Croque Madame: The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Special thanks to SCJ for shooting - the ultimate breakfast sandwich for hangovers, one-night-stands, or both. This video was made in response to a Reddit AMA question: What's your favorite breakfast sandwich?

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Автор Baker's Bread ( назад)
And then ill take this Croque Madame... AND EAT IT

death note

Автор Matthew Garrett ( назад)
No cross section? I feel betrayed.

Автор ejsrocket ( назад)
Make sure it's toasted evenly and put on a brillo pad??? OK if you say so

Автор michael brosseau ( назад)
no beautiful cross section?!

Автор Graham Sutherland ( назад)
Any suggestions on what I could use if I'm not a fan of bechamel sauce? I know I'm in the minority, but I find it far too flat and floury tasting. Perhaps a hollandaise?

Автор Sarah W ( назад)
no cross section with oozing egg yolk? 😭😭😭

Автор Omar Valenzuela ( назад)
You sir, you are my food god

Автор Hi I'm A Potato ( назад)
Croque Madame avec le fromage

Автор Lica Sandu ( назад)
Just coming here to say thanks as this was the first time a cooking video actually inspired to cook the thing featured. It was delicious if a little rich so thanks a bunch for inspiring me

Автор TheVesme ( назад)
I love a good breakfast sandwich. Never tried Croque Madame before, may have to try this out for myself.

Автор The Mad Hacker ( назад)
meanwhile, my breakfast sammich is egg, a slice of cheese and hot sauce...

Автор SniperB 83 ( назад)
How about the sandwich that Rodney Dangerfield made in Back to School?

Автор Abhimanyu Goyal ( назад)
What song does he use

Автор lokken23 ( назад)
Hmm you just reminded me to clean my oven and stove top. There's bits there from a few weeks ago lmao.

Автор Blake Lawton ( назад)
You forgot the cross section

Автор Jan Kenk ( назад)
Munchies has you beat sorry

Автор Aster Maxwell ( назад)
Who is your cameraman?

Автор Treshaun McKnight ( назад)
instructions not clear, I got kicked kicked out and banned from the Vatican.

Автор Diddlydang Goodgg90 ( назад)
this video makes me ask myself what have I been eating my whole life I finally found out garbage compared to this

Автор Wealthy Pepsi ( назад)
should have used nicer ham but oh well

Автор youarenttoosmart ( назад)
Please impregnate my wife

Автор Gabriel Nguyen ( назад)
killin' it with all these releases!

Автор Joe Seabuhr ( назад)
plaster on the finger from the apple peeler lmao

Автор Gwlyddyn ( назад)

Автор Erica Hutchinson ( назад)
Love these videos, but I don't know how many more times I can listen to "Cream on Chrome" playing in the background. Got any other music?

Автор Nickk Cameron ( назад)
You really did cut yourself peeling apple. 1:19 I love the lure.

Автор Ely Mods ( назад)
whenever I cook breakfast food it takes me so long it's lunch time by the time it is ready

Автор Earl Dosdos ( назад)
Can you say pepper, pepper, pepper next time when you add pepper hahaha

Автор Scelina Ortega ( назад)
This gives off Good Eats vibes! I love it!

Автор Snugfit Jersey ( назад)
Thanks for this....you're the man....

Автор Kyle Trick ( назад)
I just made this for dinner and omg it was amazing. Thanks for these videos man

Автор Rekt ( назад)
You've quickly become my favorite channel on Youtube

Автор dapete ( назад)

Автор Alowishus Davander ( назад)
OH MY GOD.... where's the money shot? No shot of breaking the yolk and cutting into it...?

Автор Tristin Solorzano ( назад)
I've tried this and holy shit is it delicious. It's really fattening though, so I kind of feel guilty for eating it a lot. Kind of.

Автор BronzeTrash ( назад)
What is kosher salt? is that a jewish thing? are you jewish?

Автор YetAnotherAsian ( назад)
Waaay too much work

Автор Hicham Kerkour ( назад)
This channel exquisitely and brutally demonstrates why old media paradigms are easily shed.

Автор Jack Guzzetta ( назад)
Can you really call it a sandwich though if half the ingredients are on top and you have to eat it with a fork and knife?

Автор tyler metz ( назад)
It's a lot better with the egg inside the sandwich instead of on top

Автор Olivia Jane ( назад)
your voice is so soothing. pls narrate my life.

Автор Infinite Loop ( назад)
J'suis ici pour le Croque-madame mais j'suis agréablement surpris d'entendre du RATATAT sur cette chaîne! Kudos, brother-man! You got a new Sub!

Автор Zak Faruki ( назад)
I think the thing I like about this channel most is just how aesthetically pleasing everything is.

Автор Jiiky ( назад)
Traditional croque-madame is made in a croissant right ? At least that's how it is here in France

Автор MikeJoelandthebots ( назад)
Are you ever going to do a recipe for Tossed salad and Scrambled eggs?

Автор Jesse Wilburn ( назад)
Great looking food. love the channel.

