How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

  • Published on Nov 20, 2013
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    Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time.
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  • Malik Arran
    Malik Arran 16 hours ago

    Man, TED has really taken a dive of late.

  • spence dawg
    spence dawg Day ago

    I thought the title said: how to learn 6 languages in 6 months

  • Mary Ianna
    Mary Ianna Day ago

    I’m starting my Japanese course, see ya in 6 months! I think I’ll update once a month

  • Rizwan rizwan
    Rizwan rizwan Day ago

    M learning japani be back in 9 year.wait my new coment

  • Rizwan rizwan
    Rizwan rizwan Day ago

    English come to me more and more I can speak full English .m very intelligent and smart

  • Maydellinne Rivera

    Interesting information unfortunately I don’t like the speaker’s tone. He sounds like angry and agitated 😣

  • BetteAnn Zaph
    BetteAnn Zaph Day ago


  • alessandra marti

    Anybody Want to talk english with me ? We can improve together or if you want to improve your spanish , I can help :)

  • Sistana Emamy
    Sistana Emamy Day ago

    Full of excitement and very beneficial....thank you🙏🙏

  • Ghalia Villanueva
    Ghalia Villanueva 2 days ago

    Noroña eres tú?

  • Jose Ribera
    Jose Ribera 2 days ago

    Take it easy man, he is too exited 😂

  • springlarry sdif
    springlarry sdif 2 days ago


  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 2 days ago +1

    I didn't hear anything new here. Controversial moment: first he said emerging in the language in cultural atmosphere is useless, then after 8 hours in night train with Chinese man he made a breakthrough 🤔

  • Faisal Alkhedhrawi
    Faisal Alkhedhrawi 2 days ago

    not if you learning spanish language

  • ash s
    ash s 3 days ago

    Chinese is a nationality and not a language ,most Chinese people speak Mandarin

  • Chelsea chechechannel

    definitely going to try to implement these steps into my language learning journey! ♡

    • Rai
      Rai 2 days ago +1

      Same, I've been trying to learn Japanese for a couple of days and it was hard because I was trying too hard to memorize in detail (hence why I was stressed so much lol). I'll try to follow what he said and hopefully it will change how I think

  • catheadmoon
    catheadmoon 4 days ago

    probably won't win you any debate tournaments...

  • Jenalyn Evangelista
    Jenalyn Evangelista 4 days ago +1

    i hope this guy was ok after the talk. He sounds he has difficulty in breathing....Otherwise, nice talk.

  • Eoin Alcaeus
    Eoin Alcaeus 4 days ago

    I watched anime too much (japanese) and korean drama, that some of their words and sentences are already normal to my ear. 😅

    YOSHIYUKI F. 4 days ago

    This video has many tips for learnes. I think instructors who teach languages must show this video!

  • Gurpreet Dhaliwal
    Gurpreet Dhaliwal 5 days ago

    Best way is to learn like an infant !

    • 5 sec Stufe 5
      5 sec Stufe 5 3 days ago

      Unfortunately we lost the capability to learn like an infant, because our brain was completely being restructured during puberty :-/

  • Bobber256
    Bobber256 5 days ago +1

    It's adorable how he's gone so rhotic.

  • hardeep kumar
    hardeep kumar 5 days ago

    Same as me😭m snuggling with English..... And people who sounding me say that am not talented ....what I doo😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • wang jack
    wang jack 6 days ago


  • Ya'aqov Eliyyahu Goldberg

    Hebrew in 6 months?


    He concentrated SO INTENSELY HIS BRAIN WAS EXPLODING?! (5:28) Holy Mother of Gawd. Maybe we can catch that amazing feat in his part II Ted Talk.

  • cantchoosename
    cantchoosename 6 days ago +1

    i think it's really important to learn a language like a child, I personally learned English through watching shows made for toddlers like abc or counting number ect... once i could understand very basic things i started watching my favorite cartoons, naturally i could think in english so i think just having fun learning something is important

    • 2onnel C
      2onnel C 5 days ago

      @cantchoosename thank you ✌

    • cantchoosename
      cantchoosename 5 days ago

      2onnel C I watched them as a kid so I didn't wrote anything down or watched them with subs, the cartoons usually repeat a lot so i think watching it over and over will be better

    • 2onnel C
      2onnel C 5 days ago

      @cantchoosename this is so good but i mean when you wanted to
      Learn english you watched the cartoons without subtitle or not? Or did you write the new words that you saw and memorised them?

    • cantchoosename
      cantchoosename 5 days ago

      2onnel C I can understand perfectly like a native speaker

    • 2onnel C
      2onnel C 5 days ago

      You watched them without subtitle ?

  • Zak Cherifi
    Zak Cherifi 6 days ago +1

    language is a rythm if you like the way it oscillate in your ear you will learn it faster, it is recommended to start to learn any language by enjoying the songs in that language first, then cartoons or kids show to learn sound and pronunciation. You worry about grammar and anything else after.
    i speak 5 languages, 2 of them were learned without going to school.

  • Raphael Almeida
    Raphael Almeida 6 days ago +1

    Well, I think that i'm doing all of these contents of this video. I'm learning a lot, and now, I can even watch news on Fox or BBC, whatsoever...
    My native language it's brazillian portuguese.

