The Greatest Sports Moments of 2016 ᴴᴰ

See you in 2017...

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Автор visionary. ( назад)
Make sure to check out Part 2, featuring Nascar, AFL, Tennis and other international sports along with missed US Moments!
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=855T_q714WA

Автор JSSTyger ( назад)
4:15 Holy crap could Kobe's introduction be any more lame?  Its his last game and the announcer sounds like hes falling asleep.

Автор john crawford ( назад)
The Dee Gordon home run got me so emotional

Автор Henry Guillemot ( назад)
basically the whole 2016 world series game 6 was unforgettable

Автор Brice Bettac ( назад)
This stuff did not happen in 2016 this happend in 2014

Автор CoasterLoop ( назад)
what song is this

Автор NZH ( назад)
Why is there American football, baseball, NBA and hockey in this? These sports mean absolutely nothing outside the U.S so how can they be the greatest moments? Americans are so ignorant.

Автор Iain Cavins ( назад)
17:25 Josh Lambo, you had one damn job

Автор Lemuel Villareal ( назад)
Whats with the rockets moment? btw im a rocket fan but why?

Автор Manco Kwan ( назад)
lol why golden state in this shit, they just a bunch off pussy who practice how to kick ball sacks

Автор Jack HIll ( назад)
Just saying no Australian sport

Автор pappamatechr 04 ( назад)
ronaldo didn't win the champions league.Real madrid did

Автор Jordan Leveritt ( назад)
what? my texans made it on here twice? noice!

Автор Moon ( назад)
Kobe's Last game get's me everytime

Автор Ty Pie ( назад)
2017 already better

Автор Ibiscus ( назад)
Last time I checked rugby was a sport.

Автор Hymie Smith ( назад)
Want to gamble safely online? Go to 👉 gamblewithease. com

Автор Auhsojlip ( назад)
Rookie of the year, MVP of the league, Traitor of the year, backstabber of the year, Kevin Durant.

Автор DaTgamerdoH ( назад)
Sherzner Scherzer*

Автор Juaquez Torres ( назад)

Автор Syns ( назад)
Looks like you're a Cleveland fan like me ;)

Автор REAL Newfiepie ( назад)
Me and 400+ other panthers fans disliked this video

Автор Jose Romero ( назад)
do 2017 when barcelona psg

Автор FranAndres Rivera ( назад)
USA sports yea okay w.e big deal in USA most as only, but Leicester winning the premier league is something beautiful that all the world knows, is not about the money but about a humble team who worked hard to achieve something big.

Автор EdudLufetips ( назад)
sports... the great unifier. break racial bounds, national bounds, forget about fighting over pieces of dirt, and play the game. great vid

Автор Andrew Yanes ( назад)
Other than portugal's fluke win and messi's missed penatly, 2016 was amazing.

Автор The Commander ( назад)
Um the Kevin Durant should be on worst moments ever

Автор Andrew White ( назад)
"Cleveland wins a game" lol

Автор Graham Joseph ( назад)
dee gordons homeer for jose ferndez made me cry soooooooo much

Автор Graham Joseph ( назад)
whats the song when peytn manning is tallking

Автор Daquion Goodbeir ( назад)
am I the only one who love the guitar song

Автор Christopher Emmons ( назад)
the texans always lose in the divisional round of the playoffs every year

Автор ROBERT ROSALES ( назад)

Автор stephen ( назад)
2017: Patriots SB comeback, lebron James game tying 3 vs wizards, klay Thompson 60 points in a quarter. All I can think of so far. We still have NHL playoffs, baseball season, NBA playoffs, and football season.

Автор dom g ( назад)
#3-1 lead

Автор SAU Devil ( назад)
U should do this again for 2017

Автор Official Vlogz ( назад)
David Ortiz hello

Автор Ben L ( назад)
The phelps clip has audio from a diff race. The clip is of the 2016 Olympics 200 fly, the audio is from the 2009 world championships in Rome (otherwise known as the plastic games)

Автор Posterizer15 ( назад)
warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор MIKE aNd IkE45 ( назад)
Where's Rajai Davis home run game 7

Автор johan wilson ( назад)
no WWE eh?

Автор Gavin Kraft ( назад)
need more hockey

Автор Lza Tlau ( назад)
Can someone translate the winning of Leicester City in terms of basketball NBA?

Автор Saucy Phranx ( назад)
But Alabama lost

Автор Alan Leon ( назад)
as a packer fan that playoff Victory is bitter sweet

Автор Josh Walsh ( назад)

Автор jack cooney ( назад)
Obvious it's American there's hardly any football or rugby

Автор Stefan Mulak ( назад)
You should of had Penny Oleksiak, the Canadian swimmer who got 4 medals in her first Olympics

Автор Konnar Adam ( назад)
Fuck soccer.

