GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition PCB Analysis & Shunt Mods

  • Опубликовано: 18 мар 2017
  • Buildzoid joins us for an in-depth review of the GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition PCB and VRM.
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  2 года назад +12

    For our full review of the GTX 1080 Ti, check here:
    For the 1080 Ti Hybrid mod, here:
    For Buildzoid's channel:

  • Vasana612
    Vasana612 6 месяцев назад

    if i removed my heatsink for a Watercooler what needs to be heatsinked?????? the VRM or the mosfets or? what? help!?

  • Somerandom18
    Somerandom18 Год назад


  • Alex the Average
    Alex the Average Год назад +2

    just have to say I did this shunt mod months ago with CLU and my solder is fine. the incident he's talking about I've seen on forums and it's literally one person who basically applied the liquid metal wrong, he soaked the damn thing. sides, top, and probably even the area around it. you're just supposed to lightly spread it over the top and just enough to short the resistors. only do this if your power limit is getting in the way of your oc, mine was and without tweaking any settings after this mod it was just fine and no more power limit throttling. just be smart, do your research, and you'll be fine.

  • jointercz
    jointercz Год назад

    Is it "safe" to solder another 5mOhm shunts over the three existing ones, will a 50% power reduction trigger the safety or not? Or maybe only do the 2 top ones, or that might be also to much or confuse the measurement chip? Thanks.

  • Slot1Gamer
    Slot1Gamer Год назад

    why bother with so much filtering for the eeprom???
    or is it also running the HDMI encoder as well????

  • MasteerCheef
    MasteerCheef Год назад

    Is it possible to solder on another 8 pin connection on the side there?

  • Nicholas Peyton
    Nicholas Peyton Год назад

    Hi Buildzoid.
    You said there is a BIOS kicking around for ONE CARD that allows voltage above 1.093.
    Could you link the BIOS please?
    (Or are you sure you weren't getting confused with the T4 BIOS that everyone was using on the 1080's (non Ti's) ?

    • FrameDYN
      FrameDYN Год назад

      Nicholas Peyton Just edit your bios

  • DIY Tech
    DIY Tech Год назад

    Gamers Nexus can you please tell me whats the component in VRM that actually requires cooling ?

    • DIY Tech
      DIY Tech Год назад

      I mean from MOSFETs Caps and inductors whats the thing that gets more hot

  • Peto111222
    Peto111222 Год назад

    Given this, is it worth it to buy ASUS Strix\EVGA FTW3 Ti cards for overclocking when putting custom waterblock on it? They have more phases and 2x8pin power, but will it make any difference or is reference card going to perform as well? If not for max overclock, are they better in any form? For example, they'll be able to clock as high for longer - few years in comparison to ref design?

    • Dex4Sure
      Dex4Sure Год назад

      Reference will perform just as well even under water... Nvidia restricted the voltage so it wont matter. Only thing that matters is cooler.

  • Petter Angeltveit
    Petter Angeltveit Год назад

    Just did the Shunt mod, Max TDP now at 55% :)

    • Silent Market
      Silent Market Год назад

      How's your Shunt mod now?

    • Petter Angeltveit
      Petter Angeltveit Год назад

      I actually got the original Accelero Hybrid. ;)
      I could not use the revision 3 without a copper shim either, as its still flat on the copper, the GPU on the 1080ti is lower than the black shroud that sits on the VRAM.
      If you check out the EVGA Hybrid, you see the copper surface sticks out in the middle, so that one can be used without a copper shim

    • 345ifyhalo
      345ifyhalo Год назад +1

      Petter Angeltveit i think there should enough room for oc with a proper cooling system. Check out The arctic accelero hybrid iii-140 for 980 ti. Fits perfectley on 1080 ti' s. Can hold 2030 mhz on Core at round about 48c, without shunt mod. Potential i would say...

