• Hey friends, today I'm back with another week in fragrance. In today's video I'm going over the new Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDP, Coach Blue, Trussardi Blue Vibe Limited Edition, Davidoff Cool Water Aquaman, Gucci Hortus Sanitatis, Police To Be Bad Guy and also the sale of the house of Creed. As always, thanks for watching!
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Comments • 80

  • dahuckinator
    dahuckinator 22 hours ago

    Anyone know when the new release from coach will be?

  • Nuna Beeznezt
    Nuna Beeznezt 2 days ago

    Does anyone know if coach blue had been released and if not when will it be available?

  • Pedro Hack
    Pedro Hack 20 days ago


  • Darnell Smith
    Darnell Smith 20 days ago

    I own Coach Platinum and Gucci Guilty intense, can't wait to see what everyone thinks. Im only familiar with Police sunglasses

  • Jeremy Higgins
    Jeremy Higgins 21 day ago

    Thank you sir!!

  • Jazzy Chaz
    Jazzy Chaz 24 days ago

    I like the whole blue vibe, I live in a hot dry climate, so freshies is my jam

  • L Ax
    L Ax 25 days ago

    I received a sample of Creed Aventus Cologne yesterday ; Aventus may still have some merit, but is nowhere near what I experienced it to be back in 2015; Aventus Cologne is an abomination ; Bois du Portugal, Neroli Sauvage, and Spice & Wood are in my opinion their best offerings, here in Europe they are also affordable, except for Spice & Wood, a ridiculous 300 euro for 75 ml... ; I would advise people to be generous with their money in the designer world

  • Blue Peacock
    Blue Peacock 25 days ago +2

    I think when the niche community "hates" something. It is probably going to be the first thing I will try.

  • Austen Hernandez
    Austen Hernandez 25 days ago

    Thumbs up for that intro 😂 big ups

  • Save Doc
    Save Doc 26 days ago

    I didn’t see any wearable perfumes from Gucci after,,,,
    Gucci guiltily original and Gucci by Gucci,,, they are completely confused and messed up 🙄🙄🙄,,,, let’s see this one

  • Nicky Poundtown
    Nicky Poundtown 26 days ago

    Im actually enjoying these flanker arrivals, just wish RL would do more with POLO Black
    maybe an edp?

  • E Fude
    E Fude 26 days ago

    Sweet channel, subscribed. Have you done a vid on the hype about batch variations? There are some scathing reviews out there on what I had thought were A fragrances. For example people are saying La Nuit De l'homme is a shadow of what it once was. Seems like every fragrance has some commenter saying it isn't what it used to be. Thx

  • Helen Im
    Helen Im 26 days ago

    I love Aquaman😍

  • Todd S.
    Todd S. 26 days ago

    Gucci Guilty Black is one of my go-to's! The bottle and the name are kind of misleading. It's just a very clean, pleasant scent!

  • beefcurtainz69
    beefcurtainz69 26 days ago

    Those skull bottles are some of the ugliest in all of perfumery...

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 26 days ago +1

    Can’t say I’m super interested in Coach Blue. I’m a HUGE fan of Platinum, but I’ll get my nose on it when it’s available at my local Macy’s.

  • Ty Nel
    Ty Nel 26 days ago

    It might be that in order to generate addition revenue to recoup the purchase, Blackrock will attempt to reach out to the mass, possibly by forcing Creed to have more lines (even within the same existing products), reduce price, and better marketing.

  • Nathaniel's Phone
    Nathaniel's Phone 26 days ago

    Never cared much for Creed because it was a scent that drove men crazy, not women crazy.

  • Charles Astor
    Charles Astor 26 days ago

    Anyone here want to buy a full bottle of vintage Reflection Man (super rare)?

  • Malcolm sherrod
    Malcolm sherrod 26 days ago +1

    Can't wait to try coach blue. Love platinum!

  • El Mahdi
    El Mahdi 26 days ago

    Someone has to speak about that clap at the beginning, I can sense the sarcasm 😂

    • El Mahdi
      El Mahdi 26 days ago

      Nathaniel's Phone It’s open to interpretation on purpose I guess lol

    • Nathaniel's Phone
      Nathaniel's Phone 26 days ago


  • Deepak Pimenta
    Deepak Pimenta 27 days ago +1

    "sounds like a spell from harry potter" 😂😀

  • Robert Quill
    Robert Quill 27 days ago

    So tired of Creed. Could care less. Oh and Orcanox, Ambrox or Ambroxan is is one of the main fragrance components of ambergris. Nowadays, it is being produced synthetically.

