My Boyfriend Makes Me Ice Cream For My Birthday

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • Okay And
    Okay And 6 hours ago

    You need more make up

  • Annika Engstrom
    Annika Engstrom 13 hours ago

    We don’t deserve Jenna and Julen

  • Zuzana Dúbravcová
    Zuzana Dúbravcová 14 hours ago

    I love how they have beautiful gas stove in the back of the video and doing all on induction cooker. :D

  • Dr. Philly
    Dr. Philly 23 hours ago

    ✨33 year old ladyyy✨

  • Jessica Schoonmaker

    Black raspberry ice cream is my fave

  • Hayley Parker
    Hayley Parker Day ago +1

    Jenna: *comments about the iggies following julien with their heads in sync* Me: *goes back over and over again, rewatching that part and cry-laughing hysterically*

  • Thotimusprime Official

    I love how Julien tries to say he likes it

  • Ashley Cassidy
    Ashley Cassidy 2 days ago

    Black berry ice cream is SO freaking good!!! My boyfriend isn’t a fan but I think it’s AMAZING

  • Talyn Rahl
    Talyn Rahl 4 days ago

    Julien, you absolute MAD MAN. fuckin dying with laughter at that ending, but also crazy impressed.

  • Juice
    Juice 4 days ago +1

    These two are genuinely a force of good in the world (and the dogs)

  • Princessmomo_1212
    Princessmomo_1212 4 days ago +2

    So it’s not “32 year old laaadyyyyy” anymore. It’s “33 year old laaadyyyyy” I can’t wait for something like “47 year old laaadyyyyy”

  • Princessmomo_1212
    Princessmomo_1212 4 days ago

    So it’s not “32 year old laaadyyyyy” anymore. It’s “33 year old laaadyyyyy” I can’t wait for something like “47 year old laaadyyyyy”

  • Zach Vela
    Zach Vela 4 days ago

    Funny how she said it's her birthday when this came out on MY birthday

  • ashley hunter
    ashley hunter 5 days ago

    Not quite Friend'y's ;). I learned from someone to get their black raspberry ice cream with peanut butter sauce on top. Very good if you visit back here

  • Autum Wind
    Autum Wind 5 days ago

    Me watching this video eating my black raspberry ice cream

  • Prather.Addison
    Prather.Addison 6 days ago

    Her birthday is six days after mine!!

  • Bleached White
    Bleached White 6 days ago +9

    Julen: happy birthday you blackberry beast
    Jenna: thank you beech
    This is the relationship I want

  • Sarah Willacker
    Sarah Willacker 6 days ago

    Her reaction to Julien box jumping onto the counter was the EXACT same as her reaction to Peach jumping on the counter in the Easter egg hunt video lmao. Like father like daughter

  • Nikola Gorgon
    Nikola Gorgon 6 days ago


  • Natalie Thompson
    Natalie Thompson 6 days ago

    Why does jenna get so upset that Julian box jumps on the counter with shoes on but the dogs run all over the counter 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Brisa Castro
      Brisa Castro 3 days ago

      Natalie Thompson I think it’s more worry than anything else tbh, like “omg he could’ve gotten hurt badly” ya feel

  • abby carpenter
    abby carpenter 7 days ago


  • Soon Bean
    Soon Bean 7 days ago +1

    11:52 meanwhile she has like 2 videos featuring her bare feet

  • Samantha Godwin
    Samantha Godwin 7 days ago

    jenna!! talentini gelato has some amaaaazing vegan flavors and I'm pretty sure they have black raspberry :)

  • Samantha Godwin
    Samantha Godwin 7 days ago

    ok why is jenna the only person i know of that has the same passion for black raspberry ice cream that i do

  • Cellie Blue
    Cellie Blue 7 days ago

    i’m sorry bUT WHO IS CALLING JENNA UGLY??? these hands are for YOU

  • lupita
    lupita 8 days ago +1

    Where’s the video of you canoeing in your pool :(

  • Mary Fouquet
    Mary Fouquet 8 days ago

    I'm 38 and I want the same thing as Jenna for my birthday every year lol!

  • Mary Fouquet
    Mary Fouquet 8 days ago

    I love watching them together! Lol

    THE TRUTH 8 days ago

    Was Jesus really 33 when he died, I've never thought about I shouldn't be laughing, I'm sorry Jesus❤️😂

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 8 days ago +1

    Julien looks like a cockatoo with that hat on

  • Autumn The gay
    Autumn The gay 9 days ago

    It makes me so happy that julien lied about liking it just to make Jenna happy .. I swear to god if you don't get married soon I will steal Kermit this is a threat lmao

  • Emily Carsten
    Emily Carsten 9 days ago +1

    Wait, I'm confused..... is Julien actually her boyfriend? I thought he was her friend/roommate....

