Graham Questions DHS Secretary Nielsen on Immigration Reform

  • Опубликовано: 16 янв 2018

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  • L S
    L S 9 месяцев назад

    I will refer to Trump as white Trump, making sure everyone is reminded of the person he is.
    No need for thanks Graham. Her ass is expected at that meeting, no bull shit, get tuff, son of a BITCH.
    White Trump hired all these white people to do what, white, Trump wants to do for the white people. Fuckin plain and simple, as that.
    Durbin don't fuckin apologize, treat, white, Trump's white people hard, drill those mother fuckers.
    These old farts are so soft on this hore. I am so angry that they would take a minority issue less serious. If, it were a white issue, I, guess all hell would brake lose. They'd take the issue serious and drill hard with questions.
    Time for a change in our government system. A change in how certain meetings are conducted. These meetings create more foul play than it does conducting serious business matters at hand and getting to the bottom of the matter to resolve it, once and for all. This is bull-shit horseplay.

  • Wesley Horne
    Wesley Horne 10 месяцев назад


  • efs 1066
    efs 1066 Год назад +6

    "We came on different ships but we're all in the same boat now ..."

  • lissa leggs
    lissa leggs Год назад
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  • Mademoiselle Minou
    Mademoiselle Minou Год назад

    I didn’t vote for you but I love you. From Greenville, SC.

  • Monica James
    Monica James Год назад

    My favorite part is how he feeds words into her mouth. I'm so glad she got to say what she knew under oath.

  • Barry Austin
    Barry Austin Год назад

    I love when I don't see comments on the most idiotic videos haha

  • James Williams
    James Williams Год назад +11

    Graham really made her look bad. His sarcasm was necessary and yet needed. All she had to do was to tell truth in the beginning.

    • Randy Boone
      Randy Boone 9 месяцев назад

      james williams does anybody realize how many of congressional seats are empty at these meetings do you know how much them chairs cost alone the empty one next to Lindsey Graham. since the United States has the national deficit you pushed back off on the Americans who didn't spend it Instagram needs to tell them to sign those seats and put them on eBay and don't spend that money apparently you don't need so many chairs in your building. and put that money back towards the national debt and pay it off since we're not responsible for that debt in actuality all of America is not the Congress you hold the power of the purse the money you take and collect from American citizens. is anyone else in this country sick and tired of seeing Congressional empty seats they bought too many chairs. a chair you're sitting in Lindsey Graham do you know how much that chair actually cost. knowing Congress it's probably Italian leather.. and do you notice how Lindsey Graham when he was talking to her how many times he said love then he used to wear The Sweet Spot , I think Lindsey Graham was trying to flirt with a DHS secretary.. XOXOXO.. no Lindsey control yourself

  • AJ V
    AJ V Год назад

    “I’m glad we’re talking about phase one rather than s-holes.” Thank you! Someone needs to remind these people on the left what the REAL priorities are.

  • Bob Rite
    Bob Rite Год назад +2

    Another republican never Trumper. He and McCain are in the same boat. Join the Dems and quit disguise oneself as a Republican better yet don't run again. Support your party, your president and country and not your self interest

  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe Год назад

    It's so hurtful that our CONGRESS isn't for AMERICANS!! Graham saying believe every word lying DURBIN said. Graham is a Hippocrate!! No information should have ever came out of that room. Apparently there was alot of LOCKERROOM LANGUAGE FROM EVERYBODY, WHY IS IT ONLY WHAT THE PRES. SAID.. MODT DACA'S ARE WORTHLESS. ONLY A HANDFUL OF THEM REALLY DID ANYTHING. THE MUST HAVE DUG EVERY HOLE TI FIND THE SUCCESSFUL ONES

  • Angelo jean Charles
    Angelo jean Charles Год назад


  • G Gg
    G Gg Год назад

    175,000 views and not one comment?

  • Maria-Jocelyn Lopez
    Maria-Jocelyn Lopez Год назад

    Senator Graham, a nation exists to protect and serve it's citizens. Please retire or take care of the veterans! Americans first! We voted for Trump because he was the only one who was willing to enforce our immigration laws and take care of America First. What part of that do you not understand? No DACA, No Amnesty, No Chain Migration! Please change parties as your beliefs are more in line with the democrats. Better yet, retire! Thank you.

