Trapped ring puzzle/trick IMPOSSIBLE (not really)

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***Original description:
Because of the cruel irony that is the way that youtube views are distributed, this video will likely go largely ignored, but the idea was this: remember that surprisingly popular pinball in a cube video? I figured that I should try to repeat some of its success by reproducing the formula a little bit (including, but not limited to, use of the word "impossible" in the title for views). I think, but I can't be sure, that this puzzle/trick is better by all measures than the pinball one. I'm not really sure, because I was never really fooled by this puzzle, because I designed it. I'm not trying to sound like I'm so clever, it's just that I don't really know how long this puzzle would have stumped me, because I've never been faced with solving this particular problem. Pay attention to the moment that you knew, for certain, how the trick worked. Often we just give up and wait for the solution to be presented to us, but it sure is satisfying when you work it out for yourself. For exactly that reason, I wanted the video to progress in such a way that it reveals itself ever so slowly (for those who don't spoil it by skipping to the end), which forces the viewer's brain to work at least a little towards figuring it out for themselves. Maybe I'm thinking too much into this, but maybe not. I mean, if a stadium full of people are going to watch this, I have at least some small responsibility to those people, in the sense that they should be engaged or be improved in some way after being distracted from their lives by watching it. Maybe if some of them learn the general idea of what an algorithm is, they didn't waste their time. Whatever. Maybe I'm not that good at it, but I just try to make videos in a way that would interest me if I were the one watching. Well, I'm sending this video public right now, and I am very curious to find out how well received this puzzle will be. Thanks for listening.

Dhaka by Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор The Marlie Show ( назад)
this is really cool

Автор Zom Bee ( назад)
I didn't figure it out. You showed me at the end!

Автор I Love Secular Talk ( назад)
This was extremely anti climactic. This is no trick....

Автор SECONDQUEST ( назад)
Yeah shit video, you talk like someone with no social skills or idea what you are saying. Those "superficial marks" on the post aren't superficial if you literally explain their purpose

Автор Jim Karpule ( назад)
as soon as you said "the hole needs to be as deep as possible"

Автор Michael M ( назад)
Don't worry about anybody's bad comments. I think what you did is pretty cool. The final product looks very professional.

Автор Enrique Parra ( назад)

Автор Екатерина Дубровина ( назад)
the puzzle itself is lame, however, watching you building it was very educational. Have learned a couple of new things. Thumbs up!

Автор walshy ( назад)
Nice video man. I enjoyed it a lot. Loved the little surprise and yes there are a lot of negative types out there who thrive on slinging insults towards others whom they don't even know. It's a reflection of how one would act in a car for example during a road rage incident. People are so tough when they are at a distance or hidden behind a computer somewhere anonymously. It's sad actually. Keep up the good work.

Автор Scott H ( назад)
Great video and love your description. Sucks you got so many dislikes on it. The views make up for it though ;)

Автор ken sims ( назад)
Now I got to Google who invented the magnet, the cool stuff they never taught me in school.

Автор I Bleed Mercury ( назад)
use a simple masking tape depth gauge on the drill bit there, snoochy. (you DID say you were going for precision?)

Автор Vinny SUSHI ( назад)

Автор meme kid ( назад)
this is just like when my slinkey got stuck to my headphone set, it took me about 5 - 9 minutes to get it off,

Автор Joel Courtney ( назад)
How does this have 9 million views? Not complaining, just curious.

Автор Joshua Giusti ( назад)
immediately figured the center post but I do appreciate how thorough and meticulous you are it's a very nice finished product

Автор Orgami Guy ( назад)
This blow my mine away

Автор kevinLAWLESS420 ( назад)
Would you sell one?

Автор JeffTheCat ( назад)
Thi video is a show off of his creativity and tools.

Автор Pumuckl ( назад)
Honestly, I figured the trick out in the five seconds I saw the thumbnail.

Автор Jason Shifflett ( назад)
Keep making good videos,! I have subscribed to your channel. Nice secret. ;)

Автор Kawaii Dino ( назад)

Автор Jaime Piocuda ( назад)
Very meta puzzle video. Puzzles hidden in a puzzle reveal video.

Автор Nick Duel ( назад)
I like this because it's more than meets the eye. Fairly complicated build but easy solution, I like it. Do you sell these?

Автор Sowmya Akshay ( назад)
That puzzle  was so easy when you know the trick.

Автор electronicwiz101 ( назад)
Initial (useless) comment.

Автор Miguel Garriga ( назад)
I can invent better things than that,for example:A MACHINE THAT CAN FLY FASTER THAN OTHER ONES THAT YOU HAVE!!!!!!??????

Автор Ulises Acosta ( назад)
Whose watching this in 2017

Автор artistic devotions ( назад)
thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with us.