  • alinatv
    alinatv 6 days ago +2

    Gonna try to learn korean.
    Will be back at the end of the year with my process

  • Mark
    Mark 6 days ago +2

    I think I learned some Japanese from anime lol

  • Mark
    Mark 6 days ago

    so true

  • Kuripop 9907
    Kuripop 9907 7 days ago +201


    • miki miki
      miki miki Day ago

      Dame...that was a creative thing to say...

    • spence dawg
      spence dawg Day ago +1

      They removed the 2X speed on RUclip

    • 5 sec Stufe 5
      5 sec Stufe 5 Day ago

      @Guardo No! ²! :) bc "optimizing self optimizing" = "self optimizing optimizing" = "self optimizing²"
      Now you get it?! 😁

    • Guardo
      Guardo 2 days ago

      5 sec Stufe 5 x2 *😁

    • Funny Valentine
      Funny Valentine 3 days ago +1

      you are such a genius aren't you XD

  • Raul Colunga
    Raul Colunga 7 days ago

    Ok, now I have to learn English to understand this, so I can learn more languages

  • Pyzex
    Pyzex 7 days ago

    i want to learn russian also their accent. i think their language is so cool to learn.

  • Ugy Boogie
    Ugy Boogie 7 days ago

    Maybe he should take another 6 months and learn how to do a presentation

  • キキキの鬼太郎

    I've learned English for 10 years,but I can't speak English.
    I was about to give up to study.
    Then I watched this.
    Thank u so much.I'll do thoso things.NEVER give up.I NEVER stop to learn.

  • Christiaan Wernich
    Christiaan Wernich 7 days ago

    Calm down bro

  • alix vervier
    alix vervier 7 days ago

    The way he compaired immersion with a drowning man doesn't reflect what immersion as a way to learn a language really is.

  • MilkAndBanana
    MilkAndBanana 7 days ago

    Damn tough crowd

  • Kim Tokos
    Kim Tokos 8 days ago

    Thank you for this informational video. I am a young student who one day hopes to travel around the world, or live in different beautiful places. Language memory for me was tough but easy at the same time. I'll totally be starting this process in hopes to help with future school work, and just my knowledge!

    Edit: I'm Interested in russian, french, and slovak.
    The Chzecholslovakia is kind of just to impress my dad's side of the family. Because my great aunt came straight from Chzecholslovakia many years ago :)

  • yazdan jamshidi
    yazdan jamshidi 8 days ago

    Wow how useful it was. Thanks

  • Екатерина Акатьева

    Basically, you must want it, mostly people who learn don’t really want it or need it that’s why they fail

  • Shanker M
    Shanker M 8 days ago +1

    Anyone looking to learn a new language, this IS the only talk you need to listen to.

  • Siema Wiesiu
    Siema Wiesiu 8 days ago

    He doesn't sound relaxed

  • Giovanna RP
    Giovanna RP 9 days ago

    Very good. However, I call BS on the "native level" bit. I speak 3 foreign languages fluently, all of them with an accent which I actually embrace. "Native level" is not achievable if you start learning after 19 years old.

  • patricia castillo
    patricia castillo 9 days ago

    Lo anuncian en español pero el contenido es en inglés, al menos hubiesen puesto subtítulos porque parece muy interesante, así que no podré escuchar, no hablo inglés........ quedé gringa 👁😱🤔😬😤😖🥺👎. 😭😭😭😭. Gracias x él intento. Mori.

  • Gm Verma
    Gm Verma 9 days ago

    Thanks a lot sir... Salute to ur research 🤘🤘

  • Juliana Menchon
    Juliana Menchon 9 days ago


    CANGU GAMEPLAYS 9 days ago

    I will try to aply those principles to learn japanese, in 6 months I will edit this coment it my leaning 😉

  • SuperMoodyBlues
    SuperMoodyBlues 10 days ago


  • ハヤシライス派閥
    ハヤシライス派閥 10 days ago +2


  • Lost Serendipity
    Lost Serendipity 10 days ago +3

    I am a polyglot i speak four language .


    • machu picchu
      machu picchu 8 days ago

      not funny, others have already made this joke

    AHMAD MWS 10 days ago +1

    I'm seeking to learn Chinese in six months from today, 10th jan 2020.
    I'll do it -en shaa'a Allah-.
    if anyone want me to update this after 6months give me thumps up ♥

    • CommonCola
      CommonCola 9 days ago

      AHMAD MWS Please give us updates! What dialect are you learning?

  • Majid Shaam
    Majid Shaam 10 days ago

    Don't forget .....people has to love themself unless zero movement cant for the next step.

  • The Fuddler
    The Fuddler 10 days ago

    I am English and moved to Canada, perhaps I mumble, but trying to order a coffee at a drive through no matter how articulate, my response is "WHAAAT??". First world problem.

  • しばちえみ
    しばちえみ 10 days ago


    AFOWOSORO JOSEPH 10 days ago

    Can I get a German parent volunteer to communicate on daily basis?

  • Webster Fillmore
    Webster Fillmore 11 days ago +15

    The drawing example doesn't give me any confidence.

  • mattmath
    mattmath 11 days ago

    What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages? Trilinbual
    What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bilinual
    What do you call someone who speaks 1 language? 'merican