DIY PC with WOODEN & GLASS CASE made from destroyed notebook

How to save destroyed (but working) notebook bought from the Internet? Well, make it a desktop PC!

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Автор R T ( назад)
well, u know my toshiba....


Автор Hong Ching ( назад)
this is ugly

Автор MattZeBoiGamer ( назад)
Why does it sound like Steven Hawkin speaking? Nice vid anyways :D

Nıce wörk nıce musıc

Автор Australopitecuz2 ( назад)
apply some wood finish on that case and it would look sick

Автор sameer chauhan ( назад)
I have a sony vaio E 14 series laptop with 12 gb of ram. Its screen is broken (touch screen) which makes it harder to use. Second the laptop base is broken as well and the fan is making a lot of noise (cleaned the fan--still no luck) M thinking to make it as a testing server for various virtual software and other networking stuff. Is there any way that i can use convert my laptop into a full blown desktop with higher Ram and G cards ?

Автор Mazgid ( назад)
This looks like fucking masterpiece.

Автор SneeuwWolf ( назад)
THX <3

Автор dukedurell ( назад)
old laptops work great for a web surfer or a 1080p media box.

Автор ApeLikeFury ( назад)
You could have made that case much smaller

Автор ApeLikeFury ( назад)
Im gonna make my gaming PC like this. It looks great and unique

Автор Just another more Maiquel ( назад)
You think that will be fine making this with a Desktop computer parts?

Автор SmoKy00 ( назад)
it is good on Cooling ? i mean it is better than laptop case ?

Автор Neeraj ( назад)
thumbs up for the build, down for voice. c'mon man.

Автор h4jkos ( назад)
I have a question how do you power the PC do you have batery still plugged in or is it powered direcly from your wall ?

Автор amirul hakimee ( назад)
toshiba notebook can do this or no.

Автор Bernard Ellefsen ( назад)
What laptop did you use?

Автор brummie pc gamer ( назад)
who built this steven hawkings

Автор David Gerard ( назад)
I will have to try this for myself some time to fix my friends laptop issues... will have to see what I can make of it.

Автор Glorious Pentium Computing ( назад)
this structure improves airflow with like 300%. i need to do similar on my old overheating laptop too.

Автор Jean Demer ( назад)
Maybe a additional fan will bring better refrigeration system.

Автор Callaham Sepe ( назад)
I made it myself thanks to woodprix website

Автор Tristan Fiske ( назад)
Okay so you have good ideas but please dear god buy a microphone, it's not funny or cool you use a text to speech program.

Автор Alexis Poitras ( назад)
thanks for the idea! i wiil do this with my old portable that the batery die

Автор Odonix X ( назад)
This is exactly what I was doing until the motherboard got retarded

Автор Milan Babic ( назад)
Did you try to sound like Stiven Hoking?

Автор Victor Chen ( назад)
wont u have problems grounding the pc due to the case being non conductive?

Автор Ferdinando Corsaro ( назад)
daaaaaamn , be video na, eu, whole world. simply amazing!!! goodjob

Автор Thug Life ( назад)
nice one ..is your website live now ??? whats the link??

Автор Custom Hardware ( назад)
Man, I saw your video some time ago, and i just wnated to say that you inspired me to make my own wooden case, i have a video on it on my channel. Yes, it's not nearly as professional as yours, but it's something. Just wanted to thank you for the ideea.

Автор Bilal Mughal ( назад)
awesome video man... helped a lot

Автор Lars Ose-Johansen ( назад)

Автор Johan Ekstrom ( назад)
So this is Peladophobian's 3rd channel?

Автор Juan Gonzalez ( назад)
This motherfucker sounds like a fucking android.

Автор CheffBryan ( назад)
I don't suppose you have had any issues with the heat pipes not working on this style of stripped down laptop? I made something like this too, but the heatsink no longer works correctly, so the system shuts down by fail-safe.

Автор Furkan Bakır ( назад)
it is fucking goooooood

Автор Aria D ( назад)
The voice reminded me of Filthy Frank's overpriced Apple computer

Автор David Omasta ( назад)
je to cech :D ale krasne vbideo :D

Автор Jeff DeWitt ( назад)
Very creative and nicely done!