  • John Wen
    John Wen 27 days ago +1

    Great news
    Tks Ashton
    Btw do u suggest put frag collection (over 100) in bedroom, due to just saw a med report says small leaking from sprayer frag will effect sleeping quality ,toxic ,and nerve system active stimulate.

  • Just_The_Fax
    Just_The_Fax 27 days ago

    I might need to pick up a bottle of silver mount water in the next couple weeks before ppl on the FB groups get crazy.

  • Cesar Gomez
    Cesar Gomez 27 days ago

    Great content man

    SKANDERBEG 27 days ago

    Suprised Prada hasnt released anything new

  • samuth chan
    samuth chan 27 days ago

    Crazy reviews

  • Mr Tiger
    Mr Tiger 27 days ago +1

    This series is so informative to us fragrance neophytes. Thank you.

  • Andre Finns
    Andre Finns 27 days ago

    I have never understood the logic of companies putting out new scents with little or no difference in name/design to previous scents they have released. Surely this is likely to deter the average buyer because they assume they already own or dislike the scent? Maybe I am missing something with this strategy

  • Bear Claws
    Bear Claws 27 days ago +1

    Whats with all the Creed price hike talk, like its not overpriced as it is now, I have smelled Aventus and many other clones, I think the whole pineapple scent mania is so overrated, pineapple is a very cheap fruit and so is the scent, it gets tired and boring after a few wearings. Glad I didnt pull the trigger and waste my money on it.

  • Samuel Gonçalves
    Samuel Gonçalves 27 days ago

    Coach is the most bothering fragrance ive ever seen

  • Stuuubbs 77
    Stuuubbs 77 27 days ago +3

    Im very excited to get coach blue. Coach for men and platinum are both fantastic i have high hopes for the blue

  • Paul Knowles
    Paul Knowles 27 days ago +2

    So we're going with the abstract/weird intro like Jeremy now 🤔🤔🤔 only not looking like you're high as a kite 😂😂

  • Anekwe Cross Kenneth
    Anekwe Cross Kenneth 27 days ago +1


  • Calvin M
    Calvin M 27 days ago

    BlackRock LTPC sounds like a shell company! Dissapointed with Erwin Creed for selling off his family's empire. Tsk tsk. Smh

  • Calvin M
    Calvin M 27 days ago

    Police is known in my area that makes sun glasses and cheap watches. I like their watches. Im excited to get my nose on those scents by police.

  • VT Nguyen
    VT Nguyen 27 days ago +1

    Can you review Dior homme intense vs Ysl homme intense . Thanks

    • Aj Macney
      Aj Macney 21 day ago

      Im sure Dior Homme Intense get more compliments than YSL Homme Intense. I had both of these bottles but i've got more compliments from DIOR Homme Intense. You can also try Invictus The Legend it's also a beast perfume :)

  • Skippy
    Skippy 27 days ago

    Funny this came up, I was just browsing a catalogue yesterday for a big chain pharmacy here in Oz and my 6 year old niece thinks those Police bottles are 'cool' lol.

  • Ernest Gallo
    Ernest Gallo 27 days ago +2

    Excellent Ash!! I’m loving that Creed is sold. I still have several 4 ounce bottles I bought years ago. Boxed and kept in a cool dark place 😁

    • Ernest Gallo
      Ernest Gallo 27 days ago +1

      Enimatek wouldn’t that be nice 👍🏻. I have Silver Mountain Water, Royal Water, and Erolfa. I believe I have 2 bottles of each lol 4 oz bottles.I haven’t checked my stock in awhile.

    • Enimatek
      Enimatek 27 days ago +1

      Ernest Gallo will be worth a small fortune when they eventually reformulate

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor 27 days ago

    I can't believe any from movie producers have never gotten in touch with you to do dialogue

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 27 days ago

    Besides spring and summer time fragrances, we also need Corona time fragrances

    • MR JAKE
      MR JAKE 27 days ago

      Lol what would that smell like??disinfectant?

