Doing My Nails In Reverse | esreveR nI sliaN yM gnioD

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
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    Green/mint chevrons:
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Comments • 12 561

  • sadpapaya
    sadpapaya 9 hours ago

    Real backwards day would've been starting with naked nails, adding the peelie back and painting over her 🥺

  • Lea Vukicevic
    Lea Vukicevic 14 hours ago

    Wait what???

  • Sera
    Sera 17 hours ago

    i love her voice

  • Just Hamster Plays
    Just Hamster Plays 17 hours ago +1

    aet Sdrawkack si tea ton tae dna tea sdrawkack si aet ton eat

  • Devil Moon
    Devil Moon 19 hours ago

    We have discovered that christine is an ARMY.. try to spell backward eat

  • Fuchsia Vicencio
    Fuchsia Vicencio 21 hour ago

    Cristine:now lets do peelporn
    Cristine:i mean peelcorn!
    Corn:am i a joke to you?

  • • Pastel Boba •
    • Pastel Boba • 21 hour ago

    You red my mind

  • Roxanne Reynolds
    Roxanne Reynolds 23 hours ago


  • 8Xx.m.xX8
    8Xx.m.xX8 Day ago

    Cristine: Tea backwards is..
    E. A. T aet

  • m e l
    m e l Day ago

    einalem si eman ym eeheeh

  • Linkle Tinkle
    Linkle Tinkle Day ago

    You should do this again, except out the peel off base coat so when you peel it off it reveals the nail art you couldn't see and had no idea how good it would look XD like peel off base coat, a holo taco, some cool looking nail vinyl, paint a colour over the vinyl, peel the vinyl off, and then do a gradient or base colour on top of that, and then peel to reveal XDD Idk, that would be kinda neat. It's like a suprise! XD

  • Kellianne Copeland

    As someone who does ceramics all the time and can't have long nails or have them painted (for clay contamination reasons) This is how I get my nail art fix.

  • Art Kat
    Art Kat Day ago

    !!!!!!!emosewa era uoY

  • Polly Gardner
    Polly Gardner Day ago

    I love u

  • I like pineapples and grapes

    Okey, did ANYONE else Immediately have a flashback when she said One direction at 9:40?

  • Tasha_da cute octopi 2008

    U keep talking only about YOUR products yes I love u sooooo much but it's tacky

  • GalanticalXSpace
    GalanticalXSpace 2 days ago

    Cristine: what’s tea backwards..?

    with no h

  • Ainsley Grant
    Ainsley Grant 2 days ago

    Some booty gurus

  • It’s me Bailey
    It’s me Bailey 2 days ago

    Is there edible giliter coz if there is u should make a holo toco and then eat it
    Yum yum yum 😋

  • Nera Radosavjevic
    Nera Radosavjevic 3 days ago

    My birthday is 31st Jan

  • michael potts
    michael potts 3 days ago

    can you add me on snapchat liz_may6982

  • Lando Boi
    Lando Boi 3 days ago

    It reminds me of Jacklyn hills lipsticks

  • Margaret Riley
    Margaret Riley 3 days ago

    peep the Liza Koshy theme song 2:14

  • Ali Awan
    Ali Awan 3 days ago

    She goes to the gym?

  • Karina Reyes
    Karina Reyes 4 days ago +1

    Cristine: tea backwards is.............EAT?!?!🤪
    the comments and aet: are u joking what am I to u.....NOTHING!!😑

  • i used my last name change on this

    When it was backwards day in school we all wore or clothes backwards and did our work from the last question to the first one. We also had a pajama day where we all wore pajamas to school and a wacky hair day. Good memories.

  • Caboodles of Doodles

    Wait did she use her new holoday nail polish

  • Olwethu Mnisi
    Olwethu Mnisi 4 days ago

    Wait Jan 31 is my birthday

  • Kate Pooker
    Kate Pooker 4 days ago +2

    When I heard the intro I was like: Is there something wrong with my computer?

  • Lara Prado
    Lara Prado 4 days ago


  • Vilte Maziliauskaite
    Vilte Maziliauskaite 4 days ago +1

    but what if you want to only use a top coat does it mean you are using a top coat as a base coat or a top coat as a top coat?

  • Bubble Tea Demon
    Bubble Tea Demon 4 days ago

    Christine you should try to watch anail art tutorial in the settings were your screen looks different colors that what its actually showing and try to copy it

  • Alpha Misty
    Alpha Misty 4 days ago

    ~Cristine pulls out Peelie bag~
    I'm not crazy
    ~She puts it back after putting peelies in it~

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie 5 days ago

    K SO I was thinking about that drunk test some time ago and I think I figured out the real point of the test. You are supposed to say no. When you are drunk you are more susceptible to suggestions and more likely to go a head with them. So If you are drunk you will be more likely to say yes, if you are sober you will be more likely to say no! Cause honestly, can anyone just recite the alphabet backwards without practicing?

  • Addie Cheree
    Addie Cheree 5 days ago


  • That One Guinea Pig
    That One Guinea Pig 5 days ago +1

    Ollleh syug siht si yllaer bmud tub eey

  • wally
    wally 5 days ago

    i could read the backwards stuff without turning my head *very strong minded*

  • Steph And The Crowns

    TGI Fridays
    Syadirf IGT
    Sorry I Just Really TGI Fridays.

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 6 days ago +1

    8:18 Superman left the chat

  • izzy harris
    izzy harris 6 days ago +2

    No one:
    Cristine: booty guru's
    I'm sry😂 I love her don't come for me plz

  • Patrícia Vaľová
    Patrícia Vaľová 6 days ago

    Omg, play rosé :oo

  • dramasbomin
    dramasbomin 7 days ago

    I love that Jenna is being recognized as the beauty guru she is.

  • super wolf
    super wolf 7 days ago

    Don’t you mean the taco

  • Jaelynn Mejia
    Jaelynn Mejia 7 days ago

    Cristine: whats tea backwards? E-A-T eat.
    Me:Tea is A-E-T

  • Maram Zayadneh
    Maram Zayadneh 7 days ago

    Do you have fungus in that peely bag?

  • Slime Soccer
    Slime Soccer 8 days ago

    What does 5 free mean

  • the talk show with lps liberty

    my name is libby so when I heard "Lubi" I thought someone was saying my name

  • Owl Lover 23
    Owl Lover 23 8 days ago

    Wait but tea backwards isn’t eat

  • Sara Claesson
    Sara Claesson 8 days ago

    Lol did Anyone notise that she was wearing party punch

  • ehreka
    ehreka 8 days ago

    no "whats on my other hand?" xc

  • Nanapo Nanapo
    Nanapo Nanapo 8 days ago

    U using holoday collection

  • Lucy Hoyle
    Lucy Hoyle 8 days ago +1

    can you water marble your nails

  • Ella Thistlewood
    Ella Thistlewood 8 days ago

  • Teaghan Ablett
    Teaghan Ablett 9 days ago

    does cristine know how to spell tea?


    This whole comment section is literally the same thing lmao

  • Makayla Grant
    Makayla Grant 9 days ago

    When I had acrylic nails one time my pinky nail actually was starting to lift up Because I hit it against something and it started bleeding just as Simply said 😅

  • Curtis' Corner
    Curtis' Corner 9 days ago

    Cristine: *drinks tea every day*

    Also Cristine: *thinks tea spelled backwards is e-a-t*


  • Charla Tozer
    Charla Tozer 9 days ago

    I wish the bottle looked like an actual taco😂

  • limbo
    limbo 9 days ago

    evol eseht slian
    (love these nails)

  • Weirdo on the internet

    Cristine how dare you waste such good glossy taco!?!?!