• Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • Chester Woodward
    Chester Woodward 7 hours ago

    This must be why so many things are “to be tested in an inconspicuous area”

  • Samuel L. Bronkowitz
    Samuel L. Bronkowitz 20 hours ago

    I swear your voice is more relaxing than Bob Ross. Am I the only one who falls asleep to Preston’s videos?

  • lware1
    lware1 Day ago

    Looks like crap

  • JP
    JP Day ago

    I need to know where I can find good thrift stores in Toronto.

  • Devra Knight
    Devra Knight Day ago

    Nice punt! I really like the burnished look; plus it is so unique that no one can accidentally confuse it with their own bag. Nice!

  • Troy Teslike
    Troy Teslike Day ago

    You are detail-oriented, patient and you seem to enjoy this hobby. However, you have absolutely no taste and you should stick to restoring things to their original condition.

  • Nathan Gedamke
    Nathan Gedamke 2 days ago +1

    As others have said, you should have cleaned and died before applying any kind of conditioner, also deglazing the leather would have helped take off any resists and oils already on the bag and made the die go on more evenly. The leather conditioner just acts as a resist, on top of any existing protective coats already on the leather.

  • More Haters? Really!
    More Haters? Really! 3 days ago +1

    Why would anyone want to subscribe to this channel??????

  • scorpleeon
    scorpleeon 3 days ago

    Rock it haaard

  • Jarrad Langley
    Jarrad Langley 3 days ago

    Wait, I mean good for him for getting this for $7 dollars, but this was like a $400 dollar Kenneth Cole bag from like... 4 years ago, somebody clearly just beat the hell out if it.

  • Phyoomz
    Phyoomz 3 days ago

    I love this guy!

  • Roderick Arnold
    Roderick Arnold 4 days ago

    Should you not have dyed it before saturating it with cream? That's like painting a car after waxing it: of course it won't be even.

  • Ixlilton
    Ixlilton 4 days ago

    That combo is tough. The look is worth all of the work you put in

  • Herder Market
    Herder Market 6 days ago

    I love this, great job. I know someone who restores bags from the early 1900’s. My favorite thing about leather is how much longer my bags will last than me, haha.

  • Ricardo Alfonso
    Ricardo Alfonso 6 days ago

    Sorry. I like almost all your projects but this one was a fail.

    • The Elegant Oxford
      The Elegant Oxford  6 days ago

      That’s wholly your opinion. Mostly everyone loved it. I still get offers to buy the bag.

  • Paula Gaudet
    Paula Gaudet 7 days ago

    I have a similar bag. A gift from my husband 20 years ago BUT the first month I had it, my neighbour’s daughter spilled a sweet iced cappuccino on it and there is a big dark stain that I can’t remove. I’m not as brave with dye but you’ve given me some ideas to consider.

  • 302tbird
    302tbird 7 days ago

    i dig it. it looks pretty cool

  • zee
    zee 8 days ago

    Check out Tandy Leather. There you can buy Deglazer. It's intended to remove the old finish on leather so you can re dye the leather.

  • Evelyn J. Amponsah
    Evelyn J. Amponsah 8 days ago

    What turn out to be a disaster turn out really good.

  • Jean-Marc Labonte
    Jean-Marc Labonte 8 days ago

    Thanks for posting the video. I have restored several bags and I always start with acetone, or denatured alcohol. Clean the entire bag with that first and pay special attention to any dark spots. If you find any spots, repeatedly clean it with the alcohol until it lightens up considerably. Test the dye on an area you wont notice, the strap, the inside pocket, the under side of the flap. The handle is usually the darkest and most difficult area to deal with. Pick a color that looks good and will cover the dark spots well. Do NOT add any conditioners, or waxes or polishes until you are done with cleaning, dying and drying. If the spots, stains still show up after a it is dry, go with a darker dye. Don't over do it with the weathering. Use a spray bottle for the alcohol and use gloves and do it outside or in very well ventilated area. Use a sponge or wool dauber not a paint brush. Paint brushes leave heavy outlines, you want soft lines. Don't be afraid to dilute your dyes or mix colors, if they are the same brand. My best and favorite bag took over two weeks to get it just right. Experiment and take your time. Have fun and you might learn something along the way. Take Care.

  • Jacquie Sutton
    Jacquie Sutton 9 days ago

    EXCELLENT job! It look over 10 times better then when it arrived!

  • gabbyraja
    gabbyraja 9 days ago +2

    "Distressed" leather goods are always very expensive, and I *always* want them, but cannot afford. I 😍 this!

    • gabbyraja
      gabbyraja 9 days ago

      Well, I did get a pair of distressed Frye boots, but I got them used on Poshmark for an amazing deal. They're my favorite boots.

  • alma petry
    alma petry 10 days ago

    I like it. I would carry that in a heartbeat.