  • Sergio Vázquez
    Sergio Vázquez 27 days ago +5

    It’s very naive to think that Creed’s quality would improve or at least that it stays as it was . Look what happened to Yves Saint Laurent Parfums after L’Oréal’s acquisition 😕.

  • Tatted 1969
    Tatted 1969 27 days ago

    Hopefully the Creed crew will bring quality and consistency back to the front or they will be selling Creed Spiderman. I never liked Cool Water and now I absolutely can never take them seriously. Coach has done well in my book so as a fan of both all things Blue and Coach, stoked to check that one out.

  • bam pyro
    bam pyro 27 days ago

    adios creed or how do you say? adioth creed! hello armaf.

    TYLER STODDARD 27 days ago +8

    Hey ash why don't you do Le Labo reviews?

  • Aftekhar Khan
    Aftekhar Khan 27 days ago +2

    The intro is to be saluted 👏

  • Karl Senula
    Karl Senula 27 days ago +3

    Oh you should definitely let your hair grow out for that aquaman look ... then see what your wife thinks.

  • Karl Senula
    Karl Senula 27 days ago

    I love how the Police fragrances go for that edgy vibe with the bottle and then the fragrance description is soooooo like all the other flowery over-descriptions.

  • Jon Ritchey
    Jon Ritchey 27 days ago +1

    you stepped up your gel game. no annoying random hairs on your forehead.... congrats

  • Mark Von
    Mark Von 27 days ago +2

    Creed hit around $270 million in revenue for 2019. Hard to estimate their profit, but they are doing massive volume.

  • J W
    J W 27 days ago +4

    I know that blue fragrances are mucho played out, but I’m honestly looking forward to trying out Coach Blue. I own Coach for Men and Coach Platinum and love them both. Thanks Ash!!

  • Northfacegleem 1
    Northfacegleem 1 27 days ago +4

    Better clapgame than Jeremy Fragrance

  • Lucien D'Hiver
    Lucien D'Hiver 27 days ago

    stop 👏 clapping 👏 in 👏 the 👏 video 👏 intro

  • نزار حمدان
    نزار حمدان 27 days ago

    Thanks 🙏

  • J Will
    J Will 27 days ago

    Erwin Creed as perfumer still then...sigh.

  • Michael Bullock
    Michael Bullock 27 days ago +1

    Great video and I enjoyed it and i can't wait to try these fragrances and have a blessed day

  • pwnusll
    pwnusll 27 days ago

    Would this make creed a designer brand? Since like every designer brand is backed by a bigger company. Or would they still be considered niche?

    • Just_The_Fax
      Just_The_Fax 27 days ago

      I would still consider it niche. Most ppl classify designers as brands that are more well known for selling other things (clothes, bags, pens, watches, cars), while niche brands only sell fragrances. So even though Creed would be owned by a bigger company they still only sell frags.

    JERZEELOON 27 days ago

    But wasn't coach already blue?

  • Angelo
    Angelo 27 days ago +3

    When we getting that spring fragrance list Ash, it’s probably my favorite part of spring

  • Donald Pump
    Donald Pump 27 days ago +3

    Creed News: 13:20

  • vkt
    vkt 27 days ago +2

    Don't forget Trussardi Le Vie Di Milano Collection.. the prive line of Trussardi which has some scents that look very unique and interesting

  • Feanor 35
    Feanor 35 27 days ago +2

    Considering the preposterous blatant lie of their history, the high probability that neither Creed was an actual perfumer behind the scents ( I mean come on, such brilliant minds create a copy of individuel with 95% accuracy ), and the ridiculous lack of quality control leading to batch variation, I am more than glad that they sold out, perhaps the new company stabilizes the production. Don't give me an excuse of "it's cause of the natural ingredients", you know it is bs, both that they use naturals completely and that gheir natural ones are inconsistent ( implying it is of horrible quality ) . Now, I do like their scents of course and I don't hate the house, I just use logical deduction and follow my own thoughts

  • Glenn Archer
    Glenn Archer 27 days ago +32

    Really don’t care about Creed being sold. The brand is overpriced anyway. I can get 2 bottles of Zoologist for the price of one bottle of Creed. And that is in Canadian funds. Enough said!!

