10 Ways to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

Here are some ways to tell if a Chinese restaurant is authentic or not.

Chinese foods that Chinese people will never eat

Hot oil recipe

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Автор Andy Sung ( назад)
lmao my parents own a chinese restaurant and they're like we got to Americanize the food because we live in America

Автор Eric Johnson ( назад)
oooo sensei i maka hot fire oil with general toas, you never tell ze difference.

Автор victor kim ( назад)
nice haircut

Автор gennarock ( назад)
You are making people's living more challenging( the restaurant owner and their patrons), but I like it. Lol✔️

Автор Gary Manis Jr ( назад)
PANDA. EXPRESS has some of the worst fried rice, ever at lest where i live

Автор XsTaRZe Yang ( назад)
im sorry to say this but most chinese food in USA are trash and left over

Автор whataname01 ( назад)
At a Dim Sum place there are no condiment...

Автор ramen noodle ( назад)
this cancels out all chinese restraunts near me within 50miles

Автор Potato Jr. ( назад)
Ik a restaurant run by only chinese people and they have egg rolls wtf

Автор Richard Shi ( назад)
Very comprehensive, and very true.

Автор Northern Light ( назад)
I understan your thinking, but the idea of "authentic" is ridiculous. Food culture and foods are always evolving. They dont stay the same and IMO they shouldnt stay the same. I personally think that the quality of ingredients is very important and to be totally honest in China the quality on average is not that great. Also if the restaurant is in the "West" its natural that it evolves and doesnt stay the same. In the end there is no "Chinese food" really. Just like there is no "European food". Italian food has practically nothing to do with traditional Russian food for example.

Автор J.J Hernandez ( назад)
all the "Chinese" restaurants in the area of Texas where I'm from aren't authentic. 😢

Автор rob kazinsky ( назад)
american chinese takeout is damn good and convenient. sure, if u r specifically looking for authentic chinese but that does not mean american chinese isn't good. it's developed here in america and has it's own history. i like crab rangoon, egg rolls, mongolian beef, chop suey, egg foo young etc.

Автор Samien Salgado ( назад)
I live in Wisconsin... no good spots here so I make my own. and I try to be as authentic as possible.

Автор Levi Paulsen ( назад)
"Pot-Sticker"? Wtf is that, I've never heard that term in my liiiife.

Автор joey s ( назад)
this one place ALWAYS forces crab Rangoon on me...they are like "sure no crab Rangoon?" after every item I order... and when I get home I always find crab Rangoon!

Автор ViolentOrchid ( назад)
it must be nice always living on the coasts and having the option of purely authentic Chinese restaurants. I usually like your videos but this was pretty snobby in it's premiss. it's would have been more informative to have a video about finding authentic dishes on less than authentic menus. also, there are other ethnicities in Asia, they have black vinegar and hot oil too in varying degrees. VB.

Автор Corn Fed ( назад)
Wait. PF Changs isn't authentic?

Автор Boboz9 ( назад)


Автор Dididamonkey Pink ( назад)
I have been to a really authentic Chinese restaurant I go there every Chinese new year it's called the emerald

Автор Mr Krabs ( назад)
go to chinese restaurant..
buy fried chicken

Автор AaronTheROBLOXian ( назад)
I'm Chinese and I hate those fried cheese dumpling things. But I like Orange Chicken and a lot of red flags

Автор gusy629 ( назад)
Oh please, give me a break. What's wrong with broccoli? It's good for you.

Автор Isidro Moreno ( назад)
Why is there a smiling turd behind him?

Автор Justin Lu ( назад)
And plus mike its your opinion if authentic chinese food is better than its you im me you are you. You like authentice chinese food and eat a lot of these food me i like western food like mash potatos fries pizza general tsos chicken and burgers

Автор Justin Lu ( назад)
Im chinese and i dont really like Authentic chinese food. Im a anti egg im a western person in an asian body

Автор Mitchell Rubin ( назад)
mostly this video is spot-on but I do have one criticism.
just because a restaurant service authentic Chinese food and most of the patrons are Chinese doesn't mean that the restaurant does a good job.
lots of people of every ethnic group eat crappy food even if it is the crappy food of their own ethnic group. I know this from experience.

Автор Saulo Bonilla ( назад)
Great lesson !!

Автор Pastor Peewee ( назад)
ruined my whole Chinese experience in love Rangoon so much and pot stickers and oh man are u kidding me panda express is my favorite lol

Автор Mystical Articuno ( назад)
My Local Panda Express, has the authentic utensils, real hot oil and they call them Dumplings and the interior is authentic. Loads of Chinese people eat there.

