Rebecca Walker on third wave feminism | all about women 2018

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • While it’s hard to put a starting date on a complex social movement, modern western feminism has been around for about a hundred years.
    At all about women 2018, we took stock of what we’ve achieved, and looked at what’s left to fight for in the panel Suffragettes to Social Media.
    Author Rebecca Walker shared her experience as a third waver whose work is built on the legacies of women's liberation movement.
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Comments • 148

  • ÅᑎƬwΛN ᗩNᗪƦΞϟƠN

    Women are handicaps.
    You cannot treat them like adults.
    You cannot give them rights.
    You cannot allow them to vote or make important decisions.
    You must baby them. Lead them. Placate them. Patronize them. You must recognize them for what they are - Children trapped in semi-adult bodies.
    On average, a woman's IQ is 5 points lower than a man's.
    There are 8 male geniuses for every 1 female genius.
    Women are incapable of raising a child without male guidance, and being a product of single motherhood is statistically the #1 predictor that a child will fail in life or end up in prison.
    Women are responsible for 80% of consumer spending. They make horrible financial decisions and are almost incapable of saving for their future. They'd rather spend "their" money on 500 dollar handbags made with child slave labor overseas.
    Women should not be hired for important jobs.
    Women should not be given loans by banks because no doubt they will only go and spend whatever money they get their hands on on shoes and make-up.
    Women cannot be allowed to choose their own mates, because they choose unhealthy, genetically unfit males in exchange for money. This results in offspring with genetic abnormalities and disabilities. This is an INCREDIBLY selfish transaction on the part of a woman. She has effectively sacrificed the health of her own offspring for fancy handbags and designer clothing.
    None of this has to do with "hating" women. None of this has to do with "oppressing" women. None of this is about revenge against the girl who rejected you, or whatever other issues individual men may have. It's simply about recognizing reality and adapting to it.
    Women are handicapped, and it's about time that we as a society begin treating them as such, before their inability to lead & sacrifice like men brings the west to a new dark age and transforms the collective first world into a variation of shitholes like Brazil, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Fuckheadistan, etc.

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 2 days ago

    All I see is more and women's only safe space whilst they are taking over mens only clubs.

  • Patric Parton
    Patric Parton 5 days ago +1

    Trash. No one wants anything to do with your body. Gross.

    MGTOW 12 days ago +2

    Feminism Is Cancer.... MGTOW Will Win....

  • Royal Blood
    Royal Blood 13 days ago

    Since the beginning of time, women always knew how to create problems... Since Eve...
    In this modern world, men died at war for poor pieces of sh*t can keep complaining EVERY SINGLE DAY... (A/C being sexist, legs spreading, men peeing like men, and bla bla bla sh*t they have to say...).
    This is THE NEW CANCER, and to save the ORGANISM (humanity), cancer CAN'T live...

  • James Racioppi
    James Racioppi 29 days ago

    Who pays this woman for this tripe? What utter nonsense. The reason the movement is losing women is that the majority no longer feel disenfranchised by society. In an age where there has never been more equality the call for 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. feminism is superfluous . But what is necessary is that this woman change the construct of feminism in order to retain her relevance.

  • Harshita Bhuyan
    Harshita Bhuyan Month ago +2

    When people say feminism isn't necessary today, that's when you should know they are speaking from the western world perspective because people of colour across the world are still fighting sexism.
    Ever heard of female foeticide/ infanticide? People illegally kill daughters in the womb, they stop the girl child from going to school, there are dowry murders and even if you're an ambitious young woman studying to get a PhD, you'll still face sexism with administrations giving curfew to women in universities while letting men roam free without any boundations, allowing men to use department facilities at night while locking the women up in the dorms, trust me these things are very prevalent in different parts of the world.
    That's why third wave is necessary, it includes women across the world, from various races and cultural backgrounds. There are women who truly need to fight for basic respect and equal opportunities in life.

    • Patric Parton
      Patric Parton 4 days ago

      @Harshita Bhuyan tell that to western feminists

    • Harshita Bhuyan
      Harshita Bhuyan 4 days ago

      @Patric Parton That's the point, the conversation about feminism is no more just about West, it's about the entire world.

