Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

  • In 2016 a Florida man attempted to run from Boca Raton, FL to Bermuda in a home-made, inflatable plastic bubble. Reza Baluchi had been warned by the Coast Guard that any efforts to attempt his journey would be futile and result in severe legal and financial retribution. However, Reza’s convictions and ambition left him undeterred by such threats - he’d been waiting his whole life to do this and nothing was going to stop him. This is the story of that fateful journey as told by the man who attempted it.
    To donate to Reza's new bubble, visit: gf.me/u/xg6bpy
    Watch our follow-up interview with Reza: ruclip.com/video/_8WToJs5bwQ/video.html
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Comments • 80

  • VICE
    VICE  2 months ago +469

    For more information about Reza’s charity projects, visit: www.runwithreza.org/

    • Sma Gai
      Sma Gai 4 days ago

      VICE ruclip.com/video/uHF96sumCTo/video.html

    • Leopoldo Villa Jr.
      Leopoldo Villa Jr. 21 day ago

      @VICE let’s make Reza happen get in touch with Red Bull and GoPro so we can keep on coming back thank y’all.

    • Alex The boi
      Alex The boi Month ago

      WestCyde 9 lol

    • Gail Stone
      Gail Stone Month ago

      @Don Juan Man, - you are long-winded rambler; I couldn't even make it thru one sentence...
      Zoiks!! Have the condensed version, Brother?
      That IS the condensed version?!!? 😂🤣
      Just kidding- hugs 🤗

    • Don Juan
      Don Juan Month ago

      Dear Reza and anyone ignorant enough to support him:
      He will never make it. The design of his craft, the coastal winds, and the lack of substantive propulsion makes his journey entirely impossible. His "hydropod", is a poorly thought out contraption. He cannot go fast enough to compete with ocean currents and winds that, in both attempts, pushed him Southwest rather than his intended direction Northeast. This man is obscenely ignorant and actually thinks he can do this. He thinks that he was "stopped" by the Coast guard and "impeded" in his "journey", when the truth is that he never traveled anywhere. He was carried by tidal currents until he was over near the edge of the coastal continental shelf, and was then pulled by the very OBVIOUS and WIDELY known tradewinds, and currents South. He never "traveled" anywhere under his own power. I commend his free spirit, and his want to explore but his thought process about the whole thing is lacking the most basic of commonsense. Learn how to sail, to navigate, and most importantly get someone who understands boat design to engineer your vessel. Some welded aluminum struts, basketballs and a large inflatable pool toy is going to get you to Bermuda?...Da fuq? Then the dude takes umbridge with people who had to spend in excess of $150,000 saving him because HE is incapable of understanding logic. I can only imagine the conversations the Coast Guard had about this MONUMENTALLY STUPID man.

  • I Play RuneScape
    I Play RuneScape 40 seconds ago

    He is an amazing guy! A hero!

  • Bernie Sandals
    Bernie Sandals Hour ago

    Nanny state!!! If the man wants to die at sea that is his god given right!

  • Darrieus Lewis
    Darrieus Lewis 2 hours ago


  • Navoii Gamer
    Navoii Gamer 7 hours ago

    Of course Florida man

  • Joe Wallace
    Joe Wallace 7 hours ago

    "Big Hollywood bubble, Greg"

  • Gholam Baodin
    Gholam Baodin 9 hours ago

    Hearing his accent for a while i thought Khabib Nurgmagomedov was talking

  • Verity
    Verity 10 hours ago

    And they complain there is too much plastic in the sea?! Honestly, they should have left him alone

  • jordi alba
    jordi alba 11 hours ago +1

    just another of the countless stupid things our govt does dailty.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Don’t let anyone pop your bubble

  • Liam Gleeson
    Liam Gleeson 13 hours ago

    No way that cost the coastguard $144,000 scumbags should let him carry on

  • kelsy mann
    kelsy mann 17 hours ago

    bro he had a laptop to watch movies hes chillin

  • Carlito Anthony Bronk
    Carlito Anthony Bronk 19 hours ago

    How the fuck did he cost the coast guard $145,000 to “rescue” him? I smell BUUUUULLLLSSSHHHHHHIIIIIT

  • Adolfo Enrique
    Adolfo Enrique 21 hour ago

    Fuck the government for making fake ass rules/regulations/loops for the man to complete his dream.
    Fuck the government!!!