Автор Michaela J ( назад)
I live in missouri! I try to look for real asian foods with my husband since he native from china and I want to make him feel at home.

Автор bryan ransom ( назад)
Did he just say the Chinese invented the fork?

Автор Green Gamer ( назад)
If you go to a Viet restaurant you will get tea

Автор Jack in The booty crack ( назад)
you want da fri rie

Автор GalaxyFire0852 ( назад)
Who needs a spoon when your bowl is your spoon!

Автор GalaxyFire0852 ( назад)
I'm fillipeno and I live in Georgia soooo I eat at home all the time and all the Asian restaurants I go to are filled with Asians.

Автор carlu basilla ( назад)
real chinese restaurants in china let u smoke ciggerates in side haha

Автор Simon G ( назад)
As long as the restaurant isn't claiming to be 100% authentic, then they can cook what they want.
Another scenario - If a sandwich shop is selling curried egg or teriyaki chicken rolls, should I avoid that shop too? Or if a cafe is run by Chinese people, should I run like the plague until I find one run by Italians or French? Cooking does evolve. You should see food in Japan that's inspired by European food.
Your videos are starting to have a streak of arrogance. I'm Asian by the way.

Автор 막내-MaknaeAnims-방 ( назад)
I did this and people thought I was a food critic or something lmao

Автор Ryan X Russo ( назад)
This whole video made me want Panda sooooo much (Panda Express)

Автор TrickShot Gamer ( назад)
My friend and I have an inside joke that is basically 5:08

I saw that and almost started crying of laughter because yeah.

Автор K4LAVA Royale ( назад)
I know Chinese food because I have a Chinese brother,Chinese uncle and a Chinese father
When I see non Chinese guy who's cooking the food, I'm outta there.

Автор oskay cebeci ( назад)
Before my 'asian food' was a fake chinese takeaway where chicken chow mein was the only good thing there. However i visited a vietnamese restaurant and now i realise my life was a lie until noe

Автор Alex Pana ( назад)
all legit places have MSG as well if it doesn't have MSG its not authentic, go to any local chinese food stall in china and they will add MSG 100%

Автор zatchbeltguy ( назад)
when the menu is written in Chinese on the walls

Автор zatchbeltguy ( назад)
I've seen authentic horizontal menus at hmart food courts

Автор Kin Ng ( назад)
some of them are not true. 1, plate, tea cup, napkin and chopstick, No bowl. 2. even authentic chinese restaurant would still say Chinese cuisine. then you have to ask what kind of chinese cuisine , then they will tell you.

Автор livelifesilent ( назад)
Hahaha here I am a year later freaking out about that supernatural poster again

Автор Marlena D ( назад)

Автор Cujo19760210 ( назад)
Mike, I can tell you 1 single thing. For those disliked this, I am pretty damned sure that those morons are not real freaking interested in Chinese culture and they feel that is taste good only. Thay are just knucklehead and they have no substance in their mind!!!

Автор A.J W. ( назад)
I love this video. I'm loving the Supernatural poster

Автор Graeme Guerrilla ( назад)
Chinese food in Johannesburg South Africa is shite!

Автор DailyDeathLance ( назад)
this chink is racist

Автор Thugz4Real ( назад)
The worst is if they have that damn Chinese Zodiac calendar placemat on every table so the white people can feel "cultured" ...if you see that RUN!

Автор Space Man ( назад)
If the restaurant is not super loud, it's not an authentic Chinese restaurant.

Автор The gamer Legend123 ( назад)
Honestly Who cares Chinese food is not even that good

Автор Sherio88 ( назад)
lol I love all the stuff that he mentioned in the red flag list. *shrug*

Автор Radvous ( назад)
American versions of almost any Asian food does not taste as good as genuine Asian food, sure they may taste good but it's nothing like the real thing.

Автор Thuggee ( назад)
what is crab rangoo? i love Cantonese food but i will pretty much try anything

Автор sicherry 20 ( назад)
== chopsuey isnt disgusting

Автор Loya Frostwind ( назад)
The restaurant has to serve salted fish and chicken fried rice. Most Caucasian Americans would not order it.

Автор Jasmin Fellari ( назад)
you guys are trekkies? awsome!

Автор Return Hannibal ( назад)
For God sake people you should try at least once in your lifetime the authentic Chinese food! "Acquired taste" is one of the significant elements in authentic Chinese food. Take Stinky Tofu as example; before you acquire the taste it is horrible and unbearable. But guess what after you acquire it? You will love it so much that you become addicted to it. The acquired taste of these kind of Chinese food is a taste much superior to the ordinary. It is not just a beauty but an art that requires deeper sense to get it. And once you get it, the ordinary taste is never comparable to it any more. I just wish you have a chance to "upgrade" your taste and enjoy the higher level of art of food! :-)

Автор Sam Smith ( назад)
#1 if there are no Asians working there.