    • Patric Parton
      Patric Parton 5 days ago

      We're talking about feminism in the west.

    • Avez Khan
      Avez Khan 18 days ago

      Go somewhere else Butthurt

  • Benoit Massicotte
    Benoit Massicotte Month ago +5

    Feminism is misandry. Pure hate.

  • Coffee AtMidnight
    Coffee AtMidnight Month ago

    That one rule called the Golden One could eliminate all this disarray.

  • I Am Orange Juice
    I Am Orange Juice Month ago +4

    Unless you live in a 3rd world country it’s unnecessary.

    I AM EL NINO Month ago +8

    No feminist ever registered for the military draft like Men have too.

  • alana hunter
    alana hunter Month ago +1

    She spoke about men who wanted to be part of the movement, but this is absolutely impossible do to the very nature of the third wave philosphy. There's no place for men in such a radical movement. That's why third wave feminism is so dangerous, because it only embraces a portion of the society.

    • Patric Parton
      Patric Parton 5 days ago

      Men don't want a place in it. We want to tear it down.

  • Good Father
    Good Father Month ago +3

    What you are doing is causing a record low birth rate which is below replacement level

    • ItzMrinyYø
      ItzMrinyYø Day ago

      @Dave Turner ok

    • Dave Turner
      Dave Turner Day ago

      @ItzMrinyYø I agree but doubt the part pf the european culture rebirth.

    • ItzMrinyYø
      ItzMrinyYø Day ago

      @Dave Turner The human population is at 7.7 billion according to a close estimate by the UN. Never before has the world population been 7 billion until 2011, and it doesn't look like the human race is gonna stop reproduction any time soon. This man that I replied to was sending a negative message, and it was very misguided and an uneducated comment. It is sad indeed that Europe's culture is being lost, but keep your hopes up! They will most probably acknowledge this, and reproduction will go back to "normal". Even if the number of native Europeans wither away, they will most probably still remember the European culture, much like Canada with the Indiginous people.

    • Dave Turner
      Dave Turner Day ago

      @ItzMrinyYø It is true that right now there is the highest population ever, but is also true that specially on Europe couples dont wanna have babies and therefore the whole immigrant and loss of Europe culture is happening

    • Patric Parton
      Patric Parton 5 days ago

      Who would even want to have sex with her?

  • The Radical Woman
    The Radical Woman 2 months ago

    Second wave feminism is better for women.

  • Unsane mind
    Unsane mind 2 months ago +1

    I miss the old school feminists who fought for women’s rights but didn’t hate men. I’m not saying all feminists hate men but there has become an obvious bloodlust in the feminist movement lately. I don’t care what gender you are, you have my respect either way as long as you are a good person. I do think women should be treated with the same respect as men but I also believe that women and men need to work together to become truly enlightened. It’s like the sun and the moon, the Yin and Yang, negative and positive. That principle repeats its self all throughout pretty much everything

  • J Bagger
    J Bagger 2 months ago +1

    Go away.

  • My name My last name
    My name My last name 2 months ago

    Can we please bring in a new word to combat the word police?
    *Anglophobic. Whenever a person pulls out the race card because we
    don’t bow to their demands, we can call them Anglophobic. Bigoted SJW’s
    can be called *Heterophobes.

  • My name My last name
    My name My last name 2 months ago

    Can we please bring in a new word to combat the word police?
    *Anglophobic. Whenever a person pulls out the race card because we
    don’t bow to their demands, we can call them Anglophobic. Bigoted SJW’s
    can be called *Heterophobes.

  • My name My last name
    My name My last name 2 months ago

    Can we please bring in a new word to combat the word police?
    *Anglophobic. Whenever a person pulls out the race card because we
    don’t bow to their demands, we can call them Anglophobic. Bigoted SJW’s
    can be called *Heterophobes.

  • My name My last name
    My name My last name 2 months ago

    Can we please bring in a new word to combat the word police?
    *Anglophobic. Whenever a person pulls out the race card because we
    don’t bow to their demands, we can call them Anglophobic. Bigoted SJW’s
    can be called *Heterophobes.

  • Ogre MGTOW
    Ogre MGTOW 2 months ago

    Tell the women to stick their Feminism up their Heil Hillary.