  • GoldenBoy
    GoldenBoy Год назад

    How did this woman even get a job?? a high school student can answer these questions better-And to say that she doesnt remember Trump insulting people from Africa and Haiti is an insult

  • Barry Andrew
    Barry Andrew Год назад

    What happened to her memory

  • Immortal!
    Immortal! Год назад


  • Quality Con-trolling
    Quality Con-trolling Год назад

    This guy really has a firm grasp on reality at least

  • Kimberly Thomas
    Kimberly Thomas Год назад

    I ❤️. Kristjen! I also love ICE. Go get em ICE!

  • Mark F
    Mark F Год назад

    SEN Grassley has no memory and is an old fast. Remove him from office

  • BigChiefNoWashieTribe
    BigChiefNoWashieTribe Год назад

    Low cost, tax free Illegal Immigrant labor is very important to your big Donors, Very Profitable......Isn't it Senator.

  • John C
    John C Год назад +4

    I may not agree with many things the senator pursues but "thank you for trying to be a compassionate honest person" in the midst of all the mess

  • J Lim
    J Lim Год назад


  • richard nudi
    richard nudi Год назад

    Cornered , Nowhere else to hide with lies.

  • O genesis
    O genesis Год назад

    DHS secretary has a very pleasant voice.

  • danny boy
    danny boy Год назад

    She needs to be fired and locked up

  • Hopefulbond
    Hopefulbond Год назад

    Talk to her like a child because she’s acting like one.

  • Talmadge Kyzer
    Talmadge Kyzer Год назад

    Another example of stupidity who sides with the Democrats. I am so sick of the evil racing across our Country, All because of one party. They are the ones that pumped Alcohol into America and they are the ones that delivered all the drugs to the people in America. They are the ones that took God out of everything, they are the ones that forced Evolution on everyone, and they are the ones that allow the killing of babies. They are sick. They are the ones that paid the people that riot and raise hell in the streets. They don’t give a damn about the people if they die and go to hell. They are after the money and want all the people to be slaves unto them. Impeach the Democrats; they paid the spies to draw up the Dossier so Obama could use them in a scheme to stop President Trump, Through the Clintons and the FBI. It failed. Now let's put them all in jail. They put the American people through hell with their evil scheme as they divided the people in America. Lies after lies and the FBI covered up all their evil doings. Now all of the evil is coming forth to be seen by everyone. Praise God. Impeach all the Democrats they all took part in this evil crime against the American people. IMPEACH, IMPEACH.

  • Orville B Jenkins
    Orville B Jenkins Год назад +8

    It is scary having someone like Nielsen as Homeland Security Director.

  • La Jeffe Shaxx Jones
    La Jeffe Shaxx Jones Год назад +1

    She is another unqualified person in the Trump administration!

  • April Roberts
    April Roberts Год назад

    Dam he should be president 😊

  • sergio chavez
    sergio chavez Год назад +4

    Senator Graham and senator Durbin are two gentlemen that have integrity and dignity. two of the best in the senate.

  • Beca Morena
    Beca Morena Год назад


  • Mr. fearless
    Mr. fearless Год назад

    Damn...finally some good and sane words from a Republican. Amen Graham. Hope your plan gets done. Fair deal.

  • Texanna Stephens
    Texanna Stephens Год назад

    She is a sickening human and should be deported to Iraq

  • prezo
    prezo Год назад

    Mr Graham the president needs your counsel "on how to be reasonable "

  • rosamond pratt
    rosamond pratt Год назад

    Graham I bow to your words of wisdom.I Count on you to keep democracy alive.

  • Anthony
    Anthony Год назад

    Send illegal immigrants home, the burden of American tax payers .No daca it cost, tax payers a lot money

  • amir hussain
    amir hussain Год назад +1

    I think us the immigrants need to go home and shoe these racist we can sort our countries and show them we can also protect our countries

  • Michael Capovilla
    Michael Capovilla Год назад

    Well said Lindsey - put the phase 1 bill forward and see who votes for it.

  • Jo Pao
    Jo Pao Год назад +6

    Merit based immigration? What's the merit of Melania?

