MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Science STILL Can't Explain!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Check out these mysterious discoveries science still can't explain! This top 10 list of bizarre and unexplained archaeological findings has some weird discoveries we still don't have answers for today!
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    10. The Ulfberht Swords
    Ulfberht swords were the weapon of choice of the Vikings, along with other tribes around northern Europe. They had a long, double edged blade, and a straight crossbar over the grip. There are only about 170 still known to exist today, each of which dates to between the 9th and 11th centuries! And the cool thing is they have the tell-tale inscription in the blade itself.
    9. The Drepanosaurus
    Whenever a new fossil is found, it gives further clues as to the evolution of animals, and of those that once roamed the earth. Every now and then, though, something is found that makes no sense at all in terms of scientific understanding, and requires a complete re-think of what is taken as fact. This is exactly what’s happening with a little known creature, the Drepanosaurus.
    8. Rat Kings
    The Rat Kings are a rare phenomena from the animal kingdom that is so bizarre, no-one is entirely sure how it happens. You may have seen one before, but if you haven’t- they really are something quite unusual. They have been a part of legend for centuries, and are formed when a number of rats become attached by the tail.
    7. The Martian Meteorite
    In 1984, a meteorite fell to earth, something that in itself is no unusual thing. But this one, known as ALH84001, was found to hold secrets that no-one has been able to explain. The 4.1 billion-year-old rock is thought to have originated on Mars, having been dislodged during a collision, and floated through space until it fell into earth’s atmosphere. Unlike other similar specimens, the surface of this rock had something very unusual- what appeared to be the signs of fossilised bacteria.
    6. The Longyou Grottoes
    The Longyou Grottoes are a series of underground structures near the village of Shiyan Beicun, in the Zhejiang province in China. They are thought to be at least 2000 years old, but scientists and researchers have no idea how they were built, what they were used for, or even who was responsible for them.
    5. What was the first dinosaur?
    Since we first realized that dinosaurs roamed the earth, palaeontologists have been trying to understand the full range of creatures that once lived, with particular interest revolving around which was the first dinosaur to ever live.
    4. The Nampa Stone Doll
    The Nampa figurine looks like any other that has been made by an ancient civilisation. The mystery surrounding this one, though, is how it came to be in the place where it was found. It was discovered in 1889 near the town of Nampa in Idaho. Workers were searching for water, and dug a well, which involved drilling a borehole to 295 feet.
    3. The Piri Reis Map
    Today we take maps for granted. Satellite technology combined with the work of cartographers over the years, plus Google of course, have created incredibly detailed depictions of our planet. All we have to do is use our smartphone! This wasn’t always the way, clearly, and maps from centuries ago were just kind of close approximations based on ship voyages.
    2. The Voynich Manuscript
    The 600 year old Voynich manuscript is often thought of as being the most mysterious book that has ever been written, and still, to this day, scientists aren’t able to explain what’s inside.
    1. Dinosaur and Human Footprints
    The final mystery is one which calls into question the idea that humans weren’t around at the time of the dinosaurs, because their footprints have been found side by side. The discovery was made in the Paluxy river, Texas, where hundreds of dinosaur footprints have been found. Their foot impressions were perfectly preserved by the river bed.
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    Maybe the Voynich Manuscript is the earliest form of speculative zoology ever written.

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  • Anarchy Haven
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    The ulfban sword had metal that came from india.

  • Layla Lockheart
    Layla Lockheart Month ago

    The footprints have been disproved. It was a hoax committed by a creationist vandalizing the actual tracks.
    It's been a while since I heard the details, and others would be much better at explaining it than I. I suggest Trey the Explainer's video on the matter.

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    First of all, I only watched this because I wanted to see the horned skeleton on your video pic. Not here. However...the Bible clearly tells of a dinosaur being around called Leviathon. It is in the last chapter of Job. Maybe if the scientists looked in the Bible..they would find many answers.

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      @Matthew Mayhem You dont bother me at all. And I feel sorry for you. Take care.

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      Why would anyone want to do that when the Bible is a book of fiction, of fairy tales? Don't be so unintelligent.

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    The Powers That Be give this video two thumbs up for putting out more confusing useless information to detach people even further from reality !

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    Evolutionists stupid propaganda, everything in this starting with words ,"million years ago,long ago and far away" like in Star war story.

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    Science cannot explain anything. They are 80% opinions

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    They didn’t think that dinosaurs were alive more resentful than they thought(probably 6,000 years)

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    excuse me... EVOLUTION=FALSE. THERE is MORE PROOF that we came from ADAM AND EVE than us evolving. Creatures could have similar characteristics to another, but are two different species. Also, If you found one of those weird fish that I just forgot the name of, than why is it not evolved? Wouldn't it already have feet and breath on land and be able to walk? WELL NEWS FLASH... IT ISN'T ABLE TO WALK!!!!!!!!!

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    Honestly ..?!
    Who cares ?
    In my garden is a fossilised shadow a of humanoid as old as 286 million years .

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    The voynich manuscript has been decoded.

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    Macro evolution is a farce, whereas micro evolution is real. Creation and intelligent design are how life came to be, just observe the idea of irreducible complexity.

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    There is no evolution we was created

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    The rat thing was explained when it was discovered. Sometimes rats get their tail knoted up. The "bundle" is an extreme example. They were probably fighting/mating.

