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  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • The Daily Show revisits outrageous news stories from around the world, including a pole-dancing controversy in China and professional lightsaber dueling in France.
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Comments • 2 336

  • Kelly Beresfordcole
    Kelly Beresfordcole 4 hours ago

    The other little cow's are running ahead of him to eat the grass befor he gets there.hurry befor he eat it all.

  • David Yvonne
    David Yvonne 15 hours ago

    boris is right Islam treats women like shit Stones them for getting raped or for beeing gay-as a black liberal Livin in europe Islam is the greatest danger since the nazis

  • Ron Bobert
    Ron Bobert 19 hours ago

    That’s a big ass cow

  • Mr. Gfresh
    Mr. Gfresh 22 hours ago +2

    Well, I believe if French could they would've brought back slavery now, wait! That's exactly what they are doing to french-speaking African countries with the french made worthless fake money called the FRAN CFA right now!

  • Thomas T.
    Thomas T. Day ago

    G.BRITAIN AND FRANCE steal GREEK sculptures too and they dont return it back

  • PJ Tippett
    PJ Tippett Day ago

    The cow?

  • Goutam Goswami
    Goutam Goswami Day ago

    Entire Europe is made from stealing through out the world and this includes UK...Brexit still pending.

  • Goutam Goswami
    Goutam Goswami Day ago

    Letter Box ...very true

  • DasZuckerhaus
    DasZuckerhaus 2 days ago

    the only thing with the african art repatriation is that some african countries are still run by cleptocratic dictators who will sell the art on the black market for their own benefit really fast. it depends on which nation its repatriated to. thats not an illegitimate concern, but yeah better solutions can be found;

  • Kisser Kisser
    Kisser Kisser 3 days ago


  • mode gando
    mode gando 3 days ago

    Oh' may god you very harame 😂😂

  • Radhe G
    Radhe G 4 days ago

    @17:55 Hilarious 😂🤣😜👌

  • John Yepthomi
    John Yepthomi 4 days ago

    "I am the farmer now" 😀😁😅

  • Anjayl
    Anjayl 5 days ago +2

    You can't fly past amstersam to get weed in romania, because romania is south of amsterdam... American tv and geography lol

  • lizz beth
    lizz beth 6 days ago

    Trevor's face at 5:00 😂😂

  • Frederic Kirchhoff
    Frederic Kirchhoff 9 days ago

    If I go to some country in Arabia, I kindly ask my wife to respect their culture and cover her hair. If an Arabian comes to Europe, I kindly ask him to let his wife walk around without covering her face and hair...otherwise I am favoring to impose a law prohibiting Burqa, because I simply don't agree with it.

  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx
    xXTheBl4ckC4tXx 9 days ago

    The art should only be send back if there are appropiate facilities to house them. It would be a shame if a nice thought would lead to the destruction of art, becouse we flooded countries with it that were not prepared to store them so they will survive time.

  • TH3 PIRAT3
    TH3 PIRAT3 10 days ago

    Johm Oliver impression was epic ...

  • Zia Khan
    Zia Khan 10 days ago

    I laughed too much...
    U r halarious..
    U r insane...

  • murali yellapu
    murali yellapu 11 days ago

    Why American don't allow Muslim in their country

  • acepilot1
    acepilot1 12 days ago

    HBO should merge with CC so we can have commercial free Daily Show with John Oliver as a regular guest and Trevor not having to pussyfoot around censoring

    • acepilot1
      acepilot1 12 days ago

      To anyone offended at “pussyfoot” I am using the literal definition of “pusillanimous” instead of the sexist interpretation

  • Ciara Ross
    Ciara Ross 14 days ago


  • KATHY Humphrey
    KATHY Humphrey 14 days ago

    Trevor Noah, your accents are spot on...

  • Firdaus Adib
    Firdaus Adib 15 days ago +3

    Its weird to think that he’s the Prime Minister now.

    • Pax
      Pax 12 days ago


  • Yaya’s Living
    Yaya’s Living 16 days ago +1

    That 🐄 tho!😳🤯😮😵. “I am the farmer now! “ not this time”

  • Martin Gachomo
    Martin Gachomo 16 days ago +2

    I like how Trevor Noah can imitate different accents flawlessly. 😂😂

  • Dave DiMattei
    Dave DiMattei 16 days ago +1

    i don't know if i would call europe the og of racism..i lived in europe for 30 years, but never seen a more racist country like the u.s.
    sorry for my honest and accurate opinion

  • Miss Amanda
    Miss Amanda 17 days ago

    This is the BEST of the BEST of TREVOR! This is the one that you text to your friends when they really need a good laugh. My stomach hurts!! Be sure to watch it at least twice, because you probably won't catch it all the first time. (The only way it could have been any funnier is if he'd put the one where the S. Africans wouldn't get on the ship to get their reparations-that's his funniest S. African bit.) GREAT COMPILATION!!

