10 Ways to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

Here are some ways to tell if a Chinese restaurant is authentic or not.

Chinese foods that Chinese people will never eat

Hot oil recipe

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Автор serenity rahn ( назад)
here in Las Vegas we have a place called China SuperBuffet. doubt it would pass muster here

Автор Paul Delgadillo ( назад)
Ok, I live in LA where we do have a huge Chinese population and we definitely have "real" Chinese food vs fake Chinese food. The same goes for Mexican food but there is a lot of giving in to the tastes of the dominant culture because if you don't you usually don't get the customer base to survive. On the issue of not having utensils to eat with if you go out camping, just make sure that the branches you chose to use as chopsticks don't come from plants like poison oak and that they are in some ways treated to make sure no bugs are inside, unless you want some uninvited protein, just saying.

Автор xYz ( назад)
666,991 views ;/ -_- ;$

Автор Sepiks Perfected ( назад)
Omg 666k views

Автор RoatanDoug ( назад)
I thought you were Korean. Yaki Mandu, baby!

Автор Mrs. DK Shustella ( назад)
What do you know about the Georgia Chinese Restaurants?

Автор Kevin Chen ( назад)
I eat at home ,I am from China lol

Автор david davis ( назад)
Is Chinese "Hot Mustard" Chinese?

Автор Amy Greene ( назад)
I've been wanting authentic Chinese food since I've been watching your vids, but unfortunately this video has proved that ALL the Chinese food places around my area are fake/Western (Panda Express, China Palace, all Chinese food courts at the mall)

Автор ScarsdaleNewYork ( назад)
None is authentic in America. Period

Автор Diana Larios ( назад)

Автор Shezza Bezza ( назад)
Dude not a single county knows how to do Australian food except Aussies. At least you can get authentic Chinese food outside of Asia.

Автор The James Anderson ( назад)
One way to spot a real Chinese restaurant: The restaurant is filthy but the food is delicious. LOL

Автор Donelle Miller ( назад)
You like emojis!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Автор daisy3690 ( назад)

Автор chiyo sato ( назад)
according to your #1 description, we have zero "chinese" restaurants within 100 miles or so of me lmfao.

Автор Lunia2004 ( назад)
I love crab rangoon lol!

Автор Foxxeh Kitten ( назад)
I'm a restaurant kid 😂😂 also my parents own a Japanese restaurant?

Автор Leylz ( назад)
Gonna use all these to make an authentic chinese resteraunt XD

Автор Tall Paul DeVaul ( назад)
I guess all the Chinese places I have eaten at are fake. They all serve the same items day in, day out. I will have a good house special egg foo yung anyway.

Автор Byron Lee ( назад)
dumpling and pot stickers are two different things, both Chinese. dumplings are served in broth or steam whereas pot stickers are crispy. And Siracha is Thai sauce.

Автор Get out. ( назад)
Eating utensils are in the mess kit and therefore it's not possible to forget them. Unless you forget your mess kit, in which case I would say - don't go camping.

Автор Scott Snider ( назад)
Thanks to my Chinese wife and family I know the difference and I agree with all that you said. I now even cook better Chinese food than my wife says her family. Tried making dumplings last week for the first time, it was good.

Автор John Bloodworth ( назад)
Look for the "special" menu page that has no english on it. That is a close parallel to the "ethnocentricity" test. To sum it up if you go in to a Chinese place at lunch that has a menu page you can't read and there are a bunch of oriental men in business suites slurping their noodle soup it may be real Chinese food even if they do have American Chinese food.

Автор Hiroko Kaku ( назад)
fry dumplings and pot stickers are not the same, pot stickers usually longer and flatter, and has little "fish tail" on both side ends.

