Overwatch 2 Gameplay Trailer

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
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    Overwatch 2 is the globe-spanning sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed team-based game, building upon the original’s battle-honed foundation and carrying forward everything players have earned into a new era of epic competition and team play. Square off against rivals in PvP modes, and explore the Overwatch universe firsthand in all new, fully cooperative missions that challenge the world’s heroes to team up, power up, and take on an overwhelming outbreak of threats around the globe.
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Comments • 20 796

  • TheMysticGamez 10
    TheMysticGamez 10 32 minutes ago +1

    I hope they had the models from this game into the main game as legendary skins

  • Gamegambier 101
    Gamegambier 101 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but the story mode legit made me lose all hope for a comeback just stick with PVP maybe some PvE even like rainbow six not a full permanent mode just doesn't work congrats and not buying your products ever again

  • Big guy R4nd0m sm1le
    Big guy R4nd0m sm1le 2 hours ago +1

    The evil robots dislikes this video.

  • dark wolf
    dark wolf 6 hours ago

    *this tf2 mvm remake looks sick*

  • Kamui 2004
    Kamui 2004 8 hours ago

    mvm clone

  • 『Maheshwar Ramanand』

    make a mobile version this time!

  • ayeyuh yuhaye
    ayeyuh yuhaye 10 hours ago

    Goodbye OG skins

    • John Frank
      John Frank 6 hours ago

      In fact, they’re gonna get upgraded to the new engine

    • John Frank
      John Frank 6 hours ago

      They’re still coming forward with you

  • Franklin Franklinson
    Franklin Franklinson 14 hours ago

    Feels fanmade.

  • ClapzIt
    ClapzIt Day ago

    Winston: Teamwork!

    Me: Havent u already tried that once?

  • Nathan Thomas
    Nathan Thomas Day ago

    1:48 ok I feel some power ranger references here

  • Exotic butters
    Exotic butters Day ago +1

    are you going to be able to load all of your past progress into this game

    • John Frank
      John Frank 6 hours ago

      The first game automatically gets updated to this one, so yes.

  • Jason Beavers
    Jason Beavers 2 days ago

    will there be a talon mission where you get to be a talon operative?????

  • Parsa Akbari
    Parsa Akbari 2 days ago +1

    Can't wait for this to be a disappointment

  • normal Garlic bread TM

    So an update?

  • did someone ask for an egg?

    this looks so bad LMAO imagine buying this game could never be me ☠☠☠

  • hhduu ,xcnn
    hhduu ,xcnn 2 days ago

    I will miss overwatch 1😢

  • Fatih Pazarbasi
    Fatih Pazarbasi 2 days ago

    why is there so many war games?!!!

  • Ranger 7
    Ranger 7 2 days ago

    Overwatch needs a Single-Player campaign like RAGE 2, not lame co-op.

  • Lil acoustic
    Lil acoustic 2 days ago

    Wow, the mvm update looks nice.

  • Ranger 7
    Ranger 7 3 days ago

    Meh, Doom Eternal has better trailer than this childish lame trailer. Note that Blizzard.

  • Phú Hồ
    Phú Hồ 3 days ago

    thế có phải mua không hay miễn phí

  • Some assistance please

    I do love a good MVM match

  • F!am1n Ch33t0s
    F!am1n Ch33t0s 4 days ago +1

    Wheres my girl d.va at qmq

  • I D K
    I D K 4 days ago

    Is that greta thunberg

  • Bees
    Bees 4 days ago

    did i make a mistake buying the first game last week? Could I have waited for the second to come out?

    MEMELORDYT 4 days ago

    Uh I have a question will this be out for Nintendo switch or no

  • La Ranita Loca
    La Ranita Loca 4 days ago

    Mann vs Machine (from Team Fortress 2) but with a 60$ tag on it

  • Tristin Shewmake
    Tristin Shewmake 4 days ago

    I find it hilarious that games now include a story or campaign as a feature. Its not like this is the interactive medium for storytelling.

  • Emily
    Emily 4 days ago +1

    Where is my sombra ???? F*ck

  • DoNt youch Me Hommie

    Bro nice 60 dollar update

  • Tristen R.
    Tristen R. 5 days ago


  • smuggin mashiro
    smuggin mashiro 5 days ago

    Overwatch 2 = TF2 MvM
    Would be better if there are drops on this game like TF2's australiums!