    • Petter Angeltveit
      Petter Angeltveit Год назад

      I am waiting on a copper shim so that I can use an AIO Watercooler on it, while still using the stock fan/VRAM/VRM cooler shroud.
      At the moment it is running the stock cooler.
      Got it set to 2063Mhz and it stays at that untill it reaches about 64 degrees, then it drops to 2032 or so, then when it reaches 80 degrees (Celcius) it will drop more, but that is fine.
      Seems my card is not the greatest Overclocker, but I really like that it does not drop too much in the Mhz, compared to what it did before, which will give me higher average FPS.
      When I mount the AIO Cooler, I am confident I can push it a little more on the Core and that it wont throttle down due to temperatures :)
      The Actual MAX TDP is different in MSI Afterburner and GPU-Z though, while MSI AB will say 89%, GPU-Z will say 50%, quite strange.
      Max TDP I have gotten in MSI AB is 106% while at 81'C (Battlefield 4)

    • 345ifyhalo
      345ifyhalo Год назад

      Petter Angeltveit Very interesting. Are you watercooling The Card ? How high is your "boost clock", and how stable does it run. Is it significant higher ?

  • Mythricia
    Mythricia 2 года назад

    Feeling like I really made a sound decision going with a Founders Edition for my water cooled Ti. Great video - I didn't take the time to study the IC's used before I put the block on mine, was too excited to get it running. So it was nice to see someone else doing that!

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia Год назад

      Because we don't need a better cooler - it's a waste of money to buy a 3rd party card. Plus, FE cards tend to have earlier and better support for water blocks and things like BIOS mods (Sadly not likely anyone will ever make a BIOS mod for these cards, they're encrypted).
      Basically, it's cheaper, and there's no point at all in buying a 3rd party card. All you're going to do is rip off the cooler you paid for and put a water block there instead.

    • RuVik
      RuVik Год назад

      wait, why is Founder's edition better for water cooled build?!

  • Graham Sutherland
    Graham Sutherland 2 года назад +2

    I noticed you mention the 600KHz PWM frequency being low on a few videos, also once stating that a higher frequency gives the voltage controller a quicker response to transients. This is not strictly true and I think it requires a bit more of an in-depth explanation. While the FET-driving PWM frequency may be 600KHz, the underlying current sensing and control logic under the hood of the voltage controller usually operates far in excess of this output frequency, allowing duty cycle alterations to occur at a much greater rate, despite the overall output switching frequency remaining at 600KHz. As such, it is possible for a channel's output to extend or shorten duty mid-cycle, and not only on a PWM clock edge. As you noted, 600KHz is somewhat of a sweet spot for switching most low-voltage/high-current FETs as it keeps them outside of the linear (ohmic) region where they dissipate the most power, and driving them much faster simply reduces efficiency with very questionable bonuses to supply capability. It's also worth noting that a larger number of phases has a slight benefit when supplying highly demanding transients, since there are more overlaps in PWM signal phase, which allows the controller to switch more phases to the on state at once (and thus providing a large instantaneous current) while maintaining the required phase shift. This is why designers often include a lot of phases but use smaller driver FETs - the maximum current is still vastly in excess of what is necessary for the intended load, and the increased number of phases provides much greater instantaneous current response, which makes the card much more stable even when overclocked.

  • digidoctor
    digidoctor 2 года назад

    Does the Power Target mod lead to more overclock, like from 2.0 to 2.1, or just stabilizes the present overclock frequency?

  • Jeremy Volsche
    Jeremy Volsche 2 года назад

    Loved this, seriously loved this.

  • J.D
    J.D 2 года назад

    Ouch, before I heard a voice I was thinking that someone had copied Buildzoid's bit :D.

  • brando amuro
    brando amuro 2 года назад +1

    at 60% powerlimit, 150watts max powerdraw, oc 160/500, max temp at 64c, 1080ti performs like a massively ocd 1080, with less tdp and heat, firestrike graphics 25700

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 2 года назад +1

    Am I the only one who thinks it is lame that Nvidia put effort in making it impossible to put an extra GB of RAM on it? Just let people do that if they like it.