  • Ænima-niac
    Ænima-niac 2 months ago +1

    Women : I want to give birth and there's nothing you can do to help me
    Also women: you need to pay for this shit

  • Erik Craig
    Erik Craig 2 months ago

    I don't like her hair.

  • Bridgefin
    Bridgefin 2 months ago

    What about feminism for all those dead little aborted girls? You cannot claim civil rights while murdering innocents as part of your cause.

  • NaturalNeuron
    NaturalNeuron 3 months ago +2

    The third wave seems confused

  • Zubair Shah
    Zubair Shah 3 months ago +10

    Its all goes back to that adjective sticks and stones may break my bones but there would always be something to offend a feminist

    • Harshita Bhuyan
      Harshita Bhuyan Month ago

      It's not an adjective but a proverb. And feminists aren't a different species, they are people who fought social inequality but it's true that feminism has been misinterpreted and distorted by a lot of women which is terribly sad.

  • ??
    ?? 3 months ago

    I find some third wave western feminist ideas quite dumb. Like the Nigeria girls. Whenever they were brought up 'oh we have it worse', these girls literally had a gun to their heads for being at school by Boko Haram who believe Allah created girls as men's slaves. Ignoring BH is saying 'do it more'.

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith 4 months ago

    MGTOW the silent feminist war is on till the end, SEXBOTs and dalls MGTOW is here now all we need to replace women is a fleshlite , choke out the feminists court, MGTOW is here now the silent war just got interesting, it's going to be fun.MGTOW WILL WIN THE SILENT WAR WITH FEMINISTS.MGTOW

  • mrlpn2
    mrlpn2 4 months ago

    This woman isn’t a lesbian but why dress and act like one ?

  • TEZ
    TEZ 4 months ago +16

    Being an educated person in my view requires character:

    You need courage to admit when you are wrong or to assert ideas that are not politically correct,

    You need honesty to discover these errors,

    You need tenacity and perseverance to conduct the types of research necessary to accumulating genuine knowledge,

    You need open-mindedness to overcome your biases,

    You need humility to recognise that you're not infallible and that your understanding can always be improved.

    I have seen none of these virtues in the thinking of most modern feminists.

  • 2016 Toyota Prius
    2016 Toyota Prius 4 months ago +1

    And just think in every feminist head is a brain that has never been used.

  • Bill Tierney
    Bill Tierney 4 months ago

    Feminism and race baiting run amok:

  • Bill Tierney
    Bill Tierney 4 months ago

    Feminism and race baiting run amok:

  • T McDowell
    T McDowell 5 months ago

    This shit is for rich suburban women.

  • Red Francisco
    Red Francisco 5 months ago +8

    The irony listening to someone talk about all people need respect, but bragging about shutting down construction sites, that are almost all men working. Leaving them without pay for however long they refused to move.

    • Lea 20093
      Lea 20093 4 months ago

      Red Francisco Now, wouldn't that be a problem caused by the system, not by the people?

  • SylkaChan
    SylkaChan 5 months ago +24

    Thx.. My family is not feminist.

  • FiN
    FiN 5 months ago +5

    why she got multiple mics tho

  • Ectoid
    Ectoid 6 months ago +4

    I think the problem is intersectionality, which is a flawed theory of what humankind is. It tries to change words and language to suit its agenda, making broad statements on how people are for example power dynamics, and if you look at it closer it is absurd. It puts people into lockers and ignores issues because of this flawed theory. I think that is why a lot of people are feeling alienated from feminism. Nothing wrong with feminism as such and there are a lot of issues to fix in society, but I don't believe intersectionality is the way forward.

    • MrfunnyNacho
      MrfunnyNacho 3 months ago

      @MrSpiritchild and what does Individuality do then? If a person doesn't realize hes not as unique as they think they are? That humans generally follow patterns and also experience life differently just on how they look? (Age, sex, attractive, unattractive, Gay, feminine, masculine, black, white). It *isn't* too simple. Your individuality is made up of characteristics that are seen by society and categorized. You can't avoid grouping, these are patterns we follow. It's how we measure life. Jordan Peterson himself admitted to the existence of Intersectionality, but claims it causes too many issues that could imbalance society, yet here we stand in the 21st century still playing what Peterson calls "Oppression olympics" doing checks and balances trying to make life better for as much people as possible.

