No Cowboy is Safe! Red Dead's Biggest THREAT! | The SCIENCE!... of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
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    In Red Dead Redemtion 2 you play as Arthur Morgan, a sharp shooting outlaw... who gets infected with tuberculosis. Before this game, I didn't think too much about this disease. Oh boy, this things is INSANE! Not only is it a danger to the cowboys in this game, but YOU too! Let Austin TERRIFY you as we explore the SCIENCE of RDR2!
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  • catty cat
    catty cat Day ago

    You know you saying you say alot of video games are not scary but try having a ball of spikes coming at you sonic becomes the scariest thing alive

  • BlackDragon41 l
    BlackDragon41 l Day ago


  • Karren Owens
    Karren Owens 2 days ago

    Conspiracy theory time oooo~
    The reason we probably don't hear abt it much is due to the fact that our world is overpopulated. Or governments probably see it as an effective way of population control and therefor don't feel the need to shout abt it
    🤷‍♂️ Just a thought

  • leothegoldencheese
    leothegoldencheese 3 days ago

    Welpppp I live in Kenya better start graduating to the states

  • Captain Fang67
    Captain Fang67 3 days ago

    This theory seriously depends on your honor in rdr2. What I mean is Micah shot me, I didn’t die from TB.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 5 days ago

    I should’ve coughed on that rat.

  • Ripsaw Assassin
    Ripsaw Assassin 5 days ago +1


  • G G
    G G 7 days ago

    America: I don't see gun violence on that list but I want to ban guns anyways instead of educating people about vaccines

  • Scarletrise
    Scarletrise 12 days ago +3

    Drop an f in the chat for Arthur Morgan

  • The Fascist Nut
    The Fascist Nut 14 days ago

    why havent i heard bout this disease before

  • Guichabanaano
    Guichabanaano 14 days ago +1


    • angeldeb82
      angeldeb82 4 days ago +1

      That's the same age as Arthur Morgan (and Doc Holliday) was when he succumbed to TB, about the same age as me! :o

  • Mariah Quintana
    Mariah Quintana 15 days ago

    my baby Arthur Morgan 🥰❤️

  • Aputsiaq Lennert
    Aputsiaq Lennert 17 days ago +2

    I felt really sad when Arthur died

  • Aputsiaq Lennert
    Aputsiaq Lennert 17 days ago +4

    Why were beer and cigarettes made?

  • Wholesalers
    Wholesalers 17 days ago +2

    Bacteriaphages could help cause if they have a resistance against phages they have to give up their resistance against antibiotics

  • Suicide Dice
    Suicide Dice 18 days ago +3

    Thanks for the counter, I love jamming out to people dying.

  • Sweaty Swimmer
    Sweaty Swimmer 18 days ago

    GOD DAMN O’Drisculs 🤦‍♂️😤😤!

  • Hugo Karlsson
    Hugo Karlsson 20 days ago

    Now I don't feel like watching a happy RUclip video....

  • Jocelyn Etue
    Jocelyn Etue 20 days ago

    Anti Vaxxers are in the wrong
    Prove me otherwise

  • Jake Dastuga
    Jake Dastuga 20 days ago

    I literally just got chills down my spine

  • Sara Hana
    Sara Hana 21 day ago

    F to pay respect

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man 21 day ago +1

    Wow lucky I completed the game before he just spoiled it a couple minutes in

  • / CringeLord /
    / CringeLord / 24 days ago

    The video: *serious*
    The comments section: HAR HAR HAR HAHAHA

  • Jack Allan
    Jack Allan 24 days ago

    Just finished the game and can finally watch this video

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 25 days ago +2

    This video legitimately made me finally understood the severity of TB. Thank you Austin!

  • Edward Robins
    Edward Robins 25 days ago

    Why tf did 2k people DISLIKE this video

  • ZOOM
    ZOOM 25 days ago

    Arthur coughed on many characters so what happened to them...?

    • angeldeb82
      angeldeb82 4 days ago

      Uh, he covered his mouth to avoid passing the disease onto other people via coughing.

  • Jack Rutledge
    Jack Rutledge 28 days ago

    46449180 ded from all views

  • Priyanka Patel
    Priyanka Patel Month ago

    I liked the stripped down, more serious edge of the video.

  • Sarah Owen
    Sarah Owen Month ago

    TB is kind of a meme for me and my friends. We're in nursing school and one of my friends is terrified of getting it. So when I spoiled myself because of google autofill saying "arthur gets tb" I was like "LOL, no he don't." Then he got TB...

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Month ago

    The only disease deadlier than Tuberculosis,

  • angeldeb82
    angeldeb82 Month ago

    Wow! I noticed that there is a cover of "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie, but does anyone know the name of the lady who sang it? Also, what's the name of the song that plays near the end of the video? I heard female vocals at the end of this video, but I'm not sure what the song is.

  • Al'dyshenairis Dawnsong

    I think there should have been like a sort of an unlockable path or something just to see what would happen if he never got TB by that one guy from Leopold's mission, mainly because I'd kind of like to see a multi-branch ending of what would have occurred if he never got TB in the first place.

