How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

  • Published on Nov 20, 2013
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    Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time.
    Jan-21-2014 Update. The video transcripts are now available via the following links:
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  • Miguel Moncada
    Miguel Moncada Hour ago

    Almenos hubieran subtitulado este vídeo traducido al español, estaba motivado, pero no soy nada fluido para comprender ingles

  • Marco Trujillo
    Marco Trujillo Hour ago

    6 months is the time that will take to learn a new language to anyone who is immersed in that language (total immersion), only works with listening - speaking but not for reading - writing, these take longer.

  • 細谷正康
    細谷正康 5 hours ago


  • Alejo Raffin
    Alejo Raffin 5 hours ago

    I'm Argentinian, and my English is not very good but I heard all this video in English and I understood about 75% of the message (without any subtitle), most of my training is seeing videos in English, specially English singed songs

  • Corey Brass
    Corey Brass 10 hours ago

    He spoke a lot but said little.

  • Conocimiento Áureo
    Conocimiento Áureo 11 hours ago

    In my experience as a linguist and language teacher, whether or not you can learn a language in six months depends on two factors:
    - How fast you generally pick up linguistic knowledge (words, phrases, etc.) and find patterns, including in your native tongue. (-> IQ)
    - What languages, and how many, you already know.

    Imo, it is not a given that ANYONE can learn ANY language within six months.

  • Marina Spirakou
    Marina Spirakou 11 hours ago

    This video is really helpful and he is really good at talking and explaining. 👌👍👍

  • チロルイギー
    チロルイギー 11 hours ago


  • KochanMaster
    KochanMaster 13 hours ago

    Kurcze nie rozumiem co on mówi. Wrócę za 6 miesięcy, może więcej zrozumiem xd

  • 룰루랄라
    룰루랄라 13 hours ago

    Im start study to 5P 7R

  • 孙长青
    孙长青 13 hours ago +1

    1.things important to you
    2.use languages as a tool
    3.comprehensible input
    4.physiological training,
    5.learn something that you feel happy,love,and curious

  • 美男。73秒に1人の


  • Miriam
    Miriam 13 hours ago

    In 6 months ? Fluently ? I don't believe it. Otherwise, everybody was a good speaker in any language.

  • シゲキックス
    シゲキックス 14 hours ago


  • シゲキックス
    シゲキックス 14 hours ago


  • ぼっち飯TV 【Japanese Meal Time】


  • Isto não é Filosofia
    Isto não é Filosofia 14 hours ago +2

    It only begins at 7:00.
    To summ up (attention-meaning-relevance-memory):
    5 principles:
    I. Focus on language content that is relevant to you.
    II. Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1.
    III. When you first understand the message, than you will unconscisously acquire the language.
    IV. Physiological training
    V. Psychological state matters
    7 actions:
    I. Listen a Lot
    II. Focus on getting the meaning first
    III. Start mixing (verbs, nouns, adjectives)
    IV. 4 weeks:
    Week 1 Tool Box: a) what is this?, b) how do you say?, c) I don't understand
    Week 2-3 Pronouns, Nouns, Common Verbs, adjectives (you, that, give, me, hot)
    Week 4 Glue words (although, therefore, but, even though, etc.)
    V. Get a language parent.
    VI. Copy the face.
    VII. "Direct Conect" to mental images

  • えのきだなおと
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  • Paola asanza
    Paola asanza 16 hours ago

    Mi tío me hizo ver esta wea para aprender inglés 😒

  • こっぺぱん
    こっぺぱん 17 hours ago


  • Ginger Floof
    Ginger Floof 17 hours ago

    If you get a feedback loop in your face, just move your face away from the (native) speaker.

  • BOT Michelle
    BOT Michelle 18 hours ago


  • つるさん福岡。
    つるさん福岡。 19 hours ago


  • otros1761
    otros1761 20 hours ago

    Esto es M E N T I R A!!!!!!
    Qué pena que se engañe a la gente, y esta encima se lo crea.

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 22 hours ago

    Chris please speak some Chinese, I need some proof, seems like a lot of hype/hot air. Searched your twitter, watched other videos yet not one word of Chinese from your lips, strange!!??!!

    GUS CORD Day ago


    • otros1761
      otros1761 20 hours ago

      Creo que tiene subtítulos

  • Guobing huan Gbh

    You have to understand the cultural background of the language.