Автор Rhonna Plummer Marsden ( назад)
good advice, thanks for keeping it real. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Автор Gainey Gainey ( назад)
heyyy youuuu I run Asian restaurant and American tell me he watch yoor video and that my cooking stink....FUUUUUUUU

Автор Chelsea Armour ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Moline ( назад)
Wow. I love crap, non authentic Asian foods. Thank you for an education to give me greater tools not just in culinary prowess, while surreptitiously ......Damn it! I lost my train of thought so bad....Weed is good for self exploration, not so good for explanation.

Автор PC B ( назад)
I don't care about the restaurant is authentic or not, I just want good food. that's all!

Автор Kessy Mar ( назад)

Автор PhantomGaming ( назад)
my friend is from northeastern china and our school served some rice and chicken... and his face turned a light shade of green. i moved incase he had to " hurl " and he took a picture of it and sent it to his mom and she brought him some good looking food. and its true chinese people love to share. i had a sub so i split and he split. oh and hot oil... 🔥

Автор DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more ( назад)
I can under stand mandarin, also i think leingmonjee or lemon chicken isnt traditional

Автор Silver3xterior ( назад)
Sweet, tnxz!

Автор John Carbonell ( назад)
I was in Missouri last week and I saw all 4 chinese people. And then another 23.

Автор Rocky Pop 101 ( назад)
*But what if I can't eat with chopsticks..*
*I will eat with a fork! Even soup!*

Автор Trent Harrison ( назад)
From a person who lives in Missouri - it's pronounced "Misery" because it's the state of misery... #funfact

Автор Louis Laszlo ( назад)
Why the hell should anybody care that American Chinese restaurants aren't exactly like mainland Chinese restaurants? Every restaurant naturally caters to local tastes. If customers want genuine authenticity, then they should just fly to China.

Автор Backwoods INK ( назад)
my local Chinese restaurant is run by a old crazy Chinese lady who tries to force you to buy $50-$100 of extra food when you leave she makes up to go boxes and trys to force you to pay for them and if you refuse she yells you pay you pay now and her food is prepared by Mexicans

Автор Raptorsified ( назад)
According to this vid tsa tsa tang isn't chinese ):

Автор ThatGamerJordan ( назад)
Thx for the advice I'm pretty sure I won't be visiting for a restaurant of any kind, because I'm still, let's just say I'm craving stuff at then at restaurant

Автор Debbie Schermerhorn ( назад)
The best Chinese food I ever ate was in San Francisco. This teenie, tiny restaurant was jam-packed with Asian customers and the server asked us what kind of favors and meats we liked (sweet, salty, savory, beef, pork, etc.). She brought us this incredible array of dishes from various regions. It was awesome.

Автор LS1NNOVATIONS ( назад)
who cares. nobody cares if it's authentic or not. just eat it. it's not gonna go away becuz some Chinese guy doesn't agree that it's not authenticate food. same thing w taco Bell for Mexicans. btw I use forks at every an any Chinese restaurant. the local buffet or Panda Express.whatever. even for the sushi and yes I mix the wasabi n soy sauce.😀

Автор Micah J ( назад)
I'm mongolian🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

Автор RALDSr ( назад)
Any authentic Asian Cuisine in Philadelphia?

Автор Samantha Koch ( назад)
you have a supernatural poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are that much cooler

Автор edith peguero ( назад)
lmaoo if you see all chinese ppl there lmaoo

Автор Andrea Patane ( назад)
It's not easy to spot fake Chinese restaurants in your neighborhood these days, because I know a lot of real ones out there. I can't eat lunch at them everyday with my friends or family. The food is delicious and addictive at the same time. I do a lot of web research a lot, because I need to look at the health scores in order to decide which Chinese restaurant is clean or dirty meaning which 1 of them passed or failed the health inspection from the Health Department.

Автор Andrew Wilson ( назад)
if a Chinese person is cooking the food doesn't that make it Chinese food lol

Автор AlphaCentauriusX ( назад)
Another good way to tell if it's fake instantly is if they serve Sushi!

