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Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

  • Published on Jun 8, 2015
  • Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9
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  • Wail Karroumi
    Wail Karroumi 5 hours ago

    Those where the days

  • disha shah
    disha shah 6 hours ago

  • Tops IKR Video
    Tops IKR Video 7 hours ago

    He lost his mom, and his siblings, now he's all alone. Poor drago

  • astral5ram
    astral5ram 8 hours ago

    Pretty clear that in his birth Drogon's soul fused with part of Khal Drogo's soul, such a stupid end for Daenerys I thought.

  • Miriam W
    Miriam W 8 hours ago

    cant handle the fact that drogon´s soulmate is dead, I think they have eternal bondings and that he will die because of that

  • monica diaz
    monica diaz 9 hours ago

    It's so sad how Dany really loved missandei when she sees her running and holds out her arm to her. Breaks my heart. And poor drogon the pain he endures losing everything

    FOREFRONT DA2 9 hours ago +1

    Bloody betrayer Jon 😡

  • Snake Pliskin
    Snake Pliskin 9 hours ago

    I remember when this episode finally aired and we finally got to see drogon

  • N. N.
    N. N. 9 hours ago

    Something between Star Wars ( with princess Leia), Gladiator and Godzilla kinda scene..

  • Jack FelixnAtlas
    Jack FelixnAtlas 10 hours ago +1

    Rewatching this after the finale has me in tears 😭

  • kellikulho
    kellikulho 11 hours ago

    God damn this gives me the chills.

    FARIS 12 hours ago

    why isnt drogon king

    FARIS 12 hours ago


  • Ramya jeevarathinam
    Ramya jeevarathinam 12 hours ago

    drogon loved his mommy soo much than baby boy😭😭😭😭

  • Reinaldo Torres
    Reinaldo Torres 13 hours ago

    I didn't know the name of the dragon was Drogon, you are all nerds.

  • Max Nava
    Max Nava 14 hours ago

    This is why I don’t get why Drogon didn’t bite Jon’s head off after finding Dany.

  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 14 hours ago

    Note to any future producers, wait till all the books are written before you convert the source material to a TV show, otherwise you will share the same fate as D& D

  • James De La Torre
    James De La Torre 14 hours ago

    I think I am the only one but Daenerys eye brows bother me. Aren’t they supposed to be white? It makes me think she’s not a real Targaryen. Maybe she is not 100% Targaryen? Is it like that in the book?

  • randy banks
    randy banks 14 hours ago

    How come she never rode the other 2 dragons

  • Hanna Perdomo
    Hanna Perdomo 16 hours ago

    *Daenerys takes the spear off Drogon*
    Teen Drogon: THAT FUCKIN’ HURT YOU BITC--, Oh, hi momma.

  • Stew Meat
    Stew Meat 16 hours ago

    That happened to me once

  • Raphael Nelson
    Raphael Nelson 18 hours ago

    Every warrior with finesse gets washed lol

  • Katy McLean
    Katy McLean 18 hours ago

    OMG how much drogon has grown.

  • kenneth william
    kenneth william 18 hours ago +1

    Danny didnt go thru all did just to be slayed in front of the throne, what bad writing.

  • kenneth william
    kenneth william 18 hours ago

    Favorite episode of all time.

  • mickyjoe97
    mickyjoe97 20 hours ago

    Remember seeing Dany get on Drogon for the first time and it absolutely blowing your mind? Then by season 8 it's almost just as mind blowing to see her not on him for once 😂

  • Dr Pepper0330
    Dr Pepper0330 20 hours ago

    I don’t watch got but this was certainly interesting

  • Abel R
    Abel R 20 hours ago

    I don't care about the final season, this scene is insane

  • Jackim _Tv
    Jackim _Tv 21 hour ago

    7:02 I just Realized Drogon Burned an unsullied soldier fighing a son of the harpy XD

  • Error Malfunction
    Error Malfunction 22 hours ago

    Drogon got the buff he deserved

  • Teddy Anne Hannah

    Damn when they hold hands... to think she was actually accepting to die at this moment....