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    Voynich manuscript has been deciphered

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    what if the book was made by a bored child who made up a fake, new, easily forgettable language and the images are just there because they got bored with it, or it used to be an art book and they couldn't find or buy another, so they simply murged the two? it is a possiblity; I do it all the time.

  • Anne-Christine A C Petersson

    Nr 8. On the show "Animal in Crises" from japan ( ? ) they find a family of kittens that has got stuck like this and the vet had to operate to save them all.

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    No it doesn’t mean that science has to rewrite anything or cause people to doubt evolution. Why? Because the Coelacanth has changed little and is estimated in age as a species to be around 390 million years. They are not pressured in their natural habitat and this is the result of not much change since their beginning. How do you account for that?
    The only thing I’m witnessing here is just another republican sympathizer that knows as much as you’ve studied.
    And that’s very little.
    Good day to you.

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    The Voynich manuscripts have been deciphered.

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    There are particles in the water and a new evolution is underway and dinosaurs can come back in 10 million years. It goes around and around in an evolution.

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    Humans existed 65 mil years ago? Or more likely dinosaurs survived up till 50k years ago...?

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    your #1 pick has been debunked

  • Basil Serpent
    Basil Serpent 4 months ago

    Alright lets see if my slightly intoxicated limited understanding of science can explain these
    10. Ulfberth swords
    You are aware that creating steel goes way further back than the industrial age right? People were making steel for about as long as we've had iron weaponry. The name of the metal, its composition, and its creation process was mostly kept secret by the smiths that managed to make it. It gave them a speciality not many others had. It's simple economics applied to history. Just because it took us longer does not mean they couldn't do it.
    9. Drepanosaurus
    Evolution is hella wack. I mean there's prehistoric ratfish that had tooth whorls and giant shrimp-like animals that could crush exoskeletons. It's not hard to believe that an animal developed similar traits to something we see today. the modern anteater appears like Drepanosaurus because convergent evolution happens. Have you SEEN Ichthyosaurs? they're practically lizard dolphins (I mean their name is even FISH LIZARD. It's not that far fetched you know). Drepanosaurus supports evolution and doesn't question it.
    8. Rat Kings.
    "This only happens with one species of rat" okay so it's unique. "but sometimes it happens with squirrels" so it's not unique. Make up your mind! "science can't explain this" yet you begin to name several completely reasonably hypotheses. I don't understand why you think it's inexplicable.
    7. Martian Meteorite.
    So the unexplainable bit is that there were traces of fossilized bacteria in a rock originating on a planet that at one point in history was able to support microbial life? I don't get why this is such a mystery to you. Rocks can take weird shapes in general. You should see some of the rock formations across the world they are WACK.
    6. Longyou Grottos.
    "Solid Siltstone" Siltstone is a soft sedimentary rock. Not that hard to believe someone carved into it if they even did. Water erosion does a lot of work here as well. Geology is super strange. The Giant's Causeway is an excellent example of a natural geological formation with geometric shapes. Until further evidence of human presence is discovered there's no reason to believe humans made it.
    5. What was the first dinosaur?
    This question is by far one of the worst I've seen pertaining to palaeontology. Out of all live that ever lived on earth only a miniscule amount has fossilized. Chances are that the "first" dinosaur didn't even fossilize. In biology and evolution there's hardly a first of any group of animals. This is a chicken-and-egg scenario. This is super easy to explain, even if you might not like the answer you're given. Calling dinosaurs "giant lizards" is insulting to both non-avian and avian dinosaurs.
    4. The Nampa Stone Doll.
    As far as is known right now humans as we know them did not evolve up until about 1.5 million years ago. Geological shifts happen. Mudslides happen. It's not unreasonable to believe that it somehow got encased on a lower rock formation and then brought to where it was dug up.
    3. The Piri Reis map.
    The "official" discovery of Antarctica DOES NOT MATTER. Vikings discovered the Americas hundreds of years before Chris Columbus did yet it was his rediscovery that was marked as the "official" one. Piri Reis simply could've been an incredibly meticulous discoverer that didn't want to misinform those who would be using his charts in the future. It doesn't seem too unlikely to me. Mountains are simply big, how much of an impossibility is it that he managed to chart their locations simply by just closely studying the environment he could see and drawing conclusions from it? As for the chronometer requirement, see number 10. People kept stuff secret all the time to create perceived uniqueness on the market. Who knows when the chronometer was actually first invented.
    2. Voynich Manuscript.
    This one is VERY easy. It's a plagiarised medical text originating in Turkey. It was likely written in a local language. It's not some massive secret.
    1. Dinosaur/Human footprints
    Ah. This old story again. Trey the Explainer has a perfect video for this. THE FOOTPRINTS WEREN'T HUMAN. They were either hoaxes, tricks of the light, or eroded ornithomimid footprints that resembled those of humans just a tiny bit. The Paluxy riverbed is awesome because it contains a great set of tracks that show biodiversity and hunting behaviour of an animal known as Acrocanthosaurus, but unfortunately for you there are no human footprints there.

    NOT A SINGLE ONE of these things is without explanation. Even a slightly drunk autist with an interest in science can debunk it. Seriously. Go make actual videos please.

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    Just watched four ads for one video?
    Not happy

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    This all proves what the bible says to be true. To you who don't read it this seems like mysteries

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    God made us this is his digital reality

  • Roy Van De Donk
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    There is no first dinosaur.. It doesn't start to exist by it self, evolution has no beginning or end...