    • MrSpiritchild
      MrSpiritchild 3 months ago

      @MrfunnyNacho The problem is it does that by removing individual identity in favor of group identity, which ultimately removes the individuals power to think for themselves.

    • Ectoid
      Ectoid 4 months ago

      MrfunnyNacho I think it is way too simple and gives too much credit to religion pretty much bows to superstition. I’m reading a book on it perhaps I should do a video on it why it borderlines a pseudoscientific theory. I’m not rightwing nor an anti-feminist, but I do think it is not particularly well articulated theory of society. I’m not against all aspects of it, but it certainly needs a lot of improvement, taking into account more historical facts. At the moment it does not fit well with the rest of the world and is very historically centered around the United States.

    • MrfunnyNacho
      MrfunnyNacho 4 months ago +1

      What issues does it ignore? If anything it sets up the reality that peoples social issues are multi-faceted? That Identity in the 21st century is crucial to how we navigate society.

  • sweetpadre
    sweetpadre 7 months ago +1


  • peter shaw
    peter shaw 7 months ago +4

    That is abortion
    And to my knowledge of English that is not reproduction!
    Feminits always talk cant

  • Davoud Shojaei
    Davoud Shojaei 7 months ago +14

    Who is this guy??

  • Micah Miranda
    Micah Miranda 7 months ago +8

    "My work right now is to try to radicalize" I believe in progressivism not radicalization.

    • Micah Miranda
      Micah Miranda 4 months ago

      @espada9 hey thanks for telling me how I think. Very cool.

    • espada9
      espada9 4 months ago +1

      Progressives are radical Marxists and postmodernists....

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 7 months ago +8

    We Women of the 80s and 90s felt quite happy with equality and men. Not One of Us felt oppressed or bitched constantly. WTF is wrong with these crazy female feminists today?

    • Bridgefin
      Bridgefin 4 months ago +2

      @Lea 20093
      I don't believe in the system. I think it is broken and one of the principle causes for the state we are in. No-fault divorce and biased family courts have driven many men away. Fix that, though, and you still have many women who will never find a mate due to their impractical high demands. Further, young men claim that modern women are self-indulgent and not emotionally prepared for marriage. Further women wait far too long past their marriage market value.
      The feminists have hogged the mike for the last 50 years and I wish more moderate and reasonable women would take it back.

    • Lea 20093
      Lea 20093 4 months ago

      Bridgefin Actually, we both have the same goals, the difference between us is that I see the problem in the system and you see it in women fighting against the system, because you somehow believe in the system.

    • Bridgefin
      Bridgefin 5 months ago +1

      The radicals always push for more. It will not be over until men have predominately exited relationships with women and then with society. Why bother? The benefits of traditional relationships with women are just not valued by an increasing portion of men, after looking at the risks. MGTOW is the start. It stops with the end of the culture with no marriages and no children.

  • Jordon Bear it
    Jordon Bear it 7 months ago +7

    I don't understand why things like this are aimed at women, when feminism is supposedly for equality of genders.
    It's always about feminine power, and nothing else.
    Now that women have power, can we uplift men? No, women choose to pivot to helping "other minorities" aka The females and feminine men of the lgbt community.

    • Patric Parton
      Patric Parton 5 days ago

      Not for any good reason anyway

    • Patric Parton
      Patric Parton 5 days ago

      Thank you for admitting that feminism is just about giving women more power than men.

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 6 months ago +4

      @Leah " Well if asking for 'enough' research and evidence " Ohh you utter dishonest scumbag. You weren't "asking" for research and evidence. You were merely declaring that because someone disagreed with you then clearly haven't done enough research... Which in reality is nothing but a baseless assumption, a smear to just dismiss anything they may say without looking into it.
      "We need complete objectivity in the search for truth" considering how you out right twisted your previous sentiment to make you appear better it's very clear you don't believe this at all.

  • sinekonata
    sinekonata 7 months ago +3

    So 3rd wave is about caving to and collaborating with patriarchy because it's too hard to be an actual feminist... That's great...