  • Noah Petty
    Noah Petty 10 days ago

    I got black raspberries in my backyard, so not rare for me.
    What is rare for me is black current ice-cream.
    Wow that's obnoxious get a manual ice-cream maker.

  • Tiarra P.
    Tiarra P. 11 days ago +1

    Juliens song lyrics (translated)
    let’s go to the (unintelligible)
    I was (unintelligible)
    Saturday Sunday is my favorite...

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth 12 days ago

    jenna's birthday is the day before and the year after mine omg

  • Lauren Nash
    Lauren Nash 12 days ago +6

    Why does Jenna get mad about Julie's feet on the counter, when the dogs butts and feet are allowed all over the tables and counter? I mean I do the same at my house but it seems backwards to be mad at Julian.

    • Bleached White
      Bleached White 6 days ago

      It wasn't genuine anger just more amusement and shock

  • rayven mosher
    rayven mosher 12 days ago

    do you not understand blackberrys are from the same bush so blackberrys are black raspberries not shade at all i love you

  • Emma King
    Emma King 13 days ago

    Beautiful tradition, happy belated birthday

  • katie louise
    katie louise 15 days ago +3

    okay but why is his moustache so loud

  • xSuii
    xSuii 15 days ago

    Icecream with thermomix: 35 seconds

  • Granny Winny
    Granny Winny 15 days ago

    you guys should do the method of making ice cream where you put a bag of ice, [insert non-dairy cream substitute here], and whatever you're flavoring it with in a coffee can and kick it around for 20 minutes

  • NeoBulRheGhi
    NeoBulRheGhi 15 days ago

    That impression 9:44 is a treasure

  • Artist._.Freak
    Artist._.Freak 15 days ago +11

    The look of horror on Jenna's face when Julien says he box jumped on the counter 😂😂
    True virgo queen

  • Josie's onAvacationFarAway

    I love, how Jenna can give a great compliment and slowly die inside while being A humorous 32 almost 33 year old lady (who has a basketball game tomorrow), during Julien's complete "Tales of nastiness." 😎😆😘

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote 16 days ago

    GUUUUURRRRLLL. Talenti Sorbettos are Vegan and Gluten Free. They have a raspberry....

    OMARGOD 16 days ago

    6 burner stove... uses a hot plate.

  • Only Me
    Only Me 17 days ago +3

    Isn't anyone wondering why they're using that plug in stove top when they've got that massive cooker behind them

    • Freddie Mitchell
      Freddie Mitchell 15 days ago

      Julien cooks on his channel and he mentioned in one of his videos it's easier to set up with the plug in one so he doesn't have to redo his entire setup when he's done prepping to film the actual cooking. There's a few videos on his channel where he cooks with the stove behind them, before they got the plug in one :)

  • Nat
    Nat 19 days ago

    brooo as a fellow mega aries i relate to julian’s energy so much... blackening pans and going through items too quickly included

  • Alison Rodriguez
    Alison Rodriguez 20 days ago

    just when are they getting married

  • Cami_2006
    Cami_2006 20 days ago +35

    Jenna “it’s really good!”
    Also Jenna “it’s a 4”

  • Kier
    Kier 21 day ago +1

    ooooh that ending tho!

  • jim jam
    jim jam 21 day ago

    I'm backing while watching this

  • Claudia
    Claudia 21 day ago


  • Suzanna W
    Suzanna W 22 days ago +2

    Jenna’s eyes holy fuckkkk 😍😍😍

  • Madi kayla
    Madi kayla 22 days ago +14

    I still can’t believe other areas don’t get the joy of black raspberries

  • Nina Bright
    Nina Bright 22 days ago +1

    Your videos make me happy honestly. I wish and want to meet you!

  • Nina Bright
    Nina Bright 22 days ago +1

    You are literally ten times prettier then I will ever be. I'm only 11 and I'm so ugly.

    • Salty qwq
      Salty qwq 20 days ago +3

      it's okay, 11-15 are the worst times of your life (looks-wise) you will grow into yourself and you will be ON FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

    • Sadie
      Sadie 21 day ago +3

      Nina Bright don’t be so down on yourself! Everybody has an awkward phase. And i bet you’re beautiful :)

  • Julissa Garza
    Julissa Garza 22 days ago +3

    Julian:" First of all everything is a wok"
    (Me whispering to myself): Sometime it's a run

  • Paula Choi
    Paula Choi 22 days ago +9

    I was gonna go find that Julien-box-jumped-on-the-counter video on his channel but then he did it at the end sooooooo Imma just not go find that video lol

  • Aaliyah Ayana
    Aaliyah Ayana 23 days ago +4

    Who else’s mom or grandma loves The Pioneer Woman