  • Guobing huan Gbh
    Guobing huan Gbh Day ago +2

    Can you speak Chinese? Show my your learning capabilities

  • カメカメ屋
    カメカメ屋 Day ago


  • Leon DH
    Leon DH Day ago


  • かいだこうき


  • craig clermond
    craig clermond Day ago

    this man is talking alot of common sense here .im going to try applying some of these tools from today

  • Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria Day ago


  • Heart Yue
    Heart Yue Day ago +1

    English、French、Spanish、Italian are just like dialects to each other. Chinese is really another language.

    • Conocimiento Áureo
      Conocimiento Áureo 11 hours ago

      Chinese is not actually *a single* language. It's like saying "I speak European". China has multiple different languages of which some are mutually intelligible, though they do have common roots and use the same writing system.

  • Diony Bigu
    Diony Bigu Day ago +1

    Who is she? I wanna see her speaking in Portuguese. Is so cute watch a foreign speaking portuguese 6:20

  • TwistedSouL
    TwistedSouL Day ago

    I wanna learn how to draw in 5 days now!

  • W V
    W V Day ago +4

    This story is not specific. I think the important thing is passion, it is difficult to make a great effort without passion. Also I know how to learn simple and better.

  • Gustavo Villeda
    Gustavo Villeda Day ago

    I will,

  • νικος γιώργος

    I don't like his body language

  • Miss valantina
    Miss valantina Day ago

    the class is very very useful but the man looks a little bit tired and the sound he makes while breathing is a little bit annoying

  • Miled Chehab
    Miled Chehab Day ago

    genius thanks so much

  • Enoch b
    Enoch b Day ago +5

    "Copy the face muscle" does the language you speak affect the way your face look? Yes

  • HondaCB400F
    HondaCB400F Day ago


  • Diego Pérez
    Diego Pérez Day ago

    I have been studying german since the start of this year, yet i only understand very little and produce close to none sentences of my own

  • 笑顔
    笑顔 Day ago

    I wanted to watch this video earlier!!

  • 竜田揚げ
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  • キルワンタン


  • Diana Conde
    Diana Conde Day ago

    Amazing TEDtalk... worst audience ever XD

  • Adriano Devon
    Adriano Devon Day ago

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  • snow T
    snow T Day ago +1

    Anyone comments here who wants to learn Japanese!!
    I want to learn English through conversation!

    • Eligh B
      Eligh B Day ago

      Sure thing why not!!

  • Sagar Sir
    Sagar Sir Day ago

    6 MONTHS !!
    Only 2 months is enough !

  • ぽこたん
    ぽこたん Day ago


  • Manar Fikry
    Manar Fikry Day ago

    6:25 immersion in a new country is bad but 12:23 brain soaking is good!! Aren't they the same thing??

  • S D
    S D Day ago

    All Students should watch this at beginning of semester.

  • Lupa et Borealis

    For me the question is: is language learning still worth it? These days for most of the people (and companies) the konwledge how to use Google Translate is sufficient...

  • taiki nakazawa
    taiki nakazawa Day ago



  • بعطيـكّ عَبلاطّـه

    زرق ام المقطع

  • オツシャレ
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  • Alex Kostko
    Alex Kostko Day ago +1

    Define fluent. Show some skill you are talking about. Speak some Chinese instead of talking if flying and drawing.

  • panda dragon
    panda dragon Day ago +1

    14:05 yes and no. For instance it works fine with yt videos (it's basically always the same basic vocabulary + some specific vocabulary directly linked to the yt channel + slang words).
    Yet in the every day life there is always a new word appearing from nowhere >

  • d ymkw
    d ymkw Day ago


  • no gi
    no gi Day ago


  • Intec Hesed
    Intec Hesed Day ago

    Ty 4 the presentation, man.

  • jick吉楼
    jick吉楼 Day ago


  • Arina Shórokhova
    Arina Shórokhova Day ago +2

    I wish I had a teacher like this man. So passionate about his topic.

  • Faraday Sage
    Faraday Sage 2 days ago

    Yeah, six months. Five months learning and one month study repetitively for 37 years

  • Claire Walter
    Claire Walter 2 days ago

    This man doesn't have a degree in Linguistics, Education, or SLA. Who decided they would let him present? We want Stephen Krashen or Noam Chompsky.

    • Endy
      Endy 19 hours ago

      You don't have to have a degree in anything, a degree is simply what proves that your sufficient in something. But you don't need one to let others know that your full of knowledge. Degrees are useless in that case.

