Cowboy Cerrone on life, parenting, and fighting Conor McGregor at UFC 246

  • Donald Cerrone discusses his unique approach to fighting and MMA ahead of facing Conor McGregor at #UFC246 - the biggest bout of his career.
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    a serious injury
    1:37 🧡🥊💯
    👇 👇 👇 👇🥊

  • Kumbara Putra
    Kumbara Putra 8 days ago

    Nice beard man

  • Ded Head
    Ded Head Month ago

    Donald sold out to connor, and took a dive. I hope the money was worth your legacy.

  • Bryant Wilhoite
    Bryant Wilhoite 2 months ago

    Change ur name to cowgirl lol that fight was horrible

  • stephen hancock
    stephen hancock 2 months ago

    Not a very good acting job. Good pay day for taking a fall.

  • Lit B
    Lit B 2 months ago +1

    BT sport cant follow this no more because it's not a sport, it's now classed as "entertainment " which means they can legally throw fights.

  • geo pin
    geo pin 2 months ago

    Nice interview refreshing

  • Julie & Anthony Isaac
    Julie & Anthony Isaac 2 months ago

    Welllllllllll now he knows how hard McGregor hits

  • Finding Work in Vegas
    Finding Work in Vegas 2 months ago

    he should talk about how he took a dive last night

  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281 2 months ago

    Love Cowboy, that fight though, he had no clue what was coming, literally dayum. I hope he is able to jump right back in for the next challenge.

  • Alex Cann
    Alex Cann 2 months ago

    Cowboy is a legend. Such a decent guy. Much respect from the UK!

  • Luke Scanlan
    Luke Scanlan 2 months ago +1

    Is it just me or are they sitting awkwardly close to each other Haha

  • Rodion Gulakov
    Rodion Gulakov 2 months ago

    I would throw the fight for 5Ml too..

    GODNAT 2 months ago +1

    Stopped watching after 40 seconds

  • J Dizzle
    J Dizzle 2 months ago

    What a puss.

  • Harruar
    Harruar 2 months ago

    o.o over in 40 Seriously WTF????

  • Plawn Clackers
    Plawn Clackers 2 months ago

    Such a nice guy 👍👍👍it’s a shame he lost to mcgregor the way he did but the man has nothing to prove✊big love and respect for the cowboy from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  • Eric W.
    Eric W. 2 months ago

    He set himself up to lose. This fight was fixed

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How 2 months ago

    Cowboy is the best person in MMA. I aspire to be like him.

  • Robert Sanger
    Robert Sanger 2 months ago

    Nice guy , shame the cowboy lasted less than a minute agaist the pikey

  • Antonio deCarmoducci
    Antonio deCarmoducci 2 months ago

    guess the first question got answered. yes Conner hits hard.

  • Scott Wahrer
    Scott Wahrer 2 months ago

    Cowboy sounds like just a good dude man. Grounded good dude.

  • Pieter Van den Abeele
    Pieter Van den Abeele 2 months ago

    What a legend

  • Aaron Grady
    Aaron Grady 2 months ago

    English people just have that vibe 🙃

  • ninuxy
    ninuxy 2 months ago

    Donald seems like a decent man although I have reservations about some of his political choices.

  • soukous25
    soukous25 2 months ago

    best interviewer I ve seen in this sport, very refreshing not to be forced to watch these 2 fakes ariel and brett.

  • Thomas Cawley
    Thomas Cawley 2 months ago

    Adam is a quality interviewer, seen like the fighters and promoters like talking to him

  • BasedSif
    BasedSif 2 months ago

    This is a different cowboy than the one that was on JRE. Mad respect. I’m rooting for Conor so hard though. But cowboy is so great.

  • Sole Knight
    Sole Knight 2 months ago

    What a fantastic person

  • twistedsoul
    twistedsoul 2 months ago

    Class interview, even Cowboy loved it.

  • G3NTL3
    G3NTL3 2 months ago +1

    Cowboy gave a great insight into what it is like to be a fighter on the night... and of course the man let him run.

  • minisla
    minisla 2 months ago

    Humour ah so refreshing

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey 2 months ago

    The coolest thing about Cowboy (aside from his humility) is that this dude has lived!

  • Ben Farr
    Ben Farr 2 months ago

    Its annoying how all of a sudden cowboy is big news just because hes fighting connor, he wasnt lying about the red pantie night.

  • OldManMidas
    OldManMidas 2 months ago

    Damn cowboy has em skillz!1! Great charisma

  • David 1
    David 1 2 months ago

    Cerrone 2038 for president 🤣🤣🤣 but all jk aside what a stand up guy!!!!!

  • Dragan Bakema
    Dragan Bakema 2 months ago

    Ballet, who knows...(this is a good man)

  • Collin gambill_1200163
    Collin gambill_1200163 2 months ago

    Cowboy is a good man.

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 2 months ago

    Gotta love Cowboy man

  • Dreamtime Ang
    Dreamtime Ang 2 months ago

    Really impressed by both of them

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu 2 months ago +1

    No shady questions, no putting Conor above him, no bs, this is the type of interview the fans and fighters need. Bring this guy in, drop Brett.

