Kevin Durant Eats Snake with Serge Ibaka | How Hungry Are You?

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant eats snake with former teammate Serge Ibaka as the two discuss Durant’s devastating injury in the NBA Finals, his relationship with Russell Westbrook and what would’ve happened if they all stayed together in OKC on the premiere of ‘How Hungry Are You?’ From BR x Samsung
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  • Kevon Strachan
    Kevon Strachan 6 hours ago

    That’s what I call ring talk and harden and Westbrook ain’t invited

  • Itz Circuit
    Itz Circuit 12 hours ago

    4:00 dats a bucket

  • thelarry sty
    thelarry sty 14 hours ago

    Best episode so far. You can just tell they're super close and comfortable with each other. Bros for life.

  • NormMacdonald Clips
    NormMacdonald Clips 15 hours ago

    3:20 you remember? Lmao what 😂😂😂 like he forgot 😅😅😅💀

  • Del O
    Del O 19 hours ago

    This is the best one so far! 😂 love him and KD’s interaction with each other. Always liked KD but this made me remember why I liked him!

  • Jorgie.bats19
    Jorgie.bats19 Day ago

    Makes me love serg even more

  • Katie L
    Katie L Day ago

    Serge so fine congolese men are beautiful

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Day ago +2

    Next episode: eating prosthetic legs with Derrick Rose

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Day ago +1

    Next episode: eating Goat chops with Brian Scalabrine and Kwame Brown

  • BT35H1
    BT35H1 2 days ago

    This was dope

  • Habiba
    Habiba 2 days ago

    When I tell you I peed (just a little) on myself when Serge made the comment about people KD not being a snake and snake not eating snakes, opened the lid and KD said: "'ll be a snake today"? I hollered and peed 😂😂😂 This was the most hilarious episode. They're really bros, grew up together in OKC and their bond is genuine, you can tell. Serge really got KD to be himself. Not the KD people see on TV, not the KD whose comments are often taken and twisted to make him sound "weird" or like a "whiner". To be fair, at times he has said things and reacted in a way that didn't make him look in the best light but when that happened it was always because of the media constantly rehashing stuff or making a big deal of some stuff, and folks questioning his character. Just like some singers who don't like doing interview rounds or even performing, both often due to anxiety, and also because they just want to sing and let the music be their business card. They don't care for the sides of celebrity that make you a commodity for people who help you make the music, help sell it, fans who consume it. And, honestly, they shouldn' have to. Nobody is entitled to an artist's life because he/she makes music. We have to accept and allow "celebrities" to not be comfortable with these aspects of their success because it is not easy for anyone and for many, it is torture. Folks then say "they asked for it. They put themselves out there". It's true if you are talking about celebrities whose claim to fame was not a particular talent. Not that they don't have any, but they chose to put themselves as the product to consume. What I am talking about are artists/athletes who have a gift and share it to the world through their songs and performance on the field, but who also would like the spotlight to stay on that rather than be on them personally. That's KD. Of course, he appreciates some of the perks that come with being one of the best ballers in the world - and he earned them - but he also just wants to play ball, not talk about what pundits are saying about him on their sports shows throughout the day, not about a simple miscommunication and a disagreement with a friend and former teammate that turned into every sports media soap opera show of the year, not about whether he would leave the Warriors just as he was starting his 3rd season with them, looking for a three-peat. Things like that. He has been labeled so many things these past 4 years by fans and the media but he didn't care, and they were bothered that he didn't care, so they created a narrative in which he cared so much about all of this that he was too sensitive. Maybe he is sensitive. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of people talk a lot of crap about him on their big platforms and if/when he has the gall to respond even just one time, they start feeling themselves, thinking they have a "gotcha moment" and go on talking more crap about him. I love that in an environment like this one, with a brother who he knows genuinely loves him, and whom he genuinely loves, his comments are not going to be twisted, nobody is setting a trap for him, and he can talk freely, be himself and the result is an awesome interview with a lot of truths (some fun, some happy, some painful) told through laughter. And it was made possible by the genuine love and respect they have for each other. I love it! Thank you, Serge aka Mafouzzi Chef

  • Solomon Bello
    Solomon Bello 2 days ago

    Next episode: eating goat with Alex Caruso

  • Luny GotSkillz
    Luny GotSkillz 2 days ago

    🐍Snake eating a snake : Epic

  • Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry

    KD is a cannibal?

  • ShanRDRIZZY23
    ShanRDRIZZY23 2 days ago

    Serge cooked up kd

  • Supreme x Kaii
    Supreme x Kaii 2 days ago

    Next ep: laughing with kawhi

  • dwabi capiche
    dwabi capiche 3 days ago +1

    Next episode: Eating hair with Alex Caruso

    • LIL AciD
      LIL AciD 2 days ago

      eating goat with Alex Caruso

    KV WORLD 3 days ago

    Lmao kd funny asf 😂😂😂

  • Geremia t
    Geremia t 4 days ago +1

    Up next: serge ibaka eats bricks with russ

    SPACE•TIME 4 days ago

    This was nice to watch man...

