Bee and PuppyCat Full Series (Ep. 1-10) - Cartoon Hangover

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • Bee, a reluctant hero, becomes entangled in the adventures of a puppy (…or is he a cat?) as they travel between reality and the void of Fishbowl Space. Created by Natasha Allegri, character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time. We can neither confirm nor deny the autobiographical nature of Bee and PuppyCat.
    Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space is coming in 2019.
    Stay tuned until the end for a special look at Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space, a brand new series coming in 2019! Check out for more updates.
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Comments • 12 485

  • Cartoon Hangover
    Cartoon Hangover  10 months ago +7862

    A new series, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space, is coming in 2019! Haven't seen the teaser? Watch it here:

    • EmmaJ.K.88
      EmmaJ.K.88 4 days ago +1

      I admit I had to roll my eyes when I saw the "mean girl" Toast. She just HAD to be ridiculously stereotypical with blonde hair. Good grief.

    • Betty Brown
      Betty Brown 11 days ago

      @JN where is it?

    • JN
      JN 16 days ago

      2019 October, 6.

  • Guppoh
    Guppoh 9 hours ago +3


    No wonder why bee Dosen't like water 😂

  • James Mcd
    James Mcd 9 hours ago

    16:08 I wonder who Julia is.

  • Avery Young
    Avery Young 10 hours ago +2

    i just love the fact that all of these characters have something that would be considered "weird" about them by society, like deckard's speech impediment and heterochromia, or bee's symptoms of depression, or the fact that cass is a coding student with has stable income, and that these things are also casually added to side characters without a big dramatic reveal around it. tis is what makes all the characters in this show seem so real and human

  • Gabriel dosesomething
    Gabriel dosesomething 11 hours ago

    32:09 when i try to draw something cute

  • Sweet Dog
    Sweet Dog 11 hours ago


  • Ella Vyas
    Ella Vyas 12 hours ago

    oi so my personal theory on why deckard's donut went bad is cause he didn't 'put all his hopes and dreams' in it. he has depression and probably finds it difficult to visualise a positive outcome for the donut. this is explained so badly but hopefully you get the gist lmao

  • iFlameGaming
    iFlameGaming 12 hours ago

    i acuatlly just started to watch this but i love this already

  • Brier Saunders
    Brier Saunders 13 hours ago

    This show should be called bee and Oliver

  • Torey Hyman
    Torey Hyman 13 hours ago

    so i can carry on watching tmr....

  • Guadalupe Merino
    Guadalupe Merino 15 hours ago

    my ass!!! my ASS!! MY assssssssss

  • Valee •-•
    Valee •-• 16 hours ago

    43:44 ''RisE N' sHiNe''

  • Sergey Hornet
    Sergey Hornet 17 hours ago

    классный мультик, смотрел с удовольствием! Спасибо авторам!

  • BooM Pow
    BooM Pow 18 hours ago

    This is the cutest thing on the internet

  • An animating idiot
    An animating idiot 19 hours ago

    "im gonna bite you and talk about my ex wife!"
    Toast is a lesbian yesss

    • Ella Vyas
      Ella Vyas 12 hours ago

      okay but who actually thought toast was a straight girl? like for real?
      she has the lesbian vibes they are truly undeniable

  • Eddministrator Lam
    Eddministrator Lam 20 hours ago

    I love EVERYTHING about this show. Honestly, make this a 400 episodes, 10 seasons long and I would still be watching it.

  • Ruin Maker
    Ruin Maker 20 hours ago

    Me: oh look a nice pg cartoon
    Puppycat; My AsS
    MY Ass
    My ASS!

  • yarden calif
    yarden calif 21 hour ago +1

    I'm having a lot of fun imagining this whole series with Puppycat in his real form

  • Mel Dey
    Mel Dey 22 hours ago +2

    I. am so. invested. *I need more*

  • Gacha Cake
    Gacha Cake 23 hours ago

    *MY ASS*

  • Sloth Cat
    Sloth Cat 23 hours ago

    Where is ittttt

  • Nabihah Phonic
    Nabihah Phonic Day ago

    Puppycat sounds Like Hatsune Miku!!!!

  • Candii Doggie
    Candii Doggie Day ago

    *_little did we know her dream on the first episode revealed the endiing_*

  • Arly Quinn
    Arly Quinn Day ago

    This is how much Deckard likes Bee

  • Kitty Shemo
    Kitty Shemo Day ago

    MY ASSSS!!!