Автор RaygrHD ( назад)
Love it! :)

Автор ufg baa ( назад)
i would rather buy some PCIE cables and make a lightly thicker box, but im gonna stick with my atx case.

Автор GrimCZ ( назад)
Ty knížky tam jenom xD Jak sem se sem dostal vubec?? :-D Btw dobrý, jen by to chtělo, dát tam i nějaký lepší chlazení, ale co už. Minimálně udělat tu kejsu s airflow.

Автор Thanh Nguyen ( назад)
hãy qua vietnam làm cho tôi một cái Pc như vậy........! ^o^

Автор matthefat ( назад)
Gonna do this as a media pc to my old laptop, this is great, sub

Автор Tom Goffnett ( назад)
Nicely done! Thank you for sharing.

Автор MrDanMan ( назад)
wtf is this voice, I hate it. Just like I'm listening to Google translate..

Автор Keith Cunt ( назад)
you could mount it under your desk

Автор Anthony Leacock ( назад)
I want to do this but with a pc case

Автор OnkarrSingh ( назад)
nice mod!

Автор LightTheEntertainer ( назад)
I love how well you put this together with minimal tools.

Автор Бастин Џибер (1546 лет назад)
Cool stuff. Well done, sir!

Автор Maxson ( назад)
Amazing Build! You just earned a subscriber!

Автор Tom Brown ( назад)
This PC is Illuminati confirmed!

Автор john avery ( назад)
it's cool but i wanted to rip out my ear drums 20 seconds into the crappy computerized voice you got stage fright or what just speak normally man

Автор Mynameisweirdoss ( назад)
Why bother ?

Автор IfallDark ( назад)

Автор Justin ( назад)
There is a reason why computer (and audio, cellphone) chasses are made of metal, rather than wood or plastic. With the similar but directionally opposite reason with why microwave ovens are made of metal.

You may make a chassis with wood, as long as you envelop the electronics with a conductively continuous layer of metal - - - gauze or chicken wire would do.

The phenomenon that affects our audio or computer systems is the gaussian electromagnetic radiation effect. OK, maybe it is not called gaussian EM effect. However, the mitigation measure is called gaussian shield, against EM radiation.

When a space in enclosed in a gaussian shield, two directionally opposite modes of radiation are abated.

- EM waves external to the enclosure will be intercepted by the gaussian shield and will fail to transmit beyond the gaussian encasement.
- EM waves emanating from within the gaussian shield would be reduced in strengths when travelling out of the shield.

That is why a person caged inside a metal cage will not experience the deadly physical effects when a million volts is applied to the cage.

You also want to reduce the amount of microwave emanating out of the oven to be reduced to near zero levels.

You wouldn't want your hi-fidelity audio amp to receive and amplify and retransmit spurious signals together with your music.

You wouldn't want the high frequency busses in your computer to receive spurious signals, regardless of how much noise mitigation the designers have put into the circuitries.

You would want to maximally reduce the microwave operating frequencies of the computer busses from emanating those em waves to stress-fatigue cook your whatever.

Therefore, with the xigmatic chassis which I bought, I will screw in a rectangular piece of metal gauze to cover the plastic transparent window, ensuring the four screws provide continuous electrical contact between the chassis and the gauze.

Автор TerrahBite ( назад)
the second i have my new laptop and my desktop PC working i'm doing the same thing with my current laptop.
this is so rad.... o.o

Автор KyleAnvilSlinger ( назад)

Автор Stef ( назад)
Nice vid. man!!! XD

Автор Qopel ( назад)
I didn't know Stephen Hawking built computers.

Автор viyo hepav ( назад)
very good idea, tq.

Автор AFTER DARK ( назад)
Voice over guy is super charismatic. :P

Автор iCOGNiTO SHiNOBi ( назад)
Your amazing bro ! wish I could do this

Автор 7 Oliver ( назад)
why do ?

Автор Xerro5277 ( назад)
I did something similar to this, I turned an old laptop who's screen got shattered into a file server for the house.

Автор Van Ram ( назад)
m o t h e r b o a r d

Автор Jarrad Jenkins ( назад)
Great job with this, looks great. I've salvaged an old laptop that I am planing on doing something similar to this and using it for a media server.

Автор Ben Shamblin ( назад)
It's ok. Your english is nothing to be ashamed of.

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