10 Ways to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

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  • Lane Funai
    Lane Funai 18 часов назад

    If they serve Tsingtao beer, you should be good.

  • Mark Blake
    Mark Blake День назад

    "White people food". That's racist.

  • Ben Song
    Ben Song 2 дня назад

    Chinese people invented forks? WTF today I learned.

  • Pewdiepie10
    Pewdiepie10 3 дня назад

    i know this is weird or maybe not i like eating hot oil with rice nothing else rice and hot oil ;-;

  • Pewdiepie10
    Pewdiepie10 3 дня назад

    um chapsoy is a filipino food just saying

  • Randy Robinson
    Randy Robinson 4 дня назад

    All the Chinese people run our non authentic Chinese food

  • xue 717
    xue 717 5 дней назад


  • Script Weaver
    Script Weaver 7 дней назад

    I've always loved my local Chinese Buffet and it's "White People Food" XD , but watching your videos makes me sad that there aren't any Authentic Restaraunts near me (to my knowledge). That's ok though.... I'll just have to take a stab at cooking some of these awesome recipes you've shared with us!

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen 7 дней назад

    I'm eating Duck feet right now watching this

    Like if you are too.

  • impumagirl
    impumagirl 7 дней назад


  • Luv Bee
    Luv Bee 8 дней назад

    AWESOME Tips Mike!!!

  • Euphxria
    Euphxria 8 дней назад

    Still good lmao

  • Cymon Cyrado
    Cymon Cyrado 9 дней назад

    I used to live on the block of this great Chinese take-out place called "Happy Garden". I was a regular customer and the owner loved my business often throwing in extra eggrolls and overstuffing my containers till they busted open with MSG laced goodness. One day I asked him if he could make me some authentic Chinese dishes like I had seen on a program on PBS and he replied " I don't know how to make that sh*t...I was born in Brooklyn". My perception of Chinese food in America bubble was burst from that day forward.

  • Haiii Haiii
    Haiii Haiii 11 дней назад

    Been in a Chinese restaurant NO CHOPSTICKS

  • LPS Midnight
    LPS Midnight 11 дней назад

    Here’s a story time
    So I went to Panda Express and I was talking to white friend (The race is important) I said to her
    Me: this is not a real Chinese restaurant
    Friend: yeah it is!
    Me: no it’s not
    Friend: yeah! Your not even Asian!
    Which I am but I don’t look very Asian due to me looking most like my mom.
    Me: *Starts speaking Japanese* I spoke Japanese the whole time we were there😂

  • Montgomery Family Channel Montgomery
    Montgomery Family Channel Montgomery 11 дней назад

    wow thank you so much I am I Saint Louis Missouri thanks for the info appreciate it smooches

  • Pierre Stromae
    Pierre Stromae 11 дней назад

    In my country theres actually nothing but sushi restaurants when it comes to Asian food. And it tastes like ready to eat sushi u can buy in a supermarket

  • FlickerNick
    FlickerNick 12 дней назад

    Is this how far we need to go to find a god damn AUTHENTIC Chinese restaurant? lol

  • Fernando G
    Fernando G 12 дней назад +1

    ... If they don't let you use the bathroom and tell you that it's out of service so you don't use water and toilet paper !!!! THAT"S a Real Chinese Restaurant .... LoL

  • Zeng Huang
    Zeng Huang 12 дней назад

    My parents have a restaurant that has American and Chinese food in it

  • wingnutofcoolness
    wingnutofcoolness 12 дней назад

    I judge Chinese restaurants by how good the buffet pizza is.

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs 13 дней назад

    I feel like if you're non-Chinese and you walk in or a call an authentic Chinese restaurant, then they'll just assume you want what most other inauthentic Chinese restaurants will offer (e.g. cold water, if you call in they'll say that they serve "Chinese" food, etc.). And, do these authentic Chinese restaurants also cater to Americans and their taste buds? Yes. I've been to an authentic Chinese restaurant and I've ordered Mongolian beef there.

  • Crawling3nmyskin
    Crawling3nmyskin 13 дней назад

    You invented the fork? Says who?

  • abc zyx
    abc zyx 13 дней назад

    Don't care if it's fake or not.
    It's fatty and oily and salty and delicious and uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    (has heart attack)

  • myOTHERname2009
    myOTHERname2009 13 дней назад

    This is very informative. Thank you.

  • Christina Henry
    Christina Henry 14 дней назад

    I would love to try a real Chinese Resturant. I live in rural Texas and I have no idea where to find one. We have a 'Chinese' Buffet here and I like the westernized meal, but I would love to try the real thing.