Автор k2par ( назад)
Looking forward to trying it out, never heard of it but looks awesome! One thing I might suggest (gain of salt) maybe try a midweek recipe for yourself but keep the weekly (the entertainment meal).

Автор Finn Beruldsen ( назад)
Need a guild for how to eat it as well, with hands or knife and fork?Though chopsticks would be comical.

Автор Matt Jees ( назад)
That looks gross, did you know the eggs you used were dead baby ducks and the ham a pig that was murdered

Автор Keresiya Lovely-Girl ( назад)

Автор brandon Roldan ( назад)
New subscriber!!

Автор SamuelJ ( назад)
nice on a croissant.

Автор katvish ( назад)
I've always done hollandaise instead of bechamel but maybe I'm just fat. it's delicious though

Автор Cris Workizer ( назад)
Brother, that was an amazing cook.not even a breakfast guy, but that was bad ass.very well done..

Автор Robin Betts ( назад)
Nicest version Ive seen. And no messin'. (either with the recipe, or the presentation) Subbed.... and I just tried it.. a dollop of Dijon mustard in the béchamel doesn't hurt 🙂

Автор Christopher S ( назад)
Make the sandwich off of spanglish

Автор Brandon Doll-Hawley ( назад)
My God... all the feels.

Автор Niceguy ( назад)
Nice! do you use colour grading for your video?

Автор Taylor Jones ( назад)
I've been watching your videos all day and the song that you use has embedded itself into my brain. Is that just an instrumental that you found and liked?

Автор greynox ( назад)
What kind of Bread do you use?

Автор Mute Teletruc ( назад)
I'm french and this is how I make a croque-Madame. Thank you for not screwing this up with weird ingredients like americans usually do.

Автор skoffs ( назад)
Sir, if you opened a restaurant I would eat there every day.

Автор IslaRoses ( назад)
How do you feel about savory crepes? :)

Автор Seth Brown ( назад)
So glad Reddit brought me here. I must make this.

Автор sanojas93 ( назад)
been binging your videos the whole day, thank you for the wonderful videos man!

Автор msmaggietv ( назад)
Loving the videos! The pasta scene from chef brought me here and now its been 20 minutes going through your vids. Keep it up mate

Автор Barbara Joseph-Adam ( назад)
Good Lawd, why did I watch this at 2.30 in the morning!

Автор Newbie4Hire ( назад)
Some serious slave labor going on here, poor camera man.

Автор bilharzia ( назад)
According to Grammarist.com both "binging" and "bingeing" are considered correct spellings of the progressive tense of the verb "to binge." And while historically "binging" has had more usage, the frequency of "bingeing" in literature superseded it in the early 1980's at almost exactly the same time that the term skyrocketed in popularity. For a decade or so both terms saw a massive increase in their appearance in literature, but "binging" could never keep up, and by the mid nineties its usage was in steep decline.

Now I totally understand the impulses of grammatical purists, so if you are one, and are trying to revive a spelling which you think is aesthetically superior or truer to its linguistic roots, then I can totally respect that. However, to me and possibly many others, the word "binging," without the "e" to soften the "g," looks very much like it rhymes with "pinging", and connotes the usage of a certain much derided, only-useful-for-porn search engine called Bing.

Personally, and it might just be me, "Binging with Babish" sounds like a show in which a heavy breathing, thickly-accented, basement dweller shakily demonstrates how to do perfectly innocent web searches that devolve into lists of urban dictionary sex acts and pornhub links. Therefore my totally unsolicited and completely dispensable advice would be to shoehorn that "e" right in there post haste for the sake of clarity and disambiguation.

By the by, it's a great show you've got. I also really like "You Suck at Cooking." If you haven't seen it yet, then I highly recommend it.

Автор Hawkeye315 ( назад)
That looks absolutely delicious!

Автор tastysandwhich ( назад)
Yeah I already love this channel. So well produced, narrated, written, edited, and cooked. Damn fine work.

Автор Erin Rose ( назад)
The little cloud of flour when you paid the cameraman tax was like pure delicious cinematic gold

Автор Sushi ( назад)
i wanna see this channel blow up in subscribers

Автор Lenny Trollip ( назад)
Aight, you convinced me, im subscribing and will be looking forward to these videos, or even longer episodes.


Автор Justin Morton ( назад)
Keep on doing the damn thing!

Автор Michael Pollock ( назад)
What song is playing in the background?

Автор itsjustanotherphase ( назад)
I would eat the fuck outta that sandwich.

Автор Tom From Scranton ( назад)
how'd you hurt your pointer finger?

Автор Tyler McDonald ( назад)
These have been great since the beginning, you're doing a great job!

Автор Livy Amoruso ( назад)
Entertaining, comedic, expertly filmed and edited all while demonstrating your clear food authority.
Keep on going!!

Автор Taylor Raye ( назад)
This looks awesome! I would've loved to have seen a shot of the sandwich cut in half though!

Автор TheStickCoverBand ( назад)
Pretty sure I'll end up with every single one of your cooking videos in my favorites if they all keep being this good xD Love the mild humor you got going on!

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