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago +2

    Tuberculosis does have a cure

  • Boss2119 •
    Boss2119 • Month ago


  • Daniel Benally
    Daniel Benally Month ago

    Dude Wikipedia is not a good source of information

    Who still thinks Arthur didn’t deserve to die at the end leave a like

  • JustAGuyFollowingHisDream :l

    Damn, that was hecking inspirational

  • Sharky Boi
    Sharky Boi Month ago

    one of my favourite episode by far
    top 3
    love it

  • Mason Lewis
    Mason Lewis Month ago

    What killed author Morgan lumbago

  • Blackout Lol
    Blackout Lol Month ago

    I knew it as soon as I saw the title.

  • Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill Month ago

    Thanks for the spoiler warning
    Luckily I’ve played it

  • angeldeb82
    angeldeb82 Month ago

    I just realize that the total number of TB deaths by the end of this video is 36, which is the same age number as Arthur Morgan himself who succumbs to the disease in the High Honor ending when you chose to go with John in the game. So cool and creepy! :o

  • Wafflecop123455
    Wafflecop123455 Month ago

    Wait but we can treat and cure tuberculosis with antibiotics it’s not really the biggest threat to mankind

  • Azure
    Azure Month ago

    Song plz

  • Gacha Noob
    Gacha Noob Month ago

    Maybe I played the game too much.
    I need to settle down...

  • Duren Does random things

    Oh no

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel Month ago

    Ned Kelly is better.

  • Paws Not Claws
    Paws Not Claws Month ago

    Damn I didn’t even think people got tuberculosis anymore

  • Prof. Meme
    Prof. Meme Month ago

    Hey Austin, I found something

  • Prof. Meme
    Prof. Meme Month ago

    When Arthur died, I died

  • Ttvbtw Ttvslol
    Ttvbtw Ttvslol Month ago


  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Month ago


  • David Purba
    David Purba Month ago

    Rdr2 is suppose to win game of the year

    FRENZIIED Month ago

    Lol i just finished red dead 2 so this is rather topical for me lol

  • Dick Penisman
    Dick Penisman Month ago

    Tuberculosis??? We need to be worrying about the Lumbego disease. Fatal 10/10 every time.

  • Marius bra
    Marius bra Month ago

    You showed a huge spoiler at 9:14

    • Marius bra
      Marius bra Month ago


      No, i ment that it was a spoiler that Micah was shot by Dutch at 9:14. But it is also a spoiler that Arthur dies at 10:14

    • angeldeb82
      angeldeb82 Month ago

      Uh, that's 10:14, actually.

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox Month ago

    In next video talk about Lumbago.

  • TRIGGEREDBoiBaiter
    TRIGGEREDBoiBaiter Month ago


  • Blaise Lisewsky
    Blaise Lisewsky Month ago

    "So why do want to do biotechnology?"
    "Here's this cool video about TB and here's how I think we can fix it."

  • Cristian Oliveira
    Cristian Oliveira Month ago +1

    I don't believe there are dislikes in this video :(

  • triple D
    triple D Month ago +3

    Okay sooo i didnt play rdr2 and that WAS NOT what i expected

  • MrDubblcubz
    MrDubblcubz Month ago +1

    I thought it was lumbago

  • angeldeb82
    angeldeb82 Month ago

    Wow! I never knew that you've got a lot of correct info on TB. And although you used the beer-drinking clips that are a part of the Low Honor meter thing (which would have ended with Micah killing Arthur either by gunshot or a knife stab if you stuck with no honor at all), yet I'm pretty glad that you chose the High Honor ending for the game (where you choose to help John escape). And speaking of this ending... now cracks a noble heart. Good night (or, rather, farewell), sweet cowboy, and flights of sunlight angels sing thee to thy rest. :(

  • Comment
    Comment Month ago

    No spoiler warning wtf

  • Not Bruce Wayne
    Not Bruce Wayne Month ago

    The most deadly disease of all time is called humanity.

  • Trey Atkinson
    Trey Atkinson Month ago

    Please do more videos like this it was very eye opening and education even though you did based on Red dead redemption 2

  • The Man With No Name

    Even if he weren’t an outlaw and got exposed to TB (which was common in those times) he’d die. Back then they barely bathed, didn’t wash their hands, their dishes, etc. In many places it was dusty. Both human and animal feces in the streets. It was a breeding ground for disease. He’d die anyway.

  • noah torres
    noah torres Month ago


  • nomorekarma
    nomorekarma Month ago +3

    We've got something much worse, Austin. Something a whole lot worse. Something that will destroy space and time...
    What is it?