Автор relo999 ( назад)
Those 5 chinese people from missouri have a decent chance of working there though

Автор Chase Study_World ( назад)
Please not dog

Автор Alana Kelly ( назад)
Your talking about actual China none of use are going to China just a get a takeaway

Автор TomWookieeD ( назад)
went to abc chinese resturant in scotts valley ca. and they gave us a cup of luke warm water and my dad washed his fingers in it, amazingly funny

Автор Joseph Hernandez ( назад)
not gonna lie I've been to authentic Chinese restaurants and love the hot oil so much but I can't get enough of the Beijing beef at panda express lol

Автор Vault Dweller ( назад)
The best chinese food is chinese pussy

Автор Nurd365 ( назад)
This video reminds me of what my Hispanic buddy told me about restaurant's like Taco Bell V.S. Authentic Mexican food.

Автор Big QT ( назад)
If the wait staffs are rude and ignores you = authentic
Nice and polite = Not authentic

Автор Alphazone ( назад)
Fake this, fake that. I don't give a damn as long as the food tastes good.

Автор Jaden Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Jeremiah Kirk ( назад)
the fork was invented by the romans, not the chinese :)

Автор Randy Baith ( назад)
review sites are fake, if you give a bad review, they will not publish it

Автор Timothy McGraw ( назад)
cool posters guy haha

Автор crazywomancreek1 ( назад)
I live in Las Vegas. I have to go to Chinatown when I want real Chinese food where all of the Chinese people are. I dare not go into Las Vegas neighborhood Chinese restaurants. . . yuck!

Автор Krystle Lewis ( назад)
Why did the "coolest" and "best looking people at the party" have to be white? 😒

Автор Xo Va ( назад)
You are so right about authentic Chinese food. I refuse to eat Chinese American food after going to China. I'll seek for Chinese restaurants that have the "other" Chinese menu. It's usually in Chinese but luckily my sister and friend can speak and read Chinese and they order some of the best dishes on the authentic menu. Yum!

Автор Dave Lister ( назад)
Panda Express is rough ! Scotland has some great Chinese restaurants.

Автор Derek Murray ( назад)
the best chinese restaurant i know would have no authenticity according to this.
but it does have a large asian following Wing Bo Maylands is great

Автор Butterfly MSP ( назад)
I don't care If it's fake I need food

Автор Moumita Dutta ( назад)
There are some commenters saying some bad things let me tell you if you are having some problem then why are you watching this video

Автор LadyLucyla ( назад)
I'm pretty sure ALL chinese restaurants are fake in my town, one is even ran by a chinese family but fake or not i'm gonna go and drown myself in that $2 fried pasta.

Автор Aaron Luna ( назад)
Mmmmmmm. MSG impregnated Chinese food oh man :)

Автор Chris Lachapelle ( назад)
...and here I thought Arabs invented the fork. Historians need to be told!!! The Chinese apparently invented the fork...

Автор Steve O ( назад)
Best way to peg a fake Chinese restaurant: It's owned by a guy named Otis and when you see them open the door to the kitchen there's like 3 black guys back there cooking.

Best way to peg an authentic Chinese restaurant: It's impeccably clean and so quiet you can hear a pin drop... into a basket of cotton, but when they open the door to the kitchen you're momentarily deafened by the sound of 2 dozen Chinese people back there all trying to talk over each other as they're working.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
i don't think most people think those things are "real" chinese food... everyone calls it american-chinese food. just like most people don't think taco bell is real mexican food.

Автор Random Talk ( назад)
The only Chinese restaurants I go to is Canadian Chinese restaurants I try to go to the 1 actual Chinese restaurants

Автор Alejandro Murguia ( назад)
my wife and me. made lotus leaf sticky rice we love dim sum. shes white Im mexican

Автор King Commando ( назад)
China isn't even authentic anymore. (Western and European corporations, the Communist party which soured the traditional Chinese culture)

Автор Stephen Teng ( назад)
I will avoid Chinese American restaurants that provide fortune cookies

Автор Acton Rand ( назад)
You may want to watch the documentary Search for General Tso. It uses the dish to document Chinese migration the US and how they adapted cuisine for Western taste.
One claim was a Chef in Taiwan created General Tso chicken. Like Sweet and Sour Pork over there, it not overly sweet. A NY chief swiped the recipe, changed it.