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 2 года назад

    I hope that AMD Vega gets the same attention when it comes out.

  • The Spark
    The Spark 2 года назад

    I wonder how much I could get for my 1080 here in Denmark, wanting one of these badboys badly.

  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone 2 года назад

    Why 11GB? Was this a result of a defect in an originally Titan X chip?

  • Jerome
    Jerome 2 года назад

    So third party cards better for their vrm hardware?

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад +1

      He spent the entire video explaining how the VRM's on this card is vastly overkill already....

  • comanzo
    comanzo 2 года назад

    question, if the voltage is locked to 1.093 volts, then there really is no need to mod for more power. Am I right? I am totally a noob when it comes to this stuff, as I just started watching these modding videos not too long ago.

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад

      It depends. Higher power target really means more current - voltage however is a somewhat different aspect. Higher voltages can lead to more "decisive" signals, kinda like better signal strength. But that doesn't help if there's not enough actual **current** available. Also, once you increase voltage, power draw also goes up, since Power (Watts) = Voltage multiplied by Current. So if you bump the voltage up, even if the current doesn't change, you still draw more total power.... And if that power simply isn't available, well, at best the circuit will limit itself so it doesn't crash, or it will just crash / become unstable.

  • APolly
    APolly 2 года назад +2

    The VRM runs at 300KHz. (source der8auer)
    Also the card is extremely overclocking friendly. You have 3 SHUNT resistors. one for the PCle power draw, one for the 6-pin and one for the 8-pin. so you can simply unlock the power limit by using liquid metal at one of those resistors. (source der8auer)

  • Felix R
    Felix R 2 года назад +2

    You forgot something: not only is one GDDR5X Chip not populated, also the DVI Connector is missing

    • Felix R
      Felix R 2 года назад

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i know, i watch all your Videos

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  2 года назад +4

      It's in the review discussing the cooler, as that was a cooling topic.

  • Erica
    Erica 2 года назад +1

    While these videos are interesting, I do think it would be helpful to have a shorter summary at the end of the video to rate the quality of the components on a scale of 0-10 and to quickly deliver the information to the viewer. I understand that the name 'actually hardcore overclocking' means something, but not everyone is hardcore and most people can get some of the benefit with a summary. Even for the hardcore a summary helps put everything together in a concise way. 2 cents.

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад +1

      It's not really possible to give a simple score. Electronics doesn't work like that. None of the big chip makers create "bad" components... It depends on how they're used, and their intended application, and the actual circumstances. So, there's no simple score, because there's not a simple answer.

  • Jay Lim
    Jay Lim 2 года назад

    Do you need to apply liquid metal to all 3 resistors or just one of them?

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад

      I would guess you probably don't want to connect the PCI-E shunt, since you really don't want to overload the PCIE power delivery from the motherboard. It's better to load up the 6 and 8 pin power plugs, since they got plenty to give on most PSU's. The PCIE socket on the other hand has to adhere to strict specifications.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 года назад

    When I saw the thumbnail in my sub feed I first thought - oh that's how it is these days... just copying people outright... xD

    Z3ROLABZ 2 года назад +4

    Wonder if a silver circuit pen would work on those shunts.

  • EDI AI
    EDI AI 2 года назад

    Are you a wizard?

  • hellman4717
    hellman4717 2 года назад +5

    What I learned from this is everything does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for overclocking

  • Zarcondeegrissom
    Zarcondeegrissom 2 года назад

    OK, with v-regs that solid, and the chip v-settings that locked down, It doesn't look like a costume PCB is worth it at all. I guess board partners are left with competing over getting the best cooling possible with a single PCI slot of air flow and how over the top the lighting is. This may be an interesting lineup with only lighting and cooling being the most customize-able, short of gutting it to save cost. Great vid, thanks.