  • Muahyaleehlinra Vangstar

    I just love ❤️ this man!!! He makes me 😂 so hard. I love you Trevor Noah!!!

  • Honig Son
    Honig Son 18 days ago

    i am the farmer now

  • Divyanshi Singh
    Divyanshi Singh 19 days ago

    someone ask the UK queen to return our KOHINOOR back ..they built their so called KINGDOM on our money and blood

  • Landon’s Chanel
    Landon’s Chanel 20 days ago

    Steal the wall? Is it stealing if they paid for it?? :)

  • Lethal Gaming
    Lethal Gaming 23 days ago


  • Jarrell Tat
    Jarrell Tat 25 days ago +1


  • Nora Girl
    Nora Girl 25 days ago

    The guy with the tiny penis isn't in France tho

  • Pradyumna Shetty
    Pradyumna Shetty 25 days ago

    West is run by people with crazy hair.

  • K K
    K K 25 days ago

    You don't know it tastes the same..... maybe its better 0_o lol

  • MoJo
    MoJo 25 days ago

    11:15 "Stay in School". 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Donald Trumps Real Wife

    Go straight to 6:30 .... thank me later!

  • dfskdf
    dfskdf 26 days ago

    15:15 Awww. :( This white guy doesn't have any black friends to explain it...

  • Ygor Nimoy
    Ygor Nimoy 26 days ago

    but they look like letterboxes.

  • Forward Paunganwa
    Forward Paunganwa 27 days ago

    The wall being stolen!!!! hahahahahaha

  • Yussuf Ahmed
    Yussuf Ahmed 28 days ago

    Stupid pple run this world

  • Tigana Barnett
    Tigana Barnett 28 days ago

    Dat asshole butthole

  • roxasxiii380
    roxasxiii380 28 days ago

    Like as of blades for olympic fencer even slice anytihing

  • Ajay Stephen
    Ajay Stephen 29 days ago

    Wonderfully written 🤘🏻👍🏻

  • subadub
    subadub 29 days ago

    the british literally say the same thing about the kohinoor diamond like "if the diamond was still in india, no one would take care of it." like bitch please who tf are you to decide what you can steal and not steal smhhhh

    kudos to france tho thats actually really commendable

  • Henrietta Heartbreak
    Henrietta Heartbreak 29 days ago

    Brexit is John Oliver's fault lol

  • Gangerolf
    Gangerolf 29 days ago

    So now the French are against multiculturalism? Yea sent that crappy black art back to Africa. Jesus that Macron are a supder frikkin racist. Next step is sending the Africans back to their art as well.

  • khetho Sthule
    khetho Sthule Month ago

    no worries they should bring the Giant cow to South Africa... Then they can join us afterwards.....Kuzoba umcimbi

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin Month ago +1

    Dude you should run for PRESIDENT you are GREAT !!!!!! LION 🦁 W A NEW SHIRT 👔🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Esteban Cruz
    Esteban Cruz Month ago

    Thanks Donny for paying for my peoples protection wire

  • novice Price
    novice Price Month ago

    That's a Holstein. That is a dairy breed. The small cattle are a beef breed.

  • Toni Touchberry
    Toni Touchberry Month ago

    I'm so happy that Denmark made that brilliant decision! Down with burkas! No living thing on earth should have to wear such a hideous piece of apparel! It is the reflection of the hideous men who who have found it quite normal to cut off the female penis for more than 2000 years! Men who think it's quite normal to enslave their mothers, sisters and wives! I have no use for them or their burkas! Besides, how do we know what or who is behind that Vail! This is dangerous times! You can't wear hoodies in a bank , to hide your ID! Better not come to my front door with a mask on!!?! I flat out don't trust a walking human being, completely disguised as anything other than the human being that they actually are!!

  • anupam banerjee
    anupam banerjee Month ago

    If that cow was in India it would be worshiped as nandi ( Shivas bull sidekick) and I am not kidding.

  • Jerry Jn Camille Joseph

    Freaking hilarious

  • Alejandra Santos
    Alejandra Santos Month ago

    Trevor marry meeeeeee I’ll get u that cow ‼️

  • qwerttzizzi
    qwerttzizzi Month ago

    Where is the picture with the lion head?

  • charles m chapman
    charles m chapman Month ago

    Yea bru George Lopez did say that in a old stand up
    Fux wit ya Boi
    I gotz the fax
    Love what ya do Trevor
    Keep it up

  • Life N Stuff
    Life N Stuff Month ago

    Idk why people are supprised that Australians can’t kill a giant cow, they literally lost a war with emus