Attempting Russian Piping Tips!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
  • I tried Russian Piping Tips for the very first time!
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    I hope you enjoy today's #Trying Russian Piping Tips video! They were super fun to use for #Baking and #Decorating. I bought a pack with many different tips but wanted to try my 6 favorites. Thank you to everyone who suggested I try these tips. There are so many unique designs and we've only just begun trying them!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  3 months ago +3060

    I hope you enjoy today's video! I have never tried these tips before! What was your favorite Russian Piping Tip from the video? 😊❤️

  • Cream 600
    Cream 600 50 minutes ago +1

    You are the sweetest

  • Amira LG
    Amira LG Hour ago

    I'm in Moscow and it's in Russia

  • Anna Blue
    Anna Blue 3 hours ago +1

    More like!

  • Hajar Hamed
    Hajar Hamed 7 hours ago

    In Russia

    You don’t pipe with the tip,
    The tip pipes you

  • Damaris Perez
    Damaris Perez 8 hours ago +2

    The last yellow and purple cupcake are like Rapunzel themed 👌💜💛🔅🚺🔆🚺🔅🚺🔆🚺🔅🚺

  • Ricards Valds
    Ricards Valds 9 hours ago

    Cute shirt

  • Ricards Valds
    Ricards Valds 9 hours ago

    Ro can you make a cake and then decerate with the tips plzzzzz
    Ps your hair is soo prety

  • Nana Glazo
    Nana Glazo 10 hours ago


  • Nana Glazo
    Nana Glazo 10 hours ago

    Do a stranger things cake

  • Gacha_forever145
    Gacha_forever145 11 hours ago

    The last one reminded me of rapanzel pls respond to me I love you

  • ɥɛɛ ᵼ
    ɥɛɛ ᵼ 11 hours ago +2

    I was binge watching escape the night and I was so sad when u died it felt so real, you’re so sweet !!

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 12 hours ago

    Please sub to raegan sears please

  • Luna R
    Luna R 13 hours ago

    9:15 not trying to rude but in that part the sounds like Dinosaur

  • It’s Hailing Hailey’s YEET

    “A few leaves” -adds ten leaves-

  • Bitter Sweet Mel
    Bitter Sweet Mel 15 hours ago

    *Rosanna is like the Bob Ross of baking*

  • kid gamer
    kid gamer 15 hours ago

    I was crying when she died on escape the night

  • Thanos
    Thanos 16 hours ago

    Who came here bc of escape the night

  • Qt. Ember
    Qt. Ember 16 hours ago

    You kind of sound like Joyce Byets

  • Emeline Lehman
    Emeline Lehman 17 hours ago

    She is a baking god!!!🤩🤩🤩

  • Emeline Lehman
    Emeline Lehman 17 hours ago +1

    These are super cool!😘😊😜

  • Blooming Flower
    Blooming Flower 17 hours ago

    I want the cupcakes so bad

  • DoE DoOdLEs
    DoE DoOdLEs 18 hours ago

    ok their cool but when can we eat them

  • rojodiaz
    rojodiaz 18 hours ago

    Haha! I love how genuine you are! Not creating expectations of perfection! Love your pool area!!!!

  • Poppy Cunnane
    Poppy Cunnane 19 hours ago


  • Missy Mckay
    Missy Mckay 19 hours ago

    I like the rose one

  • Sharon Prince
    Sharon Prince 19 hours ago

    Is it ok if I use these ideas for when I grow up and become a baker

  • Lauren D
    Lauren D 20 hours ago

    Some of the tips require you to twist the bag. That way they twist into a flower.

  • Estelle Mowatt
    Estelle Mowatt Day ago

    9:24 her laugh 😂 😂😂💗

  • Dhea Aryssa
    Dhea Aryssa Day ago


    Have talents. Periodt.

  • Barbra Henry
    Barbra Henry Day ago +1

    Did anybody get hungry during this?😂😍

  • XxxNikki ChanxxX

    Ro:its more simple
    Me:But she speand like an hour with the plastic rap
    Me:god i dont wanna now whats the harder way

  • Mariyam Naahi
    Mariyam Naahi Day ago

    That’s so cute cupcake 🧁

  • g r a c i e l o v e s y o u

    Pretend I said something funny so I get lots of likes

  • Bradley Hartjoy
    Bradley Hartjoy Day ago

    I love you so much and you deserv so much with all the tings on RUclip love you

  • the flash fan 4
    the flash fan 4 Day ago

    I remember when she was on nailed it....

  • Maxim Trucchi
    Maxim Trucchi Day ago

    For the water Lilly’s you could have made the base blue the outer frosting could be pink then the inner frosting could be yellow

  • Cecilia Sandoval


  • 74sassydee
    74sassydee Day ago

    I love your channel I gust subscribed❤️

  • Lili-san uwu
    Lili-san uwu Day ago +8

    The second .flower reminds me of the demogorgon from stranger things

    • No No Chan
      No No Chan 8 hours ago +1

      Lili-san uwu I thought i was the only one!