  • broccoli assassin
    broccoli assassin 15 дней назад

    so if that 5 chinese people in Missouri decided to eat at McDonald's, then it's safe to say McDonald's is an authentic chinese restaurant?

  • Iron Platypus
    Iron Platypus 15 дней назад

    Just get on with your local WeChat group and find out where to go

    • Iron Platypus
      Iron Platypus 15 дней назад

      Btw, I think the picture is a little off, theirs a pretty good Xian food place that uses pictures.

    POKEGAMERZ 9185 16 дней назад

    The Chinese restaurant that I eat at is 1 of those small take out restaurants and they have Chinese customers and Chinese workers there (I live in an area with lots of Chinese people). I have 2 look at their menu once again 2 C if it is truly authentic.

    POKEGAMERZ 9185 16 дней назад

    5:07 there R swatstikas in the lamp at that Chinese diner.

  • Melvin Nixon
    Melvin Nixon 19 дней назад


  • Aleks D
    Aleks D 19 дней назад

    great video)

  • Wen Cai
    Wen Cai 20 дней назад

    I live in a small town in southern Indiana, we have about 10 Chinese people, we were all eating at Outback the other day 🤔

  • Wen Cai
    Wen Cai 20 дней назад

    What's wrong with 芙蓉涨蛋? Although if you want real authentic Chinese, cook your own at home 😜

  • TheHoth1
    TheHoth1 20 дней назад

    You forgot about one. When you see Chinese fonts (red fonts and yellow background) were used for the sign of the Chinese restaurant, run don’t walk!

  • Bry Weasley
    Bry Weasley 20 дней назад

    Apparently I've never eaten authentic Chinese food. 😒 The Americanized version sure is yummy tho! Lol

  • Zalgo he who comes the demon king
    Zalgo he who comes the demon king 20 дней назад

    Dat reference doe

  • kids place on channel 9
    kids place on channel 9 23 дня назад

    This gooker on my block told me he had a 2 incher.

    HEADS TAILS 23 дня назад

    Im caucasionmyfatlargecock white peeeooople fffoooood..I think uuussss white people have just about heard a noth of what we are...and what we white people like...WE are getting to the point of mind how you describe how we so called slave traders acted...Try researching some real White people see why we with are great dominance still eat cack sauseges...like you so called ethinics had a hard life..You cant even remember 10,000 years ago let alone live this..so yer we eat so called crap western food..least we know who and why were eating this so called crap...P.S. SEEN ARE SO CALLED WESTERN CUISINE RECENTLEY...

  • Yasmeen Wahid
    Yasmeen Wahid 24 дня назад


  • vandeath boat
    vandeath boat 26 дней назад

    Where was the fork invented?The personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century (its origin may even go back to Ancient Greece, before the Roman period).

  • JAB
    JAB 26 дней назад

    Hilarious.....OMG........don't spill so much honesty......ur gonna get kidnapped by the Chinese communist party and taken to su chow prison.....Robert Redford will have to rescue u with operation dinner out......lol....get it?.... Dinner out

  • Gertrude
    Gertrude 26 дней назад

    Chinese place having white servers.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 28 дней назад

    How do you have a Supernatural poster next to Forrest Gump lol

  • Nasya Carter
    Nasya Carter 29 дней назад

    No egg foo young 😱

  • TekkenOfnir [DE]
    TekkenOfnir [DE] 29 дней назад

    If I could get a dollar for everytime he says that he hates general tsao's chicken

  • Christopher Richute
    Christopher Richute Месяц назад

    www.greattangs.m988.com/ I love this place though

  • Todd Wall
    Todd Wall Месяц назад

    My favorite "Chinese" restaurant commits all these sins.
    But I still love it. Nothing else to choose from here. Don't have the money to travel abroad.
    Thanks for destroying the fantasy. :(

  • ElberethOhGilthoniel
    ElberethOhGilthoniel Месяц назад

    When you love general Tso's chicken though 😑 Funny thing is that both of the restaurants I've tried this are owned by Chinese families.

  • Hugh Jarce
    Hugh Jarce Месяц назад +1

    If the food tastes good, does it really matter if it's authentic or not? I live in the UK and sure it would be good to try some authentic Chinese dishes I've never had before, but unless you live in a large city that has a Chinatown then most people are going to be eating Anglicized Chinese food. And a lot of it is delicious.

