• Stewie2k tries out the Negev in CS:GO!
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  • SynTV CS:GO & More!
    SynTV CS:GO & More!  2 months ago +87

    random fact: Pasha named his dog negev

  • miguel 15
    miguel 15 Month ago

    5:45 crosshair / streamer? plz

  • ReaperYT
    ReaperYT 2 months ago +2

    Did you know is a scamm site?

  • Kevin Ytb
    Kevin Ytb 2 months ago

    Question: what kind of video settings are they using? How do i get that crispy background cuz whenever i look around anywhere the graphics kinda looks noisy i dont have any problems with fps i put mine on 300 fps max and my monitor is 75hz and im playing the game on max settings but somehow theres like full of noise in the graphics

  • xdAzur
    xdAzur 2 months ago +5

    when Moe said Stu-wee I felt that

  • Trunks So2
    Trunks So2 2 months ago


  • hoggi
    hoggi 2 months ago +7

    5:45 crosshair?

    • Wade
      Wade Month ago

      crosshair style 3
      crosshair gap -3
      crosshair size 1.5
      crosshair thickness 1.5

    • Beelul
      Beelul 2 months ago

      Look up shox’s

  • Lucas Nicoara
    Lucas Nicoara 2 months ago

    Latest video got removed

  • Roger Newman
    Roger Newman 2 months ago


    nice vid

  • Ra1lgun ttv
    Ra1lgun ttv 2 months ago

    Can valve unban ex ibp players? (Swag,steel,dazed)

  • Devil Memov
    Devil Memov 2 months ago this is God. Он бог

  • Mark Rathod
    Mark Rathod 2 months ago


  • Nirmal Das
    Nirmal Das 2 months ago

    Hold on the guy before Jason’s. Wasn’t he caught up in a scam and is being sued for it?

  • Sneaky Edits
    Sneaky Edits 2 months ago


  • amp
    amp 2 months ago

    negev could actually be meta if people used it right

    • Seno rac
      Seno rac 2 months ago

      not really lol. theres nothing about its cost that would make it meta. has high dmg but low rate of fire compared to other weapons. cant find a single reason why it would be meta

  • t0baalCSGO 8
    t0baalCSGO 8 2 months ago

    aleksi sexy boy HAHAHA

  • callum wardle
    callum wardle 2 months ago

    Dose steel still play Professionally?

  • Alexander F.
    Alexander F. 2 months ago +6

    "Make sure to-" → → → → → →

  • TheCoyoteHunter
    TheCoyoteHunter 2 months ago

    Why does JasonR not play against guys his level???

  • Yasin Akbulut
    Yasin Akbulut 2 months ago

    nice video

  • Term Taepaisitphongse
    Term Taepaisitphongse 2 months ago +4

    can someone please explain the back story to why fallen was so excited?

  • M Urwah Shahid
    M Urwah Shahid 2 months ago

    Mibr barely won against a pug team

  • zoinks!
    zoinks! 2 months ago

    Truly loving the smooya and steel chemistry, they seem like they are having a blast together.

  • VoirLeJour
    VoirLeJour 2 months ago

  • ЙА ШеоЙА
    ЙА ШеоЙА 2 months ago

    csgopolygon promo ez 1$: YUNG8

  • Danilo Brajovic
    Danilo Brajovic 2 months ago +1

    -broky +aleksi ez major for faze

  • brn b
    brn b 2 months ago +7

    2:10 radar hax xaxaxaxaxa

    • ParaOG
      ParaOG 2 months ago

      No he is streaming and he dosnt wan enemy to know where his teammate is

  • Slash*-*
    Slash*-* 2 months ago +11

    1:07 who's slash? It says Team slash and I'm getting existential crisis rn

    • vxslo
      vxslo 2 months ago

      does it acc matter it could literally be a steam or faceit group

  • zach 56
    zach 56 2 months ago +6

    When that guy gets an ace with the ssg i just said to myself like it wasn't that impressive.