Автор Linda V ( назад)
as a kid, my parents would always bring us to new york china town restaurant where it was down some long hall or long flight of steps and food was always GREAT.

Автор Matt8734 ( назад)
Here's another way....

All Asian restaurants are fake in America
U get dem real food in asia

Автор NEKOmancer ( назад)
木须肉 is pretty damn authentic tho. But I guess you can say its more of an indicator of unauthenticated.

Автор Storytellermiller Miller ( назад)

Автор Emily Merritt ( назад)
"That's white people food" 😂 😂 😂

Автор Alexander Thompson ( назад)
A lot of these foods you complain about are not Chinese foods but dishes made by Chinese immigrants.

Автор YouTube BANDIT ( назад)
don't you dare! try and tell me that Hong Kong smogies wasn't legit!!! they serve authentic noodles I know they do!!!! 😭

Автор serenity rahn ( назад)
here in Las Vegas we have a place called China SuperBuffet. doubt it would pass muster here

Автор Paul Delgadillo ( назад)
Ok, I live in LA where we do have a huge Chinese population and we definitely have "real" Chinese food vs fake Chinese food. The same goes for Mexican food but there is a lot of giving in to the tastes of the dominant culture because if you don't you usually don't get the customer base to survive. On the issue of not having utensils to eat with if you go out camping, just make sure that the branches you chose to use as chopsticks don't come from plants like poison oak and that they are in some ways treated to make sure no bugs are inside, unless you want some uninvited protein, just saying.

Автор xYz ( назад)
666,991 views ;/ -_- ;$

Автор Sepiks Perfected ( назад)
Omg 666k views

Автор RoatanDoug ( назад)
I thought you were Korean. Yaki Mandu, baby!

Автор Mrs. DK Shustella ( назад)
What do you know about the Georgia Chinese Restaurants?

Автор Kevin Chen ( назад)
I eat at home ,I am from China lol

Автор david davis ( назад)
Is Chinese "Hot Mustard" Chinese?

Автор Amy Greene ( назад)
I've been wanting authentic Chinese food since I've been watching your vids, but unfortunately this video has proved that ALL the Chinese food places around my area are fake/Western (Panda Express, China Palace, all Chinese food courts at the mall)

Автор ScarsdaleNewYork ( назад)
None is authentic in America. Period

Автор Diana Larios ( назад)

Автор Shezza Bezza ( назад)
Dude not a single county knows how to do Australian food except Aussies. At least you can get authentic Chinese food outside of Asia.

Автор Donelle Miller ( назад)
You like emojis!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Автор daisy3690 ( назад)

Автор Jaxie MacGregor ( назад)
according to your #1 description, we have zero "chinese" restaurants within 100 miles or so of me lmfao.

Автор Lunia2004 ( назад)
I love crab rangoon lol!

Автор Foxxeh Kitten ( назад)
I'm a restaurant kid 😂😂 also my parents own a Japanese restaurant?

Автор Leylz ( назад)
Gonna use all these to make an authentic chinese resteraunt XD

Автор Tall Paul DeVaul ( назад)
I guess all the Chinese places I have eaten at are fake. They all serve the same items day in, day out. I will have a good house special egg foo yung anyway.

Автор Byron Lee ( назад)
dumpling and pot stickers are two different things, both Chinese. dumplings are served in broth or steam whereas pot stickers are crispy. And Siracha is Thai sauce.

Автор Get out. ( назад)
Eating utensils are in the mess kit and therefore it's not possible to forget them. Unless you forget your mess kit, in which case I would say - don't go camping.

Автор Scott Snider ( назад)
Thanks to my Chinese wife and family I know the difference and I agree with all that you said. I now even cook better Chinese food than my wife says her family. Tried making dumplings last week for the first time, it was good.

Автор John Bloodworth ( назад)
Look for the "special" menu page that has no english on it. That is a close parallel to the "ethnocentricity" test. To sum it up if you go in to a Chinese place at lunch that has a menu page you can't read and there are a bunch of oriental men in business suites slurping their noodle soup it may be real Chinese food even if they do have American Chinese food.

Автор Hiroko Kaku ( назад)
fry dumplings and pot stickers are not the same, pot stickers usually longer and flatter, and has little "fish tail" on both side ends.

Автор Rhonna Marsden ( назад)
good advice, thanks for keeping it real. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Автор Gainey Gainey ( назад)
heyyy youuuu I run Asian restaurant and American tell me he watch yoor video and that my cooking stink....FUUUUUUUU

Автор Chelsea Armour ( назад)

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