Gotta See It: Domi ends Kesler with one punch

Watch as Max Domi hits Ryan Kesler with a massive upper cut.

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Автор shargor ( назад)
Looks like he skated up to Kessler and punched his lights out for no reason.

Автор Chris K ( назад)
I love this! I hate Kesler!!!

Автор TheWitchOvAgnesi ( назад)
Ryan Glassjawler

Автор Drew Minott ( назад)

Автор Erik Kebel ( назад)
He's a tough cookie

Автор Indaleci014 ( назад)
The only reason Kesler dropped them is cause Domi was smaller.. The dirtbag made a big mistake. This was beautiful to watch.

Автор Jordan X ( назад)
Kesler deserved this completely.

Автор 1010Huey ( назад)
Kesler running his mouth, got his ass beaten.

Автор Toivo Kangas ( назад)
Ice hockey IS so beatiful game

Автор Michael Purpura ( назад)
the most hilarious thing about this clip is that 18 to 2 shot differential. punch all you want coyotes... you still suck at hockey.

Автор Matthew H. ( назад)
Ohhh I love this!

Автор Nickle488 ( назад)
Ya Domi the former London knight

Автор Judaddy1 ( назад)
Leatherhead Jr

Автор T.K up in Canada ( назад)

Автор Eric Toms ( назад)

Автор Colin Underwood ( назад)
Except the damn ref got in the player's way

Автор Happy Trails ( назад)
chip off the old block. Wonder what his dad was saying about this.

Автор Draco ( назад)
Kesler's a one hitter quitter lmaooo

Автор 100 subscribers without videos ( назад)
dads boy

Автор DoodToxic ( назад)
Lol and he just increased Arizona's shots by 50% after that.

Автор Kasandra Mann ( назад)
Typical Canuck fans have to live vicariously through the eyes of someone else's team cause team european divers can't do it themselves.. Team 25 Jerseys and No Cups... HA HAHAHAHAHAH. CANSUCKS Rioter's

Автор Scarce Is Not Fat ( назад)
*Ulf Samuelsson*

Автор Firstname Lastname ( назад)
haha Kesler got one punched by a kid with the diabetes

Автор coolersGM ( назад)
he made his head pop off

Автор Dave ( назад)
Currently my favorite youtube video

Автор Hauler24 ( назад)
That light went out

Автор TheCarista ( назад)
like fahter like son :D

Автор RyanMiller3039 ( назад)
Fucken turtle

Автор NaOCl ( назад)
Kesler hid like a turtle at the end lol

Автор Jordy Watt ( назад)
just like his dad, no respect. When it's over it's over. probably hits women when they're down to

Автор Tiko terstepanyan ( назад)
232 ducks fans disliked

Автор Bloo Eagle ( назад)
Atta boy Give it to 'im :D

Автор Leaf fan 101 ( назад)

Автор poodtang1 ( назад)
From Vancouver never liked Kesler always thought he was a super arrogant prick. He probably deserved it.

Автор Theofanus Urip ( назад)
Haha I did color guard for that game. Felt bad for Kessler

Автор GZH 91 ( назад)
Kessler doesn't know whose son he's messing with

Автор gabe zollinger ( назад)
Get rekt kesler

Автор Ben Moran ( назад)
sucker punch to me

Автор Dennis ( назад)
That was beyond turtling. Kesler was trying to crawl back inside his egg and cook a little longer.

Автор Devil's Advocate ( назад)
You know this is 100% on of Tie's proudest moments as a father lol.

Автор Kevin Fang ( назад)
Punched him so hard his head disappeared lol

Автор Azikj ( назад)
how could this be? domi twice as smaller than kessler!

Автор Riley Paschal ( назад)
just like his old man...

Автор Duane Henry ( назад)
couldn't happen to a better guy....

Автор boo ( назад)
Finally Kesler gets owned hate that clown even when he was in Vancouver

Автор Pat Denis ( назад)

Автор JT ( назад)
This video is my safe space.

lol.... all the ducks need one of those each...

Автор northlander ( назад)
looks like Domi like to keep hitting when a man is down .