  • Daniel Larsson
    Daniel Larsson 2 months ago

    Probably one of the best "mma" interviews I seen. Very good questions and laying a true foundation for people to get to know and respect Cerrone for what he stands for, believe in and fight for. We didnt know. Now we do.

  • Christopher D
    Christopher D 2 months ago

    Awesome interview. awesome true description of Cowboys fight night. Win or lose he is the truth got to respect it.

  • Dava Golino
    Dava Golino 2 months ago

    I Want Donald Cerrone to win and win BIG. HE IS fighting a disgrace of a fighter. after Conor McGregor and Mr white acted so low brow in the treatment of Khabib. GO, COWBOY!!! HE HAS ALREADY WON JUST FOR FIGHTING A CRIMINAL WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL.

  • Alex Olivarez
    Alex Olivarez 2 months ago

    Cerrone is technically a millennial.

  • Lai Ynna
    Lai Ynna 2 months ago

    I can listen to this guy talk for hours :D.

  • Dom Cast
    Dom Cast 2 months ago

    Great f'n interview. Time for Cowboy to get the big upset! Let's goooo! Can't wait

  • Richard Fish
    Richard Fish 2 months ago

    I love this guy ... he fights like he talks all heart .. obviously why connor respects him .. and Visa versa.. much love .. now break each others faces for my entertainment!!! 😅

  • Adam Whittingham
    Adam Whittingham 2 months ago


  • soinu foig
    soinu foig 2 months ago

    No shady questions, no putting Conor above him, no bs, this is the type of interview the fans and fighters need. Bring this guy in, drop Brett.

  • Nikky Aide
    Nikky Aide 2 months ago

    Was supporting McGregor but this interview changed my mind.

  • Sergio L
    Sergio L 2 months ago

    They did cowboy dirty on that thumbnail

  • Cassie
    Cassie 2 months ago

    Adam Caterall - the best interviewer

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig 2 months ago

      He is a brilliant interviewer listens doesn’t jump in , lays back and has the next question ready whilst listening ... brilliant

  • Machina Inc
    Machina Inc 2 months ago

    Cowboy is a very cool dude

  • Bennett Spils
    Bennett Spils 2 months ago

    Wholesome af

  • Stu Dawg
    Stu Dawg 2 months ago

    Fantastic interview, the interviewer is one of the best.

    • Cassie
      Cassie 2 months ago

      10:15 mad respect

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 2 months ago

    Adam Caterall - the best interviewer

  • craig lee
    craig lee 2 months ago

    GOOD dude:)

  • Carlos Rivera Santana LNN Lynn sattermore

    His underarms are dirty !

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 2 months ago

      Quote: Y'all may go to Hell... I am going to Texas!

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson 2 months ago

    When he talked about the father figure and family thing...I almost cried

  • Shan Nonymous
    Shan Nonymous 2 months ago

    how does a doosh like ariel get a show on espn

  • RIley Newell
    RIley Newell 2 months ago

    i think he secretly wants to get into ballet.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 2 months ago

    Great interviewer, gets a lot out of the fighters rather than the same questions over and over

  • Real Hedi
    Real Hedi 2 months ago

    Wow what a great man!

  • Criss Cross Applesauce
    Criss Cross Applesauce 2 months ago +1

    Always baffles me when people dislike videos like this. This guy is so cool and so genuine. Really refreshing!

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 2 months ago +1

      Representing the working guy. 👍🏻

  • Boo Is Gone
    Boo Is Gone 2 months ago

    So this weekend is Cerrone/McGregor and Championship Football. 👍🏻💪🏻😋

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B 2 months ago

    By order of the Peaky Blinder

  • Tsubasa Ozora
    Tsubasa Ozora 2 months ago

    Best MMA interview ever

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    Thanks for the brutal honesty and realness.

  • Liam Boswell
    Liam Boswell 2 months ago +1

    10:15 mad respect

  • Ian B
    Ian B 2 months ago

    Good luck COWBOY, from your glasgow fans 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Fiachra kavanagh
    Fiachra kavanagh 2 months ago

    Good luck Saturday Cowboy!

  • #BobbleHead
    #BobbleHead 2 months ago

    Quote: Y'all may go to Hell... I am going to Texas!

  • martini stirred
    martini stirred 2 months ago

    340 k views in a day this one is going to break records.

  • Cătălin Ciobanu
    Cătălin Ciobanu 2 months ago

    Cowboy knockin the irish guy out , round 3 , agreee ?

  • Josh Nichter
    Josh Nichter 2 months ago +2

    Wow, very heartfelt... "Being a father is a dying breed" so true

  • Jake Phelps
    Jake Phelps 2 months ago

    The pre fight explanation was great

  • Omnimalevolent
    Omnimalevolent 2 months ago

    He is right about the family dynamics

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre 2 months ago

    Cowboys a top man this is a real down to earth humble good hearted man who loves a scrap! Im a mcgregor fan but im now also a cowboy fan both of luck to them both

  • Estevo Thomasio
    Estevo Thomasio 2 months ago +1

    Representing the working guy. 👍🏻