Also regards to the documentary, calling if fake Chinese is a bit inaccurate, it is more American Chinese.

I have seen Chinese come to some buffets and load up on food like others.
One more giveaway of a American Chinese is vegetable in dish that should not have them, I.E. Kung Pow Chicken.

Автор Beda Vergara ( назад)
We are going to China for the first time, for sure I like to eat Chinese food, but after watching your "Precautions" about eating Chinese food i really got scared, but then we will follow your advice and thank you very much.

Автор fun soundwave remixes ( назад)
if you got cash you can eat the best. also many westerners pallets are not into the fish n ferment and other things like that.

Автор Timmy ( назад)
Here's the only tip you need: If you go into a "chinese" restaurant and you don't see any chinese customers, your in a "western chinese" restaurant.

Автор Bob Chen ( назад)
love ur vids man

Автор Bo Johannesen ( назад)
I have never been to a real Chinese restaurant

Автор seattwa ( назад)
Chinese "Take Out" and Chinese "Restaurants" are not the same thing. The food quality is much better in a Restaurant.

Автор Ledya new york ( назад)
China everything is fake

Автор Cloudy Kun ( назад)
totally not biased

Автор Jack Fisher ( назад)
After watching this i have to conclude that there is not a single real chinese restaurant in Denmark. I been to bufees, china box places. I have to agree the stuff on these pictures is disgusting and expensive. One i liked more was the buffe, but as you say that is not fresh and not chinese. I been to some family restaurant well food was ok, but as you mentioned what must be on the table, these things were never on the table and every place i visited served cold water with a slice of lemon. Hot oil you will faster find in arabic pizza house but never in "chinese" reastaurant. If you know a good REAL Chinese restaurant in Denmark plz tell me where it is located, i would love to try.

Автор Chris Takita ( назад)
I always wondered why Chinese people order hot water. Great Videos!! Thank you!

Автор Alfred de Beauvoir ( назад)
Pot-sticker is the standard name used across China and Taiwan to translate guotie. "Dumpling" is too general to mean anything: guotie is a very specific type of dumpling cooked by sticking to an iron pot!

Автор inquizative44 ( назад)
He's telling the truth. I live in a neighborhood which has two Amercanized chinese take out restaurants surrounded by 1 authentic chinese restaurant with take out. I tried the authentic and the food is So, so much better tasting. It cost more but you get what you pay for.

Автор Shadow FuryPlays! ( назад)
Dude how dare u insult Missouri... There more than 4 people there are like 200. I'm am kinda mad at you for saying only 4 people that are Chinese are in Missouri sense I live there

Автор knockturnal808 ( назад)
Damn homie, u r a midget

Автор lei jen ( назад)
very very informative. I am going to seek out an authentic Chinese restaurant. I was already aware that Chinese people do not eat the food that they serve at your typical Fake restaurant. The problem is that it is convenient

Автор Rater Crits ( назад)
I never understand hot oil and Chinese vinegar and never used it. I only see it in restaurants.

Автор sabaidee9 ( назад)
what you eat at home are you living in the west or china if you need authentic food you need time machine

Автор Cheekypok ( назад)
this list only applies to America, where Im from they only put the chilli oil soy sauce or vinegar on table and in little cubs

Автор Lockon Stratos ( назад)
This vid is too critical, eat authentic Chinese food or western Chinese food, no big deal

Автор Emmy Vi ( назад)
The Chinese place I order from is very difficult to order from because the guy who runs the place has a very strong accent. But they still sell poutine, lmfao.

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