EIC: Education Then vs Now

Education in the 90s was very different from what it is today. Our latest sketch looks at the differences between Education then and Education now.
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Director: Sapan Verma
Writers: Sahil, Sapan, Sorabh, Kunal, Azeem, Angad, Atul
DOP: Sid
Editor: Rahul Lalchandani
Music: Kaizad Gherda
Production: Sonali Thakker & Manish Nihalani
Additional Cast: Chaitanya Chinchlikar, Nida Chakraborty, Sanika More, Rashmi Chandani, Sonali Thakker, Manish Nihalani
Sound: Maxim Mendonsa
Location Courtesy: Whistling Woods

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Длительность: 6:20
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Автор assassin's world s ( назад)
funny so funny you will also

Автор Alissia and friends ( назад)
omfg he ate 8 chalks :) lmao

Автор Kartikeya Kumar ( назад)
3:46 is what I miss...like hell. Seriously.

Автор BB ki Vines ( назад)
had wahiyaat video bna diya...😨

Автор dean rowling ( назад)

Автор Indian Hindu ( назад)
so borivali😂😂😂😂

Автор Sofia Mark ( назад)

Автор Manpreet Kaur ( назад)

Автор Aksh Saroj ( назад)
Wow book named Newton ki maa ki ankh

Автор Mohammad Adam ( назад)
That guy who proposed & commented, the way he runs away😂😁 haha nice vid.

Автор Taroon Lata Barala ( назад)
name - fuck
full name - what the fuck😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋

Автор Taroon Lata Barala ( назад)
name of boy is what the fuck

Автор les yer ( назад)

Автор nawal sharma ( назад)
not at allllll

Автор Anjali Singh ( назад)
bihar ko badnaam kiya

Автор bhavez _17 ( назад)

Автор Narayan Mulik ( назад)
fees epic 😂😂

Автор Hardik Kumar ( назад)
kisi ne dekha us larki ke laptop me gutenberg bhi tha hahahahah

Автор kumar sagar ( назад)
ending was supurb

Автор picsart zone ( назад)

Автор Sumit Kumar ( назад)

Автор Mayank the king ( назад)
hey who is subscribing me I am also subscribing him or her

Автор Mayank the king ( назад)
awesome vedio bro I am subscribing you plz also subscribe me

Автор Akshada Patel ( назад)
fees part is awesome

Автор SANGEETA LUTHRA ( назад)
Please explain me the logic of a Punjabi Name being 'Subramaniyam' ... Like, imma Punjabi and our names r like Harjeet Gurmeet... Who in earth names a Punjabi Subramaniyam..

Автор 1Movie Clips ( назад)
Those who are in minority quota are handicapped and real reason for India's poor condition.

Автор Arjun Singh Rajput ( назад)
gud going

Автор Souta furuta 0 ( назад)
Oh yeah ...minority quota...tht IIn

Автор GAMER KHURANA ( назад)
mera paseena😂😂Mera baby😂😂😂

Автор Namrata Agrawal ( назад)

Автор charmi gala ( назад)

Автор Aryan Sharma ( назад)
minority quota ..done ..😂😂😂

Автор Siddharth S ( назад)
khoon! paseenaa!! Lol
I loved  the way he ran after giving the rose and after the facebook scene!

Автор Siddharth S ( назад)
newton ki maa ki aankh!!! lol
fuck it I will join dad's business!!!rofl

Автор Abhilash Babu ( назад)
I think proposal and friend request was the best :) :)

Автор I love to watch YouTube Videos ( назад)
I'm still on THEN era

Автор Shashank Harit ( назад)
Best tha

Автор Siddhesh Pawar ( назад)
u guys nailed it....good to c such type of video ...keep going👍👍👍

Автор ankit singh ( назад)
minority quota #hutiapa

Автор Mradul Agrawal ( назад)
3:39 best part

Автор Aditya Raj ( назад)
this video never gets old..

Автор Alankrat Srivastava ( назад)
it's too funny.

Автор Anuj Singh ( назад)
Minority quota ,, so true 😂😂😂😂

Автор HARI TANWANI JMD ( назад)
wtf present sir 😂😂😂😂

Автор mano kishore ( назад)

Автор Khushi Surana ( назад)
supercool mahn

Автор ameek mander ( назад)
hey i love your videos u all r doing just great

Автор ashutosh sharma ( назад)
i laughed at bihar university exam!!damn true.