  • Ray Osorio
    Ray Osorio Day ago


  • Frango de Satanás
    Frango de Satanás Day ago +1

    Drogon was a teenage rebel this season

  • Apex Flash
    Apex Flash Day ago

    What a stupid scene. Drogon shows up JUST when she's about to die. And people say that only season 8 is bad. lol. It's been Hollywood-tier garbage since season 5.

    • Abdullah
      Abdullah 17 hours ago

      Dragons have a special connection to their rider in GoT. So, they are able to sense when they're trouble etc. That's why he appeared when she was scared and closed her eyes. But yeah, Season 8 was poorly executed imo.

  • andres segui
    andres segui Day ago +1

    This is the Dany I’ll remember.

  • I Art Laughing
    I Art Laughing Day ago

    Dany got what she deserved.

  • İbrahimcan Sakallı

    Drogon is the trizent it was joined the white walkers 😂

  • Nancy Immort
    Nancy Immort Day ago +2

    The last good season of got

  • Sancheezy
    Sancheezy Day ago +3

    I love drogon.
    I still can’t get over the image of him trying to wake up Dany. By far the saddest thing i have seen in GOT.

  • wind69 wind69
    wind69 wind69 Day ago

    η βουγιουκλακη ανεβηκε στο δρακο

  • DoubleDuck
    DoubleDuck Day ago

    The goosebumps are insane

  • Katie Welborn
    Katie Welborn Day ago

    Gods, the writing was strong then

  • snoopdogicees
    snoopdogicees Day ago

    Anyone else want her necklace tho

  • It's Ethan
    It's Ethan Day ago +3

    Dany deserved so much better

  • Lolikon Monopoly
    Lolikon Monopoly Day ago +1

    It’s like these dudes weren’t taught stop drop and roll

  • Matthew Lion
    Matthew Lion Day ago +1

    I'm here after the final series episode to remember the good old times. For me that part in 8:21 is so epic. Dany finally doing it. As if this were a rite of passage for the Targaryen family. From this moment, she really understands what it's like to be a Targaryen.

  • Drajo234 The Gamer

    Is that an unsullied in the group of 4 that he burned ?

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio Day ago +2

    Drogon ended up being the real hero after completing Dany's task, to break the wheel. Drogon destroys Kings landing and the Iron throne.

  • Chen outtasight
    Chen outtasight Day ago +1

    And this is exactly the reason she will be resurrected because she has a mental connection to the Dragon and before she died she directed Dragon to destroy the throne so no one sits on it and not to harm Jon and to take her body east to the temple to be resurrected . Its the only thing that makes any sense, that's why we never see her body again after that scene when she's taken.

  • Хрум Хрумыч

    вот он о , она мать дракона и она правитель богиня ублюдок полукрвоква сраный джон убил

  • Marcho Mailandy
    Marcho Mailandy Day ago

    Remind me again who lead this masked killer

  • Jonny Tsunami
    Jonny Tsunami Day ago +2

    Back when the show was good.....

  • Sahand Safin
    Sahand Safin Day ago +2

    back when the show was something...

  • Buzzolan Leo
    Buzzolan Leo Day ago

    8:50 ---> 9:24 CGI level: homemade

  • Brendan McCallion
    Brendan McCallion Day ago +1

    8:53 This moment alone is better than all of Season 8 put together.

  • Gr8WhiteShark
    Gr8WhiteShark Day ago +2

    Nope, watching this epic scene again does not do ANY justice to what Season 8 and D&D did for her character. Screw the whole "Hitler" Targaryen crap, hoping George can rectify her in his own ending.

  • Pari S
    Pari S Day ago

    feeling sad today :(

  • Leslie Rosado
    Leslie Rosado Day ago +1

    I think I saw these scene in Star Wars Episode II...

  • Wobbegong
    Wobbegong Day ago +4

    Fuck the North, fuck the Starks, and fuck season 8

    DVDVAMPIRE01 Day ago

    Seems like such a waste now....