    • Corwin Williams
      Corwin Williams 2 days ago

      Bob Sag i don’t care if i had 10 Bil, not spending 300 on a single piece of candy

    • Bob Sag
      Bob Sag 26 days ago +5

      Double Darrel by that logic, paying $300 for a candy bar isn’t overpriced if you have a million in the bank. Right?

    • Ty Nel
      Ty Nel 26 days ago +5

      @Double Darrel even if you have enough money to afford it, it could still be overpriced, in market term.

    • ethan sawyer
      ethan sawyer 27 days ago +3

      You can use credit cards to smell rich

    • Double Darrel
      Double Darrel 27 days ago +1

      Overpriced depends on the person.
      If you can afford it it's not Overpriced.

  • Michael Warburton
    Michael Warburton 27 days ago

    I like police got to be rebel, it's very synthetic but I love the smell

  • Sumanth D
    Sumanth D 27 days ago

    Lol wacky intro

  • Jeremy Hinze
    Jeremy Hinze 27 days ago +5

    Im so over creed anyway 🤷‍♂️ I have all the ones I care about.

  • John Raiden
    John Raiden 27 days ago +7

    Cannot WAIT for a new coach frag. Coach and Coach platinum were 2 giant home runs for me. Some people say that either of those 2 are budget-sauvage alternative but I definitely see them as their own unique line. I just hope that they focus on longevity for the new blue scent.

  • Yeezus
    Yeezus 27 days ago +6

    I just bought Cool Water Intense and its amazing. Everyone should buy it.

  • René J. Martinez
    René J. Martinez 27 days ago

    Hey there,
    Out of sheer curiosity...
    I was wondering if there are Fragrances from the Clothing Designers : Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS or Buffalo David Bitton ?
    And if so... have you ever rated, critique or "tested" them ??

    • René J. Martinez
      René J. Martinez 27 days ago

      @Scent Of Grimoire thanks ! I'll do a 'lil more research and hopefully will find something !

    • Scent Of Grimoire
      Scent Of Grimoire 27 days ago +1

      Not sure about bitton but the other two yes.
      Guess seductive is great, tommy tropics is a perfect spring scent

  • Justin Reyna
    Justin Reyna 27 days ago +1

    Love the news

  • Tired of Fools
    Tired of Fools 27 days ago +7

    Imagine if Gucci gave ENVY the amount of flankers as it has given GUILTY?

    • Sandro Mateush
      Sandro Mateush 25 days ago +2

      Tired of Fools Envy Parfum. Oh Lord 😱

    • Mark
      Mark 27 days ago +1

      Bite your tongue. I would be broke.

  • agosto15
    agosto15 27 days ago +2

    Boss the scent parfume review.... huge boss wife rating...

  • Walter Terrell
    Walter Terrell 27 days ago

    I’m ready to try the Aquaman (DC fan here) and Coach Blue.

  • Ken's Shaving & BS'ing

    Orcanox is just another

  • pringlescan81
    pringlescan81 27 days ago +34

    “Original” Creed bottles are gonna take a price hike

  • AGentlemansJourney
    AGentlemansJourney 27 days ago +4

    As I'm a Trussardi fanboy, I'm disappointed with the brand for not coming up with a different name. That is just laziness.

  • Antoine Perrault
    Antoine Perrault 27 days ago

    Do not buy Guilty EDP. It is no different from the EDT, and far from the Absolu flanker quality.

    • MR JAKE
      MR JAKE 27 days ago

      Really??? So it doesnt last longer????

  • Soccer90 Tem
    Soccer90 Tem 27 days ago +1

    Will you do review on daviddoff and Trussardi 🙏🏼

  • Ian Wrin
    Ian Wrin 27 days ago +7

    Not gonna lie, the nerd in me wants that new cool water aquaman

    • Ian Wrin
      Ian Wrin 27 days ago +2

      @Jon Ritchey lol nice! Sir, I believe u just out-nerded me

    • Jon Ritchey
      Jon Ritchey 27 days ago +5

      im going to grab it... just so when someone asks me what im wearing... i will say "you know i got that aquaman" as i pop my collar... give them finger guns... then blow the smoke from the barrel of said finger guns.