Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

  • Published on Jan 15, 2020
  • Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

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  • Matt S
    Matt S 10 hours ago

    4.1 million views in a day?? Wow

    TWESTED 10 hours ago +1

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  • M Roach
    M Roach 10 hours ago

    Googled RDJ’s name drop at the end of the podcast, Bran Ferren. Joe should get that guy on.

  • The Steinard
    The Steinard 10 hours ago

    Hope he does come back in his role. Historic

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 10 hours ago

    I can hack into government and military computers with my mind

  • Hunter Halsey
    Hunter Halsey 10 hours ago

    Joe should have luke combs on.

  • Brighton Temple
    Brighton Temple 10 hours ago

    Go visit this mans RUclip! Hes a god!

  • Shellyz2u
    Shellyz2u 10 hours ago

    I got a viral infection a few years ago in right eye. Scared the shit out of me.

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 10 hours ago

    Several others from Mansions in upstate New York attended conferences

  • Shellyz2u
    Shellyz2u 10 hours ago

    My sense of smell sucks too, I'm 54

  • Shellyz2u
    Shellyz2u 10 hours ago

    Memory is the worst

  • Sean Huizinga
    Sean Huizinga 10 hours ago

    I love how for even the biggest celebrities like RDJ, that coming on Jre is like a big treat for them. To be able to shoot the shit and talk about their interests and just show their normal side.

  • Chaotic Satire
    Chaotic Satire 10 hours ago

    3:57 - "Loosely prearranged destiny, and what's incredible is how far afield you can go from it and still find your way back."

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 10 hours ago

    Nanotechnology, Many top secret Nanotechnology laboratories opening in New York State north of New York, City. Many military from West Point studying technology.

  • SeanPatrickGreat
    SeanPatrickGreat 10 hours ago

    Robert is so full of fear. He needs light to enter him. He is so scared of being insulted or being made small of. He is in such bondage, i feel sad for him. And all the hurt people of the world.

  • Korissa Silver
    Korissa Silver 10 hours ago

    You know you’re great at what you do when RDJ the guy who fucking hates interviews WANTS to be on your podcast and gets sad when it ends lol that’s an accomplishment joe keep it up !

  • Taylor Strange
    Taylor Strange 10 hours ago

    RDJ getting people googling wales diolch

  • Chantal Patrick
    Chantal Patrick 10 hours ago

    Hey Jamie, please talk to Joe and get Naval Ravikant on. It would be so inspiring to hear them talk.

  • A JAXE
    A JAXE 10 hours ago

    My first thought : dana white

  • Jackson Mugar
    Jackson Mugar 10 hours ago

    24:20 I kinda lost Robert here anyone else?

  • AshMan
    AshMan 10 hours ago

    Loved this experience with you both. Brilliant...

  • Julie Terres
    Julie Terres 10 hours ago

    Such a boring conversation, Geezzz!

  • Jake Frederick
    Jake Frederick 10 hours ago

    Hey it's tony

  • timboscoops
    timboscoops 10 hours ago

    Jamie poor job in video photo I almost didn't watch it cause I thought it wasn't Iron Man.

  • Vanessa Padilla
    Vanessa Padilla 11 hours ago

    Joe , please have regular JRE conversations with Mr Downey. He's so likable and interesting.

  • Dillon Snow
    Dillon Snow 11 hours ago

    Yes!! The rolling start finally gets its credit!!

  • Curtesy
    Curtesy 11 hours ago

  • Joshua Mudd
    Joshua Mudd 11 hours ago

    Robert Downey jr. Is the G.O.A.T. hes the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude! One word. LEGENDARY!🤘

    WOLF GAMéR 11 hours ago

    Dare to

  • TheNormalAlex
    TheNormalAlex 11 hours ago

    Hello. That is all.

  • UGaming50
    UGaming50 11 hours ago

    Off topic... but do any of you know that ASMR ad about Lindt Excellence?? The 70% cocoa one XD... If you do, then let me know, it's really enjoyable if you see it. XD

  • nosajasonM
    nosajasonM 11 hours ago

    Now this, is diplomacy. A great conversation between two people who clearly (if you really pay attention to all the little cues) don't like one another.

