Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking of the twelve zodiac signs on the Internet. How would you rank the astrological signs? #RankKing
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  • celes42017
    celes42017 Day ago

    Gemini’s are amazing! Except Donald Trump, he can go fuck himself.

  • Who_is_ Alex_?
    Who_is_ Alex_? Day ago


  • Take a shot Elliott

    I agree with the Capricorn (I’m Capricorn)

  • Elly McGrath
    Elly McGrath Day ago

    more like this

  • Qtutlento
    Qtutlento Day ago

    Yay... I rank in the top half on both.... I'LL TAKE IT!!! WOOHOO!!!

  • Qtutlento
    Qtutlento Day ago

    Funny.... I agree with BOTH... WHICH IS REALLY WEIRD! Can you TELL in a Libra?! Lol well done guys! I had a kick seeing my Leo bro at the bottom half of both ur lists lol!!! (So glad SOMEBODY called them out lol)

  • Alex G
    Alex G Day ago

    Lol “Gemini is a social butterfly” really happy with my Scorpio rising bc I hate people

  • Calvini2013
    Calvini2013 Day ago

    OMG Eugene we need to meet! I may seem like a Capricorn at work (rising) but I'm a Sagittarius (sun) with the heart (moon) of a Scorpio!

  • 94knj
    94knj Day ago


  • Turtle Gaming
    Turtle Gaming Day ago

    Im a pices

  • Gabriel le
    Gabriel le Day ago

    I think astrology is 100% crap but Eugene is cool.

  • SilverHeart Yay
    SilverHeart Yay Day ago

    Prejudice anyone?

  • Leo Damon
    Leo Damon Day ago +1

    My Virgo friend will always bring this up and say “I’m better” and this might be my Leo side but “BITCH HELL NAW, YOU DONT DO SHIT” no offense to virgos tho, except that one

  • Neha Battula
    Neha Battula Day ago


  • journey begins Here

    Capricorn 🙌
    And yes i really don't care about rankings or even horoscopes, astrology
    But it was fun to watch

  • Anna Martens
    Anna Martens Day ago

    Any taureans out there ??

  • Josiah Phillips
    Josiah Phillips Day ago +1

    in true cancer spirit,,,,,i take this personally

  • Markuxs
    Markuxs Day ago

    Okay but did anyone notice that he put jungkook in famous Virgo !

  • Jargsee Seeto
    Jargsee Seeto Day ago

    yay I’m taurus

  • ria no
    ria no Day ago

    me: I'm libra and i'm dating a gemini, yeah we're compatible
    allison, a libra: i dont waNT TO DATE GEMINIS
    eugene: fantastic friends, terrible lovers
    me: wELP

  • MiguelMML
    MiguelMML Day ago

    Knock, knock.
    Who's there?

    As a Capricorn I cracked a laugh. I really do hate myself.

  • Ariana JV
    Ariana JV Day ago

    Am I the only Scorpio who’s happy that they didn’t label us as totally evil like a bunch of other people normally do?

  • Jorge A. Carrazana García

    I'm a Leo and I would put myself second right after Capricorn (my crush is one) and Scorpio would be the last one.
    Edit: 19:39 Tom❤

    GO FOR GAAYOO Day ago

    Saggitarius are the coolest coz they live life to the fullest and don't give a Horse shit to whatever anyone's saying😎

  • Jail Birds
    Jail Birds Day ago

    Taurus always late for everything

  • emily wright
    emily wright Day ago

    sag’s n capricorn’s r the worst signs CHANGE MY MIND

  • Betty Halamickova

    Scorpio say thank u and u bet I will more likely stab you to chest than to back ;) ILY!

    MRATH HQ Day ago

    I didn't expect myself to get second place. It's funny because my family and friends say that they like it when I hug them.

  • Chubby Custard
    Chubby Custard Day ago

    *cries in cancer*

  • God why do I exist

    *_"Scorpios all look like penises."_*

  • Nadiyah Alexis
    Nadiyah Alexis Day ago

    Kinda surprised we stayed 8th on the list ♒️

  • Adolf Stalin
    Adolf Stalin Day ago

    2:05 excuse me is that a goat?, we're a fucking male sheep for god sake 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, i'm kind of agree that you say "aries is the baby of the sign" because i think i'm sort of imature person that i never think too much of someone's feeling, i'm more like individualistic/egoist like a baby never think about other people. But i'm also confuse that some of this zodiac things said that i'm also the leader, so your leader is a baby?? I'm also agree that sometimes i want to dominate group of people because they tend to fight each other opinion and so i sum up their opinion and burns their passion to succeed it together. So yeah maybe that's true because a baby is'nt having problem with opinion and can unite people under them (baby)

  • bitch i’m angie

    wow I’m an Aries and I’m put low first time.

