My Boyfriend Makes Me Ice Cream For My Birthday

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • Minabrine
    Minabrine 4 hours ago

    Let your dogs invest in the stock market for two weeks
    (from the try guys video)

  • Рея Зеленкина

    Happy birthday, Genna 🎂🌌🌌🌌

  • Di. Dghfl
    Di. Dghfl 4 hours ago +3

    Happy Birthday from Russia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hey Ley
    Hey Ley 4 hours ago +1

    С Днем Рождения Дженна !!! :з

  • Marycarmen Barba
    Marycarmen Barba 4 hours ago

    Can we have a plant update video plzz

  • Твоя музыкальная стерва


  • Less X
    Less X 4 hours ago +2

    Happy 33th b-day from Russia, beeech❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑

  • Стиви
    Стиви 4 hours ago +1

    Happy birthday from Uzbekistan. Do U know where is it? 😆🎂🎉🎊

  • Dea Lucis
    Dea Lucis 5 hours ago +4

    Happy Birthday From Russia🌸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Алина Батина
    Алина Батина 5 hours ago +4

    Happy birthday to you) С Днем Рождения Тебя, Джена. Привет с России

  • William Pieta
    William Pieta 5 hours ago

    I thought it was funny how there was a beautiful stove behind them and they were cooking on a little hotplate instead...but then I realized that then we wouldn't be able to see what they're doing lol

  • Cammy Emmons
    Cammy Emmons 5 hours ago

    I want a birthday like this! You two are to fucken adorable.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 5 hours ago

    we have the same birthday #virgosbeeeeech

  • Zombi3 Doll
    Zombi3 Doll 5 hours ago


  • Александр Донской

    happy birthday, from Russia with love

  • D
    D 5 hours ago

    I love when Jenna complains about not having our weird western New York/Rochester things bc I literally live there and can relate every time. I fucking love black raspberry ice cream.

  • Brigita Jančić
    Brigita Jančić 5 hours ago

    Can u grow som leg hair and than dye it neon green💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Siara O'Leary Hawk
    Siara O'Leary Hawk 5 hours ago

    Can you please make a video where you take a bunch of quizzes that say they can guess your star sign and see if they're accurate?
    Happy birthday to my favorite ~*33 year old lady*~ from this ~*23 year old lady!*~

  • Валерия Епифанова

    С Днём Рождения! Джена! )))

  • Таня Смит
    Таня Смит 5 hours ago +5

    Happy birthday from Russia!

  • Morgan Trombly
    Morgan Trombly 5 hours ago

    Relatable jenna is back in action
    "if i wanna dress like a drug dealer in a movie I can" is literally ME everyday when I am walking out the house nd my man asks "that's what you're wearing?"

  • Супчик Борщевый

    С днем рождения Джена! Wishing you the Best Birthday Ever! Have fun! Cheers!

  • Mini Zefirka
    Mini Zefirka 5 hours ago +6

    Happy Birthday from Russia ♡(─‿‿─)♡

  • Akbota Abisheva
    Akbota Abisheva 6 hours ago +1

    Happy birthday to you! Love you❤

  • юджин чаплин
    юджин чаплин 6 hours ago +3

    Happy Birthday, сучечка:3 hi from Ukraine♥

  • Skay Fridman
    Skay Fridman 6 hours ago +5

    Дженна, спасибо тебе за всё. Я вырос на твоих видео. С днём рождения.♡

  • Sophie Bradshaw
    Sophie Bradshaw 6 hours ago

    We use an induction cooker at my job and hearing the little high-pitched whir of the induction cooker is very triggering

  • V V
    V V 6 hours ago +6

    С днём рождения из Беларуси!!!!!
    Happy B-day from Belarus!!!!!

  • Carli Winter
    Carli Winter 6 hours ago

    Saw a weird show on TLC where they make wedding dresses out of toilet paper and I thought "I wanna see Jenna do that"

  • Екатерина Иваниченко

    Happy birthday Сучечка!!! From Russia with love 😍

  • M
    M 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday Jenna you’re too beautiful for this world ❤️

  • Amaya Seiber
    Amaya Seiber 6 hours ago

    honestly she's so beautiful. if i look half as good at 33, i'd be the happiest. also, they are going to be together forever so they should get married

  • Amaya Seiber
    Amaya Seiber 6 hours ago +1

    i turned 20 yesterday ☺️ virgo's unite!