  • RemusKingOfRome5
    RemusKingOfRome5 2 года назад +3

    FANTASTIC review .. but where is the hair covering everything ?

  • Brap Brap
    Brap Brap 2 года назад

    So how "Disabled" is the VGA memory controller chip in the actual core? If it's 100% physically removed then I understand, but if it's disabled by firmware is it possible to flash on Titan XP programming and have the additional chip work?

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад +1

      More than likely laser trimmed, so ... It's dead, Jim.

    • radio .aktiv
      radio .aktiv 2 года назад +1

      nah those times are over :( they laser disabled parts off

  • John Totten
    John Totten 2 года назад +4

    Great video. Thanks Buildzoid for the Analysis.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 года назад +3

    What's the difference between Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra and Thermal Conductonaut that causes one to attack solder but not the other? My understanding was that it's the gallium content which is attacking the solder, and both of them are gallium based. Why do you say the conductonaut is definitely safe?

    • Alex the Average
      Alex the Average Год назад

      I did this shunt mod and can say nothing ate up my solder. That one case he's talking about I have seen on forums and it's come down to the person who did it applied the liquid metal wrong. You're just supposed to lightly spread it over the top of the resistors. Most people are pretty sure he put it all over his resistor. Like the sides and just soaked the damn thing...

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад

      Probably contains different alloying metals alongside the Gallium, to prevent it from attacking the Tin solder. Just my wild speculation anyway.

  • Water_Cool_Fool
    Water_Cool_Fool 2 года назад

    what card has an after market bios?

  • Noname Non
    Noname Non 2 года назад

    please make videos for cooling system of founder edition cards too

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  2 года назад +4

      Noname Non Already did. See our review and Hybrid series.

  • Georgi Nedyalkov
    Georgi Nedyalkov 2 года назад

    When is the EVGA GTX 1080TI FTW3 coming out any idea?!?

    • Blue
      Blue 2 года назад

      Most likely next month. Most of the AIB cards are coming out in April.

  • cataria pega
    cataria pega 2 года назад

    what is the big chip to the right and over the vrm controller (which i think is the vrm controller at least)
    sry. if u said it in the video and i missed it.

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад

      Changing a PCB layout while it is in production is often quite expensive, so if they can get away with not modifying it, it's a lot of money saved. The cost of a raw PCB is identical regardless of how many tracers or pads there are, so, there's really absolutely no benefit in removing the empty slots unless they needed the space.

    • cataria pega
      cataria pega 2 года назад

      oh nvm it looks like a chip, but nothing there, sry guess the thought of: wasted of space on pcb made me think that it's a chip and that it has a line on the outsides of the place.

    • cataria pega
      cataria pega 2 года назад

      so a big empty placeholder chip?
      that sounds like such a waste of pcb space lols.

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +2

      there's nothing there. Nvidia used to do voltage controller "modules" that would be on their own little PCB that would attach to those sodler points but they stopped using them.

  • Halon_1211
    Halon_1211 2 года назад +1

    if you replace the 1080 ti chip with the titan x one and the extra ram chip would it work ?

    • Blue
      Blue 2 года назад

      Yeah but they are actually exactly the same GP102 chip, just the 1080ti version has slightly less of what you mention. Imo they should of called it the Titan LE or something Titan Light edition, instead of 1080ti, but I know Nvidia has gone with that naming scheme for a long time now so w.e.

    • Halon_1211
      Halon_1211 2 года назад

      Blue the titan xp has some more cache and ROP's i think

    • Blue
      Blue 2 года назад

      You realize that the 1080ti's chip is a Titan X chip right ? Its the GP102 chip with slightly less ROP's than a Titan X has. Theres actually nothing similar between a 1080 and a 1080ti except for the 1080 name.

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +1

      yes. But you would probably be better of just replacing all the MOSFETs on a TXP as that is a lot less risky than a core transfer.

