OMG I RAGE SOLD RONALDO FOR THE GOAT!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #54

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • I RAGE SOLD RONALDO FOR GOAT!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory
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  • Rodrigo Gonçalves
    Rodrigo Gonçalves 16 days ago

    - 13:33 can someone explain how he does that celebration please?

  • Luuk Prins
    Luuk Prins Month ago

    How was kaka?

  • Jake Glass
    Jake Glass Month ago

    Johan crueff

  • karam akareem
    karam akareem Month ago

    13:59 offside?????

  • Christopher Paul
    Christopher Paul Month ago

    Sell makalele buy ousmane dembele ad also buy de jong

  • Leanne c
    Leanne c Month ago +1

    Skills downgraded his team like to agree

  • Chemix Gamers
    Chemix Gamers Month ago

    I got red vvd in elite 2

  • Tysq _
    Tysq _ Month ago

    i dont really know how to start this video:
    wassup boyz its ya boy a99skillz

  • Cedric Trutschler
    Cedric Trutschler Month ago

    you should try mcginn second inform, he is fantastic

  • Conor Reilly
    Conor Reilly Month ago

    Roy Keane

  • Irishluckmate
    Irishluckmate Month ago

    Yo I've done all fut swap challenges and I need one more to get a player I want, anyone know how I can get one more? Will there be an sbc soon or another challenge?

  • Taz 135
    Taz 135 Month ago

    People who watch ur videos are like 10-15 lmao

  • Arnór Elí Stefánsson

    Im so proud of you skillz for selling him

  • Bassel Kombarji
    Bassel Kombarji Month ago

    Monthly rewards were the best!!!

  • Albert Rostock
    Albert Rostock Month ago

    You should Pick up Essien

  • Natnael Ghebru
    Natnael Ghebru Month ago


  • Inzah
    Inzah Month ago

    This guy literally calls anyone the goat

  • Mikkel Aas
    Mikkel Aas Month ago

    Why doesn’t he use Dembele instead of makelele? He is going to lose so many coins anyways

  • محمود علاء

    Get IF Ben yedder

  • Nick Spicer
    Nick Spicer Month ago

    After rewards you’ve gotta get scream firmino bro, lotta love skillz ❤️

  • Sami Taha
    Sami Taha Month ago

    Get Fred lol

  • Slush
    Slush Month ago

    Test the new TOTGS De Bruyne please.

  • Slush
    Slush Month ago

    You have to test the new totgs KDB, he looks insane!!!

  • Jack Meijer
    Jack Meijer Month ago

    Ronaldo and messi are untradable😐

  • Ser Bronn
    Ser Bronn Month ago

    Bro Makelele is shit wtf

  • skermer 07
    skermer 07 Month ago

    Mabye try out inform fabinho

  • Georg Lampe
    Georg Lampe Month ago

    yoo skillz, the point why monthly rewards got removed is, that the casual players don´t played the whole 160 games in fifa 17 in a month due to the fact that they need to take care of their normal life. they don´t earn money from fifa so the priorities of these people changed. I totally agree with you, saying monthlys have been nice, especially for top 100 players. But because online a small group of players profited of of monthlys, they are gone... Maybe with "only" 120 games in one month, more players would finish their we league but i guess we will never find out.... much love, keep up the grind and get the finishes you deserve bro!

  • Luke Evans
    Luke Evans Month ago

    5:09 We get it, you're Portuguese

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Sanitizer Month ago

    Lewa with hunter or gnabry 👀

  • Joe Dadaa
    Joe Dadaa Month ago +1

    Should try 89 van basten

  • XQutyG
    XQutyG Month ago

    stopped at 14 this week. Matchmaking was a joke and the fun was gone.

  • Black Gamer
    Black Gamer Month ago

    you can put grizman if you want to sell mpbape

  • gman0155
    gman0155 Month ago

    George Best, skills, the old school goat. Card is amazing!

    КОКИЧА Month ago

    Ok you say mbappe is a waste of money if you play him on the wing.What about Dalglish?

  • Aaron Ergin
    Aaron Ergin Month ago

    Scream Firmino is cheap Gullit bro, give him a shadow and play him next to Kante. deserves to be on PMRTG.

  • danny Windsor
    danny Windsor Month ago

    Do qualifiers on stream!

  • BrxdGxmxr_ 210
    BrxdGxmxr_ 210 Month ago

    R9 would be amazing in ur team

  • Adonias
    Adonias Month ago

    I never understood those who buy a card of the same player that has 1 rating more than the second highest and pay almost 300k more lmao

  • Hourida Ten
    Hourida Ten Month ago

    How do u do the celebrations you selected ?

  • Leb07
    Leb07 Month ago

    get pogba for the links and the physical.By the way keep up the good work!

  • Hassan Elgoil
    Hassan Elgoil Month ago

    Too much words per second

  • amer kabach
    amer kabach Month ago

    skillz you made the right decision to buy sonaldo, did you see that goal he scored against Burnley that player will really help your squad keep grindin man , pls do some more drafts I really like those vids.

  • Max Tim
    Max Tim Month ago

    No more superstar players: buys makelele son and mane

  • smee
    smee Month ago

    put petit next to kante

    MACKGAMIN9 Month ago +1

    I’m done watching

  • Sean Giles
    Sean Giles Month ago

    Man U need to try mertens with ningolan

  • Kyle Brandon
    Kyle Brandon Month ago

    Get Seedorf

  • Champ At Soccer
    Champ At Soccer Month ago

    When you sell Mbappe, buy Figo !!

  • xMEN
    xMEN Month ago

    Try petit

  • Ben Abbot
    Ben Abbot Month ago

    Apparently we what CONTENT

  • kaelin Deluca
    kaelin Deluca Month ago

    what are his camera settings again

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz Month ago +1

    Why does this nigga always say he doesn’t run meta teams , look at his team dude!

  • Luis Cordero
    Luis Cordero Month ago

    true haden ho

  • Luis Cordero
    Luis Cordero Month ago

    i say you get modric or pogba the goat

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez Month ago +2

    Skillz: I don’t know how ima start this video
    Also skillz: starts video how he starts every other video

  • Honduran Spice
    Honduran Spice Month ago

    Get eswein

  • Dr Banana
    Dr Banana Month ago


  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera Month ago

    skillz ima be STRAIGHT UP with you, you can sell, rage, cry or do WHATEVER but we are all DEADASS happy with the team when youre happy with the team

  • JezzA
    JezzA Month ago

    28-2 isn’t good enough???

  • Aaron Seth_-
    Aaron Seth_- Month ago

    Atleast your honest for rage quitting