  • Rebooted Triangle
    Rebooted Triangle Месяц назад

    Panda express is an american resturant

  • Tom Gan
    Tom Gan Месяц назад

    Oi! I love chop suey, especially my own version. Lol

  • Daniel Currie
    Daniel Currie Месяц назад

    Amen I’ve always said the same thing, you want good Chinese food go where all the Chinese people are same with Mexican, soul food etc

  • Nick Mozzicato
    Nick Mozzicato Месяц назад

    Is hotpot with a flavourful broth and loaed with Chili's authentic? Or do they keep the broth more plain and offer sauces instead?

  • Charlene Alyssa Ingram
    Charlene Alyssa Ingram Месяц назад

    This is quite upsetting. Of all these years I've been eating "Chinese" food, I learn the dishes I've consumed weren't the real deal???

  • Priscilla Maxwell
    Priscilla Maxwell Месяц назад

    Sorry, dude. Chopsticks are not superior than forks.

  • Anthony Im
    Anthony Im Месяц назад

    I only drink the tea

  • DrunkSamurai
    DrunkSamurai Месяц назад

    I thought that Chinese people eating at a Chinese restaurant was just a joke people said.

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal Месяц назад

    Clarification: lots of pictures (or better yet, plastic reproductions in a display case) are not necessarily a bad sign in a Japanese restaurant.

  • Khizqi Alyasa
    Khizqi Alyasa Месяц назад

    Is anyone Asian?

  • (Odd-Moss)
    (Odd-Moss) Месяц назад

    How do you eat rice with chopsticks?

  • richard g
    richard g Месяц назад

    forks are superior to sticks anyday (regardless of who may have invented them), and eating in the woods with sticks means you should have brought your fork (and knife)

  • Michael T
    Michael T Месяц назад

    I'd eat more Chinese and Japanese food but their cleanliness standards are terrible.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Месяц назад

    You mean than my chinese taco isn't real????

  • simon jaeger
    simon jaeger Месяц назад

    We are lactose intolerant pfffff liberal fuc boi

  • Mr Charles
    Mr Charles Месяц назад

    Singapore is where I first had authentic regional cuisine. The condo I rented downstairs was a coffee shop owned by a Chinese family. The guy knew I was American and said he lived in the US for a while. Then he said we have none of the food you are used to here. I just asked for what was popular. I was there almost daily anything they made was fantastic even the Singapore local favorite Chicken rice is the best. Now back in the US usually the only I get is curry chicken, Really do not care for the Westernized Chinese food.

  • K4LAVA Royale
    K4LAVA Royale Месяц назад

    If the restaurant isn’t small and doesn’t have a yelling uncle speaking Chinese...

    It’s a *F A K E*

    • Mr Charles
      Mr Charles Месяц назад

      or has the family living in the restaurant. I like thee one where they have a play area set up for there own kids.

  • Abbie Mataio
    Abbie Mataio Месяц назад

    SUPERNATURAL !! Ahaha and dean is Chinese vinegar lmao

  • collin huey
    collin huey Месяц назад

    American chinese can hold its own because they use higher quality meat. which taste so much better. Case in point chinese food in america mostly higher quality beef because clients are willing to pay more

  • Himself CJ
    Himself CJ Месяц назад

    There are egg rolls and 芙蓉蛋 in traditional Chinese food... one is shanghai area and one is guangzhou area. But I think the Shanghainese egg rolls have much thinner 馄饨 skin that when fried is great.

  • Stephen Banks
    Stephen Banks Месяц назад

    So is City Wok authentic or not?

  • Nettie NoJohnson
    Nettie NoJohnson Месяц назад +1

    lol ok then there are NO authentic Chinese restaurants in America

  • Metalbear
    Metalbear Месяц назад

    I remember my Japanese aunt always told me that the best Japanese food she has ever had was in Chicago when she moved to the US. I wonder if bias for authenticity causes us to think that it's automatically better.

  • SteamControlValve
    SteamControlValve Месяц назад

    If there are live cats running around the restaurant you are not at a authentic Chinese restaurant. Same for dogs around around Korean.

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah Месяц назад

    But I looooove general chicken!!

  • raydenlord
    raydenlord Месяц назад

    What a condescending asshole...