Автор mariyam naimi ( назад)

Автор Hassan Majied ( назад)
Fee* :) lol

Автор vishwanath kantale ( назад)
khun pasina:)

Автор Srinivas Rangarajan ( назад)
no better video than this.. I LOVED IT.. it tells what life of youngsters all about

Автор Bilal Ahmad ( назад)
kuch bhi

Автор The Nationalist ( назад)
3:12 lol Bihar University Exam
this is what I like about TVF
they are hilarious

Автор vinay rao ( назад)

Автор Binayak Mishra ( назад)
Something never change... Examssssss

Автор Sujal Burman ( назад)
😁😁😁😁😁😁😁Subscribe lol

Автор Tahmid Mahi ( назад)
videos are awsome but bad languages are not good...so for this time I am not subscribing...next I will check

Автор Avinash saxena ( назад)
Bhterein bhai

Автор Andy Bhatane ( назад)
bai apka nam

Автор gorel the death ( назад)
mu favourite part was....when he stood up and IIN...

Автор AbdulRafay Raees ( назад)
your video was nice but you use abusive language that was not good don t use abusive language again in your video

Автор Shivangi Yadav ( назад)
The O in BODMAS stands for 'Order', not "of"

Автор Varad Kulkarni ( назад)
ending was awesome!

Автор Prakash Mondal ( назад)
great video 👍. really enjoyed it 😁

Автор Hurtboxgaming Roblox and more :D ( назад)

Автор Aryaman Ramteke ( назад)

Автор Poke Gamer Dude ( назад)
Son:- I study in iin ( plays iin song in background)
Dad :- ( slaps)

Автор shivam gupta ( назад)
i like old days

Автор Vignesh Yadhav ( назад)

Автор jishnu mittal ( назад)
Kaunde sardar ka naam subramaniam hai re

Автор Tech Life ( назад)
excellent video very good

Автор debo dutta ( назад)
i just love sahil sooo much, so cute.. 1:04 😂

Автор Nurul Basar ( назад)
Shame on you for making some ignorant joke like minority quota , I went through educational institutes like IIT but i never found a minority quota in any central govt institute or research center . Yes there exist some quotas like ST, SC (exclusive for some particular communities) & OBC all are based on much debated caste system but not any minority quota .Shame on your ignorances .

Автор Nisha Sharma ( назад)
so true

Автор SANTOSH KUMAR ( назад)
khoon pasina

Автор sumedh adhav ( назад)
fees.. over exaggerated

Автор Ananya P raj ( назад)
i'm frm IIN

Автор Ananya P raj ( назад)
attendence very funny

Автор vedansh21king4 ( назад)
ha ha ha ha ha haha ah ah aha ha ah

Автор khushboo sharma ( назад)
IIN 😂😂😂😂😂loved it

n also.the attendance

Автор WORLD OF GAMES gamingology ( назад)
I love your work guys.....good😍😍

Автор Dhwani Bali ( назад)
bakwaas yarr teacher to 3rd class

Автор Az ki rums ( назад)
New comedy videos ( AZ ki rums ) on youtube...

Автор PIXEL LOBSTER ( назад)
u were making fun of bihar university and most bihari student top the world's most difficult exam IAS

Автор Mohd ARSH ( назад)
nice video

Автор Tainted Love ( назад)
"Sir khoon sir mera"
"Sir paseena sir"
"Sir chota sa baby hai mera"
"Sir yeh bhi rakh lo"

Автор Harsh Sinha ( назад)
mc Bihar University Exam !
its time to unsubscribe your channel bhosdike

Автор tim cook ( назад)
what a bunch of brokes.

Автор Gagandeep Grover ( назад)
Minority quota.. Dat was so fuckin true..

Автор adityabikramnayak nayak ( назад)
One of the negative effects of internet on children and students is cyber bully. ... Students often get most bullied on the internet. The cyber bullies always expose and demoralize these victims. As a result, this will cause students to give a rise in suicidal attempts

Автор IHTESHAM BAIG ( назад)
5:02 is the funniest part

Автор Jyotindra Patel ( назад)
charger manga lagaya kaha ?????hadd hai benchoo

Автор Subhasini Sahoo ( назад)
Aaj BHI cheating kar the waqt sir se students dae the hain

Автор Rohit Anand ( назад)
what do you mean Bihar university exam...

Автор sreemoyee das ( назад)
Minority quota
😂😂.....so true...

Автор PARVINDER SINGH ( назад)

Автор Rohit Prasad ( назад)

Автор Rohit Prasad ( назад)
like it

Автор BE gappy ( назад)
really good 1 #ENDING

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