    • gottfer
      gottfer 2 months ago +2

      I Don't see any impressive play at all honestly

  • Ruzgar Yılmaz
    Ruzgar Yılmaz 2 months ago

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  • mabert ·
    mabert · 2 months ago

    im too master of negev

    • Dragon
      Dragon 2 months ago +1

      But u r not stew so no one gives a shit about u

  • ROi Games
    ROi Games 2 months ago +4

    5:53-5:37 crosshair??

  • korneeelius
    korneeelius 2 months ago

    Aleksib best

  • Log Jimi
    Log Jimi 2 months ago +113

    2:53 me and the boys get finally gold Nova 1

    • Dilawar Singh
      Dilawar Singh 2 months ago +1


    • Ri koz
      Ri koz 2 months ago +1

      Me finally dmg

    • Skreet
      Skreet 2 months ago +5

      Me and the boys finally getting gold nova master and getting rekt by spin botters next match

  • Temuujin Enkhtaivan
    Temuujin Enkhtaivan 2 months ago

    erkast is best

  • X y L o
    X y L o 2 months ago +2

    3:28 treamer name pls

    SMALLZ 2 months ago

    Nice vid man!

  • Y
    Y 2 months ago

    hahaha, omg

  • Yifan
    Yifan 2 months ago +1

    Why u guys can be good on 16:9

  • Saints ELL1PSE
    Saints ELL1PSE 2 months ago

    NC video like always

  • FraysXD
    FraysXD 2 months ago +32

    why is jason always playing against bot lol

    • Eddy
      Eddy 2 months ago +3

      because he only plays against his viewers and subs, he has his own hub in faceit.

    • Spectru
      Spectru 2 months ago +1

      Jason is in another league bro ...he's aim is sent from the gods i swear

    • Spectru
      Spectru 2 months ago +1

      @Pooty - 😂😂😂you cant be serious

    • ****
      **** 2 months ago +9

      @Pooty - any sources

    • Pooty -
      Pooty - 2 months ago +3

      He uses trigger bot he’s bullshit

  • DeaglezZ
    DeaglezZ 2 months ago +1

    Aleksib is so cringe holy shit

  • Mek MangaMoon
    Mek MangaMoon 2 months ago

    I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now and just realized i haven’t had subscribed yet. 😂😂 More power for this channel

  • Rareş Cocea
    Rareş Cocea 2 months ago +28

    That reaction after Fer clutch tho.

    • Sanchir Bazarsad
      Sanchir Bazarsad Month ago

      Was that something special? Like they won a bet or something? Why was Fallen so hyped?

    • 양민
      양민 2 months ago +5

      i love brazillions' reactions

    • Mat EVO7
      Mat EVO7 2 months ago +7


  • Alif Adli
    Alif Adli 2 months ago +7

    anyone know smithz crosshair ?

    • owld max
      owld max 2 months ago

      Isnt it implemented in the crashz crosshair generator? Or is it outdated

    • Alif Adli
      Alif Adli 2 months ago

      Jack Kelly that will be very helpful bro,tyvm.

    • Jack Kelly
      Jack Kelly 2 months ago +1

      Alif Adli I just had to follow to change mine. I’ll try to send it later today because I still have it saved

    • Alif Adli
      Alif Adli 2 months ago

      Jack Kelly need to subscribe first lol

    • Jack Kelly
      Jack Kelly 2 months ago

      Alif Adli go on his stream and write crosshair

  • Asznee Adil BobDylan556 Shogun


  • GuildorC
    GuildorC 2 months ago

    BRAZIL is best

  • Kowal
    Kowal 2 months ago +1

    Stew + Negev + Perfect Full Auto = Ace :D

  • mataxgod
    mataxgod 2 months ago

    nice video

  • Arctic
    Arctic 2 months ago +4

    Somebody: How many times you played negev?
    Stewie: am i a joke for you

  • Slippy
    Slippy 2 months ago


  • hag mstfa
    hag mstfa 2 months ago