    MARIA AMAYA Год назад +2

    Good they are clearing all that happened and make it clear something, somewhere went wrong... but still don't want to make it clear to the point.... hinting that something did happened but they are not sure what...we can read between the lines... we ain't stupid... Trump did discriminate those countries....sad 😢 the doesn't value the hard work they do to survey... I hope someone opens the president's eyes to see beyond his nose. ❤🇱🇷😊

  • Dare2BeDifferent34
    Dare2BeDifferent34 Год назад


  • I see Ewe
    I see Ewe Год назад

    Another ass hole that keeps getting elected! People better wake up before they find themselves pushed out by illigals given precidents over natural born citizens. These legislators should live next door to these very same people they so wholeheartedly embrace. It must be nice to handout amnesty like you handout peanuts to elephants in the zoo, to people that break our laws by entering illigally then wanting everything their way;
    Then go on to rape the Country of all its resorces. Our voices must be heard loud and clear, amnesty must stop!

  • GodBless America
    GodBless America Год назад

    Tuesday between 10 and 12 the Dems decided to continue the obstruction theyve done this whole year/administration.

  • GodBless America
    GodBless America Год назад

    It was unconstitutional when O implemented DACA by executive order and it would also be so for President Trump to extend an unconstitutional "law" by executive order.

  • Kody Choates
    Kody Choates Год назад

    This lady needs to go along with Trump and all his stupid people he put in office

  • Jeffery Miller
    Jeffery Miller Год назад +2

    The guy in the background is hot af!

  • Gilberto Klein
    Gilberto Klein Год назад

    Lindsey Graham for President

    RIOO PRODUCTIONS Год назад +9

    She never answer questions straight

  • NG
    NG Год назад +1

    #releasethememo come on Lindsay, your buddy Mcain is going to jail and you can't stop it

  • Otb tl
    Otb tl Год назад +9

    all this comes down to money.

  • Huj Hygf
    Huj Hygf Год назад


  • Christopher Tyler
    Christopher Tyler Год назад

    The president's expert on immigration saw your plan between 10 and 12 and realized it was no good Sen. Graham.

  • levon synclr
    levon synclr Год назад

    Way to talk down to her, Graham. You suck.

  • Reg Jackson
    Reg Jackson Год назад

    Career politicians are such greasy human beings.

  • stephanie cust
    stephanie cust Год назад +2

    Is Graham a lawyer or something? he seems to ask her the same questions​ 5 different times till he gets the answer he wants!?!?...things will not get better as long as there are criminal Republicans in charge! These are the dangerous criminals not DACA immagrints!

  • bctopper
    bctopper Год назад +17

    I'm for any politician who wants to work together with all sides and make the U.S. stronger.

  • Donna Flowers
    Donna Flowers Год назад

    That sounds reasonable to me.

  • Larry James
    Larry James Год назад

    Well, I'm a liberal independent, but lean strongly Democratic. And I gotta say that Graham makes a hell of a lot of sense. ( I trust that "hell" is rather tame language in this discussion.

  • Blessed of God
    Blessed of God Год назад

    I like Graham

  • Guillermo Martinez
    Guillermo Martinez Год назад

    When Trumps people throw their own people under the bus. And a majority of them???? Where is the numbers?? Tell me please.

  • Rich Tucci
    Rich Tucci Год назад

    Say anything you may think about Sen. Graham, I happen to respect him a great deal for his experience and wisdom, but this was masterful. I have not seen or heard of any other politician frame an issue as well as he did. Reality-based politics is certainly refreshing in these times. Thank you Senator for bringing us back to earth! You should play more golf with the president, but do not even bother keeping score, just keep consulting him. Just try to keep the ball in the short grass, that goes for the president as well.

  • AverageAmerican
    AverageAmerican Год назад +2

    I like the fact that Graham understands that both sides need to give in order to accomplish anything. There is room for compromise.

  • flashy lady
    flashy lady Год назад

    Why not ask him ? She is a known LIAR oh he's a LIAR too doesn't matter with one is there .

  • Dawn Masters
    Dawn Masters Год назад

    @USSenLindseyGraham I thought you were a Republican. I was wrong, you are a Democrat. Admit it! By the way, I've seen videos of you calling the same countries Hellholes!