  • Chris c
    Chris c Day ago

    Hes a dumb ass all that for attention

  • Benis of Bepis
    Benis of Bepis Day ago

    Florida man

  • NN
    NN Day ago

    7:34 - 7:45 Me whenever someone tries to stop me from making a bad, impulsive decision...

  • Chris C
    Chris C Day ago

    The only thing he said that made sense was “ follow your dream because they will not follow you”

  • can u not
    can u not Day ago

    he worked so hard on that bubble n yall just- ik it is not safe but istg that God will somehow save him. this is why u have to believe in God yk

  • Ibrahim Adan
    Ibrahim Adan Day ago

    He seems to enjoy this

  • Politician Hunter

    Fuckin guy thinks just because he ran to school, he can run to Bermuda in a bubble! Lmmfao

  • Politician Hunter

    Shoulda let that dumb mf make his attempt without the safety net of others. Dumb mf would've been dead! 😆😆😆😆

  • Arkof Varga
    Arkof Varga Day ago

    Only in Florida

  • hoshi stan
    hoshi stan Day ago

    good on him for following his dream but i believe he should do it in a more legal way? maybe in a smaller place first, or getting a sponsor who will monitor him so the coast guard doesn’t have to track him constantly

  • Isaac E. Olivas Gonzalez

    Of course Florida man 😂

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James Day ago


  • Over Watch
    Over Watch Day ago

    He said he has only great ideas. This was not a great idea.

  • Dokumentarfilme
    Dokumentarfilme Day ago

    He never went to Bermuda! don't waste the time!

  • Kabali Don
    Kabali Don Day ago

    Nothing is impossible. It's his life his wish just let him do what he wish with it.

  • Jessuniverse
    Jessuniverse Day ago

    he needs to create unique sailboat, maybe theyll let that pass

  • Jessuniverse
    Jessuniverse Day ago

    I think he leaves his bubble when he takes a shit

  • jasper 45
    jasper 45 Day ago

    Somebody burst his bubble

  • rorschachh
    rorschachh 2 days ago

    he should go to antartica! the final horizon

  • Eric B
    Eric B 2 days ago

    I usually don't side with law enforcement but in this particular case Coast Guard did absolutely the right thing I mean how many different ways do people think of to go out and hurt themselves on the weekends near rock climbing bungee jumping jumping out of perfectly good aircraft and so on no I think the Coast Guard get the right thing and save this idiot from himself.

  • Shavontay66 Playz
    Shavontay66 Playz 2 days ago

    Who else here is from bermuda

  • Junior Lopez
    Junior Lopez 2 days ago

    These morons just let it sink? They didn't bother to get it out of.. well, the ocean!?

  • G Remate
    G Remate 2 days ago

    He made is own energy bar like Charlie from it's always sunny LMAO

  • John Athineos
    John Athineos 2 days ago

    Is it illegal to commit suicide in usa?

  • weakbrainthrombosis
    weakbrainthrombosis 2 days ago

    Maybe poor judgement by Reza, but also maybe poor judgement by the us coast guard to rescue someone who doesn’t want to be rescued. And how the fuck does it cost 144,000 dollars to take a boat out to a known gps location and pick someone up. The coast guard definitely needs to look at their operational model and find out where the inefficiencies are.

  • Theboss47
    Theboss47 2 days ago

    Wtf did they spend that 144,000 on, the fucking boat?

  • Sawyer
    Sawyer 2 days ago

    Fuck the fed, keep peddling Reza! SoFlo is behind you all the way!

    MATTHEW DOWNZ 2 days ago

    Just let this man run in the bubble smh

  • surimp
    surimp 2 days ago

    Absolute mad lad

  • Trildin
    Trildin 2 days ago +1

    This coast guard guy sure looks like he's hungry for a fist sandwich

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 2 days ago

    Thanks for giving an idiot an audience.

  • Diego García Gonzalez

    In America you're free, unless you want to do, be or think something different.

  • Hammer H
    Hammer H 3 days ago

    Let him do what he wants you idiots...He didn't bother any body.