Автор Koala Dude ( назад)
as a west ham supporter Payet became dead to me as soon as e made Ronaldo miss the Euro 2016 Final

Автор Shit TV ( назад)
Durant is the badest moment lädt year

Автор Chase Hoonan ( назад)
Man that dee Gordon one made me tear up

Автор Hello People ( назад)
Who else cries when they see dee Gordon hit the homer over Jose Fernandezs number

Автор Jry 1313 ( назад)
Mike trouts robbery vs the mariners

Автор Derp Derpington ( назад)
Leicester winning the prem is one of the most surprising thing ever

Автор Hays Collins ( назад)
If your going to put a cowboy game in there you need to put thw cowboys steelers game. That's game was insane

Автор Ali Bomaye ( назад)
Leicester winning the premier league should be number 1. A team that comes from relegation and wins it. Come on....

Автор verkai marshall ( назад)
Everyone knows the NBA is rigged so fuck the NBA finals 😂😂😂😂

Автор andersonisawsome ( назад)
Sounders, MLS cup?

Автор ANIKET AGRAWAL ( назад)
The reaction of Leicester team winning the Premier League was by the far the greatest sports moment of the century.!! It just brings tears to my eyes.

HI I'm the a thousands person to comment

Автор Stifler ( назад)
pause at 10:56

Автор Keoni Martin ( назад)
McGregor lost because he had to gain weight and wasn't fit

Автор Christian Duyckers ( назад)
Westbrooks was really good

Автор Christian Duyckers ( назад)
Good video but don't see how kd leaving okc to go to gsw is a great moment

Автор li xuan ( назад)
Nice video. What is the background music pls?

Автор Shaun Rountree ( назад)
gives you chills...

Автор Christ Twitch ( назад)
no conor McGregor on the list dude u don't know shit about sports lol u put diaz hahahaha  I can see u are a football retard

Автор MrHow2fail ( назад)
Texans were the last team I expected to see on here.

Автор Devin V ( назад)
follow on twitter @devinveglia21

Автор hwenc3 ( назад)
KD's move is so weak

Автор VortexMM ( назад)
Browns was the best

Автор Nick Ahles ( назад)

Автор Justin Idk ( назад)
🇵🇹I give hands to Eder scoring the winning goal to make Portugal the Euro champions👏🏽🇵🇹

Автор Calvin Gorski ( назад)
73-9 is good but 72-10 has a better RING to it

Автор Aditya Shah ( назад)
Ronaldo had the best year of his career and messi almost had his worst poor lionel

Автор G. Lee ( назад)
How was the greatest World Series of all time (Cubs vs Indians) followed up by a terrible super bowl?

Автор Zain Soccer Guy ( назад)
Why is it great that Messi missed the Copa America final penalty?

Автор AlfonsoooChannel ( назад)
9:43 :(

Автор LMo The Hot ( назад)

Автор Baller Tricks 230 ( назад)
Why did James harden push that guy or his team matr

Автор Niall Traviato ( назад)
wb lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes

Автор Davis Kayumba ( назад)
Nice video man but you gotta change up the music midway during the video

Автор King Midas ( назад)
I love UNC so naturally this was painful to watch

Автор Eddard Cooley ( назад)
aaron rodgers "run the table"

Автор Brandon Laxton ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers is a living legend, best arm in the NFL. I hope the Packers step up their defensive play and help Rodgers achieve another Superbowl. Go pack go!!

Автор TK Beatz ( назад)
Fuck is KD even in this video.

Автор TriggeredTaco ( назад)
Leicester winning the league was like if the Browns won the Super Bowl

Автор My Nigerian Cousin ( назад)
I remember when the Warriors choked against my team by 35 points. And That was last year...

Автор Aaron Murphy ( назад)
what's the background music?

Автор David Alonso ( назад)
Ronaldo won the CL? No! Real Madrid did!

Автор The Real King James ( назад)
Greatest year of sports ever if you are a LeBron and CR7 fan.

Автор jperez_ beast8 ( назад)
Cubs World series?? its the best moment in this video.

Автор Tom Debiase ( назад)
Goldberg spearing the fuck outta Brock shoulda been on here

Автор Brandon Chen ( назад)
What is the music in the background

Автор Person B ( назад)
so a 175 pound fighter beating a 155 pound fighter on an 11 day notice for both fighters is a great sports moment?

Автор Airman Reale ( назад)
Antonio browns catch ?

Автор Finlands Firepower ( назад)
Great vid would've included Jamie Vardy breaking the record with 11 goals

Автор DiNo Death ( назад)
I thought there was a TJ Warren in basketball

Автор Raditz ( назад)
So the great moment was messi missing the penalty and not Chile winning the copa america...

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