  • M C
    M C Day ago +1

    Eugene: *Says Aries are bad at concealing their feelings*
    Me: *laughs in depression*

  • Athena Wallace
    Athena Wallace Day ago

    As a Virgo I curled in on myself with joy

  • Foxy Luvers
    Foxy Luvers Day ago

    It actually makes a lot of sense that Eugene put Gemini as low as he did as Geminis and Capricorns quite frankly don't get along very well
    That being said, it also depends, especially with relationships between them, as from what ive read Capricorns and Geminis can go both ways; they are either hardly compatibly, or they love each other to the moon in back (with some wavy points here and there).
    My girlfriend is a Gemini, and I am a Capricorn. I've read that Capricorns that get along well with Geminis are often fond of 'Puzzles', 'Riddles' and the such, though in more of metaphorical sense (though it could be taken literally, as I do fuckin love riddles and puzzles; figuring things out, really.)
    It can also depend on how much your moon and rising signs are compatible.
    On another note is the Scorpios are actually known as perfect for Capricorns; they get along super well, have the best relationship together, etc. My best friend who i've known for almost 3 years now is a Scorpio; I absolutely agreed with everything said by god, I love her to death.
    As a fellow Capricorn, I (mostly) agreed with Eugene's rankings with the exception of a few. And yes. I could really care less where the fuck my sign is ranked (though I did appreciate being ranked high on Allison's rankings.)

  • saif chek
    saif chek Day ago

    Wait leo is down there for wt
    And no I'm not gonna shut up
    Leos 4 ever
    Fuq yeah

  • YouWereHere
    YouWereHere Day ago

    We’re both Libra’s and both our name is Allison 🥺

  • Noodle
    Noodle Day ago +1

    I'm a Leo but I hate myself so much I want to fling myself off a cliff repeatedly until I cannot move :)

  • Simone
    Simone Day ago

    legit the fist video i saw of the try guys; i knew Eugene was a capricorn. were fab

  • massiel giron
    massiel giron Day ago

    imma Leo and im the complete opposite of what they say. i just want to be in the corner.

  • Frosty Minecraft

    I mean like, what he said about the Capricorn’s not caring is true, I don’t give a crap that I’m down low, what I care about is that p... I HAVE THE SAME SIGHN AS EUGENENENENENENENENEN YESSSSS. 😂. Also my friends hate how depressing I am, help :3. (If you haven’t realized I am a Capricorn)

  • Jesse Hernandez IV

    Cancer ♋️ squad where you at

  • Dave Balmada
    Dave Balmada Day ago

    So in the US people don't believe in science and climate change but they do believe in astrology...

  • Dancer17237
    Dancer17237 Day ago

    I feel so validated to be a Virgo right now :) Thanks Eugene!

  • Kaliah22
    Kaliah22 Day ago

    ... he dropped Pisces to nearly last... I'm wounded... but I understand his point 😂😭

  • Selena Ramales
    Selena Ramales Day ago

    Fellow 👽

  • Jordan Barringer
    Jordan Barringer Day ago +1

    I’m a Sagittarius with anxiety. I wanna be carefree and travel but...
    I can’t

    So yeah...

  • Vanhaley
    Vanhaley Day ago

    Bwhaha! Gemini is right on....I'm pissed I'm so low! At least I'm at the bottom with some cool people!

  • Dajah Simmons
    Dajah Simmons Day ago

    I can't believe cancers are so low I have never met a manipulative cancer I don't know where this comes from
    Anyways, love you Eugene

  • Kara Wellendorf
    Kara Wellendorf Day ago

    Yay! I'm a pisces! Lol she's right, he's wrong

  • olilve aj
    olilve aj Day ago

    I am very honored to be the highest rank

  • Army Alpaca
    Army Alpaca Day ago

    The Camcer description is true.


  • Genesis Vlogz
    Genesis Vlogz Day ago

    Dang am Pisces... my sister was right :/

  • Harli B
    Harli B Day ago

    You bond with a Taurus we got your back for life promise. Kinda boring and definitely not #1 but we are definitely strong independent and kind

  • Natalia Gallardo

    ♈️ all the way

  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson Day ago

    The only comment that isn't about someone mentioning there zodiac sign...

  • Lherween Lynx Garcia

    Eugene: Capricorns are the king of self hatred
    Me: shit, that's true.

  • Cocoa1dotsmile
    Cocoa1dotsmile Day ago

    I am a Virgo and I was so nervous when it was down to the two signs and when Eugene said Virgo is my number one sign I screamed

  • L S
    L S Day ago

    Me: astrology is bullshit
    These two: Pisces have great asses
    Me: oh thank you maybe it's all true

  • Changing Me
    Changing Me Day ago

    Everyone comes for the virgos.... 🙄

  • L S
    L S Day ago

    So basically everybody sucks (unsurprising)

  • L S
    L S Day ago

    The camera work is making me nauseous

  • Katara Maggard
    Katara Maggard Day ago

    Bish I'm Pisces Feb 21 that's great I'm shook I love the fact that they got good butts but I'm not thicc at all but I'm sad at Eugenes opinion

  • I Am Mwiza
    I Am Mwiza Day ago +1

    I don't know why this was recommended to me but as a Scorpio, I don't really mind that they think my existence doesn't suck 🤷