  • PepsiZombie 23
    PepsiZombie 23 Месяц назад

    Lol I live in Missouri

  • Michael Cabusi
    Michael Cabusi Месяц назад +1

    Funny video but lots of truth. One thing I also notice about most authentic Chinese restaurants is that they are almost always family style, not single serving. However one exception is HK cafes. LoL. Can't help but love those HK cafes because they are usually open late at night when everything else is closed. I think of it kind of like a Chinese Dennys. When I think of Westernized Chinese food vs real Chinese food, it's a lot like Taco Bell vs real Mexican food. It can be tasty but after having real Chinese food, Panda Express kind of restaurants are so unsatisfying.

  • KatsaPoBane
    KatsaPoBane Месяц назад

    This only helps if you are Asian/American. If a white american asks what kind of food is served, the answer he will always get is 'Chinese food' regardless if its authentic or not. Good luck finding an 'authentic' asian restaurant here in America. Though i have been to a spot at the mall for thai food. Its ran by a mother/father/daughter and it is authentic thai.

  • Maltese Cross
    Maltese Cross Месяц назад

    Pump the brakes. They cook Dogs, Cats and Rats. I prefer the fake Chinese food.

  • veryverte
    veryverte Месяц назад

    Yeahhh - a Whistler T-shirt!! Nice :)

  • Lex60
    Lex60 Месяц назад

    We have a lot of Chinese restaurants locally and even if the food is labeled "Chinese and Cantonese" we know that is prepared for the taste of local people. Still you can ask for traditional dishes off the menu. And I NEVER saw or ear of them serving cheese on any of the 650+ restaurants of the city.

  • googleboyny
    googleboyny Месяц назад

    I love American Chinese food. I could care less if its "authentic"

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Месяц назад +1

    I've really like your channel Jackie chan

  • Gowther Goat
    Gowther Goat Месяц назад

    What was your buffet called is it in missouri?

  • EchoRift
    EchoRift Месяц назад

    国人YouTube大佬好。 小的向你低头。向yotuube大佬低头

    • EchoRift
      EchoRift Месяц назад


  • Brainfitted Business
    Brainfitted Business Месяц назад

    Just moved from MO to Seattle and I need recommendations. I been calling brown fried rice Chinese Food for too long! I want the authrntic stuff.

  • Aria says that BTS is my religion
    Aria says that BTS is my religion Месяц назад

    I never go to Asian restaurants because well I’m vegetarian and all of the places I’ve been is full on meat or fish and the one I ever did go to, was literally employed with only white people

  • joseph burtulato
    joseph burtulato Месяц назад

    First sign it is fake Chinese food, it says Chinese food on the menu.

  • The Great One
    The Great One Месяц назад

    Forks were invented by Chinese? Hmmmm. Ok?

  • Luke Pate
    Luke Pate Месяц назад

    Love it thank you so much !!!!! God bless !!!! Just ordered delivery from Wok and Roll here in Texas,lol !!!!

  • Kleinochsenfurter
    Kleinochsenfurter Месяц назад

    We don't have any real Chinese restaurants here. I am so deprived. I have been cooking my own at home because I feel like it is healthier. It is very good. But it is still Chinese food cooked by an Americanized German...LOL . 🍜

  • FF18Cloud
    FF18Cloud Месяц назад

    (and then the Indian or Philippino in the room goes: "I only need mah hands, bitch")

  • Brie Sparrow
    Brie Sparrow Месяц назад

    The restaurant by my house is owned and operated by a Chinese family and they do all of these things... Granted they are the only people in my neighborhood (besides my family) that aren't as white as snow.

  • Benjamin Ruby
    Benjamin Ruby Месяц назад

    nice shirt

  • PartanBree
    PartanBree Месяц назад

    I love going to authentic Chinese restaurants and trying new things. I also love going to the westernised ones because well-made westernised Chinese food is comfort food to me.
    Interestingly, here in Scotland it's normal for westernised restaurants to define themselves as Cantonese/Szechuan, not just Chinese. (You almost never see eg Hunanese food here, always Cantonese and Szechuan. And our westernised dishes are totally different from yours).
    It's also normal for authentic places to offer all the classic Scottish Chinese dishes alongside the real Chinese menu. And to do them really well.

  • Kevin Lau
    Kevin Lau Месяц назад

    boycott fake Chinese restaurant

  • Long Huynh (Jack)
    Long Huynh (Jack) Месяц назад

    how about a chinese people do that and even they do that kind things just because they don't know

  • Andrew Lara
    Andrew Lara Месяц назад

    lol all 5 chinese people in missouri 😂

  • Fabulous Nora
    Fabulous Nora Месяц назад

    i latterly SCREAMED when I saw that forest gump poster 😱💀😍