Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.
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Comments • 4 559

  • Ricardo Colmenares
    Ricardo Colmenares 8 hours ago

    Let's do it!!!

  • Ricardo Colmenares
    Ricardo Colmenares 8 hours ago

    wagyu dry aged Camembert cheese

  • Ricardo Colmenares
    Ricardo Colmenares 8 hours ago

    wagyu dry aged Camembert cheese

  • Winter Sall
    Winter Sall 8 hours ago


  • Weike Wang
    Weike Wang 8 hours ago

    Call it mumified pls

  • darby walsh
    darby walsh 8 hours ago

    Hi my name is Darby I really need support. I have high quality videos but I don't even have a subscriber you can watch it and cringe but I really need views.

  • Mayeh FN
    Mayeh FN 8 hours ago

    This is food porn

  • Piddy
    Piddy 8 hours ago

    He has the cadence at the end of every sentence as if Quagmire is saying “alriiiight”

  • evilcoleslaw
    evilcoleslaw 8 hours ago

    Yeah it's not horrible if you slice it super thin for like a steak sandwich. Otherwise the best use for this cut is probably lean meat for ground beef.

  • ForDaLols
    ForDaLols 9 hours ago

    You didnt try dry aging then letting it rest in pineapple sauce :(

  • Frank Aguirre
    Frank Aguirre 9 hours ago

    what if you marinate the dry aged steak?

  • slabsdabs
    slabsdabs 9 hours ago

    11:36 enjoy

  • PwnishR
    PwnishR 9 hours ago

    5:38 My mouth just orgasmed and that never happens...OMG, I'm salivating!

  • Sergio Solórzano
    Sergio Solórzano 9 hours ago

    9:00 dry meat, hmm you could blend it or cut it into pieces and for sandwiches also jajaja, or if you grill it in butter, or really thin slices on top of the barbecue japanese style, then dip in soy sauce and eat.

  • Sergio Solórzano
    Sergio Solórzano 9 hours ago

    3:51 casi parece cecina, se puede comer así tal cual?

  • Abdulellah Balghunaim
    Abdulellah Balghunaim 9 hours ago

    For who tried the pineapple steak is there a taste of pineapple after I wash the steak?
    Because i dont like pineapple

  • Thaddeus H
    Thaddeus H 9 hours ago

    is this the voice of the TUFF Puppy chameleon

  • Beautiful Trillary
    Beautiful Trillary 9 hours ago

    wasting all that meat

  • Ed Farage
    Ed Farage 9 hours ago

    damn you could make a business out of that pineapple steak

  • Coachimoo
    Coachimoo 9 hours ago

    But will it blend? That is the question!

  • Kawika Pope
    Kawika Pope 9 hours ago

    Salt, pepper, and garlic powder

  • Arthur Bowers
    Arthur Bowers 9 hours ago

    im allergic to meat why am i here

  • Joseph Yoon
    Joseph Yoon 9 hours ago

    my man went for 10ths

  • The Savage Wombat
    The Savage Wombat 9 hours ago

    Peter Lorre?

  • Michael Mashburn
    Michael Mashburn 9 hours ago

    I'm just a few minutes in and already blown away with all of the great information and explanations provided!

  • Jay Knox
    Jay Knox 9 hours ago

    Looks like fish are u serious

  • OhLookAWoodenSheep
    OhLookAWoodenSheep 9 hours ago

    best cheap steak you can get is a flatiron, just needs to be cooked properly, or good in stir fry

    KEVIN 9 hours ago

    Marinate in baking soda

  • Destiny Knight
    Destiny Knight 9 hours ago

    He is my babydaddy

  • Pixel
    Pixel 9 hours ago

    that moment you hear him say pineapple and your like: Wai a sec, that trick was in food wars!

    For those who dont know, Food Wars is an Anime about cooking. It is quite fun and as far as I could tell, everything cooking-reltaed in there is correct (I am not a chef though but merely someone with way to much freetime and a kitchen, so no guarantee on that)

  • HC M
    HC M 9 hours ago

    It’s eNzymes , not eMzymes. Also, that steak looks soooo good.
    I just want to let you know that I’ve been watching your vid for a looong time at your Sous vide channel.

  • JB Custom
    JB Custom 9 hours ago

    Day 44 of no food, 2 fingers left. Hand is decaying but is okay as steak almost ready

  • me kerr
    me kerr 9 hours ago

    cook it with salt and isotopes from russia

    BURGER KING 10 hours ago

    I want stAKE!

  • Roger Heuckeroth
    Roger Heuckeroth 10 hours ago

    Will pineapple juice do the same thing?

  • Shiina Ai
    Shiina Ai 10 hours ago

    I heard you can treat meat by drowning it in coca cola. How about checking out what happens when you put meat in various sodas? You can do Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew or one of those energy drinks. I don't know the science and I don't care. I just want to see what happens.

