Rockets Fan Catches Hakeem-Autographed Ball, Gives to Kid

A fan in the Houston crowd catches a Hakeem Olajuwon-autographed ball and passes it along to a child. Visit nba.com/video for more highlights.

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Длительность: 0:40
Комментарии: 1087

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Автор Christian S. ( назад)

Автор 山田太郎 ( назад)
he is a great baseball player in japan
he hits 55homerun in a season very very famous
tuffe rose

Автор elisa gonzales ( назад)
The kids reaction is worth it!

Автор Mario Hernandez ( назад)
that is nice

Автор Groovy Tony ( назад)
I wish I were that generous... Damn... Nigga making me look bad.

Автор Max the mind ( назад)
like 7,777 !

Автор RayJayRob ( назад)
What a cool dude!!!

Автор Le Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Caleb K ( назад)
the world need's more people like this

Автор パッパラパー (346 лет назад)

Автор Daniel Champeny ( назад)
heey its tubby

Автор Christine Hoang ( назад)
He should it keep it

Автор kokoni sara ( назад)

Автор NATUMing6go ( назад)

Автор Sliq ( назад)
That's weird, where's all the racist comments? It can't be that racists cherry pick videos to comment on, could it?

Автор David Hendricks ( назад)
Listen. Clyde and Tuffy are friends. Both from Houston and know each other before that highlight. The announcer next to Clyde (Bill Worrell) who was caught off guard definitely knows Tuffy Rhodes. Bill Worrell announced Astros games for over 20 years. I think he thought Clyde said Tubby Rhodes....Anyway no one from Houston would ever recognize Tuffy since he spent his career in Japan. But everyone over 35 who watches baseball from Houston knows Tuffy Rhodes. 

Автор JoeyBooey ( назад)

Автор biyorkman ( назад)
Karl Derrick "Tuffy" Rhodes?

Автор 4208jason ( назад)
wonder how much money that was worth

Автор 2rad008 ( назад)
i can see u doing that at a baseball game on a foul ball, but when a Hakeen Olajuwan autographed basketball is thrown in the stands (a once in a lifetime thing), do NOT give it to some kid who has no idea who he is and is probably going to just play with it unless his parents have some common sense. That is a major collectors item. Why not let one of those other fans catch the ball if u didn't want it. SMDH!!!!!!!

Автор this one ( назад)
respect ..

Автор mrteportelloubaga ( назад)
He just gave an autographed ball by The Dream worth hundreds of dollars to a little kid who didn't grow up watching him play.

Автор RaiL Day ( назад)

Автор Menessy27 (72 года назад)
He definitely got laid because of that lmaoo

Автор wamu gena ( назад)
Segregationist = small soul, small heart, small very small spirit 
Silly man, boring human

Автор akiuchi88 ( назад)

Автор 竜宮城 ( назад)

Автор 187sports ( назад)
0:14 His date has a nice pair of...

Автор 187sports ( назад)
Just by 'chance', he is wearing a Jordan outfit. That's either a coincidence or brilliant marketing by Nike.

Автор mynamerockybalboa ( назад)
Look the tits of her, well, this was a nice move hahahaha

Автор LIKEADON1 ( назад)
you the real mvp

Автор Piotr Nowacki ( назад)
Great box out too!!

Автор Ryan Holmes ( назад)
check my fail of the nugget challenge on my channel :P

Автор Inakablues ( назад)
So why are ppl thumbing down this vid?

Автор Kevin Darby ( назад)
I would never give a Hakeem ball away, i don't care who tries to grab it. He's my favorite center of all time

Автор Phúc Minh ( назад)
good guy (y)

Автор 安田智之 ( назад)
That man is a former professional baseball player, Tuffy Rhodes.

Автор naointegra ( назад)
Great slugger

Автор Pat Craig ( назад)
He's probably used to seeing baseball fans snatch home run balls from kids. "Not being that guy"

Автор lettucerules ( назад)
way to impress a girl..

Автор mie chan ( назад)
かっこいい( ≝ω≝)NICE GUY

Автор swolleneyes ( назад)
didn't even stop to think about it. role model.

Автор Kazu Stray ( назад)
Tuffy 、he is nice guy

Автор 高田晃一 ( назад)

Автор sunflame1111 ( назад)

Автор ss nn ( назад)
今進め男タフィ この時にすべてかけて 豪快なアーチを 勝利を待つ スタンドへ

Автор VDTHD ( назад)
later that night, dad: "Kid, that ball is mine"

Автор 雷子念 ( назад)
what a good man!! 

Автор Peter Schwartz ( назад)

Автор dendorovium ( назад)

Автор YAN METAL ( назад)

Автор TheFlyingHogg ( назад)
My man played with some fun bags later that evening.