Автор Daniel Burd ( назад)
Well done

Автор Douglas Chitwood ( назад)

Автор Emma Grantham ( назад)
when you said as deep as possible for the drill holes

Автор Zach R ( назад)
I have an idea that'd make that same puzzle twice as difficult. PM me if you'd like to know.

Автор Jesse Milligan ( назад)
without watching, I thought that was gonna be the solution. I was right.

Автор Nick Martens ( назад)
-baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low-

Автор Tamara Karpina ( назад)

Автор Oliveros ( назад)
I would like to buy one of you? Will you send me one?

Автор Swarnkar Rajesh ( назад)
Such a perfection!

Автор Lycon 721995 ( назад)
2:99 i got the trick

Автор Christian Mendoza ( назад)
You are so stupid. There is no trick to this. This isn't like the tangled ring tricks in any way. Moron.

Автор Rainy antunes ( назад)
i need to use this to troll my friend DUH

Автор M Entertainments ( назад)
Thank you for this amazing video.
you will love this:

Автор Revekka Estacado ( назад)
This was interesting and relaxing to watch and listen to.
Thank you very much.
Don't mind all the trolls..

Автор David Cerveaux ( назад)
The magnet and great video 👌

Автор Console MonsterX ( назад)
I figured it out the second I saw it. I've always been good at these kind of puzzles. This one was really easy. checking the posts would've been my first try. The wood would've been my second.

Автор Moola Moose ( назад)
I really liked the flathead drill bit mod, I'll definitely be using that in the future.

Автор BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india ( назад)
how is this a puzzle? im sure if you gave this to a 5 year old. he/she will figure this out. i kinda figured this was a waste of time.

Автор LadybugsPicnic one2III ( назад)
The description is genius!(and funny as all hell !) The "puzzle"is more a mechanical "sleight of hand" , nonetheless a nicely made and assembled puzzle. When you were drilling the holes was when I twigged. ;)

Автор no way ( назад)
could I have one please?

Автор Rhys Tal Cernunnos ( назад)
I didn't expect it to be a cheap trick. That is for sure.
But the work into the making of it is gorgeous.

Автор hoObzeen ( назад)
i figured it out when u showed me the puzzle

Автор K2 Hbu ( назад)
First puzzle Resident EVIL ....

Автор Rene Aensland ( назад)
Cool video, until I read your description. Thumbed Down. Not cool for the YouTube community.

Автор MordecaiXLII ( назад)
3:58 Hey David! Nice to see you.

Автор Big Gomez09 ( назад)
love the puzzle you slipped in here. lets say its a line that all youtubers use at the end of their videos.

Автор sfx944 ( назад)
david hasselhouf @ 3:59?

Автор Cyproduction ( назад)
4:38 If I had this I would hold it all day, looks so smooth and beautiful.

Автор Giacomo Indri ( назад)
hasselhoff's portrait at 4:00 it's the best thing ever seen

Автор DODDSYS DEVILS ( назад)
when you first said magnet

Автор Lee Care Gene ( назад)
I wonder why i end up clicking on this video again after 2 years. Is it clickbait?

Автор TGP Cambo ( назад)
I love it

Автор Quantom Miracle ( назад)
found out at 0:38 but kept watching coz your workshop is satisfying as fuck

Автор Samuel Steel ( назад)
Don't really think using a magnetic method counts

Автор rico suave ( назад)
you are very sneaky sneaky sir..

Автор Highlander ( назад)
Theres a name for puzzles like this that cant really be solved unless you have inside information. In the gaming community we call it a developer door, and yes we always feel cheated =p

Автор Jevvie R ( назад)
It would be really fun to give it to my bestfriend as a present. hahahah xD I bet he'll look like a fool trying to get the ring out 😂😂😂. Good thinking on that puzzle 😁😁

Автор Carat Cranker ( назад)
I haven't seen any comments below the one I am leaving now, even though I read the above upsetting comments of users leaving negative comments. OK, first glance is this guys give away, he has made the impossible puzzle [forget the cheat middle post], I say impossible, for people assume he is saying the ring is on a fixed middle pin like the rest. If this was the case, it's impossible without breaking something, so, STRAIGHT away, I knew, either the ring somehow retracted or broke apart somewhere, OR the centre pin. The are NO other options [assuming the ends are fixed like you would]. Not assuming they are, well, I guess there are 3 options. A COOL puzzle none the less, he has put a lot of thought and nice craftsmanship into this. He needs credit here for an excellent job!.      Myself?   I prefer puzzles that have no cheats like this, like the one I just saw with the red and green ball on the rope, with a ring on the red ball, you had to get it onto the green ball but the centre post and timber ring are designed to make this an AMAZING, awesome brain meltdown, and it can be done, I saw the guy do it.