  • Jack Bruce
    Jack Bruce 2 года назад

    Oddly enough, those mosfets are sold out on both DigiKey, and Mouser right now.

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад +1

      Hah, yeah I just noticed, went to have a look at them myself. But I bet Nvidia has nice supply chains for them. I guarantee they don't order them on Digikey at least :P

  • Weasle
    Weasle 2 года назад +10

    Sounds like Pascal just never was good for overclocking, and that they all end up at 2000-2100 MHz. I'm guessing Nvidia purposely had low core clocks for marketing reasons

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 Год назад

      any smart business wouldnt use a titan, in most cases you can get a the 80ti card or a quadro instead for better performance. the only titan cards that werent just over glorified gaming cards were the black edition and the titan z. maxwell and pascal titans are pure gaming cards.

    • chickenWWdiner ec
      chickenWWdiner ec Год назад

      Alisson Craus

    • Weasle
      Weasle 2 года назад

      C North And about max overclocks. That's one of the points I brought up. I literally said Pascal is pushed to its limit in terms of overclocks to around 2000-2100

    • Weasle
      Weasle 2 года назад +1

      C North You literally only talked about voltage, and didn't disregard anything else I said. Nor did I mention anything negative about the stock voltage. Most of what you said is bs from Nvidia. Protip: Don't believe everything an Nvidia spokesman tells you.. Anyways, Jumping up from 1.08v to 1.14v WILL NOT bring your cards life expectancy down to even a year. That's just bs, let alone 1.09v. I understand how degradation works bro, and I understand the levels of which it really affects it. Pascal is based on variations of the Maxwell architecture that uses extremely similar transistors design that pertains to CUDA. This dates back to Kepler. I seriously doubt slightly higher voltages would yield that. Not only that, but I have a friend with a 1080 that he shunt modded since around launch date with no noticeable difference in performance and has been fine.

  • Exilon
    Exilon 2 года назад

    CLU ate solder? Pictures or it didn't happen

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад

      Gallium attacks tin and especially aluminium extremely rapidly, and both metals are used extensively on a PCB so... Yeah, that's bad. Most component legs/pads/pins are aluminium, solder of course is tin. Check out some videos on Gallium vs Aluminium and see what I mean.

    • Exilon
      Exilon 2 года назад

      Looks like gallium-based liquid metals will happily corrode most metals, though some faster than others. I can see the solder joint failing if the guy slathered the CLU all over it.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 года назад +1

      Here's a link to a report of it, look at post #52:

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +1

      That's why I said 1 report. I also never got a picture but whatever.

  • Aeschylus Shepherd
    Aeschylus Shepherd 2 года назад +1

    The comments made in the video saying "this component doesn't really do anything" is illogical, if you need it for the card to even operate, I would say IT IS IMPORTANT! Seriously. This is not the kind of analysis I was expecting. Perhaps it is better just to give the technical details.

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 Год назад +1

      do you even context bro.

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  2 года назад +18

      Aeschylus Shepherd He's talking about the components as they pertain to overclocking. There are different angles to analyze something. And in that regard, he is absolutely correct.

  • Imaginalex Drawings
    Imaginalex Drawings 2 года назад +68

    "this 1.8 volt controller only allows the card to function so it's not very important" Priorities, i guess...

    • Carter Sonnenberg
      Carter Sonnenberg Год назад

      Getting defensive because of an over-reaction based on a misquote... THAT is what makes you basic

    • FieldSweeper
      FieldSweeper Год назад +1

      as an electrical engineer, I actually understood that from the time I heard it lol.

    • Guys
      Guys 2 года назад

      Stefan Duffy ok daddy

    • Stefan Duffy
      Stefan Duffy 2 года назад +3

      +Medo Gabr No need to call people a dumbass just because they don't know something. But anyway, +Imaginalex Tigerheart it's unimportant in the sense that volt-modding it won't gain you a better overclock like say, volt -modding the voltage controller for the GPU core would if you can get the temperature well under 0°C.