  • deretreivels44
    deretreivels44 7 months ago +2

    third wave feminism blends Hitler and Stalin, forming from two sick men, a new matriarchy based on Pure Hate and Pure Evil. A very sick movement that only uses the word feminism in it to fool women to join thier sick cult

  • Brujx 4U
    Brujx 4U 8 months ago

    destroying Walker’s legacy with 3rd wave/lib fem nonsense. It’s not her fault she created this whatabout men snake saleseman that coopted Feminism. It must haunt her tho

  • peter shaw
    peter shaw 8 months ago +6

    Do they still believe feminitism is the theory and lesbianism is the practise!
    One guess as to what the author above author believes

  • Yshrenian Knight
    Yshrenian Knight 8 months ago

    Seems lile 3rd wave really went to shit

  • Sonia Maddalena
    Sonia Maddalena 8 months ago +3

    where is meritocracy?

  • ahmed ghoneimy
    ahmed ghoneimy 9 months ago +2

    Beautiful and insightful, thank you

  • Queen Fussy
    Queen Fussy 9 months ago +11

    Wow! That’s very powerful. I have been thinking about this concept for a long time and now I realize I am not the only one.. to think that many different kinds of civil rights groups need to start banding together for greater change! Equality means for ALL of us! And isn’t that the American dream? The right to pursue happiness and to see liberty and justice for all, is a very patriotic and liberal notion.

    • Queen Fussy
      Queen Fussy 3 months ago

      manhunt48 also please explain how anything that I said was “delusional” especially since it comes straight from the video we just watched.

    • Queen Fussy
      Queen Fussy 3 months ago +1

      manhunt48 all I said was a reiteration of what Rebecca Walker just stated in this video. I really don’t think you even watched it or heard anything she said. I am not sure where you are getting your complete off-topic statements, but I am assuming that it is based in anti-feminist right wing propaganda that has absolutely nothing to do with the true movement. Since you aren’t stating your sources, giving any good examples or explaining your logic, I am left to wonder what the hell you are even talking about. 🤔

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 3 months ago +1

      @Queen Fussy Holy crap, what a delusional rant that was.... You do realise that in the past 5 months there's been so much evidence proving perfectly what I pointed out right?

    • Queen Fussy
      Queen Fussy 3 months ago

      Russian Bot that is not gender equality. Communism is about controlling the people as a whole. Gender has nothing to do with it. Women in Russia are anything but empowered in their environment. Feminism is NOT communism.

    • Queen Fussy
      Queen Fussy 3 months ago +1

      manhunt48 no.. the idea that women are also black, Latino, Asian etc., as well as having different sexual orientations and gender expressions is what causes third wave feminism to be more inclusive. Because all women’s experiences are equally important. When we realize that joining together makes us stronger because we have the same goals in terms of civil rights, that is what consolidates movements. You are trying to pin a negative motive on something that is a lot more transparent than you think.

  • Christian Rogers
    Christian Rogers 9 months ago +12

    I am just a dumb male so may have this wrong but what I think I just heard was (a) by the '90's women were rejecting femisim as not relevant to them ('their lived experience') (b) so those that make their living from being feminists had to reinvent themselves (c) which they did by putting themselves up as the activists for people of colour, gay people, oppressed people of all kinds whose civil rights were under attack: "more than gender equality but all equality" (d) and by launching a campaign to deconstruct the "ruling class and hyper-capialism" (e) this was to be done by rebranding (stop calling selves 'feminists'), 'lesbian kiss-ins' and stopping prisons getting built. The result is the #MeeToo movement (which some would say is a divisive trial by social media witch hunt that should go away when common sense and justice return). I am all for people exerising their democratic rights and indeed for activism but this seems like just shameless job creation for 'sell anything sales people' who dont want a proper job....noone wants what they were selling anymore so look for something else to hawk around to keep them employed....

  • Karolis
    Karolis 10 months ago +3

    She needs to suck some D

  • Tomi Adewole
    Tomi Adewole 10 months ago +2

    In a proper society? Exodus 22:18 - "Thou shalt NOT suffer a witch to live."