  • TokyoAfterlife
    TokyoAfterlife 3 days ago

    They tried to stop him cause it “costs taxpayers money” but it’s perfectly ok for Trumps kids to spend this taxpayers money on their little “business trips” 🤣

  • Toaster Bagels
    Toaster Bagels 3 days ago

    Man needs a Red Bull sponsorship

  • Gavyn Berry
    Gavyn Berry 3 days ago

    He should have just hired a boat to escort him.

  • Satria Sutena
    Satria Sutena 3 days ago

    People don’t seem to realise that the Bermuda Triangle is REALLY big
    That’s why ships get lost there so much (even though it’s the same amount of lost ships as any other area)

  • Fina Fina
    Fina Fina 3 days ago

    Crazy ass ma fa

  • Xrael
    Xrael 3 days ago

    They were scared he was going to find something there trying to hide from the public lol

  • Xhalt Clan
    Xhalt Clan 3 days ago

    If those guys who shot the bubble are seeing this fuck you bitch 🖕🏻

  • Ella Karma
    Ella Karma 3 days ago

    Protect this man at all costs🥺😖🥰

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco 3 days ago

    144 thousand to rescue him...all they did was sail over to where he was. They spend countless hours out on the ocean doing nothing. Maybe they need more economical vessels and cheaper labor. 😂😂😂 like NASA paying 50 grand for a toilet seat. This is why America is eventually going to go broke.

  • Michelle Goodwin
    Michelle Goodwin 3 days ago

    Run razor run bubble are no bubble run

  • michael canal
    michael canal 3 days ago

    Clickbait. Thumbs down.

  • reed m
    reed m 3 days ago

    Hamish and Andy did it first

  • Alister
    Alister 3 days ago

    That is really stupid

  • Sd myco
    Sd myco 3 days ago

    This is not the Land of the free you fucking fool.

  • Sd myco
    Sd myco 3 days ago

    This dude high on flakka ! Never will he do it with the wind and swell, never, theres no steering hes going to be tossed around like a ragdoll.

  • Eazy Geazy
    Eazy Geazy 3 days ago

    Can't believe them damn butt pirates sunk his property.

  • 12 cabbagé
    12 cabbagé 3 days ago

    I can go on and on talking about how good Forrest Gump is

  • BanditxrideZ
    BanditxrideZ 4 days ago

    He needs to try again with red bull as a sponsor

  • C J
    C J 4 days ago

    they were so pessimistic, let the man run in his bubble.

  • 432 369
    432 369 4 days ago

    He wants to do it? Fine. See if he'll do it without the coast guard handing him food and following him for 1000 miles and putting their lives at risk too.

  • Leo's roblox adventures


  • The Flying Piggie
    The Flying Piggie 4 days ago

    When is our government just going to leave the people the f*** alone

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash 4 days ago

    Love this deleted scene from Borat

  • History Hound
    History Hound 4 days ago

    World: This is impossible to go across the world in a bubble.
    Florida man: Wait a minute hold my beer I'll be back I'm going to brumta.

  • Travis DTSiNtheist
    Travis DTSiNtheist 4 days ago

    Better preparation; a bigger sturdier bubble, with maybe a couch, refrigerator, some shade and some education on how the ocean works . . . no one should stand in his way.

  • Ronnie Libra
    Ronnie Libra 4 days ago

    Beemudaaaa. It's a cooky kind of place...A nutty nutty kind of place.. Bermuuudaaaaa

  • Jackson Banks
    Jackson Banks 4 days ago

    That cost guard guy is a dick. Fucking idiots. Let a man live out his dream you uncultured fucks

  • shivam chaudhry
    shivam chaudhry 4 days ago

    Then run on the roads man 😂

  • Ibrahim Khan
    Ibrahim Khan 4 days ago

    poor guy

  • Jynflyn1 -
    Jynflyn1 - 4 days ago +1

    Hamster wheels are extremely disorienting if they aren’t clear.

  • Qnzdipset1
    Qnzdipset1 4 days ago

    Florida man ATTEMPTS to run to Bermuda in bubble, should be the title. With yo click bait ass.

  • Jerred Carnell
    Jerred Carnell 4 days ago

    He just like Forest Gump.

  • YoungSavage YT
    YoungSavage YT 4 days ago

    damn can't believe they shot his bubble