Astralis vs FaZe (Inferno) Highlights - BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • Astralis vs FaZe best moments(highlights) of the bo1 game
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  • Savage
    Savage Month ago

    faze might be the greatest team ever who knows?

  • fazy lucker
    fazy lucker Month ago

    Classic olof. 21-5 for my hero.

  • Reznor440
    Reznor440 Month ago

    Wow faze went from trash to awesome in 2 weeks!

  • Cactus
    Cactus Month ago

    Wow pleasant surprised

  • M j
    M j Month ago

    Confused between the rise of faze or the fall of astralis?

    • Frederick yang
      Frederick yang 28 days ago

      and now faze got humiliated yesterday ooof

  • Ahmad Masih
    Ahmad Masih Month ago

    No one:
    Faze: Lose to VP but defeat Astralis. Go figure.

  • MeatSandwich
    MeatSandwich Month ago

    wow faze on fire

  • reggin reggin
    reggin reggin Month ago

    Ecozera back at it(btw this guy is baiting either brokky or Olof)

    • bruno queiroz
      bruno queiroz Month ago

      nah he baiting for brokky, that boy is wild

  • Jakub Lehotsky
    Jakub Lehotsky Month ago

    i didnt even watch as i lost hope and thought they are going to lose... and they do this to astralis .... clap clap clap

  • Naman Jha
    Naman Jha Month ago +2

    Me before video starts :
    9 mins of faze getting rekt
    Me after watching: :!

  • Kjetilh4
    Kjetilh4 Month ago

    This was FaZe highligts? kappa

  • Ahad Khan
    Ahad Khan Month ago

    1:40 coldzera ace! 💞

  • Ancient agar
    Ancient agar Month ago

    Wait what?

  • NuGGetZ
    NuGGetZ Month ago +2

    The Real FaZe is back and im hyped

  • ankur dwivedi
    ankur dwivedi Month ago +1

    Dont know why but astralis always plays bad at a blast event..

  • Undead Skyandfly
    Undead Skyandfly Month ago

    Abastralis suck , good

  • jake peralta
    jake peralta Month ago

    olof and cold are back

  • brendan robitaille
    brendan robitaille Month ago

    Faze will be new major champions within a year of this comment or i will He grenade a fat person

  • Stew
    Stew Month ago

    Bro thats 16-0!

  • just a random user
    just a random user Month ago +1

    It's not elimination so doesn't really matter. Liquid lost a bunch to tier 3 and 2 teams but still manage to climb up. I doubt Astralis couldn't.

  • C4lm
    C4lm Month ago

    Well BlAstralis welcome back! But i think they dont even try that hard at this stage of the tournament so..

  • TOM BFL Gaming till death

    Astralis just throwing

  • MR.Dragon
    MR.Dragon Month ago

    device when his team cant feed him kill with ez awp shot = instant noob

  • Matarinio
    Matarinio Month ago

    Since when rape is allowed in youtube?

  • Taqi23 1
    Taqi23 1 Month ago

    Gg ez

  • Hello Nibbers of same species

    The sounds feel a little off.... Is blast enhancing the audio?

  • Tk Racing
    Tk Racing Month ago +1

    This is the best cs ! Anything can happen !

  • Melih Can Şahin
    Melih Can Şahin Month ago

    2-0 to 2-16 ...

  • Shaaan
    Shaaan Month ago +1

    Looks like astralis wasnt expecting all that..

  • TheGoodguyperson
    TheGoodguyperson Month ago

    Astralis get 16-2ed by FaZe
    Fnatic lose to EG
    FaZe lose to Mousesports 2-0
    Mousesports lose to Heroic 2-0
    Faze Beat Heroic
    EG lose to greyhounds but beat astralis
    NaVi losing every game
    Is there a dominant team at this point ?

  • Anmol Dhewaju
    Anmol Dhewaju Month ago

    Astralis is fakin 2 years or so

  • ez yawn
    ez yawn Month ago +5

    7:55 lmao that taunt Niko gave to duphreeh after killing him

  • tasdasd
    tasdasd Month ago

    2-0 to 2-16

  • Neo
    Neo Month ago +1

    Faze Up !

  • Choi Yena
    Choi Yena Month ago

    so ez

  • Vladimir Anticapitalistki

    Astralis got beat so bad lol

  • srikanth sagar
    srikanth sagar Month ago

    So this is how team plays. Way to go faze. It's been very long to look at faze play like this. GG

  • Realistic Person
    Realistic Person Month ago

    What happened to Astralis. Got their but clapped 2 match in a row.

  • Echo Sync
    Echo Sync Month ago

    This is bo1 lol (only 1 map), it's not something new nowadays some team can dominate the entire round.

    bo2 or bo3 then we talking

    • bruno queiroz
      bruno queiroz Month ago

      bo3? nah i dont want to spend 7 hours watching the same match... maybe only on major finals

    • Lucius
      Lucius Month ago


  • Gregory Diego
    Gregory Diego Month ago

    Olof looking good 👀

  • D3stiny
    D3stiny Month ago

    what just happened

  • ASmallChild
    ASmallChild Month ago

    Comparing this game and the game faze played against Vp, definitely a step up in tactics/calling

  • Rajat Kumar
    Rajat Kumar Month ago

    World's best team got destroyed 16-0. Finally Faze in Form

  • Kurt Matulac
    Kurt Matulac Month ago

    Idk if astralis underestimayed faze or faze just became better....

  • Walter Chen
    Walter Chen Month ago

    wow top1 cold is back

  • Clay
    Clay Month ago +1

    Feels good seeing astralis loose like that lol

  • 馜寐骭
    馜寐骭 Month ago


  • gabriel_production
    gabriel_production Month ago

    Unlucky Astralis today bad day

  • qroshjang oZ
    qroshjang oZ Month ago

    Astralises inferno game weak af

  • Element Finland
    Element Finland Month ago

    2:10 fuck I felt that

  • Dylan Cureg
    Dylan Cureg Month ago

    Astralis throwing lul

  • Dinho Figueredo
    Dinho Figueredo Month ago

    Cold on fire

  • Abhijeet Raj
    Abhijeet Raj Month ago +1

    Finally!A Faze thing ♥
    Beating astralis in one of their best map with such a dominance.
    I just loved that.
    Thank You Faze ♥ #keepgoing

  • Echo Sync
    Echo Sync Month ago +2

    Aidstralis choke

  • hognigk96
    hognigk96 Month ago +15

    As an Astralis fan, that hurt to watch

    • hognigk96
      hognigk96 Month ago

      Mohan Drey yea it hurt because faze have sucked recently. Though I am a little happy seeing them doing good again, just not against my team 🤣

    • Mohan Drey
      Mohan Drey Month ago

      It's even harder for us faze fans for the past year

    • DM LEE
      DM LEE Month ago +1

      you have been happy for a long time so now it is time to be hurt

  • rayyan nugraha
    rayyan nugraha Month ago

    Don't worry, it was a blast pro series, not a major :/.

  • David Huang
    David Huang Month ago


  • nelzone room
    nelzone room Month ago +3

    Every 8 year old astralis fans so confused right now lol

      JESUS IS KING OF KINGS Month ago

      nelzone room
      Every 8 year old Astralis fan is so confused right now***************
      Yes I agree.

  • Edward V
    Edward V Month ago

    map 2?