  • AceTaxia
    AceTaxia Month ago

    Its a brutal disease, seen it ilr

  • assassin project 55

    Here’s uncle saying “it’s the lumbago”

  • Alvaro Daniel Marques Nogueira

    Love the count going up along side the upbeat music :)

  • ThatAeroguy
    ThatAeroguy Month ago +3

    yo wtf, a bit of a heads up for that spoiler would ha ve been nice lol

  • NotAGoat
    NotAGoat Month ago

    There are other things we can do to fight this, too. Like limiting our use of antibiotics. See, antibiotics are used _way_ more than necessary in the modern world, whether it's a doctor prescribing them for something that either isn't affected by them, or could easily be cleared naturally by our immune system, or the ridiculous amounts that are used to grow live stock. Antibiotics have been shown to improve the growth of live stock, even when they're not sick, and that has lead to industries using far more antibiotics than needed. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics when they aren't needed for a number of reasons, and antibiotics are easily bought without a prescription. People look to antibiotics as a sort of "wonder drug" in a way, using them to "treat" illnesses that they were never even designed to be effective against in the first place. Then there's the problem of people not taking _all_ of the antibiotics prescribed when the _do_ need them. The more we use antibiotics, the more we increase selection for antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and when you do need antibiotics, if you don't take all of your medicine and kill _all_ of the infection, that increases the chance of antibiotic resistance developing. Using too much antibiotics also leads to excess antibiotics finding their way into the environment where other bacteria can start evolving resistance to it. And it only takes one bacteria to get it started. Bacteria have several mechanisms to transfer genetic information, even between different species, so if genes for antibiotic resistance have a selective advantage and start getting passed around, they're going to spread. Without selection, we actually often see a decrease in antibiotic resistance, because the mechanisms for resistance often have a cost. If there's no payoff, they become a disadvantage and often get out competed. Antibiotic resistance evolves so fast that most companies have decided that it's no longer worth it to develop new ones: why spend millions developing a new drug and getting it approved when it'll only be effective for a couple years? Resistance has even appeared in some cases _before_ the drug was ever approved for humans.
    As it stands, we are looking at the end of the era of antibiotics. And the world before antibiotics was a terrifying place. Back then, a prick from the thorn of a rose could actually be fatal because of infection. In fact, if I recall correctly, that's exactly the cause of the first human infecting to be treated by antibiotics, which at its peak was so bad that they had to remove one of the patient's eyes and puss was oozing out of his scalp. Many diseases that are easily treated today were terrifyingly fatal back then, and we are looking at a return to that world if we don't do _something._

  • Jäger Vinslite
    Jäger Vinslite Month ago

    No, lumbago is the world’s deadliest disease. Doctor uncle said so.

  • ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜʏᴋᴇᴇɴ

    This video broke my heart... I loved Arthur more than any character 😭

  • Y0un9 Da9ger Swooo
    Y0un9 Da9ger Swooo Month ago

    If u know apex look closely 12:13

  • Joel Deakin
    Joel Deakin Month ago

    Anybody else has the urge to cough

  • MC King
    MC King Month ago +1

    It's horrible to see Arthur with red eyebags and a red nose, with blood-shot eyes, coughing up blood. R.I.P, Arthur, we will all remember you. May you rest in peace.

  • MC King
    MC King Month ago

    Thomas Downes passed tuberculosis on Arthur?! Oh my god, he should've just killed him where he stood! It's because of him we lost our dear Arthur!

  • Dubykat 05
    Dubykat 05 Month ago

    *I got a plan*
    Also i cried alot at the end of the game not the epilogue

  • Josh Holden
    Josh Holden Month ago

    To be fair, everyone's death is inevitable.
    Especially when you've been a bad boah and Micah stabs you in the chest.

  • Elliott Yancey
    Elliott Yancey Month ago +1

    It''s... It's the lumbago.

  • git gud
    git gud Month ago


  • louistheplaguedoctor



  • danmur15
    danmur15 Month ago +6

    the second the timer stayed up after the intro sequence i knew exactly what it was for. such a shame.

  • CJ R
    CJ R Month ago +1

    Don't worry, if you do get infected there's treatments that kill the plaque, however, the treatment takes years and is very terrible from my research.

  • tim k
    tim k Month ago

    Its the LUmbAGo

  • Jonah Kenneth
    Jonah Kenneth Month ago

    Austin: I'mtalking about real things here.

  • Ariez Leal
    Ariez Leal Month ago

    Arthur was a good man

  • Penis Parker
    Penis Parker Month ago

    There is a cure for TB

  • Another channel With a cat

    Who else cried at the end of rdr2

  • Hype Lake
    Hype Lake Month ago


  • Cereal Author733
    Cereal Author733 Month ago +10

    I do like the way Arthur died. Most video game characters die in heroic ways and they seem invincible until their death but rockstar made Arthur even more realistic by dying of natural causes. That is one of the many reasons he is my favourite protagonist of any media

  • Cashey378 Cash
    Cashey378 Cash Month ago +1

    Black lung

  • Jason Rist
    Jason Rist Month ago

    Some people need to die.

  • Kotsios Dimitriou
    Kotsios Dimitriou 2 months ago

    Maybe you should but a spoiler alert

  • The Hardcore Orange
    The Hardcore Orange 2 months ago


  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 months ago

    Always those Damn O’Driscals

  • BMT115
    BMT115 2 months ago

    when anti-vaxers and anti-medicine idiot come to you just show em Arthur's diagnosis scene... They'll shut up immediately...

    • Alex the Hun
      Alex the Hun 2 months ago

      Or better yet show pictures of dying children from preventable diseases.