  • abby grace
    abby grace Day ago

    i love this

  • Tamakos Animootions UwU

    This is the best cartoon I’ve ever seen,
    I love how innocent it seems at first but PuppyCat starts screaming,”ass”

  • Purple Pearl
    Purple Pearl Day ago

    So. Why have I never known about this till now?

  • Amber Relic
    Amber Relic Day ago

    How the hell did I just realize puppycat was the prince???

  • a very loop
    a very loop Day ago

    this show is like a mix between steven universe and adventure time, both in terms of animation and storytelling

    • Avery Young
      Avery Young 10 hours ago

      hi me

    • A Pancake's Channel
      A Pancake's Channel Day ago

      Exactly like it's style reminds me of Steven Universe but the humor reminds me of Adventure Time

  • fiona grace
    fiona grace Day ago

    43:40 almost made me cry

  • fiona grace
    fiona grace Day ago

    Nobody :
    No one :
    Puppy cat : MY ASSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • Pascualie Cruz
    Pascualie Cruz Day ago

    Deckard is so cute

  • nello
    nello 2 days ago

    i really cant wait to see more of this cartoon :

  • Metic_ll
    Metic_ll 2 days ago

    This series it's making me cry so bad.

  • The spoopy Zodiac ʕ•̫͡•

    Is it just me but does bee remind me of Mabel from gravity falls?

  • Manya Tiwari
    Manya Tiwari 2 days ago +1

    why has this been on my recommended for a year and a half

    • Ella Vyas
      Ella Vyas 12 hours ago

      the real question is why didn't you watch it sooner than you did 😂

  • Vivi maidotsukiVA
    Vivi maidotsukiVA 2 days ago +1

    sooooooooo is Lazy in Space still planned for 2019? asking for a fan, who is me

  • Blackblaze animation
    Blackblaze animation 2 days ago +1

    I feel like mineta from my hero acidemia turned into this crab

  • Bread with face
    Bread with face 2 days ago

    Just go to 30:49

  • Erc
    Erc 2 days ago

    I’m ten minutes in, so from what I’ve seen this is about a girl call Bee who makes out with her puppycat

  • pan can 2
    pan can 2 2 days ago +1

    The tuning on Oliver as PuppyCat for this series is absolutely phenomenal.

  • AlphaNathan Online
    AlphaNathan Online 2 days ago

    I love how I can screenshot on almost every key frame and it will look amazing enough to be a wallpaper

    NIGIST MEKISSO 2 days ago

    shes a robot Woah!!!

  • chimin
    chimin 2 days ago

    “Who wants to make a million babies with me”
    Me: Desperate much aren’t you

  • Floofer Derp
    Floofer Derp 2 days ago

    Just finished. YAY

  • Ingrid López Rosete
    Ingrid López Rosete 2 days ago +1

    58:52 What the heck just happened, can anyone explain?

  • Kindestkid Gt
    Kindestkid Gt 2 days ago +1

    *I gOtTa fArt aNd bArF*

  • Kindestkid Gt
    Kindestkid Gt 2 days ago

    you smell like a dog
    yOu LoOk liKe a dOG

  • Yessu Emmanuel
    Yessu Emmanuel 3 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for the octupus and the kid and his mom :(

  • Carrots
    Carrots 3 days ago

    the last episode always makes me cry, im going to show this to my brothers if i get the chance :') ^_^

  • Carrots
    Carrots 3 days ago +18

    "stay here"
    "kiss eachother"
    "go on a date"
    I love how he says this so casually lmao

  • ゆりEtika
    ゆりEtika 3 days ago

    Confusing but cute :T

  • JustSomeGuy
    JustSomeGuy 3 days ago +1

    When you accidentally sit on a lego: 30:51
    Also I want more bird and puppycat

  • M E
    M E 3 days ago

    36:11 puppycat your shoulders are so hard like stale bread.
    53:14 foreshadowing

  • M E
    M E 3 days ago

    35:51 puppycat is now a cursed image

  • mo ko
    mo ko 3 days ago

    Who wants to make a million babys with that bug?

  • Kookie Flower
    Kookie Flower 3 days ago

    Why does puppycat sound like Len

  • Lilyfern The Cat
    Lilyfern The Cat 3 days ago

    19:56 there’s a dog in a cat suit