  • Chris Van Tighem
    Chris Van Tighem 10 days ago

    Great save on the bag. It’s great to see a creator share their mistakes as well as their triumphs. I personally like the bag better and I am going to look for a bag to refinish myself. I hope you included links to the products in the description. Thanks. I am really enjoying all your videos.

  • ThePapabear2012
    ThePapabear2012 10 days ago

    I think it looked better before you dyed it but once you started you were committed. I would have just oiled it instead of dying it. Nice follow through and making it usable.

  • E.E. Obeso
    E.E. Obeso 11 days ago

    Sometimes, the way the old looks better is by embracing the old, and giving it class.

  • Keyan Williams
    Keyan Williams 11 days ago

    That's awesome! 👍👍

  • Kerrie Cain
    Kerrie Cain 11 days ago

    I think it looks cool. I like the rustic kinda vibe it’s got going.

  • Shelly Gaudet
    Shelly Gaudet 11 days ago

    I think it came out fire!! Love it

  • FIH Le PRO 101
    FIH Le PRO 101 12 days ago


  • Michael Marchese
    Michael Marchese 12 days ago


  • Phil Bivins
    Phil Bivins 12 days ago

    freakin amazing...great job

  • KoraRubin
    KoraRubin 12 days ago

    I would have gone a lot darker. Maybe some black with dark red underneath. In my mind I was going for something different, but of course with your shoes this was the only choice. Good work! I will say now something sacrilegious: For me, it's too shiny. Okay. Sorry.
    Also a very relaxing video, even if there were some mishaps. 😉 I enjoyed it very much. THANKS!🎉🎆

  • barbara smith
    barbara smith 12 days ago

    Looks great

  • shelisa sells
    shelisa sells 12 days ago

    I liked it!

  • Jerry W Davis
    Jerry W Davis 12 days ago

    The shoes saved the bag, for sure. Nice recovery:)

  • Tyler Rodriguez
    Tyler Rodriguez 13 days ago +4

    I wouldn't have dyed. I would have gone with multiple coats of oil.
    To each their own.

  • daphoenixto
    daphoenixto 13 days ago

    Although educational this is about as entertaining as watching paint dry......ZZZzzzzzzz

  • Korbin Thomas
    Korbin Thomas 13 days ago

    The bag just looks water damaged but I give you a 100 knowing how to fix it. I couldn't have done any better

  • Dev
    Dev 14 days ago

    People moaning about him using all these costly products, what people don't realise is, this bag will cost at least 1000$ new.
    Even if we take cost to be 8$ + 50$ polish etc. it's still a steal. :)

  • carl Rodmart
    carl Rodmart 14 days ago

    Sorry but the end result was horrible I think i looks better when i was clean and no dyes you ruined it

    • The Elegant Oxford
      The Elegant Oxford  14 days ago +1

      It’s ok if you don’t like it but people absolutely loved it. People still ask my dad where he got it.

  • May day
    May day 14 days ago +3

    Wonderful, looks like you added some real character to the bag.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown 14 days ago

    that actually looks pretty nice

  • Diane Hamm
    Diane Hamm 14 days ago

    Love it with the shoes-perfect!!

  • Smartest Esa Ever!
    Smartest Esa Ever! 14 days ago


  • yogibearstie
    yogibearstie 15 days ago +1

    Can you tell before starting that it is only genuine leather, so you don’t restore inferior goods?

  • Pete Pablo
    Pete Pablo 15 days ago

    What’s the name of the shoes you have on? I want to buy them.

  • paconot
    paconot 16 days ago

    Weird. I get so relaxed watching you.

  • Bakhadyr Kadyrov
    Bakhadyr Kadyrov 17 days ago

    Before was better then After.

  • Jordi Vasquez
    Jordi Vasquez 17 days ago

    The bag looks really well it looks nice

  • AmericanPatriot
    AmericanPatriot 17 days ago +1

    We would never make fun of such a nice person as you. I think you saved it and it looks great!

  • Ike Reedy
    Ike Reedy 17 days ago

    It looks like it turned out pretty good in the end

  • oandersontech
    oandersontech 18 days ago +1

    Looks damn good with the combination of the shoes and watch! When life gives one lemons...

  • Jaci Rogers
    Jaci Rogers 18 days ago

    You gave it a second life. I love buying used purses and loving them back to beauty. Waaaay cheaper!

  • Heiko Biehler
    Heiko Biehler 18 days ago

    Really Sad. Worse than before

  • Person B
    Person B 18 days ago

    Eww Kenneth Cole.... not worth restoring.

  • Steven Cervantes
    Steven Cervantes 18 days ago

    What a fuck up. Admire the heart. Great channel. Sucks first comment was this. I’ll learned a lot from this channel though.

  • Manny Land
    Manny Land 18 days ago +1

    Thank God for fast forwarding technology lol

  • D1NA
    D1NA 19 days ago


  • Stormlaughter
    Stormlaughter 19 days ago

    You're in the right business, hon.