  • Haik Janoian
    Haik Janoian Год назад

    Old school Republican! A rare breed indeed.

  • Lotus Blssm
    Lotus Blssm Год назад

    10-12 durbin. Get the tape proof . No proof . All those news people you should be able to prove.

  • D3vot33nyc
    D3vot33nyc Год назад

    Who is testifying here?

  • sent iment
    sent iment Год назад

    these people are only diminishing themselves...

  • name it
    name it Год назад

    Undocumented immigrants commit violent crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans. From 1990 to 2013, the number of undocumented immigrants in the country tripled from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Yet during that time, violent crime rates dropped 48% nationwide, according to a report by the American Immigration Council. The fact is that there's no evidence that immigrants are either more or less likely to commit crimes than anyone else in the population.

  • name it
    name it Год назад

    Did I hear that correct? Did Senator Graham said that the overwhelming majority of the 11 millions illegal immigrants are criminals, drug dealers and such? on what evidence does he base such claims?

  • Silvia B
    Silvia B Год назад

    I lean to the liberal side, but I would vote for Senator Graham anytime. He is smart and decent and try to find solutions.

  • Samane
    Samane Год назад

    I disagree with Graham thing will not get better.

  • Stephen Docal
    Stephen Docal Год назад +2

    Kind of amazing how these politicians use leverage when it comes down to peoples lives. It’s why everyone hates congress

  • mustafa aljozi
    mustafa aljozi Год назад +6

    Wew that is a narrow view of humanity

  • Costeno Salao
    Costeno Salao Год назад

    Not only is she done in politics after this lie, after Trump our government will no longer contract her private security firm because we can do better than doing business with citizens who lie under oath.

  • Betty Giles
    Betty Giles Год назад +5

    Wow...Senater Graham sounds sane today....I'm proud.

  • Romain Combs
    Romain Combs Год назад

    Very informative.

  • JM Vandy
    JM Vandy Год назад +1

    There you have it..Graham said "s-holes" so that was the word used.

  • blingximus
    blingximus Год назад

    80k views no comments?

  • steve billy
    steve billy Год назад


  • Robert Royal
    Robert Royal Год назад

    Is that Clark Kent behind Graham ? Oh she is lieing.

  • Oregon Cephaloproctic LLC
    Oregon Cephaloproctic LLC Год назад

    What Cory "Mangina" Booker did to her was classic, textbook over-the-top MANSPLAINING and bullying. Where is the outrage?!

  • Hemann Krol
    Hemann Krol Год назад

    640 he calls America shit show lmfao. what?

  • 79goldmaster1
    79goldmaster1 Год назад

    Thank you Lindsey Graham for being respectful and smart. Good job, sir !!

  • nukestrom
    nukestrom Год назад

    I fully support merit based system and I'm a democrat but being white should NOT be any sort of qualification.

  • MJ Z
    MJ Z Год назад

    Politicking instead of being productive. Disappointing.

  • Unicorn Plays
    Unicorn Plays Год назад

    12 years is too many years I would be 30

  • Miguel Quiroz
    Miguel Quiroz Год назад +1

    Mr Graham you should be President! You seen to be having very good MORALS. We need people with good MORALS. REMOVE people with no morals from office.
    Be sencitive for others peoples suffering.

  • Ibrahim Pasha
    Ibrahim Pasha Год назад +1

    Most reasonable concept put forth thus far

  • mrbigs g
    mrbigs g Год назад


  • haondoor
    haondoor Год назад

    I absolutely love the nod to my generation at 6:50. Thank you sir!

  • ken5336
    ken5336 Год назад

    I hope Graham is right

  • Cecilia Norris
    Cecilia Norris Год назад +3

    What is wrong with these Senators??? Completely disconnected from reality. DHS Secretary is amazing at putting up with this absurd line of questioning.

  • Avril Stacy
    Avril Stacy Год назад

    I haven't seen my son in 6 years did any of those people care? No.

  • K P
    K P Год назад

    hahaaa lindsey graham is a trip man!

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Год назад


  • fitzroy blake
    fitzroy blake Год назад

    I pity Mr Trump

  • Spikedadorf
    Spikedadorf Год назад

    There weren't really any questions was more of a monologue