Автор phosfanian devil ( назад)
looks like he's got some of his father in him

Автор TTV20209989 ( назад)
I wish he smashed his face

Автор Springfield ( назад)
At least we destroyed them on SoG...

Автор McNugget Butts ( назад)
Like father like son

Автор Snooty ( назад)
BOOM! Would have loved to see it's head snap back further.

Автор SharkBird ( назад)
The production director who didn't switch to the fight camera until after the fight was over should be fired.

Автор Brandon Mensing ( назад)
LOL, that was great!
You know kesler only dropped the gloves cause the linesman was right there, but Domi only needed one!

Автор Mandella Canadian ( назад)
hey max you should come to canada and play for toronto. the coyotes are just a wash. barely a team. come to canada we need number 28 back.

Автор Fuckhead ( назад)
Cryin Pussler

Автор Mark Verenice ( назад)
I respect this Domi guy!

Автор Steven Jill ( назад)
looks like someone bought a copy of NHL 2k11 and did not get there refund.

Автор Steven Jill ( назад)
max domi is like a pokemon that is going to evolve like his dad.

Автор Richard Saunders ( назад)
He's out before his glove hits the floor haha.

Автор Mark Pro ( назад)
his old man taught him well

Автор Mike Leib ( назад)
Kesler is afraid

Автор Joshua Haubrick ( назад)
Atta boy Domi! Kessler finally gets what he deserves

Автор Kane Garvey ( назад)
Been watching yer dads ol hockey tapes eh? lol

Автор Dr. Gregory Haus ( назад)
Can't duck an uppercut.

Stupid sport

Автор David Kiperman ( назад)
I saw Max play for the London Knights. I was impressed with his speed and hands but I didn't think he could make it into the NHL because he was so small. I'm glad to say I was wrong.

Автор Edison Lewis ( назад)
Duck fan here and I am also glad that Kesler got put on his ass..now if that could only happen to Phillip Rivers and my Chargers would be golden.

Автор Dominator Gaming ( назад)
218 dislikes means 218 ducks fans

Автор Matt ( назад)

Автор Shark Tooth ( назад)
glass jaw

Автор Vierynbryn ( назад)
Flawless Victory.... BABALITY

Автор Skepticalways13 ( назад)
I was gonna say something about Apples and trees but....that would be redundant

Автор sometimesiamwrong ( назад)
Just like his daddy

Автор Jim Browski ( назад)
Looks like the ref is telling Kessler 'you just got ktfo'.

Автор Steve Smith ( назад)
Down goes Frazier!

Автор Francisco Lynch ( назад)
Just wished Domi would get princess doughty like that

Автор Diego Kazanietz ( назад)
Like father like son

Автор R-Truth ( назад)
I wish Ryan Kesler stayed at Canucks

Автор Jeff Olson ( назад)
Love seeing Kesler get beat up.....my mom could punch him out lol

Автор jon snow ( назад)
That linesman needs to stay the hell out of the way. Either go in and break it up or don't interfere until it's over

Автор Mano Mir ( назад)
this is secretary is open for businees if it is via

Автор d kell ( назад)
Domi should have tea bagged Kesler when he was down then put the photo on snap chat,

Автор Michael Khan ( назад)

Автор oliver l ( назад)
like father like son

Автор Jonoman792 ( назад)
always nice to see someone with a big mouth get put down, atta boy Domi!

Автор Dart Man ( назад)
demolished him

Автор Mommas Music ( назад)
That moment you lose a fight to a 5'10 21 year old Max Domi.

Автор Bolt Thrower ( назад)
shoulda just wrapped kesler in a blanket and gave him his bottle

Автор maveryk ( назад)
he jabbed him when reaching for his jersey and kesler dropped his head for the uppercut. beauty

Автор Stephen Lau ( назад)

Автор 623SmokeBreeze ( назад)
Do mi fa so

Автор Wallace Grummit ( назад)
The boys got a bit of his father in him

Автор Duke Sliskus ( назад)
Pow, right in the kisser

Автор MrTo YouBoy ( назад)
such a stupid game , figure skating faggots whacking a silly little ball around with sticks

Автор Dewayne White ( назад)
damn football I'm going to hockey

Автор Seafood Gaming ( назад)
Any smaller YouTubers want to support each other

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