    ALOK MEHTA 2 days ago

    She was never a good mom....she had no remorse when Viscerion died....she didn't even felt sad when rhaegal died ...she never cared for her as a mother....she just used them as tools of mass destruction ....fuck off

    • Likener
      Likener Day ago

      ALOK MEHTA You don't have to convince me that the show is shit. I've known it since season 5 and I've never truly liked it even when it was good.

    • Likener
      Likener Day ago

      ALOK MEHTA Her son died. It's the same as fighting wights. Don't be so naive.

      ALOK MEHTA Day ago

      +Likener don't you feel that from both the last two seasons the story is proceeding from the point of viewer and not the character. If Dany hadn't go North of wall Night king would never come to south (although it didn't mean anything) ...but she had to go North so that Night King could break the wall and come to Winterfell to lose the war(to be used as a plot) but kill half of the army of Daenerys so that the fight with Cersei could be of little interest...don't you feel that Viscerion died for the story to proceed so we could reach this shit end? Also when she is proceeding for King's landing she loses again a dragon "son" ( just for plot) so that she could get more angry and ultimately she could become "mad queen".Both her dragon " sons" died just for the plot and I didn't even remotely feel that she has lost was just that she had to become mad queen so her poor sons lost their lives...

      ALOK MEHTA Day ago

      +Likener when she is fighting with Night King ..does she realise that the dragon was her "son" or she just forgot because now it doesn't matter?

    • Likener
      Likener Day ago

      ALOK MEHTA Do you want her to start mourning for days in the middle of a fucking war?

    ALOK MEHTA 2 days ago +1

    I pity those sweet fanbois who defend this shit series by saying wow what a beautiful season8 it was and others are in ebeing too harsh....fuck off .... The writers tried to insult our intelligence and played with our feelings just for shock value...fuck off

    ALOK MEHTA 2 days ago

    Fuck the dragon ...fuck the queen...fuck the series

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon 2 days ago +1

    Doesn’t matter if Jorah was betraying her. The fact that she had him fight in the pit where he could have easily died makes her a bad person

  • Ziko Ziko
    Ziko Ziko 2 days ago

    Well If Drogon had enough items and freedom he would be at size at Balerion. Look his egg was as big as balerion’s egg. But Balerion ate more Food than him. And Balerion had more freedom than him. Sir Baristan said that Dragon needs food and freedom to grow. Balerion could fly anywhere, but drogon was locked once in meeren and once in dragonpit

    • Ziko Ziko
      Ziko Ziko 7 hours ago

      Likener He left princess in Valyria once, also he went to valyria at the time of vyseris and at the time of maegor the cruel

    • Likener
      Likener Day ago

      Ziko Ziko There was no dragon pit in Balerion's time, not one that's stated. Source for flying to Valyria thrice?? Doubtful he was fast, dragons grow slow as they age and Balerion was the oldest. Just about every dragon would've outsped him.

    • Ziko Ziko
      Ziko Ziko Day ago

      Well, he was the only one who could fly out of dragonpit and could not be caught. Even Vhagar could not do that. In books Tyrion says:”Balerion the black dreed everyday ate at least 20sheep. About freedom:He flew to Valyria three times, He had been in all sides of westeros, no one could catch him or stop him and yes he was 200years old

    • Likener
      Likener Day ago +1

      Ziko Ziko Drogon is also like 3 years old compared to the 200 year old Balerion. How do you know Balerion had enough freedom and food?

  • Ziko Ziko
    Ziko Ziko 2 days ago +2

    Drogon is my favourite characyer in GOT

  • Guih Leandro
    Guih Leandro 2 days ago

    Vim do futuro dizer que o final é uma bosta...

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 2 days ago

    *There'll be no other show better than G.O.T. We'll miss it forever*

  • Shreya Parwal
    Shreya Parwal 2 days ago +7

    Drogon is the cutest
    Throwback to when the show was actually good

  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar 2 days ago

    Don't worry drogon 🔥we are always with you😘😘

  • Blueno
    Blueno 2 days ago

    So i thought GoT became unrealistic in season 8 but this escape scene of dany, was a bit of a strech , she was an easy target with a spear!
    Maybe it's a big badly executed too, Direction-wise.