  • Jillian Paciello
    Jillian Paciello 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday to my favorite 33 year old laaaddyyyyy!!!!

  • Bangpiu *
    Bangpiu * 6 hours ago +5

    Happy belated birthday, Jenna
    Russia loves youuuuuuuu

  • Beka
    Beka 6 hours ago

    We have the same birthday ❤️❤️❤️

  • Арина Санжижапова

    Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊

  • Яичница Вкусная


  • Neko Chan:3
    Neko Chan:3 6 hours ago +1

    Happy Birthday from Kazakstan

  • Ami Fox
    Ami Fox 6 hours ago +11

    Happy Birthday from Russia ♡

  • Алена Кудымова

    Happy Birthday! From Russia with love ♡(─‿‿─)♡
    С Днём Рождения!)))

  • its just ash
    its just ash 7 hours ago

    what happened to ad?

  • Oana
    Oana 7 hours ago

    2:15 who tf is doing this i just wanna talk
    Also whats with all the god dam russians

    SOLTBRAF 7 hours ago

    Jenna, love this video and I hope you had a wonderful birthday💞. Now down to business; please, please, PLEASE do a collab with Jeffree Star! I know you said no before but I hope it was just because of a scheduling conflict because the 2 of you beutubing together would be epic! Pretty please🙏!

  • LouCallie
    LouCallie 7 hours ago

    OMG I just had my 33 birthday and I've been saying to EVERYONE I'm as old as JESUS! And getting crazy stares. I love that you said that. VALIDATED!

  • Dubi Hyena
    Dubi Hyena 7 hours ago

    You keep me on this planet

    • Dubi Hyena
      Dubi Hyena 7 hours ago

      when the machine turned on I died

  • Kseniya Pogulyaeva
    Kseniya Pogulyaeva 7 hours ago +4

    С днём рождения Дорогая! Желаю всегда оставаться такой крутой и беззаботной! Главное быть молодой в душе. Ты самая лучшая! Ещё раз поздравляю!
    Happy birthday dear! I wish to remain always cool and carefree.The main thing is to stay young at heart. You're the best! Congratulations again!

  • Настена Захарова

    happy birthday my beloved little bitch. stay as cool

  • Mildreit Olvy
    Mildreit Olvy 7 hours ago

    Okey, Hell yeah, happy birthday, Jenna.

  • Emma Katherine
    Emma Katherine 7 hours ago

    happy late bday, jenna!! sorry for not commenting on sunday but ily bby and hope you have an amazing year full of leisuring

  • София Васильченко

    Happy birthday from Ukraine! We wear embroidered shirts and we love to sing.

  • COBRA Yaaa
    COBRA Yaaa 7 hours ago +5

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM RUSSIA✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Филлипа Борисовна

    С днем рождения, сучечка❤

  • Настя Секрет
    Настя Секрет 7 hours ago +5

    Happy Birthday to you, Russia love to you 💕💕💕

  • Наталья Кравцова

    Happy birthday, darling. With love from Belarus.

  • Эмбер Лу
    Эмбер Лу 7 hours ago +4

    Happy Birthday from Russia, Jenna!!! We love you!!! Дженна, ты лучшая! И вся твоя семья тоже!!!

  • Дарья Гришко
    Дарья Гришко 7 hours ago +6

    Happy birthday ты самая лучшая Джена , Ван лав 😍😍😘😘

  • Justsuminternetperson
    Justsuminternetperson 7 hours ago

    Lol who’s waiting for the new video 😂😂😂

  • МС Хейтеры
    МС Хейтеры 7 hours ago +5

    Happy birthday from Kazakhstan! We've just knew you had a birthday, sorry we're late((
    P.s. sorry for my bad english

  • matelda h
    matelda h 7 hours ago

    Happy birthday