced to go through it anyway ;(

  • SublimeMelee
    SublimeMelee 2 дня назад

    this was very inspirational nice video

  • Scorpion Legends
    Scorpion Legends 2 дня назад

    My teacher hates me :)

  • Shawn Monette
    Shawn Monette 2 дня назад

    So inspirational and yet sadly true

  • Evan C.
    Evan C. 2 дня назад

    This video is one of my favorites because I am currently in middle school and agree with every single one of you're arguments besides the first one. There have been any incredible changes in the school system. Those include the technology we now have online resources, the collaboration in classrooms is magnificent, we have programs such as AVID that encourage specialized teaching. I wish the school systems would do more though, we need specialized education, homework is torture but doesn't really help because of how distracted we are when doing it, some of the teachers are amazing people and treat us as students well, but are extremely underpaid, this saddens me incredibly.
    Thank you for making videos like this Prince EA, they show the truth in life and bring awareness to those in our society, they are all incredibly depressing, although moving.

  • Lana NorthDawn
    Lana NorthDawn 2 дня назад

    I sent this to me art teacher, if she responds, I’ll tell u :3

  • Christian Balino
    Christian Balino 2 дня назад +1

    My school is an academically challenging institute, but instead of being academic, it is just challenging. I can't spend a single day without anything from school involving my life negatively. All of these assignments are terrible, I haven't talked to any of my friends for months. People who are failing are depressed, even though it is the assignments causing it. School is making students less active, saying they want to teach them all, when they are making students stay up all night, from 6PM starting homework to 3AM sleeping, just to get a grade that will 99% guranteed never EVER see again in their life. Why? Because school's system is not outdated, and I thank this video for explaining this issue.

  • Royale Entertainment
    Royale Entertainment 2 дня назад

    Legend. Preach dude I understand this situation and you have just described my entire school life in 6 minuets

  • Lucy Atwood
    Lucy Atwood 2 дня назад


  • Fuq u Plz
    Fuq u Plz 3 дня назад

    Only stupid people think this is true

    • Fuq u Plz
      Fuq u Plz 2 дня назад

      HeyItzClay the proof of my statement is that you just tried to correct me, ignoring what i wrote which was clearly clear.

    • HeyItzClay
      HeyItzClay 2 дня назад

      You mean only stupid people think this is not true.

  • Samuel Labun
    Samuel Labun 3 дня назад

    This is dumb he doesn’t offer any solutions and just complains. I would take this guy seriously if he offered an education plan and explained how it’d work.

  • marvel_ tony1214
    marvel_ tony1214 3 дня назад

    I love it I always feel neglected by Society & other students thinking there better than me

  • humza nadeem
    humza nadeem 3 дня назад

    I feel like I've been violated my whole life in school

  • Sofia Bukhryakova
    Sofia Bukhryakova 3 дня назад

    albert Einstein once said... a very inspirational quote

  • Lola Maria
    Lola Maria 3 дня назад

    prince ea for president 2020

  • Chicken pirat
    Chicken pirat 3 дня назад

    I had a test yesterday and we were gona write about something bad about teenagers something that makes them deppressed i wrote about school and he helped me get a 5+

  • poopoo
    poopoo 3 дня назад

    Ur good but my favourite youtuber doesnt like u

  • Seekerps Central
    Seekerps Central 3 дня назад +3

    Man American schools are bad

  • Jessica Death
    Jessica Death 3 дня назад

    its 2018....and nothing has changed

  • Nkuch Primal
    Nkuch Primal 3 дня назад +3

    I'm going to Finland for education

  • BigBossMan538
    BigBossMan538 3 дня назад

    It's going to be hard for me to want to send my kid(s) to school with such a flawed system. Since I'm autistic, my kid(s) will likely be autistic, too. They'd need accommodations and for staff to be aware of that. But, autistic kids are often labeled as just being bad kids even though that's not always true!

  • Pete Panda
    Pete Panda 3 дня назад

    This is wrong and you know it. You realise you don’t judge a book by its cover. Then why are you jugging the classroom like that. The curriculum has changed but the foundation is still there. Like the car, it still has 4 wheels now but it looks different.

  • aaryan saiyed
    aaryan saiyed 3 дня назад

    Hello . I am from India and I truly agree with your views. I would love to meet you oneday.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 дня назад

    Sadly you actually need top grades to achieve certain things in life. For example a doctor needs very good grades.

  • Hermann Ragnarsson
    Hermann Ragnarsson 3 дня назад

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! This is so
    So so true i am a student and it
    Sucks so bad i hate school so
    Much and i hope that the school system changes very soon

  • Enacaus
    Enacaus 3 дня назад