  • Natalie 8
    Natalie 8 4 days ago

    Im just here 4 his accent

  • EliteCactus13 8
    EliteCactus13 8 4 days ago

    KD is a cannibal

  • 1jordanx *
    1jordanx * 4 days ago

    kd should try to win a ship wit every team 😂

  • Deniz Bingöl
    Deniz Bingöl 4 days ago +11

    Next episode:
    Serge Ibaka eats lizard with Russell Westbrook

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money 5 days ago


  • Kiel Antonio
    Kiel Antonio 6 days ago +6

    Next Episode: Lebron James Eat GOAT

    • Eiven
      Eiven 2 days ago

      Goat not eat goat. So he no goat 😂

    • Paul Williams
      Paul Williams 3 days ago

      Kiel Antonio he’s not the goat stop this

  • Tiffany Gibbons
    Tiffany Gibbons 6 days ago +2

    Wow .. it’s crazy because I, too, am single .. wild 😂

  • one of one
    one of one 6 days ago

    Serge is perfection ❤

  • Brandy McBride
    Brandy McBride 6 days ago

    I don't know any of them but this show was amazing

  • Aaron Francisco
    Aaron Francisco 6 days ago

    5:31 WHAT IT DO

  • money liston
    money liston 6 days ago

    NExt episode eating rats with 69

  • Doctor Aids
    Doctor Aids 7 days ago

    Kd talks like he's a well deserved champ but he joined a 73 and 9 team. Meanwhile Serge actually worked for it.

  • Lukutu Erick
    Lukutu Erick 7 days ago

    Wow I love that

  • Enha Akonjee
    Enha Akonjee 7 days ago

    Snakes do eat other snakes wtf is he talking about

    • Enha Akonjee
      Enha Akonjee 6 days ago

      @Nishanth ok but still incorrect

    • Nishanth
      Nishanth 6 days ago

      @Enha Akonjee man's just tryna bring some content lmao

    • Enha Akonjee
      Enha Akonjee 6 days ago

      @Nishanth a lot do

    • Nishanth
      Nishanth 6 days ago

      shut up nobody cares

  • Hady Diallo
    Hady Diallo 7 days ago

    Kev a nice dude

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry Zhang 7 days ago

    GSW actually won that game, amazing.

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone 8 days ago

    He was trying so hard to save KD from the snake syndrome.

  • Shannon-Marie M Rabathaly

    Serge Ibaka is soooo fine 😍

  • markwest1987
    markwest1987 9 days ago

    From a Raps fan, hope you heal up soon KD! The league is more exciting with you in it...glad there's no hard feelings from last year's run. So happy Serge got a ring, he is so awesome.

  • Ateup88
    Ateup88 9 days ago +2

    Next episode: eating curry with Steph Curry

  • Keith Turban
    Keith Turban 9 days ago

    Nice video ...LOL

  • Keith Turban
    Keith Turban 9 days ago

    LOL.....KD : are you single ? .......Serge : abla espanyol por pabor ...Lol

  • PrinceRPG
    PrinceRPG 9 days ago +11

    I feel like I’m watching an african uncle talking to his nephew 😂

  • CEO_GetBucketz
    CEO_GetBucketz 9 days ago +19

    “Maybe we get a ring together”
    **adam silver has joined the chat

  • FlyingArmBar 24/7
    FlyingArmBar 24/7 10 days ago


  • Billy Long Nguyen
    Billy Long Nguyen 10 days ago

    serge funny af

  • MaxxtheGod
    MaxxtheGod 10 days ago


  • ritamix33
    ritamix33 10 days ago

    English is terrible

  • Aritul
    Aritul 10 days ago

    I don't think that I'll ever be that hungry.

  • Justin webb
    Justin webb 10 days ago

    So not only is KD a snake, but a cannibal as well....gross.

  • K1ng Khab1r
    K1ng Khab1r 11 days ago

    *Thats cannibalism*

  • kmusic
    kmusic 11 days ago

    they inviting snakes on this show now....smh

  • SAO2K
    SAO2K 11 days ago

    Okc teammates

  • Mauro Firmino
    Mauro Firmino 11 days ago

    Amazing and fun!!! LOL

  • Lakers 4Life
    Lakers 4Life 11 days ago

    Next Episode: Serge Ibaka Builds A Wall With John Wall featuring Donald Trump

  • TheTiLe CheLi
    TheTiLe CheLi 11 days ago

    come on serge and kev you have to join the rockets !!!!!! thats going to be lethal

  • mongosaur TV
    mongosaur TV 12 days ago

    Do eating bricks with russell westbrook

  • KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole

    Dude props to this! Good vibes and he actually asks hectic questions I dig it

  • Gara75 YT
    Gara75 YT 12 days ago +1

    "I guess ima snake today"

  • teezy lol
    teezy lol 13 days ago