    • Imaginalex Drawings
      Imaginalex Drawings 2 года назад +5

      I'm sorry, i must be so basic and dumbass i thought allowing the card to function was critical for overclocking in the first place.

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 2 года назад

    Glad Buildzoid now spreading his name to other channel

  • Alaa Arif
    Alaa Arif 2 года назад +4

    Wait he didn't do the PCB run in his channel and done it here ? :\

    • Joseph F
      Joseph F 2 года назад

      ah well. sorry to spread the misinformation. but it can be accessed from the channel.
      Will you be streaming tomorrow?

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +9

      Nope my agreement with GN is that there is only 1 copy of the video and that copy is on their channel not mine. I do however add the GN videos to the PCB Breakdwon playlist.

    • Joseph F
      Joseph F 2 года назад

      He will likely upload it soon on his channel as he has on previous PCB breakdowns.

  • jrherita
    jrherita 2 года назад

    1.08/1.093 volts seems quite low as a general cap; is it capped this low because of the exponential power problem with higher voltage, or is there a real longevity concern with higher voltages on the process Pascal runs on? (putting cooling considerations aside)

    • Mythricia
      Mythricia 2 года назад +1

      With each new silicon process node comes lower and lower tolerance for overvoltage though. Simply due to semiconductor physics. Lots of bad things happen with really small feature sizes and higher than designed voltages (electromigration etc). So I dunno.
      Find someone willing to sacrifice their 1080Ti for the greater good... (Not me!)

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +2

      Nvidia says there's a longevity problem with higher voltages. I haven't seen anything that conclusively proves that there isn't but personally I doubt that 1.2V would kill the card quickly.

  • Ionel Radu
    Ionel Radu 2 года назад

    The memory VRM is weak compared to AMD.

  • inuysha360
    inuysha360 2 года назад +1

    Wow what a cool vid, this dude knows his stuff. Thanks Bullzoid!

  • Th3p0lic3
    Th3p0lic3 2 года назад +1

    I think ill just buy a 1070

  • insta: emmett789
    insta: emmett789 2 года назад


    DAVID GREGORY KERR 2 года назад

    What about modifying to Little Devil PC cases with built in Phase Change Cooling for both the CPU and GPU provided you prepare both sides of the graphics card with kneedable eraser to keep the moisture away from the graphics card components making sure that the replacement Heat Sink is attached which has the mounting for the Phase Change Cooler probe to attach to should keep the temperature to below -40 below zero the other Phase Change Cooler probe attaches to the CPU.

  • BoogiemanXXL
    BoogiemanXXL 2 года назад

    Somehow the orange writing on the blue background is fucking with my eyes

  • D. Liu
    D. Liu 2 года назад +7

    So, TL;DW for 24/7 use (air/water), choosing between different 1080Ti cards will primarily be based on auxiliary features and aesthetics, not performance?

    • Heaven's Elegance
      Heaven's Elegance 2 года назад

      Exactly, the reference PCB from nVidia is enough to oc where pascal usually hit i.e 2/2.1GHz on core

    • nhozdien
      nhozdien 2 года назад

      D. Liu A better VRM will give you a bit of advantage over reference card and maybe have less power consumption. It doesnt matter the oc potential unless you are overclocking with LN2.

  • Arek R.
    Arek R. 2 года назад +2

    If your soldering skills are high you can replace resistors many times, and if something happens you can put back that 5mR resistor and it won't be even visible...

  • Max Facts
    Max Facts 2 года назад +2

    Gread Vid from a Great Channel that deserves a few million subs, just saying.
    Thanks for sharing your much appreciated Pascal 1080Ti Facts that details the improved build quality of the Founders Edition which we for the first time will now recommend in blower style cooler builds. Nvidia really did over build this Founders Edition GTX 1080 Ti Battle Box worthy card that is now price competitive.