  • Star Note
    Star Note Day ago

    yo us cancers just tryna win somethin but then we get yeeted :(

  • Emma Coggins
    Emma Coggins Day ago +1

    Me: * sees gemini people *
    Me: D A N N I B O I
    Me again: * sees aquarius people *
    Me: P H I L L Y B O I

  • Madison Ming
    Madison Ming Day ago

    “Virgos must be celebrating world wide right now”
    “This is the first time Virgos have ever won anything”
    *wow! as a virgo this is way too accurate lol. I thought Eugene was gonna keep Virgos where they were, or lower from Allisons ranking because everyone always hates Virgos haha. ♥️:D*

  • Two Eggs
    Two Eggs Day ago

    I was raised super religious and afraid to read horoscopes lol so this is like another language to me

  • Lu u
    Lu u Day ago

    Me, a Capricorn ♑️, before even opening the video: I hope we got the worst position!!
    I like to feel like a bad bitch u can’t kill me ~

  • Fadwa Yousef
    Fadwa Yousef Day ago

    I honestly wonder if they ranked the signs the way the did because of their signs. It'd be so interesting to see a vid where people with different signs rank the signs themselves to see if there's any connection.
    Also I'm still giddy about Eugene putting Virgos as #1. Yeehaw u know

  • Sunflower Lyrics

    Where r my Virgos at ---->

  • Heather Żimmerman

    i find this so funny because i knew gemini’s would be at the bottom but not for the reason you said. also almost none of my friends remember that i’m a gemini and are confused af when they remember i am

  • Brittney Koza
    Brittney Koza Day ago

    So happy they included Jungkook as a famous Virgo!
    So not happy that I was ranked last in Eugene's list...

  • Fadwa Yousef
    Fadwa Yousef Day ago

    Also as a double virgo and aquarius moon,,,,,oh boy,,,,,, can't believe I'm the one being read to filth now. Go right for my jugular next time lmao

  • Fadwa Yousef
    Fadwa Yousef Day ago

    "This is the first time Virgos have won anything"

  • Jackie Gonzalez
    Jackie Gonzalez Day ago

    15:28 is it sad that I laughed I’m a Scorpio btw 🖤♥️♏️

  • Lilli Intravichit

    Sagittarius’s are so underrated. I’m glad Eugene placed my sign so far up on his list!

  • Katie Poe
    Katie Poe Day ago

    Yooo didn't expect Sagittarius to be 2nd place 😭 heyl yeh bitch im fucking space plasma that explodes into star dust and just goes with the wind lmao 😂

  • Faith Pruett
    Faith Pruett Day ago

    I felt personally praised when they said Pisces were thicc with great asses 👏🏻 that’s my only asset

  • Plum Plum
    Plum Plum Day ago

    its funny how the signs that i dislike the most are her favorites, i cant with Scorpios and libras, but i love leos,virgos,aries and Taurus

  • Cross
    Cross Day ago

    I got very excited when he put Virgo first. I actually did cheer bc I love Eugene.

  • Ornella Corradini

    Ayyyee where are my Virgo’s at🙌😂

  • Victor Rodriguez

    As a Cancer, I understand your ranking, it makes a lot of rational sense, but I hate it.

  • Aubrey Life
    Aubrey Life Day ago

    I’m a Leo but I’m also the very opposite of self centered.. lol

  • ry noel
    ry noel Day ago

    this is the first time being a virgo has paid off ♍️

  • Shawna Schumitsch

    heck yeah my dude Virgo for the win 😂😂

  • qwëęņ Ķřīś

    The aquarius is so trueee

  • She_Wolf
    She_Wolf Day ago

    I don't believe in zodiac signs, but this hurts my feelings.

  • Alexandria.m. Hale
    Alexandria.m. Hale Day ago +1

    I"m a Leo Cancer Scorpio I'm not mad but if you add these three together statistically you would get a better outcome. I know this because I did the math but if add these three together Aries Gemini and Pisces you will have the wost combo EVER unless the signs refuse to co-operate to a point. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

  • Pamela Garcia
    Pamela Garcia Day ago

    Because *

  • Pamela Garcia
    Pamela Garcia Day ago

    I’m ten and I’m not happy before I’m Aquarius 😥😭

  • Phil 4nia
    Phil 4nia Day ago +1

    See, Eugene even gave us two 1s, so each part of us can enjoy being first 😊
    How thoughtful

  • Stefan H
    Stefan H Day ago

    I hate Libra’s

  • emaxjane
    emaxjane Day ago

    I’m a proud Aries ♈️

  • Medge
    Medge Day ago

    I don't get offended when people rank my sign low I just get sad (Aries)

  • Jailene Torres
    Jailene Torres Day ago

    im a pisces and im flattered lol

  • callumjustwanted ausername

    14:19 Capricorn bros :’)

  • Clara Allbright
    Clara Allbright Day ago

    I’m a Leo but I’m also a hufflepuff and I feel like I’m more hufflepuffy then leoy and I’m very self conscious and hate to be the centre of a attention so like I dunno, but that said most people think I’m very confident and don’t care what others think (which is completely wrong but like cool😂)

  • cerelia larrinaga

    I'm a Pisces but let's be real, Virgo's can actually take care of people 😂