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  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    Just For Laughs Gags NEW | 2019 BEST FUNNY FRANKS
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  • Kris Ea
    Kris Ea 5 months ago +258

    Just for laugh gags is the best prank video maker. I love watching your videos whenever I feel bored. Thank you team and God bless all of you. Love from Tamil Nadu, India.

    • Joop Juwett
      Joop Juwett 4 days ago


    • rainbowsmars lz
      rainbowsmars lz 4 days ago

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    • Swat Aman News
      Swat Aman News Month ago


    • Swat Aman News
      Swat Aman News Month ago

      Kris Ea hi

    • Gideon F
      Gideon F 3 months ago +1

      @Kris Ea, you thanked the right creators in a pirated video.

  • Canadian Joy
    Canadian Joy Day ago

    wow so refreshing to watch after a long day's work in the back yard!

  • just do it dont give up

    Can someone tell me the name of the girl fro 1:10 for project purposes only thanks

  • KameiD
    KameiD 3 days ago

    wow so refreshing to watch after a long day's work!

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 3 days ago

    فصلها في البصرة 25مليون وفي العمارة20 مليون وبالناصرية18مليون اسعار ثابتةبدون تنزيلات

  • Waraabe Cadde
    Waraabe Cadde 3 days ago +1

    I think 🤔 Mohamed Salah showed in 1:35.

    OMARI AMIRI 3 days ago

    Respect to you just for lough gags am from Tanzanian I like your works

  • Tonycha Malone
    Tonycha Malone 4 days ago +1

    i ice cream one mad me slightly uncomfortable

  • lin liu
    lin liu 4 days ago

    哈哈哈哈哈哈 你们美国人真会玩

  • Epiphany K
    Epiphany K 4 days ago

    nice lol

  • Murat Çavuş
    Murat Çavuş 4 days ago

    I rudely condemn a comedy...You a big dislike...I'm From Turkey...

  • Carlos Sandoval
    Carlos Sandoval 5 days ago

    my new girlfriend 2:21

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 5 days ago


  • 송사라
    송사라 5 days ago

    OMGGGGGG 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TS
    TS 5 days ago

    6:14 👌👍

  • habsha alebel
    habsha alebel 6 days ago


  • Pouria Soorena
    Pouria Soorena 8 days ago

    It is not a funny video...im sorry for you🤬

  • Matthew Siewers
    Matthew Siewers 8 days ago +1

    seriously react at that door crashing part

  • Tarek Mestou
    Tarek Mestou 9 days ago

    Well .... it is not that funny ... it used to be more creative and more fun ... we don't see this here

  • Margie Shelton
    Margie Shelton 9 days ago

    laughing tiredly

  • fabian santana
    fabian santana 10 days ago

    New girl? Super pretty.

  • Аня Аня
    Аня Аня 10 days ago

    Спасибо,повеселили,российским пенсионерам на Урале полезно посмеяться! Особенно в день получения пенсии😆

  • amrita srivastava
    amrita srivastava 11 days ago +3

    Their is good people in foreign i know now by seeing this just for laugh.u r presenting a goood image of person of foreigner. I m from india

    • pk tech
      pk tech 11 days ago

      Aur indian prank 80 per pre planed hote h 🙄

  • Amsterdame De Rotterdame

    @ThanksQuebec's Teams//We're love you !!!***Just for lagh***Love&like/amsterdame999@gmail.com////>>>>>>>

  • top10 day topic
    top10 day topic 12 days ago

    Funny video, Nice!

  • LogicPak
    LogicPak 12 days ago +1

    I was eating my dinner when I put this on ... had to leave it . First clip was just 😱🤮🤮🤢

  • Nasrizal Nasir
    Nasrizal Nasir 14 days ago +1

    8:34 she so beauty. name plsss...

  • seagate general
    seagate general 15 days ago

    Any one to know, whats kind of the song in 04.29

  • Talit Aslam
    Talit Aslam 16 days ago +2

    Should get an Oscar
    Best , always

  • Apoly Chanu
    Apoly Chanu 16 days ago

    ruclip.com/video/d0heuTjKvsc/video.html guys check this prank

  • Gospel explosion with Dwight

    I dont like the idea of been gay our creator forbids it

    • Chaina Jean
      Chaina Jean 14 days ago

      Gospel explosion with Dwight you want a cookie?

  • Destaw Gebeyaw
    Destaw Gebeyaw 17 days ago


  • jungkook Bts
    jungkook Bts 18 days ago


  • Stephen Cruz
    Stephen Cruz 19 days ago +1

    Plss shout out for me i like ur all prank😊😊 hit this if u agree👍👍

  • the truth
    the truth 21 day ago

    I used to be a subscriber until you started putting all this homosexual shit in there now it's straight garbage

  • Thoma Hauhnar
    Thoma Hauhnar 23 days ago

    Is that Salah??😆😆

  • Азамат Кыргыз


  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 24 days ago

    Dennis is my hero.
    I Love canadian's woman's

  • Yiannis Efthymiou
    Yiannis Efthymiou 25 days ago

    They say that laughing...increase life duration!!!

  • Setu Tv
    Setu Tv 26 days ago

    ভালো তো ভালো না

  • Tom Draw Channel
    Tom Draw Channel 26 days ago

    too much sex jokes

  • ya1nizam _pg
    ya1nizam _pg 26 days ago

    Instagram .._musayev99_..

  • Aazavius Keller
    Aazavius Keller 29 days ago +2

    That first one was turning me on lol

  • Jennifer lorence
    Jennifer lorence Month ago

    3:49 she is verry hot like bo

  • Jennifer lorence
    Jennifer lorence Month ago +2

    1:26 she is verry verry cute.i love you i like you baby so pretty

  • Ислам Исламич

    Чтоб снять ролик такую тачку испортить ...

  • Dj Emilly Vitoria
    Dj Emilly Vitoria Month ago


  • Anmol Fans clubs
    Anmol Fans clubs Month ago

    Love from nepal 💞🇳🇵

  • Tabish Asad Khan
    Tabish Asad Khan Month ago

    Country name plzzz

  • Tabish Asad Khan
    Tabish Asad Khan Month ago

    This video related which country

  • poging lamig
    poging lamig Month ago

    ayos petmalu 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭



  • TFXX
    TFXX Month ago


  • Jhanrenald Legaspi
    Jhanrenald Legaspi Month ago

    This is one of the best prank just for laugh team thanks

  • Treblinka Zyklon - B

    🍹 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Karna Moktan
    Karna Moktan Month ago

    Hahahaha too much fun

  • Franco de Villiers
    Franco de Villiers Month ago

    Ew at the first one!

  • Eva Nur
    Eva Nur Month ago


  • ء დ
    ء დ Month ago +1