Автор pullupseattle ( назад)
these are great videos to watch when you're stoned. Two thumbs up.

Автор Kelsey Ripley ( назад)
Go get a lathe. These round projects will go a lot quicker.

Автор Edwin Tan ( назад)
5 min in to this: it really looks very impossible

1hr into the puzzle: it's impossible

48 hours into the puzzle: I'm out of instant noodles mum!!!

56hours into the puzzle: SMASHES IT WITH A HAMMER

Автор gunjan jambhulkar ( назад)
at first look I guess that middle bar is not rigid as seems to be,

Автор Drew Lovelyhell ( назад)
When you give the actual puzzle to someone, how long does it take them to solve?
My guess would be not long.. maybe a minute.
There's not that many ways to test it.. the middle pole is the one with the ring.. maybe it moves...
I like to think I would solve this pretty quick. Not that I'll ever know.

Автор realblakrawb ( назад)
I knew When the objective of the puzzle known, based on thickness of both wooden components. Tradeshow booth carpenter tricks.

Автор Yung King ( назад)
I want one

Автор Ondrej Pazdernik ( назад)
he's insanely good with the tools..

Автор MilesDei ( назад)
I figured it out almost instantly, there is only 1 possible way that one can work.

Автор James G ( назад)
Since The only problem piece is the centre post, I would think anyone attempting to solve it would try to move the post, discovering it did indeed move enough to remove the ring.

Автор Roy Rogers ( назад)
While you were watching this... Russians just hacked your cell phone antenna and stole personal information.

Автор norteehki ( назад)
I saw how it works a soon you shown the little magnet. Good work.

Автор Tommy Black ( назад)
We used to have a grey cat.

Автор SeinfeldTheAnalGiver ( назад)
Nice concept, but the description was pretty edgy.

Автор Jewell Ashley ( назад)
How to avoid marrying a moron? Give this to him and find out which is the smartest, and the one who can solve it is a real keeper lmao. Same thing for a women gentalmen but she'll probably be pretty pissed off enough to throw it right in the center your brain.

Автор Jaydon Ferguson ( назад)
I realized how it worked when you brought the magnet out

Автор BlitZ Half autor ( назад)
its a trap!!!

Автор Andrew Dunkley ( назад)
The moment you mentioned the center hole would be deeper than the others

Автор Jared Garrido ( назад)
Bro, I read all your explanation and I'm with you : ) for me was very interesting a amazing to see how much effort you put in order to make the puzzle, I bet that a lot of the stupid people commenting aren't close to make a piece of wood craft like the one you made, neither have the brain to create a puzzle as you did. Good for you bro, keep uploading videos! One last thing what is the reason for the secret code? I know what time says, but I don't get the idea, maybe is because I'm from a different culture :$ sorry bro :(

Автор Sean Cumiskey ( назад)
So I need a wood shop, metal shop, a whole bunch of other shit, and autism ? I'll stick with card's.

Автор Zack Miramontez ( назад)
am I the only one who noticed his weird thumbs?

Автор Miguel Clarke ( назад)
Hey man, really nice to see your craftsmanship on display here, in a world of cultural decline it's crafter's who take pride and responsibility in their work who make it a better place.
Much love from Mellbourne.
No school like the old school.

Автор Akeem Romany ( назад)
quality craftsmanship

Автор Xander Kane ( назад)
I figured out how this worked, when he showed us how it worked!

Автор Hotsauce is Lethal ( назад)
Nice craftsmanship! You got me man, I knew there was some cheat to it

Автор Luis Solis ( назад)
interesting examples 🖒

Автор mkzhero ( назад)
I think one of the first things most people would try is jerking the poles, especially the center one, and since it gives way, it makes this puzzle an easy one.. So easy in fact that I see no point in it existing. I think a much cooler idea would be making the base and/or top thicker and inserting some sort if mechanism that would react to slight turns and jerks in the three supporting poles, and the middle would unlock after a certain combination of moves.

Автор SHARE H!S V!S!0N ( назад)
Have you seen the japanese puzzle with the 2 balls and the ring? I would love to see you solve that without watching the whole video! When I was watching that I thought of you and this video. Title is 10 year old impossible puzzle.

Автор sfgmanCA ( назад)
dude, not impressed at all. thats like somethin used as a prop in a movie or somethin. the first time anyone looks at it theyre gonna know that the center post can move or theres a way the ring can open.

Автор Pochola Abulog ( назад)
i cant do the heart

Автор Bosses Crusher ( назад)
I wanna marry a carpenter

Автор Kahoot Raiding ( назад)
this guy would make a great creepy pasta reader

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