    • MrSpiritchild
      MrSpiritchild 3 months ago

      @Phoebe Graveyard In my not quite totally humble opinion, doesn't it seem like an awful waste of time to create a religion just to oppress women, when it would be just as easy to create a religion to oppress both men and women? I can practically see it now, a half a dozen good ole boys with their hands down the front of the pants, smugly laughing... "that'll keep women subjected to us for thousands of years to come, hah hah hah." (beatlejuice voice) Try again please.

    • Tomi Adewole
      Tomi Adewole 9 months ago +1

      @Phoebe Graveyard Fair enough:-)

    • Phoebe Graveyard
      Phoebe Graveyard 9 months ago +2

      Quotes from a badly written anthology written by men and for men to vilify women. Your god is an abject failure. HE is unworthy. The Abrahamic religions are all a pack of lies told to subjugate women.

    • Tomi Adewole
      Tomi Adewole 9 months ago +1

      @pinkpanther542 Send anyone you want....but don't send anyone you want back:-)

  • Cold Glass Of Milk
    Cold Glass Of Milk 11 months ago +60

    Feminism before 2012: Thank you for letting me get an education, a job, a voice, a chance to vote, etc
    Feminist after 2012: Thank you for making all men look like crap

    • Bridgefin
      Bridgefin 5 months ago +2

      And disrespected men don't hang around.

    • Brujx 4U
      Brujx 4U 8 months ago +13

      such an accurate statement

    • Isaac Wilson
      Isaac Wilson 11 months ago +2

      no cap

  • lawchick me
    lawchick me Year ago +30

    So tired of hearing fools speak. Can we get some real, logical women who have some sense to speak up? I am a woman and I'd really love to see these foolish females be silenced.

    • wtnomad
      wtnomad 2 months ago

      But you have to be indoctrinated by 'feminist' talking heads, to still play the victim card or they'd be out of a job.
      Oh yeah..and don't forget, "you are beautiful"....😉

    • MrSpiritchild
      MrSpiritchild 3 months ago +1

      @pinkpanther542 It doesn't matter if she had a hard life, is rational on the surface, seems nice, works hard, keeps up the good fight, etc.... If she is promoting third wave feminism, she is a phsycho-babbling hosebeast no matter how much she loves the sound of her own voice.

    • Young Magic
      Young Magic 4 months ago

      @pinkpanther542 no reply ok... anyway on another note, in my opinion, feminism became complete before the "3rd wave" of feminism, this Rebecca girl just wanted to carry on the war it seems. lol

    • Young Magic
      Young Magic 6 months ago +1

      @pinkpanther542 Hi. Personally I have not heard of this woman before today. As I am listening to her, from what I can understand, her goal is to maintain the changes that have been made for the benefit of women and feminism globally thus far, correct me if I am wrong.
      During the first half of the video she says in 1992 she was in college, she says she had grown up believing womenkind had equal rights, but as she comes of age she believes the world went through a counter culture/resistance to the accomplishments of 1st and 2nd wave feminism, she cites her president at the time was eradicating reproductive freedom laws rights (I agree that this is a step away from equality for women) I made a side note to myself, that she did not provide a specific example of that happening and I was only 2 at the time so how would I know if shes telling the truth? After this she claims she saw the rise of police brutalities ( I want to know how police brutalities relates to feminism and its effect on sexual equality and why it affected her)
      As her last point of evidence to support her claim that 1st and 2nd wave feminist accomplishment were at risk in the early 90s due to what she calls a counter culture/resistance to feminist achievements, she says the Government were not willing to speak about the HIV/aids crisis ( I also want to know how and why the discussing of the HIV/aids crises relates to feminsm and womens rights issues and againwhy it affected her)
      Cheers thanks.

  • Bianca von Mühlendorf

    ..I was in college.. quote. Really? Can´t believe it.

  • Marko Stalker
    Marko Stalker Year ago +1

    Sure sure.Vote for women.Congatulations u get it 1972.Go die grandpa you are just retarded.

  • Ivonne Montijo
    Ivonne Montijo Year ago +3

    It’s feminist isn’t vegan she’s just a hypocrite.

    • VELEHO
      VELEHO 10 months ago +2

      logic 9000