Passage on ferry BLUE STAR PATMOS, Piraeus - Ródos (Blue Star Ferries)


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  • jeff wreck
    jeff wreck 4 months ago

    we saw the nissos chios arrive in mykonos last month and were amazed that it arrived, unloaded, loaded and departed within 10 minutes...crazy!

  • Apostolos Micharikopoulos

    Good evening. Very nice video. Thank you for advertising Greek shipping. I believe that if Mr. Panagopoulos hasn’t left, the founder of superfast - Blue star would have been better or if his son had continued!! I send you the link to mine youtube channel if you want to prescribe and watch a video. Friendly Apostolos Micharikopoulos.

  • κόσμος xάος
    κόσμος xάος 4 months ago

    PATMOS 🇬🇷💫

  • Thomas Steffien
    Thomas Steffien 5 months ago

    Nice, impressive High-Quality Video - nice Shots of Ships, the Sea and Ports -
    looks like "Nissos Chios" is going full Steam - digging her Bows under, and having a wave pattern almost as long as her hull... a little Ferry-Race?
    oh by the way - that "Wallenius Wilhelmsen" i saw her on videos this year in Baltimore, Southhampton and passing the Japan Inland Seaway ... a busy Ship...

  • Erik Wulf
    Erik Wulf 5 months ago

    Ich habe schon drauf gewartet, dass du mal auf ne Blue Star Fähre gehst :). Cooles Video

  • Bertil Lundin
    Bertil Lundin 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this nice ferry trip to Rhodes! Great footage and edit!
    I see that there are comments on the Nissos Chios. It didn't look good and I thought she was too heavy in the bow due to cargo.
    Have a nice week!

  • Robin Reinhardt
    Robin Reinhardt 5 months ago

    Warum schiebt Nissos Chios so So n Welle ?

  • Robin Reinhardt
    Robin Reinhardt 5 months ago

    10:40 Kopernic 😍

  • 25musicmaker
    25musicmaker 5 months ago +2

    Nice shots! It seems mv Nissos Chios is overspeeding it's design speed.

    • Ian OTimelord
      Ian OTimelord 5 months ago

      Oh over speeding....I thought maybe they had too much ballast in the bow.