  • Kyle F.J
    Kyle F.J 2 days ago +2

    I wish I could speak English fluently

    • theonedying
      theonedying Day ago

      Learning a language really takes a lot of listening BUT becoming fluent speaker literally requires speaking. You can talk to yourself, think out loud (in English), read English paragraphs out loud, have a fake presentation etc. Just start to speak out loud, act like you're in a deep argument with somebody, and it will become better 🙂

  • Louis Molywacky
    Louis Molywacky 2 days ago +34

    I wanted him to show his own acievement.He should`ve spoken in fluent chinese some part in the lecture.

      JOSEPH WALSH 8 hours ago

      Louis - Unless YOU speak fluent Chinese, How could you judge ??

    • Daguang Shine
      Daguang Shine 16 hours ago

      in fact ,he speak chinese very good :)

    • Zhenxiong Feng
      Zhenxiong Feng 17 hours ago

      but he addressed a horrible conception in Chinese:soak your brain in spicy hot soap..... Maybe it's a good dish in Southern China😏

    • John Roberts
      John Roberts 22 hours ago +3

      Yes thought the same, difficult to take seriously when there is no proof. Searched his twitter, other videos, not one word of Chinese!

  • - Ben Nu Productions -
    - Ben Nu Productions - 2 days ago +1

    they way (or lack of the way) they put the mic on him was just terrible LOL

  • Ben Baxter
    Ben Baxter 2 days ago

    Just practice everyday , that's the only way , there is not a magic spell for this.

  • Mirza Humo
    Mirza Humo 2 days ago

    I have learnt German in 5 months and I have gained 70% points of 100% on test.

    • Miriam
      Miriam 14 hours ago

      Grammar and writing is one thing, but speak fluently is another.

  • Daniel Alberto Gonzalez Soriano

    Amm, yes Japanese...

  • Гуля Чатаева

    i feel being scolded

  • yo yo
    yo yo 2 days ago +16


  • pgm cyber
    pgm cyber 2 days ago


  • abc ___
    abc ___ 2 days ago


    • ぽよふわちゃん!
      ぽよふわちゃん! 2 days ago


  • Matt
    Matt 2 days ago


  • fafa guan
    fafa guan 2 days ago

    who wanna be my language parent,let us learning English together,im Chinese you can follow me🤝

  • hanaogra
    hanaogra 2 days ago


  • fly sky
    fly sky 2 days ago

    Passionate speaking!!!

  • S AJ
    S AJ 2 days ago +1

    あかん・・・そもそも英語が分からんから何言ってるかさっぱりや  興味あって見たのに・・・・

  • ꦳ꦴꦵꦶꦷꦸꦹꦺꦻꦼꦽꦾꦿꦃꦂꦁꦀ

    相手を貶す所から始める 疑似軍隊式の教育を無意識にやる教師はトラブルを起こす

  • 五十嵐嗣
    五十嵐嗣 2 days ago

    This movie is Perfect!!

  • うざみみピチュー

    but japanese not easy

  • ゼアクフィジー

    I don't understand what you are trying to say because .......

  • Brian Carlow
    Brian Carlow 2 days ago

    why is he shouting???

  • Srinidhi ಶ್ರೀ

    💟ನಾನು ಸಹ ಅನೇಕ ಭಾಷೆಗಳನ್ನು ಕಲಿಯಬೇಕು💟
    Anyone know which language this?

  • Eric Verster
    Eric Verster 3 days ago

    Muchas gracias por el video meng. Creo que estos methodicos ya estuve probando y viene naturalmente. Es proceso largo pero es importante para saber in miami.

  • kage fumi
    kage fumi 3 days ago


  • Daniel Pedro
    Daniel Pedro 3 days ago

    So passionate , I would go to war with you man , you love it so much its amazing .

  • 333Lithium333
    333Lithium333 3 days ago

    Lemme tell ya a secret guyz, if you really wanna learn a language find a chick that speaks the language that you wanna learn.

  • po toi
    po toi 3 days ago

    I just learning English ues this.

  • Aydosh1991
    Aydosh1991 3 days ago

    It is so true about wanting to actually learn the language. My school tried to teach me French for seven years but as I was not interested I never learnt anything, However I found myself in Turkey in my early 20's, without realising I was applying some of the things spoken about here and within 4 months I was speaking basic Turkish. If you want to do something you will find a way.

  • ライアン
    ライアン 3 days ago


  • Amr Alkhatib
    Amr Alkhatib 3 days ago

    If this man tried to learn German he would absolutely change his Theory.

    • Chery Lyn
      Chery Lyn 3 days ago

      Amr Alkhatib i learnt german in 4 Months. I was really shocked my parents too and my family also. He is right.