  • Asiya Polad
    Asiya Polad 2 days ago

    You should've choose Jorah to love Khaleesi. He was the only one who's loyal to you

  • Catsy Meow
    Catsy Meow 2 days ago

    Drogon is one good boy

  • Rafh Allan
    Rafh Allan 2 days ago

    Drogon is now alone, no brothers and her mother gone. Poor thing

  • Adrian Mihai
    Adrian Mihai 2 days ago

    the good people of Mereen

  • Laurd Reyes
    Laurd Reyes 2 days ago

    Jon destroyed her plans. Gat damn

  • Asima Amerol
    Asima Amerol 2 days ago

    Game thrones nice

  • Shqipe 038
    Shqipe 038 2 days ago

    I am crying

  • Агент 47
    Агент 47 2 days ago

    Drogon just wanted to be with his mother... God, how it hurts

  • brandon242
    brandon242 2 days ago

    jeez at 4:50 that one sons of harpy is 9 ft tall this could turn into a bball recruit video.

  • Evie Blake
    Evie Blake 2 days ago +1

    Who's here after ending of GOT? 😭 i miss my queen

  • Gamer123766
    Gamer123766 2 days ago +2

    This was the momment I believed Dany was the rightful queen and leader. Especially the part where she flew on Drogon. It took hundreds of years to see a dragon flying again, and she made it happen. This was the Dany I will always remember, lighting hope.

  • everybodysclown
    everybodysclown 2 days ago

    7:01 so we all gonna ignore that he just BBQed an unsullied, too???

  • stefanos xr
    stefanos xr 2 days ago +1

    Who is here after the big finale?

  • Ben Okan
    Ben Okan 2 days ago +1

    This scane best then season 8 lol

  • Sai S
    Sai S 2 days ago +1

    They destroyed all the seven seasons with the Last one. They fucked up the show I'm soooo pissed

  • Sai S
    Sai S 2 days ago +1

    After all this they just kill danearys. Why but why? I don't believe it

  • Yoon Hyunee
    Yoon Hyunee 2 days ago +1


  • cindy dycinmae
    cindy dycinmae 2 days ago +1


  • thedivineparagon
    thedivineparagon 2 days ago +3

    Dear Drogon. As one of the last living vestiges of the Targaryen bloodline, may you spend your days hunting goats and flying all over the world. You've stood by your mother and your brothers in a war that cost them their lives. You've done well to break the wheel. Now it's time to be free.

  • Sergeant Oh Yeah Yeah
    Sergeant Oh Yeah Yeah 2 days ago +3

    rip daenerys

  • RJ Biescas
    RJ Biescas 2 days ago +2

    Drogon is the real MVP of the show.

  • Ganesh Hari
    Ganesh Hari 2 days ago +6

    If Jorah would have been alive, S8E5 would have been different..

    • Ragnar Lothbrok
      Ragnar Lothbrok 2 days ago

      Which is the sole reason the writers killed him off.

  • watthehelizawingclip

    Daenerys: I will be queen of them all!
    Brandon "3eye" Stark: 😆

  • Sam
    Sam 2 days ago

    0:14 who else saw the sword bending like a toy

  • sarttee
    sarttee 2 days ago

    7:02 well.. 1 unsullied burned by drogon.

  • dave fishbro
    dave fishbro 2 days ago +4

    who else is here after Drogon carried Dany after she died? :(

  • Leo Leo
    Leo Leo 2 days ago +3

    I came here after her death 😭😭😭😭

  • Mexican Chicken nugget

    When she was a respectable character.......

    • Vedo Ramjattan
      Vedo Ramjattan 20 hours ago

      I still love her,the writers did her dirty

  • Eslam Postbazan
    Eslam Postbazan 2 days ago

    بسیار عالی بود