  • Robert Whitley
    Robert Whitley 2 года назад +39

    Short version
    *Over here we got some stuff.There we got some shit.Thanks for watching.Bye*

    • toy machine
      toy machine 2 года назад

      Twelve years of Medical Schooling wrapped up right there.

    • vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov
      vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov 2 года назад +8

      Robert Whitley basically everything you learn in life is here is some shit this is what this shit does here we got more shit

    • TheWarTube
      TheWarTube 2 года назад +36

      If you don't want to learn anything from somebody who knows his shit much better than you do, then yes... what you said is correct.

  • Penterax
    Penterax 2 года назад

    Looks like Thermal Grizzly uses more indium and less gallium in their Conductonaut metallic interface material (than . Indium is used in low-melting point solders so it would be entirely safe in and of itself.
    I would hesitate to use anything with gallium in it on any other metallic surface than copper or nickel, but the chemistry of Thermal Grizzly's formula may prevent the gallium from eating into other metals. I'm skeptical, but it may be something that happens over a longer time than is important to PC cooling enthusiasts. If you are careful though using Coollaboratory's Liquid Ultra for its intended purpose should be just fine. (Bridging connections on a circuit board doesn't fall into the category of "intended purpose".). :)

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +1

      I asked Der8auer about the CLU eating solder thing and he said that of the 20+ cards he's modded all of them still have their shunts and he only uses Conductonaut.

  • Vally123
    Vally123 2 года назад +3

    Yay, buildzoid is awesome, would love to see more cooperation between your channels.

  • jozefvelez Velez
    jozefvelez Velez 2 года назад

    what if you put a titan x Pascal gpu chip on that card in place of the 1080 gpu?

    • Nickerson
      Nickerson Год назад

      If only switching GPU chips were as easy as switching CPU chips...

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +2

      then you theoretically could add the missing 12th VRAM chip. However that would one expensive risky and kinda pointless thing to do as it would be easier to just replace all the FETs on a TITAN X with the FETs used on the 1080Ti.

  • lufiron
    lufiron 2 года назад +5

    If you guys ever get your hands on the EVGA FTW3 1080ti, could you please have buildzoid do a VRM analysis? I'm torn between both the EVGA and Asus aftermarket versions, but leaning towards the EVGA if the board components are similar or better in quality than the Asus STRIX version and he did the Asus' VRM analysis on his channel already. Thanks for this content in any case and keep up the good work!

  • Dimitrije Mirkovic
    Dimitrije Mirkovic 2 года назад

    When will companies release their own 1080 Ti cards?

    • Zachary Goterch
      Zachary Goterch 2 года назад

      guardian1102 Call me a cheapskate, but I think I might pick up that ASUS Turbo 1080Ti. Main reasons being I don't really OC at all, it's a simple design, it will allow me to play games just fine at 4k high settings with maybe some tweaking to push the settings after that until I dip below 60 fps I would assume in most of today's modern titles, definitely with older titles not named Crysis 3 and AC: Unity, and I'm not really into the RGB, but that's just me. It's an additional cost just to make the computer look flashy.

    • guardian1102
      guardian1102 2 года назад

      Late-March onwards. Looking forward to getting Asus Strix 1080ti myself.

  • grg
    grg 2 года назад +6

    "Stock voltage is 1.08V, max voltage limited by nvidia is 1.093 V" hahaha lol I've heard that nvidia limits are bad but didn't realize it's THAT bad

    • damienriot
      damienriot 7 месяцев назад

      grg haha! Still beats vega 64 by 20-35% depending on games. Why depend on lucky oc when u can game smoothly w/o worrying?

  • Sciurus Rubrum
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    the 1s look like 7s otherwise great video

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    Chaython Meredith 2 года назад

    "1.8v is required for the card to work, but it's not for overclocking so it doesn't matter" such a stupid video

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  2 года назад +3

      Again, we were looking at this from the perspective of overclocking or modding it. If the components cannot be directly interfaced with by the user (or there is no value add for doing so, as is the case here), then they are unimportant to this discussion.

