N.O.R.E. Taste-Tests Beer Cocktails | That's Odd, Let's Drink It

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
  • N.O.R.E. is a man of many talents-golden-era rap legend, primetime podcaster (Drink Champs), and host of the different type of food show, the First We Feast-presented "On the Run Eating." To celebrate this history of mixing things up in the hip-hop game, brewmaster Sam Calagione takes him to a New York City mixology hub to try nouveau beer blends-think upgrades on the classic black and tan-and get his own signature beer cocktail, featuring some of N.O.R.E.'s favorite ingredients.
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Comments • 300

  • Alyssa Pearn
    Alyssa Pearn 19 days ago

    Love nore...I'll watched anything he's in, funny guy!

  • diva1675
    diva1675 2 months ago

    Beautiful manicure 💅 she has. Classic

  • Matt Martineau
    Matt Martineau 2 months ago

    German styles: Festbok, and, maibok... good mixing.

  • Garegh62
    Garegh62 2 months ago

    Is the whole point of Hip Hop to dress like somebody threw you into a mismatched pile of clothes/jewelry? Or... did the circus just come into town?

  • Garegh62
    Garegh62 2 months ago

    Legendary who? Never fucking heard of him. But, then again? I don't listen to that shit. It's not music, it's a repetitive drum/bass beat with talking over the top of it because they can't fucking sing.

  • SBakerNYC
    SBakerNYC 6 months ago

    "Circus in my mouth"...NORE is such a fucking legend

  • Kevin Dube
    Kevin Dube 7 months ago

    The lighting almost makes it look like NORE actually has hair

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f 9 months ago

    In real life Puff Daddy and Dre didn't make a baby , despite they try for several times 😂

    KRISPY BEATS 9 months ago

    nice video :)

  • thesuperfatty
    thesuperfatty 9 months ago

    Hes allowed to be drunk all the time he made dog fish 90 😂

  • 20k Scratcher
    20k Scratcher 10 months ago

    why dont they combine hot ones with this?

  • youveronicatube
    youveronicatube 10 months ago

    This is an awful commercial but I love NORE

  • Montalvo Monteka
    Montalvo Monteka 11 months ago

    Only New York Niggas can make an outfit of today look like it’s from 1996 I love you Nore though 🤣🤣🙅🏽‍♂️ hope you tapped that White chick bartender

  • EURK
    EURK 11 months ago

    My nigga nore will never change

    KENNY KA$H 11 months ago

    Nore game for anything, much respect!

    BLOOD1MONEY 11 months ago

    *lol he wasn't lying about Budweiser being our beer that's my first beer after I became legal of age that is now I drink some cheap shit called Natty daddy*

  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez 11 months ago

    The host is always drunk

  • RSPDiver
    RSPDiver 11 months ago

    I sincerely and honestly appreciate how NORE appreciates the airport dynamic of culture. I’m a HUGE people watcher and that struck a chord. I love watching people experience shit they didn’t expect.

  • Lucas McMillan
    Lucas McMillan 11 months ago

    is great

  • Emiliyan Yankov
    Emiliyan Yankov 11 months ago

    All the goons on his show bring him down, but NORE on his own seems like a nice dude :)

  • Duilio Bello
    Duilio Bello Year ago

    WoWw :)

  • Mad Jack
    Mad Jack Year ago

    You gotta relax

  • Travis Randle
    Travis Randle Year ago


  • z Scuzzy
    z Scuzzy Year ago

    nore meant to say that drink was like if young buck + da tranny made a baby

  • z Scuzzy
    z Scuzzy Year ago

    nore meant to say that drink was like if young buck + da tranny made a baby

  • z Scuzzy
    z Scuzzy Year ago

    nore meant to say that drink was like if young buck + da tranny made a baby

  • Johnnie Walker
    Johnnie Walker Year ago

    No need to say pause nore. He aint qualified. Sigel voice

  • dannyjizay
    dannyjizay Year ago

    Dogfish Head and NORE? Two of my favorite things that I never thought I'd see together!

  • Jesus HelpMe
    Jesus HelpMe Year ago

    Does anyone know if Nore going to do another Food Show episode?

  • The One
    The One Year ago

    That was dope

  • Leo Katak
    Leo Katak Year ago

    Sam also looks like a mixture of Alexander Skarsgard and Chris Pratt

  • rick spalding
    rick spalding Year ago

    dogfish and victory breweries are the most overrated breweries on the planet

  • Connor Cannon
    Connor Cannon Year ago

    What the fuck is this nore a fuckin commercial? You gotta relax 😂

  • Crafty Vegetarian83

    ok, now i'm thirsty.

  • stickshiftt
    stickshiftt Year ago

    Dear Beer guy, his name is pronounced 'NORIE' ....dude pronounced his name like the stuff you rap sushi in. Haha

  • p90x Mike Cetola
    p90x Mike Cetola Year ago

    Fuck liquor..legalize marijuana

  • Samantha Warren
    Samantha Warren Year ago

    Hennessey? Lmao that's racist. 😆

  • Ben Miles
    Ben Miles Year ago

    i fucking love dogfish and i fucking love 90s hip hop this is fucking perfect

  • Marathon TV
    Marathon TV Year ago

    It Fukin fantasy 😆nore b funny as hell

  • Adventure Discovery

    This guy is wasted off the 2nd round.

  • Wayne D
    Wayne D Year ago

    imma try that new castle brown x sierra nevada mixture. Both those beers are amazing

  • Cutivetti Savage
    Cutivetti Savage Year ago

    This Shit is DOPE!!! ruclip.com/video/J29AxPF2tw4/video.html

  • LaMeazyA Washington


  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia Year ago

    NORE is fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adventures of a Dedman

    holy shit @9:44 +KTO s music lol

  • Houndstooth
    Houndstooth Year ago

    The Michelada, the best beer cocktail

  • V 12
    V 12 Year ago

    This was awkward for some reason

  • Tilla Mookie
    Tilla Mookie Year ago

    Uncle nore is a person you can put into any setting and he'll make friends! wish I was blessed with that characteristic.

  • Yung Drako
    Yung Drako Year ago

    But where drink champs at?

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 Year ago

    That Pale Ale is something serious... lets just say Im a light beer drinker. THAT STUFF WILL GET U FUCKED UP if you're not careful! But I funny thing is, I saw a plug on King of Queens with a sign on the wall at their favorite bar on the wall. It was that episode when they were serving the 'Deacon Sub Sandwich' that Doug was jealous of because he didn't have one anymore. Was like 2001, LOL!

  • John & Dora
    John & Dora Year ago +1


  • Aidan Craig
    Aidan Craig Year ago

    Never heard of nore but he seems cool. Great episode as usual

    • Here We are
      Here We are 8 months ago

      Watch his podcast drink champs. Its pretty hilarious.

  • Cloudy Nights
    Cloudy Nights Year ago

    I need me a raging bitch ipa asap!!

  • King Tony
    King Tony Year ago

    Loving those shades...anyone knows the designer and model ? Thanks in advance

  • Adam Robles
    Adam Robles Year ago

    nore kuu

  • sfgiants5486
    sfgiants5486 Year ago

    NORE is a legend

  • M Walker
    M Walker Year ago

    That drink at the end looks OFFICIAL!!! I need to try that...

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317 Year ago

    You gotta relaxxx

  • L Lugo
    L Lugo Year ago

    Host sounds wasted lol

  • Chris St
    Chris St Year ago

    that face at 9:23 D8