World's Largest Fast Ferry - HSS 1500 Class Stena Explorer

  • Published on Jul 17, 2014
  • The Stena HSS Explorer arriving at Dun Laoghaire port in Dublin, Ireland on the 17th of July 2014. The high-speed Stena (HSS) is the world's largest fast ferry, traveling at a speed of 46 miles per hour (74 km/h), although it is capable of doing over 70 miles per hour (110 km/h). The Stena Explorer was constructed by Finnyards in Rauma, Finland. Three HSS 1500 class vessels were ultimately completed in 1996 and 1997. The first of the class, the Stena Explorer, entered service in April 1996, serving the Holyhead - Dún Laoghaire route and is still operating during the summer months.
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Comments • 37

  • Dmytro Picky
    Dmytro Picky 2 months ago

    pfff we want to see it full speed)

  • bosnjo bosnjakovic
    bosnjo bosnjakovic 8 months ago

    Detta cattamarn åkte jag mellan Trelleborg-Rostock det var dyr biljett men det gick snabbt

  • Chris Cars
    Chris Cars 11 months ago +4

    Such a shame it’s gone now loved traveling on it

    • Onegirlshow
      Onegirlshow 3 months ago

      Free Dom they got rid of it because it used so much fuel

    • Free Dom
      Free Dom 7 months ago

      @irelandbloke what happened?

    • irelandbloke
      irelandbloke  11 months ago

      Me too :(

  • Mohamed Maher
    Mohamed Maher 11 months ago

    Very interesting to see

  • Neneng Bautista
    Neneng Bautista 11 months ago


  • nguyen van han
    nguyen van han Year ago +1

    Chiếc này dẹp quá

  • kirk chapman
    kirk chapman Year ago +2

    Fastest putting around I've seen in a while

    • Jimmi S. Pedersen
      Jimmi S. Pedersen Year ago

      Water jets are extremely efficient at docking, if they can move around.

  • Prolife Direkt
    Prolife Direkt Year ago +1

    Sea life very good

  • Francisco Hussein
    Francisco Hussein Year ago +2

    a nasty island in new York maybe one day

  • 王漢彬
    王漢彬 Year ago


  • Dublin Plumbing
    Dublin Plumbing Year ago

    She is up for sale in Turkey for 6 million do you have
    That and she is all your's

    • Kashif !
      Kashif ! Year ago

      How old is she?
      Passenger capacity?
      Top speed?
      Fuel type ?
      Fuel consumption per hour?

    • Aldo Chambule
      Aldo Chambule Year ago

      She is very nice

  • Kevin Dunne
    Kevin Dunne 2 years ago

    sailed on the hss once did not like it to be honest, it was shuddering and rattling all the way across from Stranraer to Belfast, give me the ulysses anytime

  • Tally ho Chaps
    Tally ho Chaps 2 years ago

    Great film! I went to Inchicore railway open day in 1996 & travelled by HSS across from Holyhead the previous evening, the Irish sea was as still as a millpond, the captain made light work of the journey! Beautiful ship & much lamented.

  • Роман Скворцов

    With love from Russia. Soviet catamarans
    Рыбинск -курорт регионального значения

  • Nosey B'stard
    Nosey B'stard 3 years ago

    she's now in a shipyard in Turkey and up for sale

    • james011974
      james011974 9 months ago

      Sailed her several times, first when new (full speed 😎) and the last in 2010. Always loved her, miss her a lot 😢

    • Dublin Plumbing
      Dublin Plumbing Year ago

      irelandbloke why are you buying her for 78 cents and a BUTTON?

    • abderaman alzemouri
      abderaman alzemouri 2 years ago +1

      if i really had millions i will buy that ship the last surviving of the 1500 series sad for a modern ship like this

    • irelandbloke
      irelandbloke  3 years ago +2

      +Noseyb'stard 8928 Hmmmm.....let me just check my does 78 cents and an old button sound ?.. lol

    • Nosey B'stard
      Nosey B'stard 3 years ago

      @irelandbloke apparently 6.5 million and she's yours

  • Adventures of Family Henrietta

    it's now in curacao

    • irelandbloke
      irelandbloke  4 years ago +1

      That's her twin ship, the HSS Discovery :)

  • takeadrive
    takeadrive 4 years ago +2

    Super video

  • DeutschBahn in HD
    DeutschBahn in HD 5 years ago +1

    Nice shot, Is the Explorer meant to get withdrawn. I know the HSS which went from Belfast to Stranraer was withdrawn when Stena Line moved to its new base in Cairnryan.

    • irelandbloke
      irelandbloke  4 years ago +1

      It's still operating in the summer months but they could withdraw it at any time. Haven't heard anything about its future yet....

  • IrishModelRail
    IrishModelRail 5 years ago +4

    Lovely footage:)