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +2

      It literally runs the EEPROM and some internal PLLs(unfortunately I can't get more details on that). When you raise core clock those parts of the GPU don't actually run faster and so don't pull power. Those parts of the GPU also don't affect how the rest of the card clocks so there is no reason to raise their opertaing voltage. Because of that the VRM doesn't matter at all for overclocking. But if it broke down the card wouldn't work because things like reading the BIOS would no longer work.

    • TheLawnWanderer
      TheLawnWanderer 2 года назад +6

      PCB breakdowns are just that, explaining what is what.
      If you want people to spoon feed you go to jay2cents or linus tech tips.

    • Autism Spirit
      Autism Spirit 2 года назад

      Why though?

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +5

      It doesn't matter because that VRM will never experience any increased load. Basically as long as that VRM is present and lot worse than what Nvidia puts on their own cards it's not worth worrying about.

  • mike white
    mike white 2 года назад +31

    circle component - say "does absolutely nothing for overclocking" - rinse and repeat until video end

    • Weasle
      Weasle 2 года назад +6

      mike white This is a PCB breakdown for quality. Not an overclocking guide

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +12

      Galax got the 1060s to do 2.6-3G on LN2 which is roughly 20-40% over the 2.1G that most pascal cards hit. The 1080 was never really that heavily R&D for LN2 use. I imagine that the K|NGP|N edition and HOF 1080Ti should push around 2.7-2.9G because KP already got the ref cards to do 2.5G

    • TheLawnWanderer
      TheLawnWanderer 2 года назад +1

      Even with under 0 pascal only scales by 20% when compared to watercooling. Ayy.

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +14

      If they did anything for overclocking custom cards would clock better than FE cards. But short of using LN2 that isn't true because Pascal doesn't scale with voltage until it's well bellow 0.

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    I've been really waiting for this! Thank You!

    CRAB PEOPLE 2 года назад +11

    The card is broken

    • Luke Hawkinson
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      consoles may be where the money is for devs but when you look at the broader picture those chips are much more specialized. nvidia magic happens when devs get sponsored to make it work better. you want a premium card? go green or go home. Simple really. Bang for buck amd is great. amd is nowhere near the level of nvidia right now. That said if they beat on nvidias door like they are on intels that might change in the future.

    • CrimSun
      CrimSun 2 года назад +2

      How? All the consoles except for the Switch have AMD cpus and gpus.

    • NelizMastr - Tech for PC & Mac
      NelizMastr - Tech for PC & Mac 2 года назад +3

      The market share isn't the reason they are nvidia optimized. nvidia legit pays game developers for the optimization.

    • Nick Graham
      Nick Graham 2 года назад +4

      tflop does not mean much when you look at the fury X is was 8.5 tflops were as 1080 is 9 tflops, AMD's problem all game engines are tweeked around Nvidias gpus since they hold 70% of the market share

    • Guys
      Guys 2 года назад +1

      CryBeat leaked tflop tests put it in between 1080 and 1080ti for half the price of a ti

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    Not even second.

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    Anyway been looking corward to this, thanks!!

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      I will never know that feeling. I have a life.

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +6

      I'm not a lawyer so I'm not gonna argue about that with you but if they can't prove that the card was modded it is literally only morals that are stopping you from getting the card RMAed which is why I said it's up to who ever does the mod to decide if they are OK with RMAing a dead card or not.

    • Tuchulu
      Tuchulu 2 года назад

      Well I understand why you feel the way you do about warranty, but you don't have any legal grounds.

    • Actually Hardcore Overclocking
      Actually Hardcore Overclocking 2 года назад +2

      same as if you do any other kind of overclocking

    • Tuchulu
      Tuchulu 2 года назад

      But you're voiding the warranty.

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