  • Emma Niki
    Emma Niki Day ago

    I am Russian

  • Kimberly Escobar

    I like the flowers

  • emma hooven
    emma hooven Day ago

    as soon as i saw russian my first thought was “stranger things?”

  • varsha shan
    varsha shan Day ago

    I could never eat those cupcakes they are so beautiful 😍

  • Kids Franklin
    Kids Franklin Day ago

    I really want these because my dream is to open a bakery

  • Ashleigh Long
    Ashleigh Long Day ago

    I just watched Stranger Things and I’m thinking this

  • Amy Liu
    Amy Liu Day ago

    Not only is the cupcakes cute and pretty, but they are also delicious!

  • Sid the Elf
    Sid the Elf Day ago

    I have been watching you since I was little my goodness I still love your channel! ❤️

  • Queen Cloverpaws
    Queen Cloverpaws Day ago +1

    Your house must smell soooo good!

  • Blackpink Worshiper
    Blackpink Worshiper 2 days ago

    When Rossanna gets Demonitized RUclip will end

  • theben mario10
    theben mario10 2 days ago

    4:09 its a rose bush cupcake

  • Joyce Cometa
    Joyce Cometa 2 days ago +1

    Can you do a challenge with ijustine

  • Nancy Lolomanaia
    Nancy Lolomanaia 2 days ago

    what the

  • & Суджин &
    & Суджин & 2 days ago +1

    Посмотрела видео и потолстела на 2 кг 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Twilight Lewis
    Twilight Lewis 2 days ago

    Roe I can’t believe that I’ve been watching you for 8 years now I love your unicorn cake and your mishap mushroom cake pops haha that was so funny

  • Vicky Ornelas
    Vicky Ornelas 2 days ago

    Rosanna I love how you bake and decorate your cupcakes and cakes
    You are the queen of baking

  • U w U
    U w U 2 days ago +2

    I would not eat those cupcakes, I would frame them because they are so freaking cute and beautiful

  • Meagan's AWESOME channel!!!

    The last one reminds me of Rapunzel.💜💛💜💛

  • Hugo
    Hugo 2 days ago +1

    Ro says; hahahahahaha 😡
    Me; what is she doing?

  • Isabella Barrios
    Isabella Barrios 2 days ago +4

    Hi Rosanna Isa here; I just wanted to know if you have a video of making good buttercream. I want to make two of my dream cakes and to decorate them I need nice buttercream. I want to make a rainbow unicorn pastel cake and like a garden design a little Mexican style!!!
    I hope you can help with that!!!

  • Lily’s TV
    Lily’s TV 2 days ago

    I love the unacorn cake u did

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    Taneisha Kerr 2 days ago

    She is a clon

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    antoniette devera 2 days ago

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  • Shiloh & Sia
    Shiloh & Sia 2 days ago

    5:15 Demogorgon!
    Also sorta 8:11 Demogorgon!

  • ajdeane73
    ajdeane73 2 days ago

    Marshmallow owls!

  • ajdeane73
    ajdeane73 2 days ago

    hi to I'm Katie I can make owls out of marshmallows!

  • ajdeane73
    ajdeane73 2 days ago

    I wanna b like u when I grow up

  • Gabby ‘ - ‘
    Gabby ‘ - ‘ 3 days ago +2

    What I don’t like about these types of videos is that whose ever doing it doesn’t show their mistakes and I’m like “no way they did that perfect on their first try” but Ro showed her mistakes and made the video really appreciated

  • Becky Brilliant-Parent

    I love your videos my name is Martile I am going to be on RUclip ❤️❤️

  • Avery Greene
    Avery Greene 3 days ago

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    Gacha Alpha 3 days ago

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  • Madjikal fartsxz
    Madjikal fartsxz 3 days ago

    "Add more powdered sugar"
    Diabetes :>

  • Irene Hany
    Irene Hany 3 days ago +1

    I luv I first day of being a subscriber!

  • Pxppy MSP
    Pxppy MSP 3 days ago +8

    Me: *tries* this looks SOOO easy!!
    (icing explodes everywhere)
    Me. I think i should just stick to watching....

  • Ryan Oommen
    Ryan Oommen 3 days ago

    Ro is literally RUclip’s sweetheart ngl

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    O L X V X A 3 days ago

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  • Audrey Londoumon
    Audrey Londoumon 3 days ago

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  • _0_quinn_0 _
    _0_quinn_0 _ 3 days ago

    U should do a baking tips video :))

  • Lesiel
    Lesiel 3 days ago +2

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    VanessaGamer Fun 3 days ago

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    Margie Crumrine 3 days ago

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    Oriana F 4 days ago

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    Jaiydne Washington 4 days ago

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    Dumb ass bitch 4 days ago

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    Riley Faulkner 4 days ago

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    Zoleeclaire Doherty 4 days ago +4

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    EJ_ Da_Finest 4 days ago

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    Chacken Master 4 days ago

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    BRINARD KASSIDY 5 days ago

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