Автор Yuni Kitadai ( назад)
The kid should of asked for the mans autograph, not just a handshake. That there is Mr. "Tuffy" Rhodes ex major league ball player, a star in his own right. Played for the Astros, Cubs, Redsox before coming to Japan to become one of the best hitters of all time... The guy is a legend. I haven't seen him since he retired in 2009. Dang what a surprise. What's funny is that all us Japanese notice him instantly, while to the dudes in the US, he's just a big black dude with a voluptuous white girl, whose going to love him long time tonight... That my friends is funny. You can't make this shit up...

Автор STUDIO-SHINLIY 新立映劇 ( назад)

Автор tattin 13 ( назад)
Tuffy Rhodes !

Автор InnoDaGreat ( назад)
the dude that caught the ball has one bad chick wit him

Автор Primus Les ( назад)
Oh! Tuffy, you are still a great guy.  Miss you!

Автор siketai ( назад)

Автор 伊藤一郎 ( назад)

Автор HoopDreamsMagazine ( назад)
thats a lucky fan

Автор DaveSimonH ( назад)
Such a nice guy.

Автор dbauernf ( назад)

Автор robert white ( назад)
What a nice guy!!...theres not a lot of people left like that...they should give him floor tickets to another game for that act of kindness

Автор MadWeiner ( назад)
The guy who caught the ball is probably old enough to remember when Hakeem Olajuwon played.Giving the ball to that kid shows that guy is a class act. 

Автор ϟϟ ( назад)
Damn, that little boys mother is cute, id like to giver her my ball.

Автор Asim ( назад)
good guy

Автор Itziar Garmendia ( назад)
Quien lo iba a pensar de ese hombre, para que luego digan, las apariencias engañan.

Автор Oscar Nole Jimenez ( назад)
Que gran gesto para una pequeña persona ^^

Автор mctofee ( назад)
Whos hakeem?

Автор Chaos2611 ( назад)
So generous! 

Автор Felicia Jones ( назад)
Please watch my tyler perry protest video

Автор Lebbi Looper ( назад)
regrets it later *hey kid, i kinda need that back* hahahaa

Автор pathtek4 ( назад)
Dude got some Labia that night

Автор wizardofsteez ( назад)
hell of a guy.

Автор Khánh Phạm ( назад)
a loooo

Автор gameoverchamp420 ( назад)
Bored reading comments.... And fuck all of you racist losers.... Either evolve or die..... Make the world a better place

Автор S burn ( назад)
He played japanese baseball league and got the fame, moreover using japanese language correctly in his hometown Osaka. It makes me and baseball watcher be loving. I never forget his play in Japan.

Автор Hakeem Jamal ( назад)
dont worry man ill give u another

Автор gomikuzu mankasu ( назад)
White sausage is probably too small for this woman..

Автор daquan94 ( назад)
did anyone notice how hot the ball catchers girl was?.... :o 

Автор omusubi56563 ( назад)
>>0:29 Tuffy Rhodes!!!!!!!!!

Автор Trevor Clark ( назад)
He was never seen again...because he's under a mountain of women! Well-deserved too!

Автор dabrazillionaire ( назад)

Автор anas alghamdi ( назад)
What a great guy

Автор Motta ( назад)
Instant reaction. He barely saw the kid but was already giving him the ball! Nice guy.

Автор PabloCruise91 ( назад)
You know he got some that night.

Автор 123utlax ( назад)
What a boobs @_@

Автор Michael Wood ( назад)
Oh... Houston has the best sports fans

Автор f8de0ut ( назад)
Real fan appreciation. A brighter day for tomorrow's future ;-)

Автор ageofrockets011 ( назад)
Am I the only one who noticed that black man was with a white woman?

Автор Baller Doge ( назад)
looks like he snatched it, sat down, felt a little uneasy and embarrased so handed it to a kid.. it's nice that he did that though

Автор Savvy Jones ( назад)
its gd cos he gave it to an innocent child that doesnt understand the importance of receiving this once in a lifetime ball

Автор Ebutuoy2004 ( назад)
Why Clyde Drexler know about Tuffy Rhodes?

Автор tsol1967 ( назад)
He's Tuffy Rhodes who was one of the greatest baseball players in Japan.

Автор Kuuipokin3 ( назад)
Tuffy rhodes

Автор Vincent Glory ( назад)
.....hey,,, what about the kid sitting directly in front of him? guess his mom wasnt hot enough,

Автор MegaMoto85 ( назад)
Hero status achieved.

Автор Dudegt4 ( назад)
Good ass dude

Автор A Ruiz ( назад)
Berry nice

Автор Jake Ratka ( назад)
thats simply awesome

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