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708 4 days ago

      smuggin mashiro well both games you fight robots but mvm is a castle defense while ow 2 has more of a left for dead style gameplay

  • xinner2008 XD
    xinner2008 XD 5 days ago

    From pvp to pve


  • Kuralay Mary123
    Kuralay Mary123 5 days ago

    U copying Team fortress 2...


  • Gnome boi
    Gnome boi 5 days ago

    hey that's cool valve is finally updating MvM

  • thepolarbomb #dank
    thepolarbomb #dank 6 days ago

    It’s lacking a lot of bastion

  • JustABOT
    JustABOT 6 days ago

    I need you to come out desperately I want to quit fortnite so badly

  • Sander Schellen
    Sander Schellen 6 days ago

    When your mom tells you to leave your brother alone

  • mehmet eren
    mehmet eren 6 days ago

    Character lvl system looks like paladins' system

  • Joonas Koivisto
    Joonas Koivisto 6 days ago

    Where is junkrat

  • Mittens
    Mittens 7 days ago

    “New look” lol wtf was that a joke??

  • Connor D
    Connor D 7 days ago

    hope its $30

  • Super Saiyan Commenter


  • Al_Prakoso
    Al_Prakoso 7 days ago +1

    Bicc Boii: "I'm good at pushing things"
    Me: "Push my grades for this semester please!"

  • ralph owen frilles
    ralph owen frilles 7 days ago

    im going to be more impressed if this turns F2P

  • Uh Oh Society
    Uh Oh Society 7 days ago

    I'm actually pretty hyped for this
    (Except when Reinhardt says hammer strike not hammer down)

  • Sam Trellis
    Sam Trellis 7 days ago +7

    The new hero honestly looks like she’ll be a let down.

  • Rusty Ghost
    Rusty Ghost 7 days ago

    I'm just excited about customation

  • Yamcha's losing streak 360

    This could have just been a really huge update in the first game but aye something new I really love overwatch but I got burnt out and it’s nearly been 2 years since I played but hopefully this won’t be repetitive

  • ItsMaxJuarez
    ItsMaxJuarez 7 days ago

    That flying donut in the map showcase looks like they took it from Avengers Infinity War

  • USER_NAME1429
    USER_NAME1429 7 days ago +2

    wow this is _totally_ original, there has never been a _team_ game with _fortresses_ where your menn fight giant machines...

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708 4 days ago +1

      USER_NAME1429 well mvm is a castle defense game while ow 2 is more of a left for dead style gameplay

    • USER_NAME1429
      USER_NAME1429 5 days ago +1

      @Tin9999999 tf2 is better, minecraft is better, even heckin' fortnite

    • Tin9999999
      Tin9999999 5 days ago +1


  • Cryian Sky
    Cryian Sky 8 days ago

    overwatch... update after update and update and another update... lets make it overwatch 2 ang make some mone! Now thats a good idea! Update witch brings more money! nathing new just few decorations, diferent maps and everything else the same and you will be forced to pay full price plus triple if you one of the deluxe rtrd lol

  • Nagisa Shiota
    Nagisa Shiota 8 days ago

    Same game but a payload pushes itself and the abilities look good. I wish they would have added like some team combo/ team ultimate stuff and some qte. That would have looked cool story

  • Nagisa Shiota
    Nagisa Shiota 8 days ago

    Ok so the only cool thing is the ability customization and how they look(the abilities). Yeah...... not buying this I'll stick with normal overwatch

  • TheHolyGiraffe
    TheHolyGiraffe 8 days ago

    add crossplay

  • Gabriel Alauk
    Gabriel Alauk 8 days ago

    Can be a DLC

  • Uzumaki Deku
    Uzumaki Deku 8 days ago

    FORTNITE X OVERWATCH Crossover anyone???

  • AdmireVnm
    AdmireVnm 8 days ago

    there's way more change than you guys are seeing. this many new features, gamemodes, abilities, and heroes and u would all just consider this an update? there's an actual storyline now too where you don't have to just find lore

  • Seiji
    Seiji 8 days ago

    i legit just got the first over watch...

  • Cathy Alvarez
    Cathy Alvarez 8 days ago

    I want play overwatch right now!!!!!