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 11 hours ago

    I remember he kept threatening them. "YOUR GONNA DIE LONELY AND POOR, I have all the money."

  • Zach Welsh
    Zach Welsh 11 hours ago

    RDJ: Dibblydiddlymookabinga Errrt
    Joe: Yeah man I know exactly what you mean..

  • Finding Ra
    Finding Ra 11 hours ago

    They're both completely baked.

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 11 hours ago

    Around March 2010 estimation

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 11 hours ago

    I fully believe I have information on the men 2? Police detectives responsible for the long island serial killer murders. I saw them 2010 obriens, coram N.Y. they threatened 2 prostitutes, I heard screaming going in my cab, the prostitutes looked like twin sisters. I have been to many bars over the years I never ever got a threatening feeling even close to the threat I felt from them I was the only one in the bar plus them

  • Syno Key
    Syno Key 11 hours ago

    Poor Downey probably haven't had real conversation like this for years

  • Kathy Woodrum
    Kathy Woodrum 11 hours ago

    I hope he will make another Sherlock Holmes.

  • Christian Penaflor
    Christian Penaflor 11 hours ago

    Ab surb simple jack? simple Jack? Hahahha

  • Don Drysdale
    Don Drysdale 11 hours ago

    James Gang Rides Again - Joe Walsh

  • Frank
    Frank 11 hours ago

    Russo brothers like writing themselves into a corner.....Rob's coming back at Iron Man

  • Maciel L7
    Maciel L7 11 hours ago

    What minute does he talk about Chris Evans ???

  • chris leblanc
    chris leblanc 11 hours ago

    12:00 fucking eh Joe! Nail on the head!

  • Distemper
    Distemper 11 hours ago +2

    Joe "you're Iron Man man" Rogan

  • Skyclad
    Skyclad 11 hours ago +1

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  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson 11 hours ago

    Learn to RUclip learn to shoot videos help me get to this amazing Channel that I am learning so much from go from 970 K to 1 million subscribers this is my gift to them for all the teaching they are giving me for free
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    I love you joe.

  • Sergio Chávez
    Sergio Chávez 11 hours ago


  • Kuro Vader
    Kuro Vader 11 hours ago

    I started liking rdj after tropic thunder. I am black and thought this guy is great. That characters reminded me of my uncles lol

  • Travis Reeves
    Travis Reeves 11 hours ago

    This guy talks like Martin Cabello

  • The Veg Shack
    The Veg Shack 11 hours ago

    Not sure why but whenever he has holywhores on the conversation just feels dull. Like they are both trying to be heady when realistically they are basic people just like the rest of us trying to appear really deep and introspective. Dudes your not Albert Einstein's keep it light and simple stop acting like actors are somehow magically intelligent just because they pretend for a living. If you have ever met an actor you know how douchey and weird they can be. Just chill the fluff out I get it you fake things for a living and that's cool. Don't act like I need to worship you because you can read a script. Calm your tits...

  • Victorious -
    Victorious - 11 hours ago

    1 on trending wow

  • Derek Vizcarra
    Derek Vizcarra 11 hours ago

    Amazing interview !!!

  • adamfrino
    adamfrino 11 hours ago

    I remember going to a Russian bar in Manhattan, 2009, buying beyond extremely potent psychedelic pills, too intense.

  • Tokyo San
    Tokyo San 11 hours ago

    I have no doubt Rogan had no idea who Federer is lol

  • Robert Copeland
    Robert Copeland 11 hours ago

    JRE will/has become a pit stop for brave A listers. I cringed when Joe kept bringing up Iron Man. I do think RDJ is probably a pretty good guy or maybe he was acting.

  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez 11 hours ago

    I love the way Rogan is like "hulk is supposed to be hulk"

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 11 hours ago

    Joe "I'm a fan of you're work" Rogan

  • Rafael Silva Daniel
    Rafael Silva Daniel 11 hours ago

    robert downey jr is so chill, im not much fan of marvel movies but any dude that is that successful and still so chill is cool