  • Chris Sandoval
    Chris Sandoval 10 hours ago

    now try these sous vide

  • Kane Nuwin
    Kane Nuwin 10 hours ago

    Will have to try the pineapple method next time I grill ribeye. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bugbears and Wormwood
    Bugbears and Wormwood 10 hours ago

    Could you use high pressure to shove some fat in there

  • Misael Duran
    Misael Duran 10 hours ago +1

    Thank you 🙏 now I know how to tenderize my carne better.

  • john smith
    john smith 10 hours ago

    cool method but the cost of the pineapple defeats the purpose

  • Rayan Araujo
    Rayan Araujo 10 hours ago +1

    6:39 obviously he's not ready to try lol

  • Bob Cat
    Bob Cat 10 hours ago

    I love watching you guys review the steaks afterwords 👍

  • Jean-Francois Fillion
    Jean-Francois Fillion 10 hours ago

    I got a steak i got a pineapple boom pineapple steak

  • That1Yoshi
    That1Yoshi 10 hours ago

    The dry aged one looks like a giant raisin.

  • DrWakey
    DrWakey 10 hours ago

    Is it realy that strange that i find this celebration of dead flesh pervers?

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith 10 hours ago

    ....... did he just say ketchup on a steak sandwich? *IM CALLING THE COPS*

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith 10 hours ago

    His face when he said it was a $1 steak lmaooo

  • Andrew Newman
    Andrew Newman 10 hours ago +1

    Could you take a rack of lamb and stuff the bones with different caulfat or whatever stuffing you think of? 5 bones 5 flavors. Just a thought

  • Samuel Starr
    Samuel Starr 10 hours ago +1

    i blast my ribs with pineapple every time. a needed upgrade from lemon juice.

  • Elmo Galante
    Elmo Galante 10 hours ago

    I used to watch the channel where you sous vide everything, now youtube recommend me this and I was watching it thinking it was a really interesting experiment and then you start with the tasting...wait a minute I know this guy!!O.O ahah subscribed, great job!!

  • Eduardo Queiroz
    Eduardo Queiroz 10 hours ago

    Best cut to put the best tenderisers to compete

  • 16D Music
    16D Music 10 hours ago +1

    What about dry aging the pineapple steak :)

  • TheOnlyCobalt212
    TheOnlyCobalt212 10 hours ago

    By far the best b roll compilations on RUclip

  • Mitch Connor the 3rd
    Mitch Connor the 3rd 10 hours ago

    This guy's fake accent is annoying.

  • nyet back
    nyet back 10 hours ago

    guga ging ging

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson 10 hours ago

    First time viewer here, I really like your presentation style and like your frank opinions on the results. One question that came to mind, could you have dry aged the meat for half the time and ended up with a juicier steak?

  • Jassiem Hodge
    Jassiem Hodge 10 hours ago +1

    Maybe try wet aging in tallow

  • xXKillSwitchXx 2
    xXKillSwitchXx 2 10 hours ago

    That eye of round looks like a big ass dried prune

  • Emmie1
    Emmie1 11 hours ago +1

    5:34-6:35 this is p0rn

  • cabadman1
    cabadman1 11 hours ago +1

    Did it smell after the dry age?

  • yaigo susan
    yaigo susan 11 hours ago +1

    Bruh Angel all ways got me dead going in for seconds

  • Willy Diego
    Willy Diego 11 hours ago +1

    That was a misteak !!

  • Flake_Flawless
    Flake_Flawless 11 hours ago +1

    I guess you could say dry aging a $1 steak was a. . . . mis-steak. I'll show myself out

  • Nay Soe
    Nay Soe 11 hours ago +1

    Food show became science show lol

  • Vortexion Elite
    Vortexion Elite 11 hours ago +1

    Big raisin

  • horters 69
    horters 69 11 hours ago


  • Dr. Turkey
    Dr. Turkey 11 hours ago

    Sous Vide a $1 steak for a week lol

  • ditto _
    ditto _ 11 hours ago

    I should really Stop watching these Kinds of Videos at 2am!

  • gleb tsurakov
    gleb tsurakov 11 hours ago

    If Dana White had a food channel :D

  • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown

    You sound like Igor lol I subbed. Good content too

  • Alexis Avalos
    Alexis Avalos 11 hours ago

    wagyu A5 dry age with pineapple?

  • stuspawton
    stuspawton 11 hours ago

    surely the reverse sear would've been better for this

  • Maaniic
    Maaniic 11 hours ago +1

    Try injecting some beef tallow before dry ageing.

  • jeremy saunders
    jeremy saunders 11 hours ago

    If you are allergic to pineapple like most of my family I hear papaya works also